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pitillogood morning00:52
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prologichave a strange issue accessing hosts on my local network02:21
prologichigh latency (even though the times are not showing it)02:21
prologicbut time ping -c 1 ... is showing correct pings, no packet loss, low latency02:21
prologichowever is taking up to 19s per icmp packet :/02:21
mike_knot in qemu/etc?02:22
prologicthis is my desktop we're talking about02:24
prologicstrangely enough ping -n works normally02:24
prologicwhich leads me to believe I have dns lookup problems02:24
prologicbut I dno't02:24
prologicdns lookups work on my desktop02:25
prologicI have a dead forwarder02:26
prologicno fuck'n wonder02:26
prologicwhy do I bother forwarding to my isp seriously :/02:26
prologicseriously why do I bother ?02:26
prologicthey never seem to have reliable name servers02:26
prologicnor very fast ones02:26
mike_kyou can try find nearest (by hop) and more relieble ones02:27
prologicI really can't be bothered now02:28
prologicI'll email my isp about it later02:28
prologicthey seem to be sucking these days :/02:28
prologicfirst they put in a new gateway or maybe it was a replacement02:28
rxiwho is your isp?02:38
prologicsome other isp bought them out a while back02:42
prologicthey used to be really good02:42
prologiceftel I think bought them out02:43
rxiahh figures02:43
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* tilman ponders02:59
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predatorfreak.. damn hplip05:13
predatorfreakAnyone have a printer using the HPLIP driver? :\05:25
jjpkHpijs has worked fine in my use.05:29
jjpkConsidering it was a cheap deskjet 640c.05:29
predatorfreakI've got a printer that requires HPLIP.05:32
predatorfreakLooks to me like they fucked up where the ppd's went...05:32
jjpkRelease coordination does not always work. :D05:33
jjpkLemons happen every now and then, or cups decided to make changes.05:33
predatorfreakNope, I'm wrong.05:34
predatorfreakfoomatic is fucked up.05:34
predatorfreakBecause it just doesn't print <_<05:34
prologicdon't I maintain foomatic :)05:35
predatorfreakBlarg, somehow I managed to get this thing working on Arch.05:36
predatorfreakBut in CRUX.05:36
predatorfreakIt hates the fuck out of me.05:36
predatorfreakFor no apparent reason05:36
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mike_kprologic: but you do maintain dia!
predatorfreakI am about five minutes from killing HP <_<05:42
jjpkYou don't know what you are up against.05:43
predatorfreakjjpk: A multinational corporation that can't make my fucking printer work?05:44
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predatorfreakSomehow I bet I need foomatic-db.05:48
jjpkRight on the money with multinational company. They have a tendency to become a nation of their own.05:50
jjpkHaving said that, that also tends to imply they hate opposition. :D05:50
jjpkJust wait until the lawyers are released.05:52
predatorfreak..... BLARG.05:53
predatorfreakStill won't fucking work.05:53
jjpkTo this day I have not needed foomatic-db.05:54
predatorfreakI think the engine is just out-of-date.05:55
predatorfreak... cocksucking POS.05:56
tilmanwow, you swear more than i do05:56
predatorfreaktilman: When things don't work as I prefer, I get pissed.05:58
jjpkCheck the logs if they have anything useful.05:58
predatorfreakThe problem is still "cups refuses to see the ppd files"05:59
tilmanwhat printer do you have?06:00
predatorfreakPhotosmart C4200.06:00
predatorfreakShould work with hplip 2.7.6/7.06:00
tilmani *think* i'm using a ppd file for my laseryet06:00
predatorfreakAs it did on Arch.06:00
rxipredatorfreak: shouldnt you be blaming crux, cups or yourself or all of the above06:01
predatorfreakrxi: I should, but I like CRUX too much, this isn't my fault (yet) and cups always sucks.06:02
predatorfreakIrk, I'm stumped.06:11
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predatorfreakI've tried everything I can think of.06:11
predatorfreakand none of it works.06:11
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* predatorfreak grabs Arch ISO06:12
predatorfreakI don't have an eternity to fight with hplip to try and get printing to work <_<06:12
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jaegeryay for nearly empty case?11:32
kel_old mobo ?11:33
thrice`big fan?11:34
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rehabdollheh look at that fan again, and then on the cpu11:35
rehabdollwhats wrong with that picture?11:35
jaegerperhaps it's temporarily clipped there so you can add thermal paste to the CPU11:36
jaegerafter all, with no PCI cards, no drives, and no RAM, that machine isn't doing much11:36
jaegeror that's *intended* to be a case fan and you have to add your own CPU cooler :)11:36
rehabdolltheres a ram-stick in there11:37
rehabdolland most is probably onboard11:37
jaegerah, so there is, I missed it11:37
jaegerdunno :) I imagine if it's run like that, it doesn't run long :P11:38
blerdlol, dumb ass!. i would love to see the CPU toast11:38
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Romsterfee new video card but i'll loose my uptime oh well12:25
Romsterjaeger, got a Geforce 7600 GS instead :P12:27
Romsterthay had no FX5200 and they sugested to me a ATI card *gags*12:27
Romster 03:31:20 up 34 days, 15:25,  1 user,  load average: 0.48, 0.75, 0.4112:28
Romsterthere goes that :P12:28
Romsterbe back in awhile12:28
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blerdjaeger, i got a MSI7600GT they are pretty sweet, no need for the overpriced 8series i can run FarCry in fullspecs  ;)12:37
jaegergreat, but why tell me? :)12:38
blerdrandomness lol12:38
jaegerfair enough :)12:38
blerdi meant Romster, lol sorry12:39
jaegerI have 2 8600GTs in my main box, a 6800GT in another, 6800XT in my workstation at work, 6600Go in the laptop, and a 7300GS sitting in a drawer12:39
blerdvery nice, must have heavy pockets12:39
jaegerATI Radeon Xpress 1100 in this laptop which doesn't work with fglrx even though it should12:39
jaegerI just spend too much on computer hardware, probably12:39
predatorfreakjaeger: Why 2 8600GT's? For like 20-30 bucks more than the cheapest pair of them you can get a 8800GTS 320MB12:40
predatorfreakand that thing blows the 8600's away.12:40
jaegerI paid $120 each, hard tob eat12:41
jaegerSLI works rather well12:41
blerdat least your sorted for crysis12:41
predatorfreakjaeger: 280 bucks on new egg for an 8800GTS :\12:41
jaegeryeah, $40 I didn't need to spend :)12:41
jaegerit works well enough for the games I play12:42
predatorfreakjaeger: For a 20-30% increase, I'd jump on it.12:42
jaegerthere aren't any PC games coming out I'm really interested in12:42
predatorfreakThen again, I'm waiting for Bioshock next week.12:42
jaegerbioshock for the 360 is my next game12:42
jaegeryeah :)12:42
predatorfreakjaeger: I don't own a 360.12:42
predatorfreakSo, PC for me.12:43
predatorfreakSadly I won't be able to run it at 1600x1200 with max settings and all that, I'm on one overclocked 8600GT :\12:43
jaegerI'll probabaly wait a generation or two to replace those 8600GTs12:44
jaegeroh yeah, I also have a 7900GT somewhere12:44
jaegerI should put that in the workstation here12:45
predatorfreakjaeger: You could always ship me that card :)12:45
predatorfreakI've got a system that could benefit from a decent graphics card.12:46
thrice`bioshock will be pretty good12:46
jaegerI have a very hard time getting rid of hardware... as you might guess from how much of it I still have12:46
predatorfreakSadly, my only spares are AGP and it's PCI-e :\12:46
thrice`jaeger: what about crysis ? :)12:46
jaegerdunno, haven't really been interested in it12:46
thrice`did you play far cry ?12:46
jaegerthough I've seen it, and it looks great12:47
blerdit has awsome graphics12:47
thrice`esp. for being 3 or so years old12:47
jaegerthe story didn't interest me as much as something like bioshock12:47
thrice`yeah, I'll agree with that.  fun game though12:48
jaegerI might buy it from the greatest hits shelf later on or something :)12:49
predatorfreakjaeger: You can have my Far Cry CD key.12:50
predatorfreakI don't play it anymore.12:50
jaegernice of you but I'm not gonna get into any new games before bioshock :)12:51
jaegereven before the demo came out I was definitely gonna buy it :)12:51
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm still trying to figure out how to warp time.12:51
predatorfreakSo I have it now.12:51
predatorfreakInstead of next week.12:51
jaegertake enough sleeping pills that you won't wake up until tuesday?12:51
blerd...or never wake up lol12:52
predatorfreakjaeger: That'd be an OD and likely I just wouldn't wake up period ;)12:52
predatorfreakOf course, eternal dreams of Bioshock wouldn't be halfbad either.12:52
jaegerheh, well, wasn't serious :)12:52
predatorfreakjaeger: I've gotta admit though, seeing the footage of the demo and all, it only makes me want it more than I did BEFORE.12:55
predatorfreakBastards shouldn't tease me like this :P12:55
jaegerindeed, hehe12:56
RyoSoh, bioshock? i just watched that trailer today, it looks so damn nice but kinda psycho :P12:57
predatorfreakRyoS: SANITY IS FOR THE WEAK!12:57
RyoSyea right :^12:57
* predatorfreak is already primed for full blown madness a week in advance.12:58
* jaeger jolts RyoS with a few volts and clocks him with a pipe wrench12:58
jaegerjust getting prepared for bioshock =)12:58
* predatorfreak lights jaeger on fire and lifts him into the air using telekensis and throws him at a Big Daddy.12:59
jaegerwas there a PC version demo released?13:00
* tilman ponders grabbing the trailer13:00
jaegerthat's one nice thing about the 360, grabbed the demo from the live marketplace and played it13:00
predatorfreakSadly, no PC demo yet.13:00
predatorfreakjaeger: Damn your Microsoft Xbox Thingiemabob!13:01
RyoSjaeger: go away with your ring of death 360 box13:01
jaegernormally I hate FPS games on a console but Gears of War and Bioshock (and even Halo) were designed well (and designed FOR consoles) so it works out13:02
jaegerports of PC games to consoles later, not so much13:02
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, considering Irrational have a longer history of PC game development.13:03
predatorfreakI trust them to not fuck up their PC version of Bioshock.13:04
jaegeryeah, I imagine it'll be good13:04
jaegerbut again, they're developing with both in mind from the start13:04
predatorfreakAnyway, I'm off for now, see you guys later.13:09
jaegertake care13:09
predatorfreakjaeger: You too.13:10
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Romsternvidia driver arn't being nice i'm on xorg for now, got other stuff todo first.13:40
tilmanzshell can tab complete "fo/bar" to "foo/bar"13:43
tilman<3 <313:43
RyoSzsh is the best13:43
RyoSyou can use my port :p13:44
* RyoS yells: BUY MY PORTS13:44
RyoSoh wait Oo'13:44
tilmani'm using the one from opt :p13:44
RyoSwhich version is that?13:44
RyoSmine is newer IIRC :o13:45
RyoSit runs stable.. i dont know why nobody updated it yet13:45
tilmantell Viper_13:45
jaegeranyone using my vlc port?13:46
RyoSjaeger: i dont, i prefer mplayer13:46
jaegerI usually do, too13:47
RyoSi used to use mplayer 2 years ago, but back than i used yafaris' ports which are DANGEROUS!13:47
jaegerI just wondered if anyone else is having a problem with audio on DVDs in vlc like I am13:48
jaegermight be vlc, might be a52, not sure13:48
jjpkUsing zsh 4.3.4 here, works well up to now.13:48
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RomsterRyoS, tred carefully in yahfri's ports :P14:11
RyoSi dont use them anymore :p14:11
Romsterheh i pinch a few sometimes but i put them though my sanity checks :P14:12
Romsterand useally there out of date.14:12
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RyoSRomster: he is kinda mad anyway :o so much ports Oo'14:17
tilmanheh, considering 4.2.6 is ancient it doesn't surprise me that its git completion support sucks14:17
RyoSdo the update :P14:18
tilmani already said it's up to Viper_14:18
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RyoSwhy? you can use my port :P14:19
RyoSViper_: update zsh, you can take my Pkgfile
tilmanyou're not even listed in the ports db14:20
RyoSi am not?14:20
RyoSi was, simone added me time back14:20
thrice`while your at it, make it go to /bin/zsh14:21
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thrice`jaeger: bioshock is getting 10/10 on a few reviews :)19:39
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jaegerthrice`: aye :)23:03
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