IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-08-19

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tilmandoes anyone have i686 or athlon kde _packages_?08:25
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RedShifttilman: don't have a computer that can act as a built slut?08:42
tilmanRedShift: i do, but i'd prefer packages a bit more right now :)08:43
tilmananyway, i just powered up the build slut08:44
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tilmanRomster: why the fuck does contrib/fftw need fortran?09:12
Romstertilman, because thats what it uses to compile it with.09:13
Romstertry doing it without and see how far you get...09:14
Romstertilman, i have packages but i'm on a 128 uplink speed if you still want them.. built with athlon09:16
tilmanyes please!09:18
tilmani think the package i need most is kdelibs09:18
tilmani'm already building qt3 on the slut ;)09:18
Romsterk dcc ok?09:18
tilmanyes, i think that will work here09:18
Romsterwhat the can't i jsut drop the file on your nickname anymore in xchat...09:20
tilmanRomster: thanks!09:20
Romsterno problem :) is built with -mtune=althon -O209:21
Romsteri gess the slow downlaod still beats compiling it..09:22
luxhhow much does the mtune change do?09:23
Romsterand fftw needs fortran to compile sadly.09:23
Romsteris a bitch i know..09:24
Romsteri got a binary of that too if you wanna save the hassle of building it.09:24
Romster-mtune makes it /only/ run on that spefic cpu09:24
tilmanconfigure passed without me having fortran09:24
tilmanbuild didn't finished yet though09:25
Romstermakes the fastist code for that cpu but won't work on /any/ other cpu09:25
Romstertilman, hmm09:25
Romstersee if it builds i could of swore it needs fortran..09:25
Romstertilman, resume09:31
tilmanRomster: sorry, didn't notice it didn't finish :D09:32
Romsterdunno why it timed out i'm not doing anything that would of caused that..09:33
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Romsteri'd be intersted if ftw compiles without fortran.09:33
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tilmanit's still compiling09:34
Romsteryeah takes some time..09:35
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Romstertilman, done you want kdebase to that takes some time to compile, IIRC09:54
tilmani only need the libs, thanks09:54
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tilmanRomster: at some point in the future (maybe in contrib/2.4) you should consider renaming "jack-audio-blahblah-kit" to "jack"10:33
tilmannot right now though10:33
Romsterit was jack i renamved it that, as thats what the archive name is.10:36
tilmani don't see the lame port being called "lame_another_mp3_encoder"10:36
Romsterand other distros do the same name as it is now.10:37
tilmanor gnome being called called "gnu_network_object_model_environment"10:37
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tilmanMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/Libidn.dll10:49
tilmanRomster: mmh? ^^^10:49
tilmani have all of the deps10:49
tilmanoh, err10:49
tilmanRomster: n/m10:51
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rehabdolli get that one too, what did you do to fix it?11:01
tilmanports -u contrib11:02
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* aon ordered a new adsl modem11:03
aonand two hdd's11:03
aonturns out the controller was fine in the end11:03
predatorfreakaon: Gimme the HDs :P11:03
predatorfreakI could use some more space for my internet-stealing-array.11:03
predatorfreakaon: Fine! Don't help me steal the entire internet :(11:04
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aoni thought about building an entirely new server for a while11:05
aonbut that would've cost what I make like in 100 days nowadays :)11:05
predatorfreakaon: To be honest, every month or two I think of building a new gaming system.11:05
predatorfreakThen I remember I'd be spending 3K every couple months ;)11:06
aoni haven't gamed in years so this pile of junk is adequate11:06
tilmangaming is overrated anyway11:06
predatorfreaktilman: It's good entertainment when there's nothing else to do :)11:06
tilmanno zsh completion for prt-get?11:15
treachhm, am I the only one who experience autocompletion screw-ups since the upgrade of zsh?11:42
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tilmantreach: screw ups as in "omg, it's *slow*"?11:48
predatorfreaktilman: It's running at normal speed on my system.11:48
predatorfreakThe only "fuckup" I got I managed to fix.11:49
tilmanit's slower than bash completion here11:49
treachtilman: no, as in OMG, it's broken. :/11:49
predatorfreaktreach: Any errors?11:49
treachno, it just doesn't work as it's supposed to.11:49
predatorfreakHuh, you guys did something wrong to your zsh package! :P11:50
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treachstrangely, it works sometimes, and sometimes not.11:51
treachsometimes it moves the marker a tabstop rather than filling in the missing stuff.11:51
predatorfreakHuh, what versiom?11:52
treachthen if you backspace it takes away the tabstop, but messes up the text on the screen.11:52
predatorfreakWait a second.11:52
predatorfreaktreach: Try configuring it wih --disable-multibyte.11:52
tilmantreach: did you logout && login? ;)11:52
predatorfreakI could trigger that on CRUX every time I'd ctrl+c prt-get.11:52
predatorfreakWhere the text was horribly fucked.11:53
predatorfreakBut doing --disable-multibyte fixed it.11:53
treachtilman: yeah, I've had this problem since the port got updated.11:53
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treachpredatorfreak: could you then proceed with backspacing away the prompt as well?11:53
predatorfreaktreach: yep.11:53
treachI see.11:54
predatorfreakand it also horribly fucked up text input.11:54
predatorfreake.g. I couldn't type "exit".11:54
predatorfreakIt would type eext instead.11:54
treachright, that feels extremely familiar..11:54
predatorfreakI think it's due to multibyte still in development.11:54
treachk, thanks, I'll give it a try.11:54
predatorfreakNo problem.11:55
tilmangoddamn sourceforge crap11:55
thrice`er, I was too used to slackware's zsh being /bin/zsh ; I did chsh -s /bin/zsh on crux...oops :(11:55
predatorfreakAlso, do rm ~/.zcompdump as well, I noticed that with for some odd reason, 4.3.4 doesn't cause that to get regenerated after upgrading.11:56
predatorfreakWhich caused me some completion-related woes.11:56
predatorfreak(Explicitly it didn't notice new completion files installed by zsh :\11:56
treachok, thanks, will do that.11:57
tilmanpredatorfreak: interesting11:57
tilmanbleh, 'git checkout' still sucks11:57
predatorfreakI've no idea why, but 4.3.4 has some weird buggy behaviour about it.11:58
predatorfreakI think they rushed it out the door before completing it :\11:58
Romstertilman, $ prt-get cat jack-audio-connection-kit |grep source12:18
tilmanit's okay12:18
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Romsterbut if you say so i'll change it later...12:20
tilmanas i already said, changing it now would be retarded12:21
treachwhy not use $name..?12:21
tilmanunless you want to piss off your users12:21
tilmanRomster: and ofc it's your decision12:21
RedShiftman archlinux is getting more and more bloated :'(12:21
treachRedShift: wrong channel.12:21
RedShiftnot really, I've been complaining there for about half an hour12:22
RedShiftso I either need a female to express my problems, or some unlucky IRC channel :p12:22
treachget a bartender. :>12:22
RedShiftI would use crux in an instant if it had as many packages as arch12:23
RomsterRedShift, well start making them...12:24
RedShiftI hate spending my time compiling stuff12:24
Romsterthen you shouldn't come near crux then.. and use a binary distro.12:24
RedShiftif crux were a binary distro I'd switch immediatly12:25
RedShiftover the years crux has stayed nice and clean12:25
predatorfreakRedShift: I'm still BANNED from #archlinux.12:25
predatorfreakIf I remember right.12:25
* treach sentences RedShift to 3 years with SUSE.12:25
RedShiftoh god no12:25
predatorfreakI called one of their developers an idiot.12:25
predatorfreakBecause he thought cdparanoia ripped to FLAC.12:25
treachpredatorfreak: rofl12:25
RedShifttreach: I once had to "repair" SUSE in the shop... holy cow what bloated cruft is that12:26
treachit's not so bad, but yast..12:26
predatorfreaktreach: Well, it doesn't and he even tried to convince me it does after I told him it didn't ;)12:26
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treachpredatorfreak: I know it doesn't. :p12:26
RedShiftpredatorfreak: you still can't join?12:27
predatorfreakRedShift: Nope.12:27
predatorfreakI don't really want to anyway.12:27
RedShiftlol :\12:27
predatorfreakThere's no "intelligent" discussion there.12:27
predatorfreakIt reminds me of #gentoo....12:27
RedShiftyes especially the last few months12:27
RedShiftmore and more newbies joining12:27
RedShiftI hate them12:27
treachpretentions idiots who think they are geniouses. :12:27
predatorfreaktreach: Exactly!12:27
RedShiftone of them asked this morning why CDs aren't being automatically mounted12:27
predatorfreakEven a lot of the developers are like that.12:28
RedShiftif I were OP that guy would receive an instant ban :X12:28
predatorfreakI filled a bug report forever ago about having two x264 packages.12:28
predatorfreakWhich packaged the same dang thing.12:28
predatorfreakOnly differing methods (one was an svn pull and the other was a snapshot)12:28
predatorfreakand I don't think they've ever even responded.12:28
predatorfreakPlus, I've told them about stupid bugs in other things which never got a single responses either.12:29
treacharistocracy strikes again, by the sound of it.12:29
predatorfreakIt's like "WE KNOW IT'S RIGHT! THERE'S NOTHING FOR US TO SAY!"12:29
RedShiftI posted a bugreport a few minutes ago about the bloat, it got assigned nearly instantly12:29
RedShiftthese days issues are being handled though :-)12:30
predatorfreakRedShift: It gets assigned.12:30
predatorfreakBut just wait for it.12:30
Romsteri maintain the4 snapshot...12:30
predatorfreakNo one will EVER respond.12:30
predatorfreakor if they do.12:30
predatorfreakThey'll be like "You're wrong."12:30
RedShiftpredatorfreak: I posted bugs earlier that got fixed too12:30
predatorfreakand it'll be the end of it.12:30
predatorfreaktreach: Exactly!12:30
predatorfreakAlso known as the "Gentoo Way" of fixing bugs.12:30
RedShiftthey either fix it or I'm going to fork it12:30
Romsteri haven't looked in flyspray and the meails are screwed for me.12:31
predatorfreakRedShift: Anything that doesn't break a package they basically never fix shit.12:31
tilmancdparanoing ripping to flac12:31
tilmanpredatorfreak: you did the right thing12:31
RedShiftpredatorfreak: how can you tell that, you've been out of the community for what, 3 years?12:31
tilman3 months12:31
Romsterpredatorfreak, wheres the dup of x26412:31
predatorfreaktilman: I could have used your support back then ;)12:31
predatorfreakRomster: x264-svn/x264.12:31
tilmanpredatorfreak: /msg me next time12:31
treachLOL @ Romster12:32
predatorfreakand actually, I'm still using Arch, I'm too damn lazy to learn anything else right onw.12:32
predatorfreakSomeday when I feel like it I'm probably going to wind up on Predatorfreaks-custom-destroys-planets-Linux.12:32
Romsterthere is no x264-svn12:32
treachRomster: don't be so dense..12:33
predatorfreakRomster: unstable repo last I checked12:33
RedShiftthey are working on cleaning out the repositories12:34
RedShiftit'll probably be thrown out12:34
RedShiftby the way, the svn package is in unstable12:34
predatorfreakThey just deleted my bug report.12:34
predatorfreakIt's not even available anymore.12:35
predatorfreakRedShift: Back when I filed my bug report.12:35
RedShiftthat repository isn't even enabled by default12:35
predatorfreakOver 3 months ago.12:35
predatorfreakThey had both.12:35
predatorfreakand I promised just removing x264-svn way back then.12:35
predatorfreakBecause it was pointless if they were going to have a snapshot.12:35
RedShiftpredatorfreak: the svn package is in unstable... the other one is in extra12:35
Romsterfuck... i thought you where refering to crux yeash...12:35
predatorfreakRedShift: That's the point.12:35
predatorfreakRedShift: x264 entered extra way back then.12:36
predatorfreakand x264-svn was STILL sticking around in unstable.12:36
treachRomster: no, apparently this channel got turned into "#arch-bitch"12:36
predatorfreakIt was still maintained by it's maintainer back then too.12:36
predatorfreakI filed a bug report, got ignored and apparently it got deleted.12:36
Romstertreach, :P12:37
predatorfreaktreach: I should form that channel!12:37
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treachplease. ;)12:37
MoonPatrolI would just like to remark on how easy it was for me to hose a system by simply adding mouse support to it....12:38
MoonPatrolNow all the system does after lilo attempts to load the kernel... is play pong with itself12:38
MoonPatrolLiterally..... I have a video of it playing pong with itself12:38
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: OH MAN I WANT TO WATCH THAT!12:39
MoonPatrolI have no idea why just adding mouse support would kill it12:39
Romsterwtf, url of video...12:39
Romsteris it on youtube :P12:39
MoonPatrolHaha... its about to be... I didn't think about uploading it there...12:40
MoonPatrolmaybe its cause I'm running in vmware... hell I don't know... still I'm really confused as to why it did it12:40
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: Maybe you found the secret pong easter egg? :)12:40
treachsure you didn't mix up your crux iso with that pirated vista iso?12:40
MoonPatrolactually... i got it mixed up with my mom's homemade porno...12:41
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MoonPatrolbut uhm... we won't go into detail about that12:41
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: ... URL to directory of said ISOs?12:42
MoonPatrolwow... its my luck today12:46
MoonPatroli just broke youtube12:46
predatorfreakThe legend grows!12:46
MoonPatrolit must be "lock myself in a padded room" day12:46
MoonPatrolhmm... this is the first video I have ever uploaded to this site.....12:47
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predatorfreakMoonPatrol: PONG TIME!12:58
rehabdollany ideas why i get this footprint mismatch with wine? :12:58
predatorfreakNo fontforge?12:58
rehabdolloh wait12:58
MoonPatrolpretty sweet huh?12:59
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: I wish I could make my kernels do that :D12:59
predatorfreakI'd record myself playing pong and then speed up the tempo by like 20000000013:00
predatorfreakand then overlay that over a video of my kernel playing pong :D13:00
pedjaRomster: Since pkgadd runs ldconfig, you could add --disable-ldconfig to contrib/ntfs-3g, it brakes fakeroot builds.13:01
MoonPatrolI can name the exact steps how i did that13:01
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: :D13:02
MoonPatroli went into the kernel source directory... typed "make clean" typed "make menuconfig" selected the mouse option under input devices.... exited, saved.... typed "make all" typed make modules_install13:02
MoonPatrolthen copied bzImage to vmlinuz, and to /boot13:02
MoonPatrolrebooted... and voila13:03
MoonPatrolinstant pong kernel13:03
predatorfreakHuh, all my kernels have that enabled.13:03
MoonPatrolI didn't touch ANYTHING else13:03
MoonPatrolyeah... mine wasn't for some odd reason13:03
MoonPatrolthis was after a fresh install from 2.313:03
Romsterpedja, ah never noticed that, i'll fix that.13:03
treachMoonPatrol: what about lilo..?13:03
MoonPatrolwhy would lilo do that though13:04
MoonPatroli didn't touch it at all13:04
predatorfreakMoonPatrol: Maybe lilo wanted to play with itself? :)13:04
treachif you copy a new kernel, you *must* rerun lilo.13:04
treachno problem.13:05
predatorfreaktreach: That's why I use GRUB.13:05
predatorfreakI'm WAY too lazy to use LILO :)13:05
treachjust boot the iso and chroot, and then rerun it.13:05
treachpredatorfreak: grub grub..13:05
MoonPatrolI hate that I just deleted the disk again......13:06
tilman"lilo -R foo" owns13:06
tilmanor -r?13:06
MoonPatrolman.... that's so lame hahaha13:06
predatorfreaktilman: I LOVE that about GRUB.13:06
predatorfreakIf it fucks up it just spams GRUB at you.13:06
MoonPatrolat least I learned something today13:06
treachpredatorfreak: just get your spoon then. :P13:06
predatorfreakLike that :D13:07
tilmanpredatorfreak: mmh? lilo -r means "use this kernel/config for the next boot *only*"13:08
tilmanso if that one doesn't work, you just reboot again13:08
tilmanand it uses a known-good kernel13:08
predatorfreaktilman: I think you mean treach?13:08
tilman< predatorf> tilman: I LOVE that about GRUB.13:08
tilmanpredatorfreak: unless you meant treach with that?13:08
predatorfreaktilman: I mean the GRUB GRUB GRUB bit.13:08
predatorfreakand yes.13:09
treachLI........ :P13:09
predatorfreakBlame my horrible tab ;)13:09
MoonPatrolit really does that13:09
MoonPatrolso LILO freaks out and plays pong with itself... and GRUB just spams itself13:09
treachI'm not sure it's the problem you're seeing actually, but it's step one at least13:10
treachsince you're running it in vmware it makes it a bit more difficult.13:11
Romsterpedja, ntsf-3g edited :)13:11
MoonPatrolyeah... im a *BSD user... so I've never had to rerun any kind of utility after installing a new kernel13:12
treachlilo is a bit special about that.13:14
pedjaRomster: Nice :) This might also interest you (wrt fftw):
tilmanRomster: the build finished successfully w/o fortran13:15
pedjaI never had a problem building fftw3 without fortran.13:15
tilmanbut maybe that's what pedja's link says :-)13:15
pedjaYup ;)13:15
Romstertilman, your kidden me...13:15
* treach holds his itching fingers still.13:17
Romsterhmmz back to going over that package again, how the f did i add fortran unless i got it from another package hmmz..13:18
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Romster--disable-fortran: Disables inclusion of Fortran-callable wrapper routines (see Calling FFTW from Fortran) in the standard FFTW libraries. These wrapper routines increase the library size by only a negligible amount, so they are included by default as long as the configure script finds a Fortran compiler on your system. (To specify a particular Fortran compiler foo, pass F77=foo to configure.)13:18
Romsteri'em not totatlly going mental...13:19
treachwell, you can only claim that if you explain *why13:20
treach* the configure script finds a fortran compiler on your system.13:20
pedjaSo, gcc-fortran is 'nice to have', and not a dependency, then.13:20
treach..only if you're building fortran based apps.13:21
treachotherwise, it would fall into the "bloody-useless" category, I think. :)13:22
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Romstertreach, yeah...13:25
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Romsterany thing else while i'm in a fixing mood..13:29
treachhow about your typing? :p13:30
* treach runs13:30
predatorfreaktreach: Don't forget your hat!13:31
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MoonPatrolAlright, with my new lesson learned..... I'm ready to begin updating my system... again....... using dial-up.14:05
MoonPatrolbtw, its fast as shit running in a vm.14:06
jaegerI know that's not what you meant but my mind is now trying to imagine shit in a vm :)14:07
treachjaeger: better to have it in a vm, than having to deal with the real thing. :p14:08
MoonPatrolthat is an awesome thing to imagine14:08
jaegertrue that14:08 about something you'd want to "sandbox"14:09
MoonPatrolwtf... im noticing some issues when im trying to download certain ports14:09
MoonPatrollike netcat...14:10
MoonPatrolits not finding the file anywhere.14:10
treachfind a mirror.14:11
MoonPatrolalright... so it is just downloading the source code and not precompiled binaries.. correct?14:12
treachso if the site is unavailable, hitting a gentoo mirror is usually a good idea14:12
treachfor the distfile, ofc.14:13
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MoonPatroloh... i see the problem now... someone had the wrong filename for it14:15
MoonPatrolits a gzip instead of bzip14:15
thrice`treach: that's cheating14:15
tilmani'm compiling kdelibs again14:16
tilmanhow long does that take on a 1gz athlon?14:16
treachtilman: too long. :P14:16
thrice`I'd guess over an hour14:16
tilmanthrice`: that's what i guessed, too14:16
tilmansince the tarball is only 15 mb14:16
treachclose to two I'd guess.14:16
tilmanfirefucks is 30mb and takes 1 hour on my 1.7 ghz athlon;)14:17
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tilmangood good14:17
*** MoonPatrol has quit IRC14:17
tilmanall this crap just to get rosegarden14:17
* treach hums "I never promised a rosegarden"14:18
thrice`just grab a slackware binary or something :)14:18
thrice`looks like a neat ap14:18
tilmanthrice`: Romster sent me his kdelibs package14:18
tilmani forgot what the exact error was14:19
RomsterO_o isn't mine anygood?14:22
Romstermy system is uptodate14:22
tilmanit was linked to some stuff that i didn't have14:22
tilmanand it made me think that recompiling kdelibs was the best way to go14:22
tilmanah right, it's linked to FAM14:22
tilmanfam ftl14:22
Romstereh i have extra stuff installed here..14:23
treachfam? I thought everyone was using gamin these days..14:26
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*** mrks has quit IRC14:53
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tilmanit's finished15:36
tilmannot bad :)15:36
* treach calls the men in white coats15:55
tilmanyou'll see what i mean in a few minutes15:55
tilmantreach: crux ml16:21
tilmanrosegarden built, too16:21
treachahem.. that's what you call a detailed bugreport, right?16:22
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tilman<@   tilman> AHAHAHAA16:23
treachHad to bite on that.. :>16:30
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MoonPatrolwhat do the hip users of CRUX do in their spare time... hmm?19:46
MoonPatrolAlright... well... I still love you guys... even though we're not quite on speaking terms yet... I'm sure when I take each and every one of you out to dinner tonight... it WILL be a spectacular evening.... and you will cave and give me some of that....19:52
MoonPatrolsweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet love.19:52
nipuLi have a full time job, study full time, have a wife and 2 kids. i donw get spare time19:52
nipuLspeaking of jobs, I'm off to sydney tomorrow to start my new job19:54
MoonPatrolgood luck with that19:54
nipuLyeah, it's going to be awesome19:54
thrice`aye, sweet nipuL19:54
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nipuLman i'm so tempted not to show up at work today21:38
nipuLwhat are they going to me?21:38
jaegerwhat happened to "yeah, it's going to be awesome" ?21:40
nipuLno, this is my old joob21:40
nipuLi'm not completely finished here either, this week at the new job is the trial period21:41
nipuLthen i'll be back up here for a week or so training the new guy21:42
MoonPatrolholy shit21:48
MoonPatrolgo out and get drunk21:48
nipuLi can think of a million things i'd rather do than drink myself stupid21:49
MoonPatrolhmm... bore yourself stupid?21:50
MoonPatrolmy parrot is flipping me out21:54
MoonPatrolyou know22:39
MoonPatrolCRUX is cool22:39
MoonPatrolits cool enough to not be linux22:39
MoonPatrolyou guys can pretend like you're *BSD22:39
MoonPatrolyou're that fucking cool22:39
MoonPatrolto me22:39
jaegernot sure why we'd want to do that22:42
nipuLi'm actually a bsd desktop refugee22:42
nipuLonce freebsd gets amd64 nvidia drivers you losers can kiss my arse goodbye22:43
nipuLso i guess i'll be using crux for a while22:43
jaegersuch love22:44
nipuLyou know it22:44
nipuLhmm speaking of freebsd, i might try tilmans c version of pkgutils on it22:45
nipuLfingers crossed that it's more portable than the current version22:45
nipuLi'll be a happy man when i can add bsd into my multiarch repos22:47
MoonPatrolim a bsd refugee for a different reason: java support22:48
nipuLjava runs on freebsd22:48
nipuLmost of the time22:49
MoonPatrolfrom my understanding its not native though22:49
jaegerI like free- and openbsd but I have yet to find some reason to use them over linux22:49
*** MoonPatrol has quit IRC22:49
jaegeris nice, but the same applies22:50
nipuLpf is more than nice22:50
nipuLit's a work of art22:50
nipuLlike anything, it all comes down to personal preference. or what your boss makes you use22:55
jaegerwell, I like pf as well, but so far it's got nothing (*that I have needed, for work or personal use*) that iptables doesn't22:56
jaegerI know their featuresets are not identical22:57
jaegera simpler way to put it, I suppose, would be that they both do the work for me22:57
nipuLi just find pf much easier to use22:57
jaegerfair enough. I use both fairly regularly22:58
nipuLi wonder how long it will take me to infect my new workplace with FOSS22:58
nipuLat the moment it's very MScentric22:58
nipuLthe current site runs asp with closed source com objects22:59
nipuLand no one wants to host it23:03
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** MoonPatrol has joined #crux23:32

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