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pitillogood morning00:48
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thrice`jaeger: it seems that the gnome.rsync driver under ports points to the 2.18.0 tag, and not 2.18.211:26
jaegerjust grab the current one11:27
jaegerthe ports driver isn't owned by any package so it doesn't get updated until you update it11:28
thrice`yeah, I just edited it by hand...didn't know if it could be linked directly to your page or not11:32
tilmancould have a tag called "latest-release" or so11:32
tilmanin subversion, i mean.11:33
tilmanthen the rsync file could be pointed at that11:33
thrice`meh...not a big deal.  my fault for not looking close enough, but I could see a few others making the same mistake, and spend hours compiling a stale gnome :)11:33
tilmanjaeger: do you announce new gnome releases in your repo on the crux ml?11:34
jaegergenerally not11:35
tilmanjaeger: i think you should either make gnome-release.rsync track a moving tag, or announce updates12:25
tilmanit's probably most useful for people like me, who only use a few ports of the gnome repo12:25
tilman(intltool, gnome-common, glade stuff)12:25
jaegerprobably will make a moving tag, not sure12:34
jaegerI'll look into it12:34
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