IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-08-18

MoonPatrolDoes Crux play well with VMWare or is he in timeout right now?00:00
prologiccrux plays very well with vmware00:01
prologicboth as a gutest00:01
prologicand a host00:01
prologicI maintain the vmware ports for crux :)00:01
prologicboth workstation and server00:01
prologicyou planning to run crux guests on a crux host ?00:02
prologicor what ?00:02
prologicah k00:02
prologicso you're just wanting to test crux in a vmware :)00:03
prologicfair enough00:03
prologicthen you need not have asked the question - I don't know of _any_ OS that won't work with vmware :)00:03
prologicI'll bet someone will hold me to that :)00:03
MoonPatrolactually... i know of one or two00:04
MoonPatrolthey're obscure and not current00:04
prologicoh really ? :)00:04
MoonPatrolbut i do know of them :-P00:04
prologicwhat are they ?00:04
MoonPatrolif i recall correctly one was xenix 38600:04
MoonPatroland the other was NeXt ?00:04
prologicwot ?00:05
prologicNeXt doesn't run ?00:05
MoonPatrolat least it didn't run in the version i used to have00:05
MoonPatroli may have to try it again just for a kick00:06
MoonPatrolactually... i also had problems getting BeOS to work properly with the disks00:09
MoonPatrolso is this crux thing brand new or something?00:12
MoonPatrolive never heard of it until someone in another OS channel suggested it to me...00:12
jaegernot quite brand new00:14
MoonPatrolso sort of new00:16
MoonPatrolso like..... 3 months older than how long ive been using the internet... nice00:16
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tilmangimp 2.4-rc1 looks kinda cute08:53
tilmanand i think they noticably reduced start time!08:53
tilmanmmh, their 'file' menu doesn't have a 'quit' entry. very strange.08:54
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predatorfreaktilman: Obviously, you were never meant to leave gimp 2.4 alive ;)09:13
luxhit's pure evil09:14
predatorfreakluxh: Much more than that, it feasts on the souls of the living to sustain itself.09:15
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* tilman shivers09:18
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aonmy server mobo (and partly the hdd) have died10:04
aon\o/ /o\10:04
tilmanit's in a better place now10:05
RyoSits in hardware heaven10:05
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