IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-08-20

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tilmangood morning01:16
sepensorry all people, my server (mikeux) its down for a pair of days01:42
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pitillogood morning02:55
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* blerd just compiled kde..woundering why mouse aint working...04:36
RedShiftblerd: that's more likely an X error :p04:36
tilman /var/log/Xorg.log ftw04:37
blerdyea ill look into it04:37
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prologicmy /var/btmp is 108M05:08
prologicis there any way to rotate all logs ?05:08
sepenprologic, this??
prologicdo we not have this in opt/core ?05:15
sepenwhy you're not using your crontab for this?05:21
sepenis not too dificult program a little script for doing this tasks05:21
mike_kprologic: we have a simple /usr/sbin/rotatelog in core, which is used in default /etc/cron/weekly05:22
sepenand call it from your crontab lines05:22
prologicmike_k, oh ?05:22
sepenyeah, also this05:22
prologicI don't think this is called weekly05:22
prologicor my btmp would not be 108M :)05:22
prologicbut I"ll check it out05:22
prologicsepen, are you a contrib maintainer ?05:23
prologicwould you mind syncing your logrotate port up then ?05:23
sepenis not mine05:24
prologicoh okay05:24
prologicI shall then05:25
sepen(portdb) logrotate  ===>thenschel05:25
prologicgotta eat05:25
sepenprologic, take a look
sepensee 'bash script'05:26
prologicare you even suppose to rotate vtmp ?05:26
prologicbtmp rather05:26
prologicare you even suppose to rotate btmp, wtmp ?05:27
sepenI've no idea05:27
prologicanyone ?05:27
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nipuLmy cat's breath smells like cate food05:36
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bd2hi all06:23
mike_khi bd206:27
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bd2hi mike_k ;-)06:30
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bd2acrux, hey. hope you're here. #crux-ppc seems always empty :-/ how is it going, overall?06:32
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MoonPatrolYou guys make me happy like a christmas ham on april fool's day.09:51
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tilmanis that good or bad?10:14
MoonPatrolVery.... very... good....10:15
* MoonPatrol licks his lips10:15
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thrice`sepen: around ?11:06
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saereHello all... have an odd issue.  Just installed 2.3 on a new box, and for some reason it didn't create /usr/ports/opt,core, or xorg, and it isn't syncing them either...11:46
saereports -u seems to do nothing11:46
saereno output, no change...?11:46
thrice`do you have the drivers in /etc/ports ?11:46
saereI do believe so11:46
saerehave the rsyncs...11:46
saeredrivers dir exists, contains httpup11:47
saereif I remember correctly there is also supposed to be an rsync driver eh11:47
* MoonPatrol is a CRUX newb... and everything worked for him... except for lilo going crazy and playing pong with itself...11:47
saerethat'll do it11:47
saerelilo's like a kitten ;)11:47
thrice`saere: very odd; did you do a full install?11:48
saereI did indeed11:49
saereI'm looking aroudn11:49
saereand have realized my problem... I'm missing rsync altogether, heh11:49
saeresimple fix...11:49
saeremaybe I hit an error and didn't notice it :)11:49
saereThere we go11:50
saereworks like a charm,11:50
saereThanks thrice :)11:50
MoonPatrolI like ham.11:51
thrice`saere: hehe...sorry, wasn't much help.  I don't have access to a crux machine at work :(11:52
saereoh no no, really that was most helpful :)11:52
saerethat rsync was missing from drivers made it rather obvious ;P11:52
saereso thank you :)11:52
saeresaved me a good bit of time, that11:52
thrice`ah, awesome - no prob :)11:52
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Romsterodd that it was missing..12:34
MoonPatrolHmm... nedit isn't in there.12:34
MoonPatrolbut vi was... god damn it :-)12:34
RedShiftholy shit12:35
Romstersaere, don't forget to edit /etc/prt-get.conf to add the extra ports directorys :)12:35
RedShiftthe kate one is dead on right it's scary12:35
treach"icrosoft Word is not a text editor. You should not be allowed near a computer. In fact you are the cancer that is killing the internet. Kill yourself."12:40
Romsterpedja, haha good read.12:40
pedjaRomster: That's one of my favourite blogs :)12:44
jjpkPine stands for "I can't figure mutt out" lol12:45
MoonPatrolCRUX stands for "Because I can't stand any other linux distro because they're all cluttered to fuck and have 8000000 damn things installed by default that I don't use"12:47
Romsterthey forgot 'crmson editor' thats what i used to use in windows12:50
jjpkThey clearly only use the most known items.12:51
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treachBah, "Edit" was a godsend. :)12:52
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jaegerfrom a god that hates you12:52
Romsterms-dos edit :)12:52
Romsterman i used to use that alot too.12:52
treachjaeger: not if you've ever tried edlin..12:52
Romsterto edit batch files.12:52
jaegerI used it far more than I would have liked :)12:52
jaegertreach: just because edlin's worse doesn't mean edit is "good" :)12:52
treachit's a godsend if all you've used before is edlin.. dammit, it's nirva! :p12:53
MoonPatrolI used to edit inodes by hand with a magnet.12:53
jaegerI'm going to go crazy today... there's a construction crew removing the side of the building12:54
RomsterMoonPatrol, lol12:54
Romsterjaeger, woot12:54
MoonPatroland you're still in the building?12:54
jaegerthey're not damaging the structure (yet)12:55
jaegerjust removing mortar, stonework, siding12:55
Romsterthat be like a doll house with a missing wall..12:55
jaegertook about 3 minutes of it to give me a headache12:55
treachMaybe they should try a few kilos of dynex, and have it done in one go. :P12:55
jaegerI wonder if I'd still have an office after that12:56
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pedjajaeger: Use something like this: to find out ;)13:07
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treach"Knock, knock, a little C4 on your door"13:59
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tilmanprologic: footprint of p5-xml-twig sucks (5.8.7 vs 5.8.8)14:38
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prologictilman, k will fix ta14:55
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prologicupdated to 3.2915:02
prologicalso updated to match perl 5.8.815:02
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thrice`jaeger: on your netinst CD, it only replaces the installation portion of an install, correct?  everything else should be the same?15:42
treachNo, it actually sets up Vista instead of Crux. ;)15:42
thrice`my secret objective ;)15:43
jaegerit installs the same packages as the updated iso, just uses wget to download them first15:43
thrice`ok.  I have a box that I was going to install 2.3 on, and figured this was a decent time to test the image15:43
jaegerfeel free, tell me if you have any trouble15:43
jaegerI use it frequently15:43
thrice`and, for some reason, my drive does not work with your updated iso15:43
jaegerwell, it's unlikely it'll work with the netinst iso, then15:44
thrice`I get I/O it can't process quick enough or something.  default crux iso works fine in said drive, too ;|15:44
jaegertried burning at a slower speed?15:44
thrice`I think I have, yes.  It's weird - I have 2 drives.  I get those errors with one of them using the default crux 2.3 image, but the other drive will work fine.  With updated iso, both do it15:46
thrice`both drives work OK with other install media, so...who knows15:46
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thrice`I think it's an I/O Buffer error of some sort15:47
jaegersame brand of media or tried different ones of those, as well?15:47
thrice`aye.  The part that gets me is that the same crux 2.3 CD works in 1, but not the other, leading me to believe it isn't the media15:48
jaegerit might not be, just curious15:48
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jaegerthere are a few differences in the kernels but I don't know what would cause those outside of a bug with your specific controller hardware or something15:49
thrice`yeah, I've had no idea.  But since the netinst doesn't store it on the media, you think that might error too?15:49
jaegerit uses the same kernel config... but you might as well try it15:50
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thrice`ok, I will indeed. thanks for the info15:51
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jjpktreach: lol is the code name for today.. :D17:16
treachI hope he didn't commit seppuku or something. :)17:25
treachseriously, what did he expect..?17:26
jjpkWould have been an ok bug report IF the crystal ball were working.17:28
jjpkUnfortunately it works when it wants to, today was not one of those days. :D17:28
treachwell, yesterday. :)17:29
jjpkGood point, I have lost track of time.17:29
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predatorfreakFigures, we get a Bioshock PC demo a couple hours before the day of release :\18:57
predatorfreakand I either wait in fileplanet-lines for 4 hours to download for 1 hour.18:57
predatorfreakor I use bittorrent and download for 5 hours.18:58
thrice`I don't think my 9700 pro will like bioshock :(19:00
thrice`or, rather the other way around19:00
thrice`man, demo is 1.85 Gig ?19:01
predatorfreakthrice`: It'll probably burn up.19:01
predatorfreakand cause a giant piller of fire to appear where your house once was.19:02
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predatorfreakthrice`: oh and demos are huge these days.19:04
predatorfreakDidn't you get the memo? :P19:04
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thrice`heh, apparently not19:11
jjpkExtra extra, demo sizes are out of control.19:13
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thrice`jaeger: around ?19:22
thrice`er, nevermind19:24
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thrice`jaeger: ok, net-setup worked like a charm on the 2 drives I was describing to you :)  that is an awesome disk you have19:37
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MoonPatrolso guys... what are some must have hot-topic ports of the day for CRUX ?21:14
MoonPatrolI just wanna pkgmk -d -i all over its face tonight.21:14
jaegerthrice`: just got home. glad to hear it =)21:28
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MoonPatroldid you guys notice that CRUX boots extremely fast on a fresh install?23:06
MoonPatrol22 seconds to be exact.23:06
MoonPatroland that's in a virtual machine.23:06
* MoonPatrol gives all the dev's a round of applause23:06
MoonPatrolYou guys did the impossible... you made a linux distro with no bloat.  Thank you.23:06
jaegerglad you like it23:07
MoonPatrollike it?23:08
MoonPatrolI LOVE it23:08
jaegerI've noticed23:08
MoonPatrolseriously, its the easiest time I have had with any distro23:08
MoonPatrolthe documentation is spot on too23:08
RomsterMoonPatrol, hope you know of prt-get and its depinst option :D23:09
Romsteroh and rejmerge is a must to know too.23:09
MoonPatrolshew, the only packages I've installed are java, nmap and netcat23:10
MoonPatroloutside of what was already on the install cd23:11
Romsterah what do you wanna use mainly i could recomend some.23:11
MoonPatroli generally use fluxbox as my wm... I couldn't find that in any of the repo's23:11
Romsterhmm you could make a port of it :)23:12
MoonPatrolhmm.... that's a thought23:12
Romsteror pinch it from one of these repos ;P23:12
Romsterjust beware that they each do it diferently.23:13
Romsterstart your own colection of stuff thats not about or to your liking and add it to the database :)23:13
MoonPatrolyeah i noticed I couldn't find nedit anywhere23:14
Romsterif its something i'm interested in i'll port it.23:14
MoonPatrolah ha23:14
MoonPatrolnm found it23:14
Romsterthere you go make your own repo get it registered and start adding like the rest of us :)23:15
Romsterthe Pkgfiles are quite easy to make, the site has guidelines on that.23:15
Romsterhehe and search the ports database too :)23:15
MoonPatrolfun stuff23:16
Romsterbrowse the repos for other stuff or even sourcforge and freashmeat and port more stuff, i do that sometimes.23:18
Romstercrux is nice and fast.23:18
MoonPatrolive never ported anything in my life23:20
Romsterit isn't hard to learn and the ports system is easy to understand.23:27
Romsterlook at other Pkgfiles if you get stuck.23:28
Romsteryou've been using pkgmk so your half way there now.23:28
MoonPatrolI'm assuming there's also documentation for this, right?23:31
Romsteron the web site yes23:33
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