IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-08-10

Romsterso we haev it there the /dev/dsp is there but the device dosn't exist?00:00
vfuller/bin/sh: lsmod: command not found00:00
vfullerwait something just came to me00:01
*** vfuller has quit IRC00:01
*** vfuller has joined #crux00:03
vfullerModule                  Size  Used by00:05
vfulleri810_audio             31892  000:05
vfullerac97_codec             15628  1 i810_audio00:05
vfullersoundcore               5728  1 i810_audio00:05
vfullernvidiafb               39192  000:05
vfullerfb                     40072  1 nvidiafb00:05
vfullercfbcopyarea             3968  1 nvidiafb00:05
vfullercfbimgblt               2944  1 nvidiafb00:05
vfullercfbfillrect             3968  1 nvidiafb00:05
vfullernatsemi                23648  000:06
predatorfreakThat's OSS.00:06
predatorfreakNot ALSA.00:06
vfulleruh oh?00:06
predatorfreakALSA should be snd-intel8x000:06
predatorfreakand snd-BLAH for everything else.00:07
vfulleri guess i'll recompile without oss00:09
*** vfuller has quit IRC00:10
*** vfuller has joined #crux00:13
vfulleri took out the oss support, and theres no /dev/dsp any more00:15
predatorfreakAre you sure ALSA is built properly and loaded?00:15
* Romster plays Pantera - Far Beyond Driven (1994)/05 - Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills00:18
Romsteryeah /dev/dsp i think is oss00:18
Romster/dev/audio would be for alsa00:19
Romsteras i beleave.00:19
predatorfreak/dev/snd/*, I think.00:19
Romsterpossable too..00:20
Romstervfuller, what do you have listed in /etc/asound.conf ?00:20
vfullerno devices00:20
vfullercat: /etc/asound.conf: No such file or directory00:21
vfullerno asound.conf00:21
predatorfreaklsmod output?00:22
Romsteryeah he checked that00:22
vfullerno audio stuff anymore00:23
predatorfreakmodprobe snd-intel8x000:23
vfullerwhere should i put that00:23
vfulleroh wait rc.modules?00:23
predatorfreakJust run it for now.00:24
predatorfreakput it in rc.modules for later.00:24
*** vfuller has quit IRC00:24
Romsterwasn't there a command to pipe /dev/random to the sound device...00:24
Romster$ cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp, or something for testing..00:25
predatorfreakBut I don't recommend it.00:26
*** vfuller has joined #crux00:26
predatorfreakI mean, unless you LIKE having your ears bleed.00:26
Romsteryeah i could imagine..00:26
Romsterso can't concentrate on configuring bftpd heh..00:27
vfullerpred: nothing new from lsmod, same stuff00:27
predatorfreakRomster: Just use sftp! :P00:27
predatorfreakAre you sure you've even got the snd-intel8x0 module?00:28
Romsteri got bftpd installed already though, true could do sftp or scp..00:28
predatorfreakRomster: I'm an ssh whore myself.00:28
predatorfreakand with zsh, I find myself tab completing scp's.00:28
vfulleryeah, sftp is real useful00:29
vfullerthe snd-intel8x0, how can i be sure it is installed00:29
predatorfreakif you run modprobe snd-intel8x0 as root00:30
predatorfreakand it tells you it's not.00:30
predatorfreakThen it's not ;)00:30
vfulleroh okay00:30
Romsterdunno if you need a asound.conf but here is mine i got 2 sound cards
predatorfreakTo be honest, this is why I just keep an Audigy 2 ZS on hand.00:31
predatorfreakPlop it in.00:31
predatorfreakmodprobe snd-emu10k100:31
predatorfreakEnjoy :P00:31
vfullermodule not found!00:31
Romsterhehe i use that driver too00:32
predatorfreakvfuller: That's your problem.00:32
predatorfreakGo into your kernel and make sure you build that module.00:32
predatorfreakor better yet.00:32
predatorfreakGive me your kernel config.00:32
predatorfreakand I'll poke it with a hammer.00:32
Romstervfuller, oh noes did you run make  modules_install? and have the sound device enabled and compiled?00:33
vfulleryeah, did the modules_install00:33
Romsterif ya in xorg run make xconfig00:33
Romsterthen find your sound device00:33
predatorfreakRomster: BAH!00:33
vfullerwhere do i enable the intel8x000:34
predatorfreakRomster: Fancy GUIs!00:34
vfulleri'm in the flashy menuconfig00:34
Romsterdevices sound would be a start.00:34
* predatorfreak fires up make menuconfig00:35
vfullerwait i found it00:35
vfullerbut i found it under pci00:36
vfullermines not a pci card00:36
vfullerbut its worth a shot though00:36
predatorfreak< > Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD/ALi AC97 Controller00:36
predatorfreakBasically, everything integrated is under PCI.00:36
vfulleroh ok00:36
predatorfreakSo even on-board sound is technically under PCI.00:36
predatorfreakdon't ask me why, seems stupid to me :)00:36
vfullerwow, i have a good feeling about this00:36
predatorfreakSo do I.00:37
Romsterit can be onboard though the pci interface too.00:37
Romstereh and i type that before reading what predatorfreak typed..00:38
predatorfreakRomster: or you could just be like me and have a stash of old PCI Audigy 2 ZS's :)00:38
predatorfreakA system with integrated sound is EVIL!00:38
*** vfuller has quit IRC00:38
Romsterdon't forget to copy bzImage and over and /sbin/lilo  too00:38
predatorfreak(I'm even more certain of that after dealing with intel-hda too)00:39
Romsteri hate on board stuff.00:39
predatorfreakRomster: I had hell trying to get the onboard Intel HDA chipset in this rig to record sound.00:40
predatorfreakSo I was like "fuck this, Audigy 2 BITCH!"00:40
Romster:p easyist solution00:41
predatorfreakDamn straight :)00:41
*** root has joined #crux00:50
rootlsmod lists the module!00:50
rootoh shit00:50
*** root has quit IRC00:50
predatorfreakThat was kinda amusing.00:50
*** vfuller has joined #crux00:50
vfullerokay lsmod shows it, but no sound00:51
predatorfreakvfuller: alsamixer00:51
vfullercan i see that config file00:51
predatorfreakMake sure it's unmuted :)00:51
vfullercould not open audio device!00:54
predatorfreakplay something.00:54
vfulleris there a config file i need00:54
predatorfreakmplayer -ao alsa BLAH00:54
predatorfreakTry that00:54
vfulleri did mplayer -ao help00:55
vfullerall the drivers are there00:55
vfullerMPlayer 1.0rc1-4.1.2 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team00:55
vfullerCPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1.80GHz (Family: 15, Model: 1, Stepping: 3)00:55
vfullerCPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 1 SSE2: 100:55
vfullerCompiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 SSE SSE200:55
vfullerAvailable audio output drivers:00:55
vfullerossOSS/ioctl audio output00:55
vfullermpegpesDVB audio output00:55
vfullernullNull audio output00:55
vfullerpcmRAW PCM/WAVE file writer audio output00:55
vfulleroh ok00:56
vfulleri get what you are saying00:56
predatorfreakI see what happened.00:56
predatorfreakmplayer isn't built with alsa support.00:56
predatorfreakTHERE'S your problem.00:56
predatorfreakReinstall mplayer.00:56
Romsteroh gawd...00:57
Romsteri didn't think of that ine...00:57
vfullershould i use any other options?00:57
predatorfreakvfuller: You need to reinstall mplayer before you do anything.00:57
predatorfreakIt doesn't even support ALSA as it's been built.00:57
Romsterprt-get update -fr mplayer00:58
vfullerwoohoo, i saw the alsa part fly by in the terminal00:59
predatorfreakTHAT THING IS HUGE01:02
predatorfreakPeople SERIOUSLY cool their CPUs with those?01:02
Romsteromg whats the main article of that..01:03
Romstereven my cpu heatsink arn't that big and my cpu don't get over hot.01:04
Romster59C for a K7 isn't bad.01:04
predatorfreakAnyone who needs a heatsink THAT large should SERIOUSLY consider a damn water cooling setup.01:04
Romsteri recken.01:05
predatorfreakWith whatever-the-fuck heatsink/fan I've got in here, mine idles at slightly above room temp.01:05
predatorfreakand hits like 45-50C under heavy load.01:05
predatorfreakI wonder if I could buy a magic fan that would make it idle lower than room temp :P01:06
*** mike_k has joined #crux01:07
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux01:08
DarkNekroshi you all ;)01:08
DarkNekrosgood morning01:08
predatorfreakDarkNekros: Morning? Pfft, it's still night!01:09
DarkNekrospredatorfreak, good night ;)01:09
vfullerhes french!01:09
predatorfreakDarkNekros: Sleep is for the weak ;)01:09
DarkNekrospredatorfreak, here in France is 8 in the morning01:10
predatorfreakDarkNekros: In the U.S. it's 2:11AM :)01:10
DarkNekrosso it's night :D01:11
DarkNekrosand sleep is for those who need it ;)01:11
predatorfreakDarkNekros: Of course, then again, night is day for me.01:11
predatorfreakand sometimes day is day.01:12
predatorfreakIt all depends ;)01:12
DarkNekrospredatorfreak, you work at nights?01:12
predatorfreakDarkNekros: Nope :)01:12
DarkNekrosjust for fun?01:12
predatorfreakI just don't sleep until I'm damn tired and near collapse.01:12
predatorfreakSo, CRAZY TIME!01:12
*** vfuller_ has joined #crux01:21
vfuller_okay it plays01:21
vfuller_mplayer works, it plays it01:21
predatorfreakvfuller: Congrats!01:21
vfuller_but i can't hear anything!01:21
predatorfreakLet's party!!!!!!01:21
predatorfreakvfuller: Make sure it's unmuted again :)01:22
vfuller_i used it01:22
vfuller_all the levels are up01:22
predatorfreakHuh, I dunno then.01:22
*** vfuller has quit IRC01:22
Romsterpredatorfreak, maybe a pilter effect device.01:22
vfuller_but does that mean it is unmuted?01:22
Romster4:24pm Australia01:22
Romsterpcm and master must be up01:23
Romsterand of course unmuted.01:24
Romsterand make sure you got the right output device selected in mplayer01:25
Romsternot sure if its right automaticly01:25
vfuller_just muted01:26
vfuller_IT WORKS01:26
vfuller_party down time01:26
* predatorfreak suggests The Netherlands, cocaine and lots of alcohol.01:26
vfuller_its the first time i have had success messing with the kernel01:26
vfuller_man i wish i had an 8ball right now01:27
vfuller_you guys are pretty 133701:27
Romstereh jsut some expeareance is all, arn't that right predatorfreak01:28
predatorfreakRomster: Well, considering I maintain a kernel patchset, rape the kernel regularly, etc.01:28
predatorfreakI should know SOMETHING about fucking around with it ;)01:28
vfuller_now i can go back to school and show off my crux box!01:29
Romsterpredatorfreak, oh neat what patchset do you do?01:29
Romsterhmm what does -dark do got a site instead of typing a million lines :P01:29
predatorfreakStandard fare, plus stolen mm patches.01:30
predatorfreakSomeday when I get "less lazy" I'm going to start hacking on some ideas of my own.01:31
predatorfreakBut, that requires me to be less lazy ;)01:32
mike_kpredatorfreak: or more motivated01:32
predatorfreakmike_k: Motivation trumps laziness, so being motivated is being less lazy ;)01:33
Romsterpredatorfreak, i'm intersted in disabling atme on ext3 but i'm wondering if its wise..01:34
mike_k"trumps" like in "to have all the trumps in one's hand" ?01:34
predatorfreakmike_k: trumps as in overrides.01:35
predatorfreakRomster: noatime,nodiratime are perfectly safe.01:35
predatorfreakI use them on my systems.01:35
predatorfreakAbout the ONLY app that I know uses atime info is mutt.01:35
Romsterah then i'll be ok to do that then.01:36
predatorfreakRomster: mutt will still run perfectly fine without atime info anyway, it's just used as a way to know weather a message has been "read" or not.01:36
Romster-defaults +noatime,nodiratime01:36
predatorfreakWell, that's what I use and what I'd recommend.01:37
Romsterhmm swap dosn't need atime either?01:37
Romsterjsut i've seen discussions on IO performance on ext301:38
predatorfreakswap doesn't even use atime.01:38
predatorfreakOnly filesystems do and swap-space really isn't a "file-system".01:38
predatorfreakIt's more of a dump bin ;)01:39
Romsterah no point in even lsiting it in swap then01:39
predatorfreakIn fact, it'd probably make swap not-mount if you did :)01:39
Romsterwell i'm always looking for improvments.01:39
Romsteryou'd be good with kernel oops too i get a few on my firewall and they bug me.01:40
predatorfreakWell, throw 'em at me and I'll see if I can narrow them down.01:40
Romsterseems to be either pppoe or tcp something or maybe iptables itself.01:40
Romsterta i got a little reading on how to look for them with a hex editor but heck..01:40
predatorfreakRomster: I've never had to go that far... yet XD01:41
Romsterhex editor and look in and then find what instruction tigers the oops, but i've not had any expeareance on that.01:43
Romsterthe only thing i'm using is a IMQ patch.01:43
Romsterprobabbly a better way todo ingress shaping but i have enver found a sliding tcp window program.01:43
predatorfreakRomster: I'm just a lazy bastard and use the store-bought kind of routers XD01:45
predatorfreakAlthough mines not a major brand or nothing.01:45
Romsterheh i got alot on my router.01:48
predatorfreakRomster: Prioritised porn routing? :)01:49
predatorfreakI could see a use for that "If you detect porn, HIGH PRIORITY, PREEMPTS EVERYTHINGZ!"01:49
Romsteri even run squid, dnsmasq, distcc, iptables, tc, openntpd, few others..01:49
Romsteri have yet to setup a good nice daemon on my desktop01:50
Romsteri've messed a bit with ionice too01:51
predatorfreakI just don't nice too much crap.01:52
predatorfreakI let it sort itself out :P01:53
predatorfreak"NO MY CPU!" fighting until CFS says "ENOUGH CHILDREN."01:53
Romstertis wind is insane here...01:56
Romster47km/h winds01:56
predatorfreakRomster: Can I power my PC with it yet? :P01:56
Romstermaybe later it'll power my pc i'm a electronics tech and i'm gonna build my own ups but also a wind gen on the battery bank to reduce using power off the grid.02:00
*** pedja has quit IRC02:02
predatorfreakRomster: Can I live in your wind-powered house? :P02:03
Romsterhehe sure :P02:04
Romsteryou use alot of power do you ;P02:04
predatorfreakRomster: Well, 2 systems, my TV.02:05
predatorfreakA giant stereo to smash planets.02:05
predatorfreakThe instant-porn-buying machine.02:05
predatorfreakand the instant-food machine.02:05
Romsteri had a 300watt rms system into 2 15 inch speakers at one stage nabours hated me :P02:06
Romsterper a channel mind you so a total of jsut over 600watt rms02:06
Romster@ a effecency of 98db 1w 1m per a channel02:06
Romsterplus ring radiator tweeters02:07
predatorfreakRomster: Pump out the metal.02:07
predatorfreakScare the poor neighrbours.02:07
predatorfreakand shake the planet ;)02:07
Romstersold 2 speakers still waing fo rht eother 2 to go i'm building a home hifi setup lat on with a kick arse sub down to about 7Hz02:08
predatorfreakRomster: Remind me to bring my loudest, fastest and most evil CD with me.02:09
predatorfreakSo that the entire country will hear it :302:09
Romsterwon't need to be that big either got active crossover and active eq'ing and a flat phase responce to remove that horrid woddy boomy sound ya hear from others, all that is, is phase distortion and all equalizers make phase distortion, but not this active eq circuit i got :D02:10
Romsterpredatorfreak, :P02:10
Romsterat least a block will hear it.02:10
predatorfreakRomster: If I had it my way, the whole WORLD would hear it.02:11
predatorfreakSadly, we have yet to make a stereo powerful enough :(02:11
Romsteri'm looking at about 1000watts for the sub woofer :P02:12
Romsterdunno about the main speakers maybe 200-300watts02:12
Romsterelectronics tech :P dunno whos worse round this channel hehe02:14
predatorfreak <-- I still love that.02:15
predatorfreakAnonymous does it for LULZ.02:15
vfuller_does it for lulz?02:16
vfuller_dangerous hackar02:16
vfuller_have you guys ever heard of encyclopedia dramatica?02:16
predatorfreakvfuller_: I swear they used that as their reference.02:17
predatorfreakNext thing you know.02:17
predatorfreakThey'll use it as their reference on politics.02:17
vfuller_who used what as a reference?02:17
predatorfreakvfuller_: Fox news on that Anonymous "expose"02:18
vfuller_oh yeah02:18
vfuller_that is sort of ridiculous02:19
vfuller_have you seen the one about jews did wtc on cnn?02:19
predatorfreakOh man, I can only imagine how much they must have seemed like idiots.02:20
vfuller_goofy as hell02:20
tilmanit would be nice to have debugging symbols for glibc02:35
predatorfreakRomster: We'll have to do the whole piracy thing tomorrow, I'm getting a little too tired too fast.02:48
predatorfreakRomster: But I'll be sure to bring my pirate ship with all my crew.02:48
predatorfreakand I'll load the cannons just in case!02:49
predatorfreakAnyway, night #crux.02:49
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC02:49
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*** pell has joined #crux03:50
tilmancan anyone give me a quick hand with sh scripting?04:01
tilmani want to do:04:01
tilmanfor i in (foo bar baz); do04:01
tilman  echo $i04:01
tilmanto give:04:01
tilman(newlines replaced by \n to not spam the channel)04:02
tilmanwhat's the proper syntax for that? %)04:02
nipuLsh as in not bash?04:02
tilmansh as in sh or bash04:03
nipuLloose the parenthesis04:04
nipuLfor i in foo bar baz04:04
tilmani think i tried that. let me check again.04:04
nipuLi just tried it, worked for me04:04
nipuLi wouldn't have suggested it otherwise :)04:05
tilmanthanks nipuL04:06
nipuLno worries04:07
*** vfuller_ has quit IRC05:01
*** MzOzD_ has quit IRC05:01
*** nipuL has quit IRC05:01
*** cohan has quit IRC05:01
*** vfuller_ has joined #crux05:01
*** MzOzD_ has joined #crux05:01
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn06:27
cptnhi there06:27
luxhhi cptn06:43
*** sepen has quit IRC06:55
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RyoS Checkout: lithium/vistafonts/vistafonts.tar.bz207:21
*** roliveira has joined #crux07:32
*** mrks has quit IRC07:38
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*** jaeger has joined #crux07:58
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*** deus_ex is now known as pedja08:34
j^2hey, any qmail admins here?08:47
j^2no one in #qmail either :'(08:49
*** roliveira has quit IRC08:52
j^2anyone ever create a spam filtering relay? then have on a seporate box the actaul mail server?08:54
j^2(i just thought about that set up last night) :D08:54
*** mrks has joined #crux08:55
Romstertransparent mail proxy08:55
Romsterthink i've seen a few on freshmeat.08:55
Romsterbut don't quote me on that.08:55
j^2"think i've seen a few on freshmeat." -- Romster :P08:58
j^2...sigh.. i needed to laugh...08:58
j^2btw, best joke ever08:58
j^2two men walked into a bar08:59
Romsterj^2, you feeling down m8?09:00
j^2:-/ this damn qmail server i have to admin is all jacked up09:04
luxhisn't that the way qmail is meant to be? ;-)09:05
j^2luxh: heh, thanks but not helping :-/, i'd be all about postfix myself ... i've got to rebulid this fucking box09:06
luxhthe whole thing with mail sucks09:09
luxhi wonder if i should try kde or gnome09:09
jjpkIf you are not in a hurry, why not.09:10
*** mrks_ has joined #crux09:10
jjpkMail does not suck itself.09:10
jjpkSpam, however, does make it terrible.09:11
*** cptn has quit IRC09:11
*** ded has joined #crux09:16
*** mrks has quit IRC09:16
deddoes anyone know how gtk theme engines works?09:16
jjpkHello ded.09:17
Romsterkde is lesspainful to setup having said that i've never had gnome running before.09:18
jjpkThis channel is for the linux distribution, not the gtk "crux" theme/engine/whatever it is. :p09:18
*** ded has left #crux09:21
jjpkFor the record, I can't say I liked the gtk crux theme.09:22
j^2how many of yall use crux in mission critical production servers?09:25
thrice`he was referring to themes in general, I think09:25
* Romster shrugs09:28
Romsteri'm off to bed.09:28
tilmanj^2: jaeger might09:45
tilmanjjpk: i liked the crux gtk engine!09:46
thrice`I like using gtk engines in fluxbox09:48
tilmanin fluxbox themes?09:54
tilmanor whut?09:54
thrice`no, using gtk-chtheme to set a gtk theme09:56
*** mike_k has quit IRC09:59
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crazyhorsjdolan_ yo13:10
crazyhorsyou have access to H_D parts13:11
*** crazyhors has left #crux13:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon13:28
*** roliveira has joined #crux13:34
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*** roliveira has joined #crux13:35
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*** deus_ex is now known as pedja13:44
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Romstermorning all14:07
* Romster plays Metal Church - 03 - Into Dust14:07
tilmando you know panzerchrist's cover of the song metal church?14:08
Romsterdamn this song rocks.14:08
Romsterhmm nope.14:10
Romsterbut i'll look it up.14:10
*** schniggie has quit IRC14:14
*** schniggie has joined #crux14:14
*** hp_tux has joined #crux14:27
*** bdfy has joined #crux14:49
bdfyCan somebody look at this: ? I can't  build program..14:50
hp_tuxbdfy, maybe "/usr/lib/" is missing14:54
hp_tuxor you need "libboost_thread" instead of "libboost_thread-mt"14:56
bdfyhp_tux: Hi! There is "/usr/lib/"14:56
bdfyhp_tux: maybe..14:56
hp_tuxwhat does "config.log" say?14:56
bdfyhp_tux: config.log?14:57
hp_tuxconfigure: error: libboost_thread not found14:57
hp_tuxSee `config.log' for more details14:57
bdfyhp_tux: Thanks! I will think14:59
thrice`pkgmk -kw might help :)15:01
bdfythrice`: This is "openvrml-0.16.6". There is no openvrml in CRUX ports tree15:03
thrice`-kw will keep your work, so you can look at stuff like that15:03
bdfythrice`: I will know, on the future.15:04
bdfyopenvrml isn't in ports tree15:05
*** jdolan_ is now known as jdolan15:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan15:07
*** bdfy has quit IRC15:07
*** bdfy has joined #crux15:14
*** jaeger has quit IRC15:31
hp_tuxbdfy, does it work now?15:32
bdfyhp_tux: Oh.. I am writing pkgfile... But it's does not work :(15:33
bdfyI am thinking..15:33
treach"Pkgfile" presumeably for openvrml.15:34
treachsince he says it's not available to him15:34
hp_tuxsorry, I'm not an expert for CRUX specialties15:34
treachno worries.15:35
hp_tux<treach> since he says it's not available to him <-- what is the exact error message?15:36
*** Viper_ has quit IRC15:42
bdfyhp_tux: I will true ..15:52
bdfyhp_tux: I will try (sorry my Enlish)15:53
hp_tuxtry "ln -s /usr/lib/ && ldconfig"15:56
*** vico has joined #crux15:56
bdfyhp_tux: Thanks! It's work!15:59
hp_tuxfine! :-)15:59
hp_tuxno error from "configure" any more?16:00
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:01
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:01
bdfyhp_tux: Seems it is not..16:04
hp_tuxnot what?16:04
hp_tuxnot working?16:05
hp_tuxor no error?16:05
bdfyhp_tux: no error.. but I am not finished :)16:07
hp_tuxah, ok :-)16:07
treachmeh, I just thought I found some app useable for cbr's. "libgnomeui not found."16:08
treachsucks anyway, thus. :/16:08
predatorfreakHello folks.16:16
* predatorfreak returns from idle.16:16
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Romsterhmm have i got a issue with boost still?21:29
rxi_i didnt build for me last time i tried but that could just be me21:38
rxi_ill try again now21:39
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