IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-08-11

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DarkNekroshi you all03:37
DarkNekrosgood morning03:38
RedShiftanyone from belgium here?03:38
DarkNekrosno, I'm from Spain (living in France)03:38
RedShiftsup tilman03:41
tilmani'm terrorizing my neighbours03:42
tilmangot new loudspeakers yesterday03:43
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DarkNekrostilman, lol03:53
luxhi hope you play some neat trance music04:04
tilmani don't haev neat trance music04:05
tilmanbut i think my neighbours appreciate death metal and harsh ebm as much!04:05
luxhi'm sure they do ;-)04:05
tilmanbut ofc it's not really that bad ;)04:06
luxhwhat speakers did you get?04:09
tilmanused ATL HD31204:09
tilmanthey are from the 80s, i don't think tthe manufacturer is well known ;)04:09
luxhhehe ok04:10
luxhgerman brand?04:11
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tilmanViper_: i suggest to remove pinentry-{gtk2,qt} from pinentry/.footprint since gtk and qt are said to be 'nice to have' only07:18
tilmanerr, dupe07:42
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luxhhrm. shouldn't fakeroot create files with owner root:root?19:21
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Romsterdepends on the origional package but tis ment to be root in normal cases, that package may need the chown -r root:root $PKG20:15
luxhmm. exactly the case i was wondering about20:17
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