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Romsteranyone with expeareance with a Grforce 128MB FX5200 TD graphics card? i'm looking at one for this heap of old junk computer, I have a Geforce4 MX420 in it atm, be its last upgrade if i do this.00:33
jaegerI use an fx5200 in my "htpc" box00:41
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jaegerI use the term "htpc" lightly because all I do on that box is serve up my videos and music and play games in ePSXe on the HDTV00:42
jaegerbut the fx5200 is more than enough for that00:42
Romsterhmm well this pc is only a K7 1.4GHz with 1,280MB ram, and its mighty slow on graphics00:43
Romstereven with the nvidia binary driver00:43
jaegerwell, if you don't intend to do anything too crazy with it, fine00:43
Romsterand my cpu gets maxed out specasily with java games. and playing a dvd is margional00:45
Romster720 frames in 5.0 seconds = 143.317 FPS00:45
Romsterfrom glxgears and yes i know its not a benchmark00:45
Romsteri jsut wanna play dvds and not make java programs like runescape and stuff max my cpu out.00:46
jaegerno experience with the java stuff but I can play DVDs without trouble00:46
jaeger2.0GHz AMD64 with 1G RAM, in my case, though =/00:46
jaegerwith an fx520000:46
jaegerer, wait, it has 512M now, but still, works well00:47
Romsterthig is i tink this mobo is 4x agp..00:48
Romsterthing* think*00:48
Romsteranything graphics related even some pdfs take some time to redraw on the screen.00:49
Romstersounds like the card would do better than this geforce4 then..00:49
Romstercan ya do a quick glxgears on it?00:50
jaegerdefinitely, to some degree00:50
jaegersure, brb00:50
Romsteri let mine run for a bit and picked the average out.00:51
Romsteryour cpu is faster so it'll be higher on that too and if that board is 8x agp.00:52
jaeger6269, 125300:52
Romsterthis vid card is only 64MB so i'm figuring 128MB video would be quicker aswell.00:52
jaeger6269 frames in 5, 1253 fps00:53
Romsterthats miles higher than mine00:53
jaegersignificant difference between those graphics chipsets :)00:54
Romsteryes but you also have a slightly faster cpu too00:54
jaegeranyway, I need to sleep, gotta work in a few hours00:54
Romsteris your board 8x or 4x agp?00:54
jaegeryeah, but you can expect something reasonable in between the 200:54
Romsterhmm i'm sure mine is 4x00:54
Romsteri'll check it out, thanks for that :)00:55
jaegernp :) talk to you later00:55
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tilman-> next minor gtk release maybe this month \o/06:28
treachdare we hope for "lots of bugfixes"? :P06:29
tilmanit will have exciting new features06:29
tilmanlike a replacement(?) for glade06:29
tilmanor rather libglade i guess06:29
treachnice, that's been due for a long time.06:30
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treach ;D09:54
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jjpkHaha. You owe us, you've got 10 days to cough it up.10:55
jjpkTelekom Malaysia has to be bored to death.10:57
jjpkFor a bit of fun, they've decided to prank a few unsuspecting customers.10:57
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treachiirc it's not the first time they've sent out such ridicolous bills.11:30
treachTM, Definitely *NOT* the company that brings you small bills..11:30
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LithiumFXHey, I was wondering if anybody could help me with fsck issues on CRUX 2.311:34
treachfsck is fsck, wether on crux 2.3, 1.3, 0.93 or debian 4.0, or whatever.11:38
LithiumFXWell, OK, it's not so much a CRUX issue11:38
LithiumFXIf I reboot/shutdown, on next boot the filesystem isn't clean11:38
LithiumFXI've added a sleep line to the end of rc.shutdown (before poweroff runs) for eight seconds11:39
LithiumFXBut that doesn't seem to help11:39
treachwhat filesystem?11:39
LithiumFXThe rc.shutdown script I'm using is
LithiumFXReiserFS for /, XFS for /home and ext3 for /boot11:39
treachmmhh, some mixed bag.11:40
LithiumFXI've added set -x to debug the script, and all the commands are running11:40
LithiumFXActually, it's only when using kexec that this problem occurs (here's the kexec rc script -
treachah. Never used kexec, so I'm not familiar with the implications.11:42
treachIe, I know what it is, but not how it affects the system.11:42
jjpkReboots have become taboo apparently.11:42
treachsure, this isn't windows. :>11:43
LithiumFXThe kexec script has rc.shutdown merged into it11:43
treachwelcome to the "always on" society. :p11:43
LithiumFXSo it's executing the same commands, apart from poweroff11:43
LithiumFXThe unclean filesystems do occur sometimes on shutdown though11:43
LithiumFXIt's a intermittent problem11:43
treachso, it appears to be a time-related problem anyway. :/11:44
LithiumFXThe only thing I can think of is that kexec's rc entry stops / being unmounted11:44
LithiumFXBut kexec start is a dummy entry anyway11:45
LithiumFXWhen rc.shutdown runs, it calls kexec stop which in turn re-calls rc.shutdown11:45
LithiumFXMaybe that's the problem?11:45
treachmight be.11:45
LithiumFXIt runs "/bin/stty onlcr" twice11:45
LithiumFXShould I try removing that?11:46
treachyour guess is as good as mine, I'm afraid.11:46
LithiumFXFair enough11:46
LithiumFXWhen the file systems are checked I don't get any output11:46
treachbut as long as you have the iso handy, I can see no harm in trying.11:46
LithiumFXI.e. "Filesystem is NOT clean" but no "Fixing xxx link"11:46
LithiumFXAnother thing, any ideas when, if I shut down Windows, my NIC is turned off so that unless I unplug my system, booting into Windows or Linux means the NIC is STILL turned off11:47
tilmanuh, does not allow resuming of http transfers? *_*11:49
LithiumFXThanks for your help treach11:50
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predatorfreakWould anyone mind explaining why wget refuses to look normal ONLY when called from pkgmk? :)21:35
jaegerlook normal?21:47
predatorfreakjaeger: It spits out multiple lines.21:52
predatorfreakinstead of the standard progress bar.21:52
jaegeryou using a logfile?21:52
jaegerin prt-get.conf21:52
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predatorfreakjaeger: You still there?21:55
jaegeryeah, had to go AFK a min. turn off the log and it'll look right, I bet22:02
predatorfreakjaeger: Yep, that did.22:03
predatorfreakdid it*22:03
predatorfreakSo what exactly is happening there? :)22:03
jaegeroutput is not a terminal, I guess, so wget acts differently22:10
predatorfreakWell, now for the slowest compile of all time, kdelibs <_<22:13
predatorfreakI swear, even Firefox builds faster than kdelibs.22:13
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