IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-08-09

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vfuller_if i want to install a xfce, do you know what package i should start out with?00:55
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prologicprt-get depinst xfce401:37
prologicinstall the xfce4 ports01:37
prologiccheck the portsdb01:37
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)04:43
prologichi :)05:14
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nipuLyay got this craptop up and running05:50
nipuLwifi over usb1.1...nuff said05:50
rxisounds like fun :)05:52
jjpkLet me guess, another happy-go-lucky windows user.05:53
jjpkYou just hope whoever is using wifi over usb1.1 is not a bittorent or other p2p (ab)user. :D05:54
nipuLnah, i'm just using it as a mobile text editor05:56
jjpkIt should be able to do that much.05:56
jjpkI'm trying to backup another misery story here.05:57
nipuLonce i sysup from 2.3 release05:57
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jjpkThis user will be deep shit when I'm out of the picture.06:01
jjpkIt always happens when the one person who knows what he is doing is gone. :D06:01
jjpkComputers probably smell fear and act on it.06:01
treachsome people just clicks on anything. :/06:01
jjpkDid you read the box? no, of course not.06:02
treachI'd say that's excuseable.06:02
treachafter all windows bloody well conditions you to not read those farking popups.06:03
jjpkI'd say that is a fair assessment.06:03
treachIndeed. Microsoft must totally have missed to read about Pavlov06:04
jjpkThese fucking people I supposively assist seem to throw their common sense out the door on everything.06:04
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treachwell, that would imply that they had the ability to grasp things in the first place.06:05
jjpkThey make your day...06:05
treachAnd computers shouldn't be used by everyone, just like everyone shouldn't have a drivers license.06:05
treachfact of life.06:05
treachtoo bad everyone thinks they have a *right* to use a computer and get on the Internet. :/06:06
jjpkThe very second they expect something to happen and it doesn't, they tend to go complete apeshit over nothing.06:07
treach"No Madam, you're too stupid".  :)06:07
jjpkThey do have the right, they just have to use more of their brain. :D06:07
jjpk...but it won't happen.06:07
jjpkI WANT IT NOW06:07
treachsome people aren't suited, it's as simple as that.06:07
treachcomputing is heaps of abstractions upon other heaps of abstractions. Some people just can't deal with it.06:08
jjpkTends to be the same people with the idiocy logic.06:08
jjpkIt's black or white. Can't be anything else.06:08
treachthose who insists should have a surfboard or something, not a general purpose computer.06:08
jjpkThat, or something else that can accelerate their wipe out. :D06:09
treachand it bloody well shouldn't run windows!06:09
jjpkSomething along the lines of alcohol, fast cars, and/or knives.06:10
treachwell, they might be good at something else.06:10
treachthat sounds suspiciously like a vacation to finland..06:10
treachs /like/similar to/06:11
jjpkIndeed it does.06:11
jjpkSome go a step ahead of that.06:11
jjpkThey come equipped with self-destruct functions. :D06:11
jjpkBy which I mean suicide.06:11
jjpkFinland is quite high on that list.06:12
treachI don't think killing off people for alleged stupidity is a good thing though. :/06:12
treachA car mechanic would probaly consider me "stupid" as well.06:13
jjpkThe same would apply in my case.06:14
jjpkNever was interested in cars in general.06:15
jjpkThere is a good chance that it won't happen. :D06:15
treachso, labeling people "stupid" and taking steps to get rid of them is a bit.. stupid. :>06:16
nipuLit's easy to spot the stupid ones06:17
jjpktreach: there is no need to help that situation. All of the habits and circumstances are in place.06:17
jjpkIf they are dumb enough to destroy themselves, that is their problem.06:19
jjpkMore so, it is a consequence for a decision, or a series of decisions. :D06:20
treachI'd say that's a very inexperienced view.06:20
nipuLas long ss they do it before they dilute the gene pool06:21
treachsevere depression can happen to anyone. taking some social-darwinistic stance on the matter only shows that you've never been in deep shit yourself.06:23
tilmani tend to agree06:24
treachnow, people climbing up on trains and getting electrocuted even though it's regularily in the news about people who do this, that's true stupidity.06:25
jjpktreach: that is the type of stupidity I am referring to.06:25
treachok, sorry if I got your point confused, then. :)06:26
jjpkIn my opinion, everyone makes stupid decisions. Only a fool will not learn a lesson from their experiences.06:26
jjpkStupid decisions every now and then, that is.06:26
jjpkThat is already starting to sound very damned obvious. :p06:27
treachyeah. :)06:27
jjpkThat's life, comes with the territory. ;)06:28
jjpkYay for usb1.1 transfer speeds. \o/06:32
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tilman"Now is a good time to have ac up of coffee."06:33
jjpkIt is fun watching over a collection spanning 5 or so years of files pouring into a second disk.06:33
jjpkThe best part is still undone... Getting this person to do it on their own ffs.06:34
jjpkAs that one saying goes, you do not fully appreciate something until you've lost it.06:37
treachheh, "man saknar inte kon förrens båset är tomt" :)06:45
treach"you don't miss the cow until the box is empty"06:47
tilmantomt == empty?06:47
tilmanyou get from empty to christmas by appending 'e'06:48
treachtomt means a few things.06:49
treachit can also mean a piece of land were you build your house.06:49
treachjust empty is "tom". but being empty is "tomt".06:50
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treachhmm, that's not entirely correct. :/06:50
treach"burken är tom" -> the can is empty. "Det är tomt i skåpet" -> "It's empty in the locker"06:52
tilmani just typed06:52
tilmanapt-get install gvim06:52
tilmantreach: i see, @tom[t]06:53
tilmanstupid touchpads are stupid07:26
rxior are just idiot proof07:28
tilmanapparently noy07:28
tilmani keep moving the damn mouse cursor by accident07:28
treachheh, I disabled it in the bios. thinkpads do have some advantages. :p07:49
tilmani could just not load the driver ;)07:49
tilmanor even not load the ps2 kernel md07:49
treachsimple choice for me. Disable it in the bios, get three mousebuttons. :)07:50
treachthe third doesn't work unless you do that07:51
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Romstertreach, not being correct now that's a laugth. :P08:04
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alles32hi all. I'am new on this chan, but using crux from version 2.1. i will idle here and sometime i'll try help to somebody.12:32
jjpkalles32: welcome. :)12:37
thrice`hi alles3212:37
alles32thnx for your welcome ;] are there some special rules? i can't found nothing about it on
teK_don't ask about libarchive errors :>12:43
jjpkMore often than not, this channel is quiet. :D12:45
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alles32teK_: ok, so could you tell me something about libarchive errors ;]12:53
jjpkHe is joking, there is no rule. :D12:54
teK_installit before updating prt-get is all I can say12:54
jjpkAlthough you could piss tilman off. :D12:54
alles32and is there somebody, who is using crux on production servers (apache, bind, postfix etc. )? or are you use it major on desktop?13:02
thrice`there are both.  I use it as a desktop, myself13:03
jjpkWould be interesting to see a few statistics about use.13:05
teK_metoo (400MHz in Framebuffer Mode mostly)13:05
jjpkI am not running a server these days, did so in the past.13:08
jjpkNow I just have the laptop and the desktop machine.13:08
alles32yes, stats would by interesting. I'am using crux as desktop only ( ntbook p-iii 800mhz ).  tryed it on my router with ospf, but there ary more admins and nobody don't know how to admin crux ;]13:09
surrounderwhat's not to get ?13:11
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alles32surrounder: what do you mean? something like "what was problem?"  ;]13:23
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surrounderalles32:  but there ary more admins and nobody13:23
surrounder                      don't know how to admin crux ;]13:23
surrounderwhat's there to know about crux to admin it? it's all so simple13:24
alles32yes, but these admins use debian mainly. and they don't want learn new thinks ;]13:25
alles32but rouret worked fine. i have to do only some small watchdog, because sometime fuckup hostap driver.13:27
surroundermaybe there's in the wrong job if they don't want to learn something new ;)13:32
alles32surrounder: ;]13:32
treachabove all, it's not like there's so damned much to learn. :/13:33
surrounderyou can always broaden your horizon13:34
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alles32so 8:50 pm. work is done. bye later ;]13:52
jaegertake care13:53
alles32care about beers? thanx ;]13:54
tilman"take care" means about as much as "pass auf dich auf"13:55
jaegerjust a common way to say goodnight, goodbye, whatever13:57
teK_farewell? :>13:59
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alles32oh yes. i was joke. so bye ;]13:59
schniggiesome one at ccc camp ?14:01
tilmanschniggie: ffs, i almost wanted to go!14:01
tilmancouldn't you have asked earlier?14:01
tilmanschniggie: are you there?14:01
tilmani hope they have better weather than me14:09
tilmanit's raining cats and dogs, and due to a minor thunderstorm, my rendercheck session got aborted the hard way :x14:10
tilmanaaaaand the window that i fixed is leaking again14:10
jjpk..and there twas once happiness.14:11
jjpkNews flash, negative.14:11
jjpkYou almost have to love it when everything backfires.14:14
jjpkEspecially once you thought you had it fixed. \o/14:14
tilmanyes, i'm a bit disappointed14:16
tilmani suck at home improvement, and i found it was pretty cool that i could fix the window ;))14:16
tilmans/home improvement/DIY stuff/ ;)14:17
tilmanopreport -l /usr/bin/prt-get14:31
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jaegerheyo, cptn14:32
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treach"dear sir, the harddrive you ordered have been loaded on an ox-cart for transport to a delivery station near you, where it will arrive after a substantial sightseeing tour." \o/15:45
tilmanox-carts remind me of asterix comics15:48
treachI think our mailservice is still using them. :/15:48
treachlast time it took them two days to move a package here from gothenburg, and that's about 70km15:49
jjpkA sightseeing, but you're not invited! muhaha15:50
treachI don't care about sightseeings. I just want my damned delivery.15:51
jjpkIt could just be a hidden message saying "our dumbass employee never showed up on time".15:52
jjpk"you'll get it _later_"15:52
jjpkStuff that puts you at ease, really.15:52
treachyeah, I actually got on the phone and asked them wtf was going on, and the brainiac on the other end claimed it was "perfectly normal" for deliveries to take two days.15:53
treachI felt soo at ease.15:54
jjpkThose are the times you would feel much better if you slapped them, and the post office with the damn product.15:54
treachGuess what, it arrived the next day, so I guess I managed to lit a fire under someone.15:54
jjpkHere's my gratitude!15:54
tilmanin germany, it's perfectly normal that packages take two days15:55
tilmannot sure what to make of this information15:55
tilmanshould i be envious? ;)15:55
tilmanshould i flame german package transportation companies?15:55
treachtilman: not two days from point a to point b, surely?15:55
tilmanwell, yes15:56
tilmani didn't say anything15:56
tilmanit's all in your head ;)15:56
treachit's full already15:56
treachactually it was 2 days from a to b, and then another one until I could actually get it. Which is miserable.15:57
jjpkIt gon blow! Run fo' cover!15:57
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jjpkIt probably arrived late, and they were already closed.16:00
treachit arrived and was sorted in gothenborg 04.48, and then it didn't move, for two days.16:01
jjpkAh, the brilliantly efficient post system.16:01
tilmanis it the royal postal service?16:02
tilmanif so you could blame monarchy etc16:02
jjpkSomeone became lazy, or they managed to temporarily lose the package in transit.16:02
treachtilman: no, it used to be.16:02
treachbut nowadays it's "Posten AB"16:02
treachAB ~ gmbh.16:03
tilmanyeah, i know16:03
jjpkLimited liability company. :p16:03
treachok. I didn't know that. :P16:03
tilmani think it's (almost) the same in dk16:03
treachyeah, A/S16:03
tilman50% ;)16:04
treachwell, it's the same, just different word.16:04
treachSelskap instead of Bolag16:04
jjpkFinland's "Poste AB" decided to change names.16:06
treach"Late AB"?16:06
treachTo be more modern?16:07
jjpkI wish.16:07
jjpkLate 'n Expensive INC.16:07
tilmantreach: so bolag~ is 'company' or somesuch?16:09
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tilmankind of neat.16:20
jjpkReinventing the wheel? o_o16:24
treachanother desperate attempt do make gnome attractive, it seems.16:25
treachs do/to16:25
tilmanit's a cool idea imo16:25
tilmanit seems to be a modern language16:25
tilmanbut it compiles to fast machine code16:26
tilmanand no trouble with stupid garbage collectors16:26
treachreminds me a bit of c++ I think. :p16:26
treachin implementation, I mean.16:26
tilmantreach: but without the insane syntax :)16:26
treachIn the old days the c++ stuff was just a wrapper around c iirc.16:27
jaegerah, I guess the wxpython problem is just, compiles16:27
tilmani heard it was a set of #define's16:27
jaegerbut doesn't work with the app... smooth16:27
jjpkwxpython is turning into a big problem. :s16:28
jjpkCertainly very picky.16:29
jaegerindeed =/16:29
jjpkMakes you wonder what is going on.16:32
jjpkThe dev(s) might be jumpy and unstable. :D16:33
tilmanthey are frustrated because python sucks so much16:33
jjpkPossibly armed with a short attention span.16:33
tilmanor they are frustrated because wx* sucks so much16:33
jjpk"ooh I like this. NO I DON'T"16:33
tilmanDONT WANT16:34
jjpkOk, I'm lost. whee16:34
treachGOTO 116:34
tilmanrinse and repeat16:34
tilmanthe git ml is really interesting sometimes16:35
tilmanespecially when linus talks about code16:35
jjpkThis is stabbing blindly in the dark, but I bet it's wx that sucks.16:35
tilmanjjpk: agreed16:35
tilmanjjpk: quite obvious, since it involved win32 from the start :)16:36
treachtilman: he's usually pretty amusing at least. :P16:36
tilmandamn rain16:37
jjpkShould rain here already.16:37
jjpkThis heat is making me uneasy.16:37
tilmani have the solution16:38
treachhere it's been raining more or less constantly lately16:38
tilmanswap(tilman, jjpk)16:38
jjpkSomething is wrong when you wake up with sweat at these altitudes. :D16:38
vektorimkswap /dev/tilman16:38
tilmanthat reminds me16:38
treachnice to day, and yesterday, otherwise I think it's been raining for two months..16:38
tilmanwhen i rebooted the other day, fsck said:16:39
tilmanadding dirhash16:39
tilmanor something16:39
tilmanany idea what the hell that is?16:39
tilmanthis is ext316:39
tilmantreach: wow, that really sucks16:40
treachdid you format it with dirindex?16:40
treachyeah, it's been really wet here.16:40
tilmani don't *think* so16:40
tilmancan't find docs for that either16:41
treachthat's the best I can find right now, but I've seen that message as well.16:42
treachapparently it's some automatic band-aid to make ext3 suck less on big dirs with lots of files.16:43
tilmanthat one turned up in google, too16:57
tilmani didn't look at it cause it was 'python stuff'16:58
jjpkGood excuse. :D16:58
tilmani just wonder why i'm seeing this thing just now?16:58
vektoriBecause you're not familiar with the BASICS.16:59
treachno idea, maybe it needs some time to establish some sort of baseline, or something.16:59
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DarkNekrosnight you all ;)17:06
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:07
RyoSbuenas noches ;)17:07
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vfuller_hello, i need halp18:34
thrice`does it involve crux?18:34
vfuller_well, it might18:35
thrice`then you've come to the right place :)  what's up ?18:35
vfuller_okay, i'm trying to get sound working, i installed alsa-driver, and followed the instructions in the readme, but when i boot up, modprobe gives errors18:36
vfuller_like it can't find modules18:36
vfuller_theres aliases set up in modprobe.cof18:38
vfuller_but it still does not find them18:38
vfuller_i don't know if it involves crux though18:38
thrice`ah.  I don't use that method myself, so I don't think I could help too much18:38
*** mrks_ has quit IRC18:38
thrice`personally, I only compile my sound module within the kernel, and then load only those modules without aliasing anything18:38
vfuller_you mean you only work with the make menuconfig?18:40
vfuller_okay device drivers->sound ?18:43
vfuller_in make menuconfig?18:43
vfuller_and make the stuff modular?18:43
vfuller_that hasn't been working for me18:43
thrice`it's your choice :) but yes, I make sound stuff moudules18:43
vfuller_when i start mplayer, it complains it can't find the /dev/dsp, etc18:44
vfuller_so i figure it is not working18:44
vfuller_is there anything else i should do besides recompiling the kernel?18:45
vfuller_ hello?18:57
prologicwhy does everyone install alsa-driver anyway ?18:57
prologicyou do know that in 99.9% of cases the kernel driver works perfectly fine18:58
vfuller_well, i'm new to this stuff18:58
vfuller_i just don't where to start18:58
prologichave you compiled your kernel ?18:58
prologicthen go back and recompile it18:58
prologicwith the support for your sound card18:58
prologicyou shouldn't have a problem with that18:58
prologicI generally compile mine into the kernel18:58
vfuller_thats what i have been doing!18:58
prologicrather than a module18:58
vfuller_okay, i start make menuconfig18:59
prologicplease :)18:59
vfuller_i go to device drivers->sound18:59
prologicenable the correct ALSA driver18:59
prologicmake modules_install18:59
prologicmake install18:59
prologicand verify /etc/lilo.conf is correct18:59
vfuller_make install19:00
prologicpossibly do another lilo afterwards19:00
vfuller_i've been skipping that step lately...19:00
prologicmake install will install the boot imagine to /boot/vmlinuz19:00
prologicthe the to /boot/ as well19:00
*** luxh has joined #crux19:00
prologicand it assumes those to be the paths19:00
vfuller_and when i restart, i should get a functioning sound card19:00
prologicyou _must_ install alsa-lib19:01
prologicand alsa-utils19:01
prologicand turn _ON_ your volume :)19:01
prologicuse alsactl store19:01
prologicand put alsactl restore in /etc/rc.local19:01
prologic$ egrep alsactl /etc/rc.local19:01
prologicalsactl restore19:01
prologicthis stuff is really quite simple :)19:02
prologicCRUX doesn't stand in your way :)19:02
jjpk/etc/rc.d/alsa already exists for that purpose.19:02
vfuller_okay good19:02
prologicjjpk, really ?19:02
prologicI didn't know that :)19:02
prologicahh you're right too19:02
prologicit never was19:02
vfuller_but i usually dont even know where to start when it comes to these things19:02
prologicsince when was an rc script introduced ?19:02
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*** Dudde has quit IRC19:03
prologicstart with the docs :)19:04
prologicheaps online!19:04
prologicno seriously start with crux.nu19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:04
prologicwe have documented heaps of stuff19:05
prologicand there are many good howtos for other things too19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:05
vfuller_could you put me in that direction19:05
prologicstart there19:05
vfuller_i've been starting there19:05
prologicsounds to me like you just need a desktop going19:05
prologicso you won't need anything fancy to read yet19:05
prologicfor net edit /etc/rc.d/net19:06
prologicinstalled xorg already ?19:06
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*** roliveira has joined #crux19:41
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Romstervfuller_, don't forget too add audio to the user that wants access to sound card. and run /sbin/udevtrigger20:23
Romsterthen you should have /dev/dsp20:23
Romsterand group audio too groups too, but o sysup that'll be done for you if you run rejmerge.20:24
Romsteranyone seen the userguide to setup fakeroot with crux?20:24
*** roliveira has quit IRC20:29
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:34
Romsterhi predatorfreak20:38
predatorfreakHi Romster.20:38
surrounderHi ladies!20:42
predatorfreaksurrounder: Wait, so suddenly I'm a women?20:44
predatorfreakDamn, I didn't know I had a sex change.20:44
surrounderpredatorfreak: I don't know, I never saw your VPenis :-/20:45
predatorfreakOkay, I suggest a new topic.20:45
predatorfreakSomething slightly less crazy.20:45
surrounderHost 'vaquero', running Linux - Cpu0: Pentium III 997 MHz; Up: 90d+9:05; Users: 5; Load: 0.00; Free: [Mem: 2/120 Mio] [Swap: 218/243 Mio] [/: 127731/190437 Mio] [/boot: 82/92 Mio]; Vpenis: 40.6 cm;Host 'vaquero', running Linux - Cpu0: Pentium III 997 MHz; Up: 90d+9:05; Users: 5; Load: 0.00; Free: [Mem: 2/120 Mio] [Swap: 218/243 Mio] [/: 127731/190437 Mio] [/boot: 82/92 Mio]; Vpenis: 40.6 cm;20:46
surrounderyeah, a new topic20:46
surroundergreat weather isn't it predatorfreak? o//20:46
predatorfreaksurrounder: There's a world outside of my house?20:46
surroundernaw, I'm toying with ya20:47
predatorfreakDamn, you had me going there for a second.20:47
surrounderdon't trust the conspiracies you here about a thing calles Real Life20:47
surrounderenglish scminglisch20:47
surroundertoo stoned to talk english20:48
surroundersorry, to type it20:48
predatorfreaksurrounder: Linux and drugs don't go well together.20:48
surrounderbecause there is no Real Life20:48
surrounderpredatorfreak: why my lord? WHY?20:49
Romsterwhats a life for a nerd :P20:49
predatorfreakFor one, it leads to people like Richard Stallman.20:49
predatorfreakand two, it increases the bugcount of apps!20:49
surrounderyou said THE ONLY SIN20:49
predatorfreakDevelopers putting GOTO POT into their AS M good.20:49
surrounderwhy predatorfreak....why20:49
predatorfreakisn't good*20:49
predatorfreakIt'd help if I could type too.20:50
* surrounder hands predatorfreak his joint20:50
surrounderRomster: we nerds are poor souls20:50
surrounderhighly underrated20:50
surrounderfor we bring so much20:50
* predatorfreak throws it into outer space.20:50
predatorfreaksurrounder: That stuffs for hippies!20:50
predatorfreakDang beatniks.20:50
surrounderpredatorfreak: or for dutchies o//20:50
predatorfreaksurrounder: I was under the impression the Dutch are just hippies with a new name.20:51
surrounderpredatorfreak: you from the US ?20:51
Romstersurrounder, true20:52
surrounder"Who do you call to rebuild our defenses from another Katarina?" "The DUTCH!!!" 0// o/// o//20:52
predatorfreaksurrounder: or FEMA..... no wait.20:52
predatorfreakThey failed to even handle the disaster right.20:52
predatorfreakSo that's out of the question.20:52
predatorfreakBut you hippies probably charge too much!20:52
predatorfreakSo outsource it to chinese labourers.20:53
surrounderwe lick your government's ass to much anyhows :<20:53
predatorfreakWe'll get a whole city for $10020:53
surrounderso you love us20:53
predatorfreakOf course, it will be made out of cardboard.20:53
predatorfreakThe sweat of young children.20:53
predatorfreakand paper glue.20:53
predatorfreakBut hey, a cities a city.20:53
surrounderpolitics in sarcasm, I love it20:54
predatorfreaksurrounder: Sarcasm is about the only humour I do right :)20:54
surrounderyou rock at it o//20:54
predatorfreakWhy thank you, my good hippie.20:54
surrounderyour ancestors are probably from europe so thanks us  ok? ;)20:55
predatorfreaksurrounder: Yeah, my mum's side is German and my dad's side is I-don't-have-a-bloody-clue blood.20:56
predatorfreakSo, I guess I'm part fascist.20:56
predatorfreakDamn Hitler! :(20:56
surroundera conversation like this with americans makes me see there's nothing wrong with you people, only your government20:58
predatorfreaksurrounder: What do you mean there's nothing wrong with us? We're a bunch of bumbling crackheads who run around naked in the streets!20:58
predatorfreakoh no wait.20:58
predatorfreakThat's Japan.20:58
predatorfreakI keep confusing Japan and the U.S.20:58
surrounderwanna by my windmill ?20:59
predatorfreakHow much?20:59
predatorfreakI've got exactly 1 cent to spend.20:59
*** vfuller_ has quit IRC20:59
predatorfreakBut maybe I can turn that windmill into some sort of power generator thingiemabob.20:59
predatorfreakand make a time machine.20:59
predatorfreakand go back in time and buy it for half a cent.20:59
predatorfreakThen again, I think time machines cost more than 0 cents :(21:00
*** vfuller has joined #crux21:03
vfulleri need halp, setting up my sound! it probably involves crux21:03
predatorfreakWell, shoot, I'll see what I can do as far as helping.21:03
surrounderlol @ windmill-story predatorfreak21:04
vfulleri keep using the in-kernrl modules, nothing happens, no /dev/snd21:04
vfullerer /dev/dsp21:04
predatorfreakOSS or ALSA?21:04
predatorfreakand what card?21:04
vfuller/bin/sh: lscpi.txt: command not found21:04
vfullercat: lscpi.txt: No such file or directory21:05
vfullerhold on21:05
predatorfreaksurrounder: Well, I suppose I could always buy a time machine for 1 cent, go back in time, buy the windmill for 0 cents and then go back in time and buy it again for 1 cent.21:05
vfuller00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 01)21:05
surrounderpredatorfreak: you'd be rich!21:05
vfullerthere. thats what lspci says21:05
predatorfreaksurrounder: Yes!21:05
vfulleri think it will work with the intel8x0 driver21:05
predatorfreakvfuller: Okay, first and foremost, make sure you're building the snd-intel8x0 driver.21:06
predatorfreakBut just to be safe, maybe you should build all the other drivers as modules.21:06
predatorfreakand let udev figure it out :P21:06
predatorfreakThat's what I do as a form of "I'm a lazy bastard."21:06
predatorfreakIt does all that autoloading crazy these days21:07
vfullerok, good21:07
vfullerhow the hell do i use it?21:07
vfullerif you dont want to explain thats cool21:07
predatorfreakOn CRUX or well..... any distro released in the last 2 years.21:07
predatorfreakIt should be there by default.21:07
vfuller how do i utilize this udev21:08
predatorfreakYou shouldn't need to do anything on any decently modern distribution.21:08
predatorfreakIt should do everything for you.21:08
predatorfreakor well, close to it, depending on your distro.21:08
vfullerso i should need to do is install the alsa drivers?21:08
predatorfreakPreferably you could just build them as modules from the kernel and be done with it.21:09
predatorfreakor you could always take the fun approach and hit your system with a jackhammer until sound works :)21:09
vfullerheh, i've been taking the jackhammer21:10
predatorfreakor you could use the favourite method of the Dutch and hook up your system to a windmill and let it rotate a couple thousand times in the air until it flies apart :)21:10
vfullerwait, i get a message from udev on startup21:10
vfullerlike an error21:11
predatorfreakpastebin it.21:11
predatorfreaksurrounder: You wouldn't happen to have a windmill which I could use to "fix" a broken power supply, would you? :)21:12
vfullerdamnit, i dont see it anymore21:12
surrounderpredatorfreak: nah but maybe you could burn my tulips to power it21:12
predatorfreakTry hitting page up.21:12
predatorfreakIt might be in the fucking-tiny backbuffer of the kernel.21:13
predatorfreaksurrounder: That might work.21:13
vfulleri do cat /var/log/boot | grep "udev" -21:13
predatorfreakTechnically you shouldn't need the - on grep.21:13
predatorfreakIt works fine with pipes without it.21:13
vfullerwell, still nothing21:14
predatorfreak(Heck, I generally only use - on things as a hack, most apps support pipes out-of-the-box)21:14
vfulleryeah, it makes sense21:14
predatorfreakall that /var/log/boot contains is everything in dmesg up until that point, I believe.21:14
predatorfreak(I forget, it's been awhile since I hacked the CRUX bootscripts XD)21:15
predatorfreakSo, I wouldn't expect anything to be there.21:15
predatorfreakvfuller: Well, try building all the modules first.21:15
predatorfreakIf it still doesn't work (e.g. udev is bork or decides nothing works for your hardware)21:16
predatorfreakGoogling will probably be more helpful than I can be :\21:16
vfullercould you tell me what you usually do?21:16
vfullerand i'll try to use that21:16
predatorfreaksurrounder: I wonder if cannabis would be capable of powering my PC...21:16
predatorfreakvfuller: Rebuild my kernel with all the ALSA PCI modules.21:17
predatorfreak(as modules, not built-in)21:17
predatorfreakReboot, let udev pick the one it thinks is right.21:17
vfullerokay sounds good21:17
predatorfreakand then just strip away everything else if it works.21:17
surrounderpredatorfreak: nah, it's all in my lungs :<21:17
predatorfreaksurrounder: Aww, but I'm sure you've got a potfield somewhere.21:17
predatorfreaksurrounder: At least enough to get me 2 seconds of power!21:18
surrounderI could give you my boxershorts...21:18
*** vfuller has quit IRC21:18
predatorfreaksurrounder: No, keep those on.21:18
surrounderpredatorfreak: where are you from in the US ?21:19
predatorfreakI'm not willing to travel all the way to The Netherlands to steal a guys boxers for clean power :)21:19
predatorfreakMichigan, Detroit area.21:19
surrounderaaah check21:19
surrounderisn't that "somewhat" liberal ?21:20
predatorfreakSo essentially "HERE BE KID ROCK AND EMINEM" land.21:20
predatorfreakAs everyone who's not from Michigan knows it.21:20
predatorfreaksurrounder: I don't know, last I checked the political folk here were just as stupid and conservative as the Republicans.21:20
predatorfreakand people here still couldn't choose a proper leader for the state.21:21
surrounderheheh ok21:21
surrounderone thing21:21
predatorfreakor country :)21:21
surrounderthis is something I'd really like to ask to someone from Detroit...21:21
surrounderpredatorfreak: pst, wanna buy a car?21:21
surroundergawd I so love myself now21:21
predatorfreaksurrounder: Does it still have hubcaps?21:21
predatorfreakoh and.21:22
predatorfreakYou did swap the plates, right?21:22
predatorfreakI don't want the fuzz pulling me over for driving a hot car.21:22
surrounderthey're from poland, no worries ;)21:23
predatorfreakGood enough.21:23
predatorfreakMost of the police around here would probably think Poland is a state :)21:23
surrounderpredatorfreak: ever been to Europe ?21:23
predatorfreaksurrounder: When I was in my mothers belly, but not since.21:23
surrounderaaah ok :)21:24
*** vfuller has joined #crux21:24
surrounderloupgaroublond: PING21:24
vfulleryo hello21:24
surrounderloupgaroublond: asswhipe get over here21:24
predatorfreakvfuller: Did it work out for you?21:24
surrounderhi vfuller21:24
vfullerhai there21:24
* surrounder is listening to Threshold - Static21:25
predatorfreaksurrounder: Who?21:25
vfullerpred: main: the kernel does not support inotify, udevd can't monitor configuration file changes21:25
predatorfreakThat's not a "serious" thing.21:25
predatorfreakIt's a warning.21:25
loupgaroublondsurrounder, fuck you too21:25
predatorfreakEverything else should work fine.21:25
surrounderpredatorfreak: instead of asl I'm going all nerdy on you; windowmanager/music player/editor21:25
surrounderloupgaroublond: <3 <3 <321:25
predatorfreaksurrounder: Openbox/mpd+ncmpc+mpc/vim.21:26
surrounderloupgaroublond: I found an also cool american!21:26
surrounderand I love him for his music player and editor!21:26
*** vfuller has quit IRC21:26
predatorfreaksurrounder: Well, we'll keep the molestation for when I go to The Netherlands.21:26
loupgaroublondsurrounder, your $editor, $windowmanager, $shell, $desktop_environment, $distro, and $mom of choice suck!21:26
loupgaroublondsurrounder, i use amarok and eclipse these days21:27
surrounderOEH! nice loupgaroublond!21:27
surrounderanyhows, loupgaroublond meet predatorfreak21:27
surrounderand the other way around21:27
loupgaroublondy halo thar!21:27
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: YOUR SOUL IS MINE.21:27
predatorfreakor alternatively.21:27
surrounderpredatorfreak: loupgaroublond I once met IRL when he was in europe, he stayed at my place21:27
predatorfreakWELL HOWDE!21:27
surrounderloupgaroublond: vim/fvwm/zsh/none/crux/maria21:28
predatorfreaksurrounder: Did you power your PCs using pot? :)21:28
surrounderpredatorfreak: sssht21:28
predatorfreaksurrounder: You're a man after my own heart.21:28
predatorfreakzsh <321:28
surrounderzsh o//21:28
surrounderand well21:28
surrounderbut fvwm>openbox21:28
surrounderopen your eyes victoria!21:29
predatorfreakIt's all fancy and the like.21:29
predatorfreakBut I prefer my good ol Openbox.21:29
surrounderloupgaroublond: good enough21:29
surrounderpredatorfreak: good enough21:29
surrounderopenbox is sweet <321:29
predatorfreakThen again, I was using Fluxbox before Openbox, so it feels natural for me.21:29
surrounderI'd love openbox on the next ISO instead of blackbox21:29
surrounderopenbox is really nice21:30
loupgaroublondopenbox is weird, metacity is more configurable than that21:30
* surrounder bitchslaps loupgaroublond 21:30
predatorfreaksurrounder: Keep the kinky things for bed! Jeesh!21:30
surrounderdon't make me insert my joint in your left nosethrill!21:30
loupgaroublondi tried openbox on the fedora machine i had, it was horrible21:30
surrounderfvwm is always horrible at default21:31
loupgaroublondsurrounder, come eat my toejam if you dare21:31
surroundera little configuration won't kill ya loupgaroublond ;)21:31
loupgaroublondchuck norris uses fvwm-crystal, and you?21:31
surrounderloupgaroublond: get your arse over here and drink beer at my speed if you dare!21:31
loupgaroublondsurrounder, only if you match in jaegermeister21:31
predatorfreaksurrounder: I suppose I should join in and say get your ass over here and fuck up the economy half as well as our glorious leader if you dare!21:32
surrounderloupgaroublond: np american wussy21:32
surrounderpredatorfreak: lol21:32
loupgaroublondsurrounder, i drink it better than most germans21:32
surrounderpredatorfreak: get your arse over here and lick the arse of your president as well as our harry potter can!21:32
predatorfreaksurrounder: Pfft, fuck that.21:33
predatorfreaksurrounder: I'm not for asslicking, pervert!21:33
surrounderharry potter is in my brain, sorry predatorfreak :<21:33
surrounderpervert is it!21:33
surrounderI wish I was a part of ONE NATION UNDER GOD!21:34
predatorfreakI'm not much for that God fella.21:34
surrounderI am.21:34
predatorfreakThe only leader we need is the Glorious Dubya!21:34
surrounderhe brings me my paper every morning21:34
predatorfreakScrew that God person, what did he ever do for Iraq?21:34
predatorfreakOr the Economy?21:34
surrounderwell, that's his side-job21:34
predatorfreakDubya did us wonders.... in reverse.21:35
surrounderhe loves my feet21:35
loupgaroublondwhat wonders? it's not like anyone is amazed these days....21:35
surrounderpredatorfreak: be glad! your gasoline will be cheaper!21:35
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: I was being sarcastic :)21:35
predatorfreakI hate the bastard myself.21:35
loupgaroublondit's scary when you see every single one of the 3 million fuckers who go through WTC every day completely ignore the cops walking around21:35
surrounderpredatorfreak: if he would traded in euros you would get our prices :<21:35
predatorfreaksurrounder: Declare war on the U.S!21:36
predatorfreakIt's the PERFECT was to lower gas prices.21:36
surrounderI rather prefer a another beer21:36
surrounderviolence schmiolence at this moment for me21:36
predatorfreakIf they're stealing all your gas, you go to war and blow their heads off!21:36
predatorfreakWait no.21:36
predatorfreakWait for me to get out of the country first ;)21:36
surroundersure, np21:36
surrounderand all the other millions of good americans too21:37
predatorfreakWhat other good Americans?21:37
predatorfreakThe only other "good American" I know is Russian!21:37
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: Well, I suppose I can stuff you in my suitcase.21:37
surrounderpredatorfreak: and well sorry21:37
surrounderbut you should bring hot chicks21:37
predatorfreaksurrounder: There's no such thing in America :(21:38
surrounderintelligence is no issue21:38
surrounderno way you could steal some from canada or mexico ?21:38
predatorfreakHmm, well, maybe from Canada.21:38
predatorfreakThey don't seem to mind getting screwed over there.21:38
surrounderlet them keep the STD's at home then!21:39
loupgaroublondpredatorfreak, stuff? suitecase? i'll be out of here long before you21:39
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: Bastard!21:39
predatorfreakStuff me in your suitcase!21:39
surrounderpredatorfreak: also get your lazy arse over here! loupgaroublond can learn you quite a lot of dutch already ;)21:40
predatorfreaksurrounder: Could you speak American for me so I don't need to learn Dutch? :P21:40
loupgaroublondi'll teach him american21:40
predatorfreakFine :(21:41
surrounderalthough I can talk english a little....21:41
predatorfreakI'll learn your moonspeak!21:41
loupgaroublondsurrounder, your first lesson, kup o' kwaffie21:41
loupgaroublondsay it all through your nose21:41
surrounderpredatorfreak: een kop koffie alstublieft21:41
surrounderloupgaroublond: baaaaaaaaaaad teacher21:41
loupgaroublondlesson two: grinder, hoagie, sub, hero, and sammich21:41
loupgaroublondknow where to use them21:42
surrounderit's COLOUR ffs!21:42
surrounderthat's english21:42
surrounderaww <321:42
loupgaroublond#3 gummi bands, scotch tape, brewski, jack daniels, and s/ill/sick/21:42
loupgaroublondonce you have mastered all this, you can go on a vacation21:43
predatorfreak4th duck tape.21:43
surrounderpredatorfreak is packing his baggs21:43
surrounderthere he is21:43
predatorfreakDon't ever forget the duck tape.21:43
surrounderduct tape21:43
predatorfreakYou never know when you say...21:43
loupgaroublondduct tape is univesal, they have that in .eu too ;)21:43
surrounderoh yeah!21:43
predatorfreakMight need it for tying up the stewertess on the plane..21:43
surrounderduct tape <321:43
surrounderpredatorfreak: enjoy your flight! ;)21:44
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: Everyone around here says "Duck tape", not duct.21:44
surrounderhere too21:44
surroundertoo bad21:44
predatorfreakMust be some Michigan speak.21:44
surrounderit's duct tape21:44
predatorfreakYou hippies stole our term!21:44
surrounderstupid people mainly21:44
* loupgaroublond grew up in new england21:44
predatorfreakTO WAR!21:44
surrounderpredatorfreak: lol21:44
loupgaroublondduct tape, duck typing ;)21:44
surrounderMichigan vs .nl21:44
surrounderI bet on the netherlands <321:44
loupgaroublondit would be a beer fight for sure21:44
surrounderstill we win o//21:45
predatorfreaksurrounder: Well.21:45
predatorfreaksurrounder: We have drug dealers.21:45
surrounderwanna trade ?21:45
predatorfreaksurrounder: Cocaine addicts, hillbillies, crazy folk with guns, etc.21:45
surrounderours are maybe less violent21:45
loupgaroublondmi's dealers are probably sketchier than .nl21:45
predatorfreakI think if we rally the hillbillies and dealers.21:45
surrounderprolly indeed21:45
loupgaroublondso now it's a tie21:45
predatorfreakWe can muster a small army.21:45 has bikes, and bikes can beat an army any day21:46
loupgaroublond2-1 in .nl's favour21:46
loupgaroublondsurrounder, your turn21:46
surrounderwe have an army21:46
loupgaroublondmandatory army service?21:46
predatorfreakWe have hillbillies with shotguns and people with boats.21:46
surrounderuh no21:46
predatorfreakand the great lakes.21:46
loupgaroublondguess that's a tie21:46
predatorfreakDon't forget the great lakes.21:46
loupgaroublondso it's really 1-121:46
loupgaroublondyeah, you guys can do fleet training up there21:46
surrounderwe use your F-16's on your arse21:46
surrounderin the future maybe the JSF but I really hope on the Su-3421:47
predatorfreaksurrounder: We've got people who probably lay awake at hoping someone would shove an F-16 up their ass.21:47
loupgaroublondok, my people train both of your pilots, one point to israel21:47
surrounderwhat a great game this is21:47
predatorfreakWell, we've got Ford.21:48
surrounderI'll get some lemonade21:48
loupgaroublondpredatorfreak, you lose a point for that21:48
surrounderout of beer :<21:48
loupgaroublondthis judge is partial to german cars21:48
predatorfreakWe have a shitty export that could bring in a lot of money: Eminem.21:48
predatorfreakMorons keep buying his CDs.21:49
predatorfreakSo that's money for us :321:49
loupgaroublondeminem > nedrap21:49
loupgaroublondeminem is actually respected by black people :P21:49
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: I just don't listen to rap.21:49
surrounderpredatorfreak: if you get into our country we would seek shelter and flood you and rebuild the land afterwards, done it before ;)21:49
surrounderloupgaroublond: how about that ?21:49
predatorfreakWell, except my dirty love affair with MC Frontalot.21:49
loupgaroublondNYC got flooded yesterday21:49
predatorfreakBut whatever.21:49
loupgaroublondit was so sad21:50
loupgaroublondshut down half the city21:50
loupgaroublondfucking tornado21:50
predatorfreaksurrounder: I fuck, I just figured out how you could defeat us.21:50
predatorfreakTake all our crack whores and drug addicts.21:50
predatorfreakMake it legal for them.21:50
predatorfreakand then we loose our drug dealers :(21:50
surrounderand we would have hard working citizens!21:50
surrounderin our drug paradise!21:51
predatorfreakDamn, Michigan is screwed21:51
surrounderwith windmills and wooden shoes!21:51
* predatorfreak jumps ship.21:51
loupgaroublonddude, they'd still be crackwhores21:51
predatorfreakGAR FUCK YE MICHIGAN, I'M MOVIN TO .nl!21:51
predatorfreakand starting a Piracy business!21:51
* surrounder welcomes predatorfreak at schiphol airport21:51
* predatorfreak rounds up his wooden fleet.21:51
predatorfreakARM THE CANNONS MEN!21:52
loupgaroublondsurrounder, mind if kitty comes with me, and we can start a new viking fleet?21:52
surrounderloupgaroublond: sounds like a great plan!21:52
predatorfreakPirates beat the Vikings anyday!21:52
loupgaroublond+ there's some girl, a FOAF, who's gone .dk crazy21:52
predatorfreakWe have cannons!21:52
loupgaroublondshe can come too21:52
surrounderpredatorfreak: yaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee21:52
loupgaroublondvikings can steal21:53
surrounderloupgaroublond: hot single and willing ?21:53
loupgaroublondsurrounder, so i've heard21:53
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: All pirates do is steal!21:53
surrounderloupgaroublond: oeh! bring 'em!21:53
loupgaroublondi've slept with a lesbian before, the only thing left to do is to sleep with an ex-lesbian21:53
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: She wasn't a lesbian then!21:53
loupgaroublondpredatorfreak, trust me, she is21:53
predatorfreakKERNEL PANIC21:54
surrounderloghoertje ;)21:54
loupgaroublondsurrounder, can you explain to him how these things work in my world?21:55
* predatorfreak hard reboots21:55
predatorfreakSorry, what?21:55
surrounderI'm stoned21:55
surrounderI can't even explain my own word21:55
surrounderlet alone in english :D21:55
loupgaroublondpredatorfreak, /me is not entirely human21:55
predatorfreakloupgaroublond: You too?21:56
* loupgaroublond is listening to Chrono Symphonic21:56
predatorfreakI thought I was the only one.21:56
surrounderpredatorfreak, /me is darth vader's puppy21:56
* surrounder is listening to Threshold - Static21:56
* predatorfreak is part undead zombie.21:56
loupgaroublondpredatorfreak, you get out of the US, speak two languages exclusively that are not your native language, and your brain will be set free21:56
*** vfuller_ has joined #crux21:56
* surrounder has a 100+ staff of apocalypse21:56
* loupgaroublond can cast a spell in 7 languages21:57
predatorfreakoh and.21:57
predatorfreakClutch - Electric Worry - From Beale Street to Oblivion21:57
surrounderoh hand.21:57
vfuller_pred: mplayer says theres no sound21:57
* surrounder is listening to Threshold - Static21:57
* loupgaroublond must shower21:57
surrounderloupgaroublond: uncast this repeat spell!21:57
predatorfreakvfuller_: Can you try some other app?21:57
surroundervfuller_: Can you try some other app ?21:58
loupgaroublondCEO is coming to town tomorrow21:58
vfuller_sure oss21:58
surrounderloupgaroublond: damn21:58
predatorfreakNo I mean app.21:58
predatorfreakAs-in ogg123.21:58
surrounderloupgaroublond: let the force talk to you21:58
loupgaroublondsurrounder, after i uncast this echo repeat repeat repeat echo echo spell....21:58
vfuller_oh ok21:58
vfuller_does that play mp3s too?21:58
predatorfreaksurrounder: Progressive metal, eh?21:59
surrounderevil me!21:59
vfuller_darnit, no ogg12321:59
vfuller_cant find it in the repositories21:59
predatorfreakvfuller_: I'm using that as an example.21:59
vfuller_oh ok22:00
predatorfreakAnything capable of playing sound would work.22:00
loupgaroublondbbl volkjes!22:00
predatorfreakJust something other than mplayer, since it might be broken.22:00
surrounderloupgaroublond: rukze!22:00
vfuller_yeah, because something worked22:00
vfuller_i have a /dev/dsp now22:00
vfuller_do you know what other players come with crux?22:00
*** jareth has joined #crux22:01
surrounderand uh22:01
predatorfreakAsk me when I don't use mpd and mplayer :)22:01
surroundermpd <322:01
surrounderpredatorfreak: we've been talking long enough, I think I deserve a screenshot!22:02
predatorfreaksurrounder: What are your favourite bands?22:02
predatorfreakOh fine.22:02
predatorfreakBloody rapist ;)22:02
surrounderhmmmmm wanna date ?22:03
predatorfreaksurrounder: I doubt you're into guys ;)22:03
surrounderme too22:03
surrounderbut you'd be a great beer-partner!22:03
predatorfreakAlthough if you are, sure!22:04
surrounderthose you also have to interview22:04
predatorfreakWe can run around The Netherlands naked.22:04
predatorfreakNo wait.22:04
surrounderI'll support you ;)22:04
predatorfreakThat's Japan.22:04
predatorfreakDamn it, I keep forgetting where Japan is!22:04
surrounderSonata Arctica, Dream Theater, Marillion, Threshold, Soilwork22:04
surrounder+ some other bands22:04
predatorfreakmm, for me it'd have to be Motörhead, Monster Magnet, Clutch, Iron Maiden and Karma To Burn.22:05
predatorfreakPlus assorted other billions of bands.22:05
predatorfreakand stuff.22:05
surrounderIron Maiden rocks!22:05
surrounderthe first CD I had was from maiden22:06
surrounderbut I don't think of them as my favourites22:06
predatorfreakHehe, gotta love Maiden.22:06
predatorfreaksurrounder: Heresy!22:06
predatorfreaksurrounder: Not the band :P22:06
surrounderdictionary schmoctionary22:07
predatorfreakA more complete overview of my tastes.22:07
predatorfreakAlthough, it goes everywhere.22:07
surrounderhaven't ysed lately22:07
surrounderbut at:22:07
surrounderyou can see my whole collection22:07
predatorfreakDragonforce-01_Valley_Of_The_Damned <-- EEKK.22:08
predatorfreakThey scare me!22:08
surroundergreat metalband <#22:08
Romsterhmm is it safe to use "noatime,nodiratime" on ext3?22:08
Romsteri love dragonforce :P22:09
* surrounder doesn't know :<22:09
surrounderRomster: hehehe, dragonforce rocks22:09
* surrounder is listening to Threshold - Fragmentation22:09
Romstervfuller_, oggvorbis22:09
predatorfreakThat's my whole collection.22:10
predatorfreakor well.22:10
predatorfreakI've added a few albums.22:10
predatorfreakand some of that has Russian text in it ;)22:10
surrounderpredatorfreak: Great tase! :)22:10
predatorfreakFor some reason I do not understand.22:11
surrounderyou're still young, you're not a jedi yet22:11
Romsterpredatorfreak, cool bands but your whole colection... dosnt' even pase what i've got in my colection.22:11
predatorfreakI can't get Firefox to fucking deal with Russian text.22:11
surrounderpredatorfreak: prt-get depinst opera22:12
* surrounder runs22:12
Romsterhmm i8ln or something for firefox?22:12
predatorfreaksurrounder: I would, but Opera + Flash is horribly broken.22:12
predatorfreakand I can't be arsed to open firefox every time I want to view a flash file.22:13
surrounderhehe this new guy at the cofeeshop gave me far too much22:13
surroundergreat guy (Y)22:13
* Romster has firefox open preaty much 24/722:13
surroundermy pc hangs after a day and half doing that22:14
Romstermine don't...22:14
Romster 13:16:41 up 28 days,  1:11,  1 user,  load average: 0.20, 0.44, 0.6722:14
surrounderwell, everyone has different experiences22:14
Romsteri've ahd firefox crasha  few times but thats nothing new..22:14
surrounderRomster:  05:09:44 up 90 days, 10:34,  6 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0022:14
Romsternote this is my desktop that i mess with the kernel and other stuff alot.22:15
surrounderI always think my kernel is OK :)22:15
*** jareth has quit IRC22:15
Romsteri had over 130 or so days on my server pc before the power stoped that.22:15
surrounderfuck around a lot with stuff though22:15
surrounderRomster: gotta love linux :)22:16
Romsteryeah good for fidiling.22:16
surroundercan't wait for Haiku on my desktop though.22:16
Romsteri like the don't like it use something else aspect.22:16
* predatorfreak updates music list of death.22:16
predatorfreakThere, significantly more Russian.22:17
surrounderall the important stuff like music and chat-crap (with a proxy) on a stable CRUX server22:17
surroundermy perfect setup22:17
Romsterwhat are you using to generate the list?22:17
predatorfreakfind . -mindepth 2 -type d | sort | sed 's:\./::g' | sed 's:/: - :g'22:18
surrounderRomster: screenshot ?22:18
surrounder<- screenshot-aholic22:18
predatorfreaksurrounder: Screen molester!22:19
Romsteryou want a screenshot of my desktop? :P22:19
surrounderyay <322:19
surrounderpredatorfreak's one is pwetty <322:19
Romsternothing fancy KDE crap.. i wana move to something better you'd die seeing mydesktop :P22:20
predatorfreaksurrounder: Keep your hands off my desktop!22:20
predatorfreakShe's mine!22:20
surrounderI'm such a jealous person22:20
surrounderpredatorfreak: bro's before ho's dude22:20
* surrounder back off....with an evil laugh22:20
predatorfreaksurrounder: My desktop isn't really a she either.22:21
predatorfreakRobots don't count as she's ;)22:21
surrounderno...that'd be weird22:21
predatorfreakESPECIALLY not Necrons.22:21
surrounderthey.....listen to good......22:21
predatorfreakThey will smash your face in and eat your brains.22:21
surrounderwouldn't be realistic22:21
predatorfreakSo, you know :)22:22
surrounderI'm well aware my friend.22:22
predatorfreakI think Firefox just refuses to acknowledge that plain text can contain Unicode.22:24
Romstermy list isn't as neatly sorted22:24
predatorfreakEVIL FIREFOX!22:24
surrounderRomster: really diverse22:24
predatorfreakRomster: Can I have a tarball of it all? :P22:24
surrounderRomster: count me out, sorry ;)22:25
Romsteryeah i'm into alot of styles.22:25
Romsterpredatorfreak, it'll be like 40GB or so...22:26
predatorfreakI'm a rock and metal person who dabbles into other crap :\22:26
predatorfreakRomster: Perfect!22:26
Romsterand i'm only on 128 uplink speed.22:26
Romsterstill my pc is on 24/7 if you have patence.22:26
surrounderdear people22:27
predatorfreakRomster: :322:27
surrounderi'm going to do a little of zzz'ing22:27
surrounder05:22 here22:27
Romsteralot of my stuff is in 320 bit rate mp322:27
predatorfreakIt'll be like 4 years.22:27
predatorfreakBut fuck yeah!22:27
Romsterwell you could jsut pick out songs..22:27
surrounderso nightynight strange CRUX-lunatics!22:28
predatorfreaksurrounder: Night.22:28
surrounderand well, Romster and predatorfreak22:28
surrounderbecause they're aliens22:28
predatorfreakDon't let me eat your skin.22:28
Romsternight surrounder22:28
surrounderhehe nn peep22:28
predatorfreakI've been known to do that.22:28
loupgaroublondsurrounder, nog daar?22:29
predatorfreakRomster: Metal Church, Guns 'N' Roses, Duran Duran, Daft Punk, Dead or Alive, Cheap Trick.22:29
predatorfreakTo start with :)22:30
Romsterhehe there good.22:30
Romsteri only have some of there songs.22:30
Romstersome directorys have more than others.22:30
predatorfreakVelvet Revolver Latest album if you have it :D22:30
predatorfreakRomster: Hey, music's music :)22:30
Romstertrue and i'm always collecting new songs and sorting them out thats alot of work i've done.22:31
Romsterand yet still more todo.22:31
predatorfreakRomster: Well, in return for anything you give me you can steal from my collection.22:31
Romsterhmm whats the best transfer method..22:32
predatorfreakEven though it looks like you HAVE 90% of it already.22:32
predatorfreakI just use a point dir in on my server.22:32
predatorfreakSo google doesn't index it.22:32
predatorfreakand it doesn't immediately show up :)22:32
Romsterhmm looks like will have todo a song list and then see if you got anything i'm misisng and after.22:32
predatorfreakRomster: My list is all full albums.22:33
Romsterhmm i got apache on my other server i should sshfs mount it to there :P22:33
Romsteryet it'll choke my bandwidth..22:33
Romsteroh cool.22:33
predatorfreakVarious - Assorted Single Tracks22:33
predatorfreakExcept that.22:33
Romstersoem of mine are most arn't22:33
Romsterand i got the full set of acdc songs too :P 17 albums on cd :D22:34
predatorfreakRomster: O.O22:34
predatorfreakMoar plz!22:34
* Romster smirks22:34
Romsterhmm ftp sonds like a good option i'll setup sshfs mount point.22:35
predatorfreakRomster: I almost went ballistic trying to find Karma To Burn.22:35
Romsterand i got btfp alwayd on my sever pc here.22:35
predatorfreakI swear to god, they're near impossible to find.22:35
predatorfreakBut they kick ass.22:35
predatorfreakand I'm STILL missing one album :(22:35
Romsterah not heard of that but something i may like to check out.22:35
Romsterwell when i get bored i look for music :P22:36
predatorfreakThem live.22:36
predatorfreakOf course.22:36
predatorfreakYouTube isn't always the highest of quality ;)22:37
*** jaeger has joined #crux22:39
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger22:39
predatorfreakjaeger: Welcome to The Pirate Bay errr #crux.22:40
* predatorfreak quickly hides evidence of filesharing.22:41
*** jareth has joined #crux22:42
Romsteroh man how can he lapy like that looks like he'll do the splits22:42
predatorfreakRomster: Magic!22:42
predatorfreakor so I'm told.22:42
predatorfreakor maybe it was just the fact they had this habit of getting high, drunk and everything in-between before a show.22:43
jaegerI see what you did there!22:43
predatorfreakjaeger: LIES22:43
predatorfreakYOU SAW NOTHING.22:43
Romsterdo they even sing..22:43
predatorfreakRomster: Never.22:43
predatorfreakWell, they had a singer, but they kicked him out.22:43
Romsterthey need a singer.22:44
predatorfreakThey rock hard without one.22:44
predatorfreakAt least, in my opinion.22:44
predatorfreakRomster: Instrumental stuff is an "acquired" taste though.22:45
Romsterhmm stile isn't bad22:45
predatorfreakSome people love it others don't :\22:45
Romstersomething to get used too22:45
Romsterthe styles in the rocken blue metal range.22:46
predatorfreakRomster: Well, I've been listening to Dick Dale, Man Or Astro-Man, Karma To Burn and the like a lot lately.22:46
predatorfreakand essentially all those guys do is damn good instrumental stuff ;)22:46
Romsterpredatorfreak, i'll setup a ftp link to my music on this pc very soon and give you access to it :)22:55
predatorfreakRomster: :D22:55
Romsterpredatorfreak, well i'd like to listen to more of there stuff but i'll give you an idea of what i'm into more.22:55
Romstermaybe you can sugest new bands i don't know of yet :P22:56
Romsterpredatorfreak, you gonna be around much longer today is 2pm my time.22:56
predatorfreakRomster: Til 4PM here.22:56
predatorfreakRomster: or later.22:56
predatorfreak(It's about midnight here)22:56
predatorfreakSleep is for the weak :P22:57
Romster4pm my time?22:57
Romsteri only sleept 3 hours after being up 24 hours.22:57
predatorfreakRomster: 4PM my time ;)22:57
Romsteroh sweet :D22:57
Romsteryour a night owel :P22:57
predatorfreakLike I said, sleep is for the weak!22:58
*** jareth has quit IRC22:59
predatorfreakWoo, my music hit 30GB today!23:01
predatorfreakNow to get 200GB.23:01
predatorfreakThen 1TB.23:01
predatorfreakThen 100TB :)23:01
Romster36GB not counting my flac files.23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
predatorfreakRomster: I should warn you, I encode everything as Ogg.23:05
predatorfreakI'm a freak about it XD23:06
predatorfreakHell, I refuse to buy a portable player without Vorbis support :)23:06
Romsterah thats ok i shoudl be too..23:08
Romsterogg is suposed to be better sounding than mp323:08
predatorfreakGame Music - Dragon Ball Z23:08
predatorfreakOh man.23:08
Romsterat a lower rate.23:08
Romsterlol yeah :P23:08
predatorfreakI can imagine how that will sound.23:08
Romsternot really actually23:09
predatorfreakMELODIC SCREAMING! :P23:09
Romstermy brother nearly has the entire boxset.23:09
predatorfreakand yeah, I'd say the quality of Ogg is generally better than MP3.23:09
predatorfreakPart of the reason I love it :)23:09
predatorfreakAlso, make sure you hit him over the head if he still watches it in two years :P23:10
predatorfreakThere's a time and place for DBZ.23:10
predatorfreakand that time is when you're a 13 year old :P23:10
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol23:12
Romsterwell i was watching it at one stage myself rofl23:12
predatorfreakRomster: We all have.23:12
predatorfreakBut eventually we all start watching different stuff.23:13
predatorfreakor start reading.23:13
predatorfreakor both ;)23:13
predatorfreakor we just go crazy.\23:13
predatorfreakand think we're Goku.23:13
predatorfreakand get locked up.23:13
predatorfreakIt really depends on the person.23:13
predatorfreakHaha, that was really weird.23:16
predatorfreakFor some odd reason, I had my sans font set as sans monospace.23:16
predatorfreakand everything was in monospace for a moment.23:16
predatorfreakand I was like "What the shit did you do now Firefox?"23:16
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:25
vfuller_okay i needs help23:34
predatorfreakvfuller_: Shoot.23:34
vfuller_how can i be sure a user is in a group23:35
vfuller_i check the /etc/passwd file23:35
vfuller_i'm trying to add me to the audio group23:35
vfuller_the last field has the users right?23:36
vfuller_the users in the group23:36
vfuller_i cannot get this sound stuff to work23:38
predatorfreakDoes sound work as root?23:39
predatorfreakand are you sure the stuff isn't muted?23:39
vfuller_everything says theres no sound device23:39
predatorfreakI dunno then, maybe your sound card just isn't supported.23:40
Romstervfuller_, your missing /dev/dsp ?23:44
Romsterdmesg | grep sound23:45
vfuller_no i have it23:45
vfuller_thats whats weird23:45
vfuller_rom: theres no ouptu23:45
Romsterso you have the device but no sound output?23:46
vfuller_it exists23:46
Romster$ ls -l /dev/dsp23:46
Romstercrw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 Jul 13 12:09 /dev/dsp23:46
vfuller_looks just like mine23:47
Romsterthan that isn't it.23:47
Romstergrep audio /etc/group23:48
Romsterok got a group hmm23:48
vfuller_oh ok23:49
vfuller_when i do "groups", it does not list audio23:49
Romsterthinking what else it could be.23:49
predatorfreakGurgle, morons <_<23:50
Romsterthere is no file /etc/groups23:50
predatorfreakAccording to Opinion polls.23:50
predatorfreakPeople prefer Hillary Clinton over Kucinich.23:50
Romsterit's only /etc/group23:50
vfuller_the groups commands23:50
predatorfreakRemind me to call the entire U.S. fucking morons.23:50
Romsterpredatorfreak, heh23:51
vfuller_$ groups23:51
Romster$ groups23:51
Romsteraudio video cdrom users23:51
predatorfreakRomster: I say it's time to kill the war on drugs.23:51
predatorfreakTurn the U.S. into The Netherlands.23:51
vfuller_ah, mine does not list the audio group23:51
predatorfreakand join our Dutch brothers!23:51
Romsterwhat do you get listed and did you log out of your account then back in?23:51
vfuller_audio vfuller23:51
Romstersince adding yourself to the audio group23:52
vfuller_that worked23:52
vfuller_yeah, but i did groups in a root shell23:52
predatorfreakRomster: Besides, if we join the Dutch, we can have windfarms :)23:52
vfuller_when i do it as vfuller, it lists audio23:52
predatorfreakWe just gotta convert all those old windmills!23:52
vfuller_thats weird23:52
Romsterwon't matter it won't reread it uness you relogin to your account. afaik23:52
*** vfuller_ has quit IRC23:52
Romstergotta love getting sound working for the first time :P23:53
* Romster has been there.23:53
Romsterpredatorfreak, we got small windfarms here but now thee talking about nuculer and 8gags* thsi town i'm in as a suitable location for one..23:54
predatorfreakRomster: Well, we also need local pot bars ;)23:54
predatorfreakGo and get some "brownies".23:55
predatorfreakand a glass of "coffee".23:55
*** vfuller has joined #crux23:55
vfullerno luck23:55
Romsterhmm what is the error you get no device?23:55
Romsterand what program are you trying to run..23:55
vfullernevermind the ...23:56
Romsteralsa-lib and alsa-utils installed?23:57
Romsteri have alsa-oss to but thts backwards compatability.23:57
* Romster is puzzled.23:57
Romstermust of overlooked something23:57
predatorfreakRomster: I bet something ate something.23:57
Romsterdid you even modprobe your sound driver?23:58
predatorfreakand was like "I'll tell you what I ate later."23:58
vfuller$ amixer23:58
vfulleramixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory23:58
Romsterlsmod and see if ya sound device is listed.23:58
vfulleryeah is lists it23:59

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