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Romstertreach, ironic its on the ircstats quote "heh, usually it gets posted all over the internet.. :P"06:43
treachit is? what?06:44
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Romstertreach spoke a total of 115320 words!07:00
Romstertreach's faithful follower, Romster, didn't speak so much: 92856 words.07:00
Romsternow thats funny.07:00
Romsteranyway hmm i should get some stuff done.07:01
rxi_13 rxi 2772 today "kieselsteini, they all look the same to me"07:05
rxi_i dont remember saying that07:05
* Romster shrugs07:07
Romsterrxi_, did boost build for you?07:07
rxi_oops forgot .. doing it now07:08
treachhehe "gprs sucks camel dick dryer than the gobi desert" <- tilman apparently doesn't like gprs07:11
rxi_how does that make sense?07:11
treachwho knows07:12
treachbut otoh, I'm beginning to wonder if that statsite isn't making up stuff..07:12
treach"(Ok, bsd is more like a pickup ;-) )"07:12
treachI have no recollection of having said that.07:13
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Romstertreach, look in your logs :P07:16
Romsterunless you got bad memory or somone sneaks onto your computer :D07:16
treachI don't log07:26
tilmani don't think i said that07:28
Romsteris that stats page doing funky stuff..07:29
RomsterMost referenced nicks, all, will, whats with that?07:30
treachI think it thinks "all" is a nick since I've used it as one, since a lot of people greets "all".07:31
treachand we have had someone here who used "will" as his nick07:31
treach@seen will07:32
clbtreach: will was last seen in #crux 41 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours, 8 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <will> I should stop working and sleep! :)07:32
Romsterso its not acting up.07:34
Romster!seen bd207:34
Romster@seen bd207:34
clbRomster: bd2 was last seen in #crux 18 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 38 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <bd2> ah.. thanks Romster07:34
-MelOne- Romster, hmmm... bd2, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.07:34
Romsterwhere did he go..07:35
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rxi_Romster: seemed to build ok08:25
Romsterrxi_,  k you must of had a stuffed enviorment or something that other time.08:27
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jjpkUsing a newsreader to browse repositories? o_o09:16
tilmanafter i read it again, it doesn't as crazy anymore09:16
tilmanalthough you don't have any threads i guess09:16
tilmanerr, "replies"09:16
jjpkSuppose it would work, it is just highly unusual.09:17
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treachhm.. git fetch && tig && ...profit? Or am I missing something?09:34
tilmanprobably not09:39
jjpkThe graphical tools apparently kill it.09:42
treachat least the tk/tcl/gtk stuff. :P09:43
jjpkWhat can you do when some people insist on having pretty shiny graphics to visualize histories. :p09:45
jjpkHmm, come to think of it, tk/tcl would not qualify. :D09:47
tilmanonly on osx09:47
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treach  <- explosive combination.11:53
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jjpktreach: so is forming committee upon committee to misinform.12:06
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jjpk"the ship is a-ok." Sunk is a-ok I take it?12:06
jjpkTop 40 (s)hits.12:07
treachjjpk: look at what one of the ships were carrying, and the name of the ship it collided with. :p12:10
jjpkIt is ironic.12:11
treachindeed. :P12:11
treachone of those coincidences that just makes you want to say "no way" :p12:13
jjpkCertainly does.12:16
jjpkTop it off with odd journalism, and an apparent fear of admitting error.12:17
jjpkAt the end of the day, it all equals to teh winnar.12:18
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tilmanwhen they are talking about "bunker", do they mean bunker oil or what?12:54
tilmanmy favourite online dictionary fails to point out that common abbreviation12:57
tilmanhytter med naven etc ;012:57
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jjpkThis is the first time I have seen the word bunker in that context.13:16
treachyou bunker oil.13:23
treachbecause the ship needs it to move. :)13:24
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jjpkApparently it does mean to fuel a ship.13:30
jjpkYou learn something new. :p13:30
treachnot quite..13:33
treachah, sorry, misread that.13:34
treachIndeed it does.13:34
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vfullerhello i need halp14:14
vfulleri want to install kde, but what package do i start with14:16
vektoriSorry, we're out of halp.14:16
vfullerhehe, ok help14:16
tilmankdebase i think14:17
vfullerokay, okay14:17
tilmanie get the kde repository thing first:
vfulleralright, i'm thinking about twm14:19
vfullerthat too14:19
tilmani don't think you'll want twm :))14:19
vfulleryes i do14:19
tilmanyou want to use kde with twm?14:19
vfullerwell, if kde is too slow14:20
vfulleri don't mind using that either14:20
vfulleri know its goofy14:20
tilmannobody ported twm so far14:20
vfullerare you serious!14:21
vfulleri'm sorry, i guess its not a big deal14:22
tilmanyou can make your own port in 5 minutes14:23
tilmanthe usualy configure/make/make install will work14:23
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tilmanjjpk, treach: linus responds to the git-in-newsgroup thing14:27
vfulleryeah, but i want it to take five seconds14:30
thrice`I didn't even think twn was useful ;)14:30
tilmanthrice`: ditto, it's mostly fugly14:31
jjpkFugly by default, agreed on that.14:31
jjpkYou can, however, customize it.14:31
tilmanyou can make it look not fugly?14:32
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jjpktilman: should be possible. Trying to look for a screenshot, but no luck yet.14:41
tilmanjjpk: let me know in case you ever find one ;D14:44
tilmanevening sepen14:44
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vfullerfugly looks cool14:49
vfullerits like the "ironic" window manager14:49
treachtilman: ok, I've lost the link though. :/14:58
treachIf I had thought a bit I had looked in the log.. :>14:59
jjpkLinus threw svn into the field again.14:59
jjpk...and the eternal dislike of it. :)15:00
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treachbut he's right, development history isn't a tree. It's a mesh.15:23
tilmanit's a mess15:24
treachheh, that too.15:25
treachbut git is supposed to help with that, right? :p15:25
jjpkIt's probably a mess because git repositories are independent and decentralized.15:27
jjpkStart merging and watch it get out of control. :D15:27
treachno, that has nothing to do with it.15:27
treachdevelopment isn't linear, that's the whole deal.15:28
treachand you'd *still* have to merge the stuff, even if you centralise..15:29
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Romster'bunker oil' i always knew it as 'crude oil'15:36
Romstervfuller, kdebase, tilman is correct15:37
treachRomster: It's not the same.15:41
treachYou don't feed your engines crude oil, you...15:42
treachgoddag yxskaft. :/15:43
Romsterlol what...15:45
tilmanit's a swedish phrase used when an answer is given that has nothing to do with the question asked15:45
treachactually it's used in norway too.15:46
tilmancan't expect that the swedish schoolnet cares much about norway, can you? ;)15:46
treachright. :)15:46
Romsteryou do in a ship, as far as i know..15:48
Romsteri don't know swedish sadly.15:48
treachI know. O:)15:48
treachit means litterally "godday axe handle"15:48
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treachmeh "goodday", obviusly. :p15:51
Romsterhmm anyone know of a stick it type electronic notepad thingie where i can put small bits of text in and tag them by day and category?15:54
Romsterobviously :)15:55
Romsterdidn't think it looked right.15:55
jjpkI have nothing to suggest, but do clarify whether you mean a physical or a software notepad.15:59
tilmannighty DarkNekros16:07
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tilmancool, i think i got that wireless shit working on the laptop16:47
tilmanipw3945 ftl!16:47
tilmanthe stupid driver doesn't ship with recent kernels, you need a firmware blob and a proprietery (it seems) daemon to handle that16:48
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Romstererr how do i reload the profile again? sudo sh /etc/profile, seems to not work?19:10
Romsterhmm profile si readonly..19:12
predatorfreakRomster: normally, just starting a shell does it for me.19:14
Romsterwhat if i'm in xorg and in a console, i can remember a command to reload but i have forgot..19:15
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thrice`Romster: source /etc/profile ?19:18
Romstersource - Evaluate a file or resource as a Tcl script'19:19
Romsterit arn't TCL19:19
Romsterstrange 'source' and '.' do work...19:23
Romsterhrmm can i not put functions in /etc/profile...19:32
Romster Alias with variables19:33
RomsterYou can not make aliases with variables. But you can make functions, having a function in your .profile/.bashrc will work just like an alias.19:33
Romsterand it don't work in /etc/profile19:33
Romsterguess i'll try the ~/.profile method..19:34
Romsterok missed a semicollin... i would of thought the closing curlybracket would say its the end of the function..19:40
Romsterand not haev to do ; }19:40
Romstergrr 1) prt-get dosn't see it 2) sudo don't see it either.. meh back to making a shell wrapper..19:42
predatorfreakRomster: source/. are just shell-provided commands.19:45
predatorfreakAll they do is load the crap into the shell and run it.19:45
Romsterwell that worked.19:45
Romsteri did man source and got something about tcl..19:46
jaegerit's in the bash manpage in this case19:46
predatorfreak <-- You JUST buy a Graphics card with OpenGL 2 support.19:47
predatorfreakand they hit you over the head with a new spec.19:47
predatorfreakI absolutely hate graphics cards at times <_<19:47
jaegernot the first time, but yeah, agreed19:48
jaegerAFK for dinner19:48
Romster/usr/man/mann/source.n.gz :/19:48
RomsterOpenGL 3 sweet i haven't boutght a enw grapics card yet so i'll hold off.19:50
Romsterjaeger, ta.19:50
predatorfreakRomster: I bought one like 2 dang weeks ago XD19:51
Romsterbad luck :/19:51
Romsteri wanna get a new one but since i seen that i'll hold off :P19:52
Romsteri wish they would opensource the nvidia driver..19:53
Romsterthey sell the hardware, why not opensource the driver, not like they make money off of the software..19:54
predatorfreakRomster: I wish NVIDIA would hurry their asses up an release an OpenGL 3 card now :P19:54
Romsterthat too.19:54
Romsterbut be september and them time for them todo that..19:54
predatorfreakPreferably comparable to an 8800GTX in power.19:55
predatorfreakand like 150 dollars.19:55
predatorfreak... Yeah, okay, I know I'm in dreamland now :(19:55
Romsterpredatorfreak, maybe return the vid card you just got saying your not happy with it :P19:55
predatorfreakRomster: I can imagine how that'd go.19:56
predatorfreak"I want the next generation card as a replacement, now!"19:57
Romsterhrmm in actual fact i shouldn't be clouring pkgmk but gcc itself...20:01
predatorfreakRomster: Fancy gcc dowhatnows?20:02
Romsterpipe it into ccze :P20:03
Romstergcc $* |ccze -A20:03
Romsteri haven't tryed that just yet about too20:03
predatorfreakFancy colours!20:03
Romstercolerise gcc output20:03
predatorfreakRomster: Begone with your heresy!20:04
treachand take your poor spelling with you..20:04
Romsteri do so much compiling it would be nice to make compiler and link flags stand out.20:04
Romstertreach, you make mistakes too.20:04
treachtrue, but not nearly as many20:04
Romsterit's the case don't like it don't use it :)20:05
treachcolour, colouring, colourizing.20:05
predatorfreakRomster: Bah, probably just slows down my compiles!20:06
predatorfreakBy 0.1ms.20:06
predatorfreakBut damn it, that's 0.1ms!20:06
treachpredatorfreak: I know the perfect irc client for you then, sic. Seen it?20:07
vfuller_rom: thats a good idea20:07
treachyou've got to try it, it should fit you perfectly. :>20:08
Romsterpredatorfreak, ccze is in C20:08
vfuller_when you have to do debug things, a cs major would love it20:08
predatorfreaktreach: I'm just messing around anyway.20:09
Romsterand i use distcc so it'll more than make up for it.20:09
predatorfreakI just don't believe in fancy-colored GCC.20:09
predatorfreakor fancy coloured anything ;)20:09
vfuller_my eyes are dying because i've had to stare at text for hours20:09
predatorfreakGet new eyes.20:10
predatorfreakLike robotic ones.20:10
predatorfreakor laserbeam eyes.20:10
vfuller_ccd lens20:10
treachanyone who's using black text on white bg is asking for it.20:10
predatorfreaktreach: That's why you use grey text on a grey background :320:11
Romstervfuller_, yeah spoting flags and stuff so clouring them would make it easyer.20:11
treachpredatorfreak: yeah right..20:11
vfuller_xorg is killing my eyes, its so blurry20:11
Romstersometext :D20:11
treachblack on black is another great combo, in that case20:11
predatorfreak <-- Like that :D20:11
treachffs Romster esad.20:12
predatorfreaktreach: With grey there's various shades ;)20:12
predatorfreakI use light grey text on dark grey transparency fun.20:12
Romstervfuller_, why is xorg blury?20:12
treachvfuller_: if it's blurry, you haven't set it up correctly.20:12
Romsterthat green is bad..20:12
predatorfreakRomster: What green?20:13
* Romster clears screen20:13
Romsterthat one i typed above ^^20:13
Romstergreen on green.20:13
predatorfreakBah, fancy coloured IRC!20:13
Romstermaybe you strip irc colour codes.20:13
predatorfreakReal men use black-on-black IRC and just type random stuff.20:14
vfuller_i like black on dark yellow20:14
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah.20:14
Romsterpredatorfreak, you like everything black and white?20:14
vfuller_its ugly as hell, but easy on the eyes20:14
predatorfreakRomster: Eh, I can read it fine in xchat and the like.20:14
predatorfreakI just don't like it in my terminals.20:14
treachpredatorfreak: are you SURE you don't want to try sic..?20:14
Romsteryellow.. i'll pass.20:14
predatorfreaktreach: Yes, I'm just crazy.20:14
treachIt doesn't even format the text as a bonus.20:14
Romstertelent :P20:15
treachthat's talent.20:15
treachand that's exactly what you lack at wrt spelling.20:15
predatorfreakYou two can't even spell telnet!20:15
treachvfuller_: <- blurry?20:22
Romster... what is with this libtool taking over the gcc compile command bah.20:24
predatorfreakI'm probably crazy for thinking this, but I should try to write a script that wraps mina (a damaged picture repairing program) into a way to fix up old video streams.20:25
predatorfreakOf course.20:26
predatorfreakI'd need to store every single fucking frame as a pnm image <_<20:26
predatorfreakThat's what, 1TB worth of images for an average film?20:26
treachdepends on the resolution, obviously.20:27
Romsterdude find some picture video editing software..20:28
predatorfreakRomster: For repairing things like giant black gashes?20:28
predatorfreakI don't think so.20:28
treach(and format)20:28
predatorfreaktreach: pnm, 720x480.20:29
predatorfreakSo, hoge.20:29
treachI'm not familiar with that format20:29
treachhow many colours...?20:29
treach32bit, 24 bit or less?20:30
predatorfreakI dunno, it's essentially BMP for Linux.20:31
treachit it's 32 bit colour x 720x480 pixels, x 24 fps x 7200 (or something)... yeah == fucking big.20:32
Romsterpredatorfreak, dunno surely there is something out there, do you do alot of video editing?20:32
predatorfreakNot really, Romster.20:32
Romsterhmm now i got an idea i have't tryed to my problem..20:33
treachpredatorfreak: with the possibility that my math is completely off, that would be ~220GB.20:36
predatorfreaktreach: I don't have that kind of space.20:36
treachzamenda. :P20:37
Romsterget a 1TB hdd..20:38
Romsteralthogh 2x 500GB hdd's is a cheaper option atm.20:38
treachhe'd need that for the raid 0. :P20:41
treachshuffling that amount of data on a single disk..20:42
treachP A I N F U L L20:42
predatorfreakWell, greycstoration is nice for it's inpaint feature too, the problem is generating a mask for it would be tedious.20:49
predatorfreakI'd need some way of detecting rips in a dang script to generate a mask to fix individual frames XD20:50
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