IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-08-14

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predatorfreakI love how I can be watching a video on stage6 in Firefox.00:59
predatorfreakand halfway through the video.00:59
predatorfreakFirefox decides it's time to crash.01:00
predatorfreakStrange how it always work when I'm watching metal videos though.01:01
predatorfreakIt's like Firefox love metal, Firefox hate everything else!01:01
tilmanneat, apparently xfree86 4.7.0 is out01:02
predatorfreaktilman: People still use xfree86?01:02
tilmanThe requested URL /releases/rel470.html was not found on this server.01:03
tilmanoh well01:03
tilmanpredatorfreak: nope :D01:03
tilmanexcept the devel team maybe?01:03
predatorfreakI don't even think they do ;)01:04
predatorfreakI think they just randomly checkin code.01:04
predatorfreakBuild it.01:04
predatorfreakand if it builds call it a release.01:04
predatorfreakI mean, when you have a userbase of 0, who's going to notice? ;)01:04
tilmantrue true01:04
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predatorfreakBlarg, I hate getting rars with Windows files like desktop.ini and Thumbs.db in them.01:11
predatorfreakSomeone needs to make a rar-making app for windows that filters useless files like those.01:12
tilmanor you could patch unrar01:12
tilmanfill ~/.unrar/blacklist with patterns of crap, and make it read that01:13
predatorfreaktilman: or I could make an automagical rar mangler.01:13
predatorfreakWhere it just randomly inserts and removes bytes from the rar.01:13
predatorfreakand calls it a proper rar file ;)01:13
predatorfreakx@<list>      Exclude files in specified list file01:14
predatorfreaktilman: Looks like someone though of that ahead of time.01:14
predatorfreakOnly I doubt it supports regex.01:14
tilmanprobably not01:15
predatorfreakStrangely enough.01:15
predatorfreakIt does o.O01:15
predatorfreak... although it would have been nice if I wasn't fucking around in the directory that I was storing my Cable & Deadpool comics.01:20
predatorfreakand accidently did rm -rf *01:20
predatorfreakBye-bye Cable & Deadpool.01:21
tilmancomics suck anyway01:28
tilmangotta run, ttyl01:28
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DarkNekrosgood morning you all ;)05:02
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bdfyHi All! I have some problem.. can't start slim display manager, when I log as user, but I can do it when I log as root.. I don't understand.. There is no problem in Archlinux.. ;(05:58
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rbdyckIs jaeger here?15:23
tilmani'll ask, sec15:23
tilmanjaeger: are you here?15:23
thrice`hrm, I tried updating to udev 114, did a reboot over ssh, and now can't access the box at home :)15:27
treachthat's what you get from fiddling with your own stuff at work. ;)15:28
jjpkRemove administration from hell =)15:28
tilmandid udev load your nic driver in the past?15:28
jjpk*remote. Typing without attention leads to problems. :D15:31
treachbe happy you weren't driving :>15:31
tilmanin #crux land i don't even notice 1 byte errors anymore15:32
* tilman waves in australia's direction15:32
treachreally bad lines there. :p15:32
thrice`tilman: lol..dunno.  I've been having PSU issues, so I think that reboot turned into a shutdown.15:32
teKno, thrice`. Your SCSI Chain overterminated15:33
jaegerrbdyck: what's up?15:34
rbdyckTried to optimize the kernel to get rid of that warning message. Found the mother board has a server management connector, not an SATA connector, so removed SATA support. The kernel booted but didn't get a login prompt. Now when I boot from the floppy with the CD I dont get /dev/sda1. What did I do?15:36
rbdyckBy the way, that warning message "PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 00:07.1" is the IDE controller. This server doesn't have one so I'm trying to track down what is including it.15:38
RedShiftrbdyck: that's not an error15:38
jaegerno idea on the first problem but as for the second one, something besides SATA support may have gotten removed, like scsi  disk support or the driver for the raid controller15:38
rbdyckIt sounds rather strange that booting from the floppy/CD would now have SCSI missing.15:39
rbdyckI checked bios, the logical drives are still configured the same.15:40
rbdyckJust so I didn't do something stupid; on boot from the floppy I typed in "CRUX root=/dev/sr0 acpi=off".15:41
rbdyckI don't see a /dev/sda or /dev/sdb at all.15:42
tilmanas jaeger said, make sure you still have 'scsi disk support' in the kernel15:42
rbdyckOk. How do I check that with the floppy/CD?15:43
tilmandon't you have a working backup kernel?15:43
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rbdyckI could copy the backup kernel, but have to mount the hard drive first.15:49
rbdyckOk, I'm doing something stupid. I put in the floppy and booted. After booting I logged into root, not password. Then what? The floppy kernel must have SCSI enabled since it's a SCSI CD-ROM. The hard drives are RAID logical disks, why aren't they appearing in /dev?15:52
jaegercheck the output from dmesg, see if the controller and logical drives show up15:55
jaegerI've still got the kernel I made if you want another copy of it15:57
rbdyckRight, I have 2 SCSI controllers: an on-board Adaptec controller with an ultra-narrow cable to the CD-ROM, and a PERC2 RAID controller that the hard drives are connected to. The PERC2 controller is emulating Adaptec I2O RAID.16:06
rbdyckdmesg did find both controllers, but not the drives16:06
jaegerthat's very odd, the kernel driver should make them apparent if the controller is found16:07
rbdyckSorry, it said "Detecting Adaptec I2O RAID controllers..." then moved on to PCI: setting IRQ 12 as level-triggered. I guess it didn't detect the PCI SCSI controller.16:10
jaegerback to support, then, make sure the megaraid_legacy driver is included16:11
rbdyckThis is wierd. I checked the floppy and it still has the same copy of vmlinuz as my saved copy that you built for me. Same file size and modified date.16:14
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treach /msg nickserv ghost help :p16:17
jjpkProbably not the last time the power will be disrupted.16:19
rbdyckI have a message from megasas in dmesg. I also have Adaptec aacraid driver.16:19
rbdyckGDT-HA: Found 0 PCI Storage RAID Controllers16:20
rbdyckSeveral messages from "md".16:21
treachjjpk: heh, I used to have the "switch of death" at my feet where I lived before..16:21
treachwasn't such a great arrangement. :P16:21
jaegerrbdyck: nothing from megaraid?16:22
jjpktreach: plenty of oops situations.16:22
jjpkIt is worse when you cannot control the power supply.16:24
jjpkIt is raining at the moment.16:24
jaegerrbdyck: dunno what to tell you, that's pretty strange16:24
treachjjpk: If it's raining in your PSU, I suggest you get another. :P16:25
rbdyckI don't know, did you send me 2 copies of vmlinuz? Do I have an old one somehow?16:26
jaegerthat's possible. if I recall correctly, the one in floppy.img was *replaced* later with the new vmlinuz16:27
jaegerso if you're using the original floppy.img, quite possibly16:27
rbdyckNo, I copied the file vmlinuz onto the floppy separately; replacing the one on the img.16:27
jaegerwhat's the md5sum on that vmlinuz?16:29
rbdyckI re-ran lilo after each time I rebuilt the kernel. Is that right?16:29
jaegerhrmm, looks right16:33
rbdyckOk, I'm doing something stupid. I must have missed something.16:33
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rbdyckfrom dmesg "Kernel command line: root=/dev/hdc ro console=ttyS0,38400 console=tty0 BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sr0 acpi=off"16:38
rbdyckIs that first part a macro from "CRUX" on boot?16:40
jaegersome of it, yeah16:42
jaegeryou can tweak the syslinux config file on the floppy if needed, too16:43
rbdyckI'm just wondering if it managed to load the boot image from the RAID drive, using the one I just built. Should I boot with a command that doesn't use the key word "CRUX".16:47
jaegerwell, those "CRUX" labels are only valid for the floppy unless you duplicated them in your install anyway16:48
jaegeralso, they're just labels for syslinux to load a certain kernel16:48
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rbdyckOk, what did I miss? I booted the floppy with "CRUX root=/dev/sr0 acpi=off", then at the login prompt typed in root. That's all I did, what else do I need before I mount /dev/sda1 /mnt17:39
jaegerfdisk -l to see what's available, perhaps17:43
rbdyckThere's no /dev/sda either. There is shm, sr0, cdrom, cdrom-sr0, cdrom0, disk, fd, fd0.17:47
jaegerstill sounds like something missing in the kernel17:47
rbdyckyea. Is it possible it loaded the kernel from the RAID drive, then came up with a kernel that doesn't support RAID?17:50
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rbdyckIs there a way to force it to boot from CD? Without erasing the RAID drive?18:01
jaegerin the controller's bios18:05
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rbdyckTried to assign logical drive 1 as the boot drive. It doesn't have anything on it. The same problem happened. I have to go for a meeting, about 2 1/2 hours. Later....18:41
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