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MoonPatrolmy god00:14
MoonPatrolI love this shit00:15
MoonPatrolI mean... I can browse other's ports.... and download what I need..... for whatever I need it...... like this sweet ass IDE....00:15
MoonPatroland there's no hassle00:15
MoonPatroli love it00:15
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pitillogood morning00:44
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blerdtilman, after much tweaking and sleepless nights i still cant get the damn ps/2 port mouse to work, maybe a kernel recompilation ?03:20
tilmanblerd: well, does your kernel have ps/2 support?03:21
tilmanCONFIG_MOUSE_PS2 and possibly CONFIG_SERIO_LIBPS203:21
tilmando you have xorg-xf86-input-mouse installed?03:22
blerdyes i do03:22
tilmanwhat's the problem EXACTLY?03:22
blerdi cannot get my mouse to respond03:23
pitilloblerd, what about xorg log?03:24
blerdchecked it, says it configured the mouse okay]03:25
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pitillodmesg | grep PS/203:30
nipuLwell that was a fun drive03:48
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pitillogood evening Romster05:05
treachg'day mate. ;)05:08
Romstercoffee time :D05:10
rxi_treach: you do realise how much we hate it when people attempt that in an aussie accent :)05:17
treachNo, but I can imagine. :p05:17
treachrxi_: you know what the key to happiness is?05:19
treach"Don't take things too damned seriously"05:19
treachI think that goes for the ml too, currently.05:19
rxi_hehe i wasnt being bitchy or anything05:20
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blerdtilman, pitillo thanks. turns out i had compiled support for my mouse but not ps/2 strange.. :p05:31
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prologictis the season to get your mail server hacked (attemtps)07:58
prologicyay yay yay07:58
* prologic cocks his rifle07:58
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jjpkprologic: too bad the concept of proxy came about.08:14
jjpkMakes pinpointing the real culpit much harder.08:14
jjpkIt is the same as seeing where the shot came from, but you don't know who shot.08:15
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MoonPatrolit came from the grassy knoll08:15
MoonPatrolor was it the library...08:15
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MoonPatrolor was it.... from the sewer08:16
jjpkWe're not discussing the various JFK conspiracies.08:16
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onestepoops, ignore this :)08:41
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tilmandoes opt/ghostscript really require cups? i think that's a soft dependency, isn't it?08:49
thrice`it does not08:49
thrice`from what I can tell08:49
thrice`neither does gimp08:49
thrice`(I just went through this last night) :)08:49
tilmanyou mean gimp & gimp-print i guess?08:49
thrice`um, gimp doesn't need gimp-print, I believe08:49
thrice`and thus cups08:50
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thrice`I was going to try and help out with updating udev, but I think it's over my head :(08:53
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prologicthen cups should be removed from the deps of these ports15:11
prologicsince it's not _really_ required for it to function15:11
prologiconly if you actually want to print anything :)15:11
tilmanobviously the authors believe that printing is a core feature15:12
tilmanso it's not that easy :P15:12
prologicwell the authors15:12
prologicor the port maintainers ?15:12
treachnot to mention that if you just want to create a pdf, you use cups.15:12
tilmani meant the maintainers15:12
tilmantreach: i use pdflatex ;)15:12
prologicbecuase look at my, I'm vip and printing is _not_ essential to me :)15:12
treachie, "Print to pdf"15:12
treachtilman: Yeah, I know, but it's not really the same :)15:13
prologicthere are others ways to get a PDF :)15:13
thrice`wait, you can print to PDF with cups ?15:13
tilmantreach: yeah, i know what you meant :D15:13
treachthrice`: yes15:13
thrice`in, say, firefox ?15:13
treachNo idea, never tried it.15:14
prologicyes you'd be able to15:14
thrice`aah, I always thought that was a KDE thing...interesting15:14
prologicbut it's also just as easy to just "print to a file"15:15
prologicthen pipe it to ps2pdf15:15
treachthrice`: well... where did you think they got that funtionality? :p15:15
jaegerI've done that... not always pretty but it works15:15
thrice`yeah, I usually took a screenshot and edited with gimp before :)15:15
treachat least print to ps, if you're talking about ff.15:16
thrice`i haven't used kde since slackware days15:16
thrice`yeah, suppose ps2pdf is a decent option too15:17
treachbeats the shit out of editing screenshots. :/15:17
thrice`heh...yeah.  I'm bad at linux, remember? ;)15:19
treachthey use to say "All ways are good, except the bad ones", but editing screenshots.. has to be one of the really bad ones.15:20
jaegereven when ps2pdf doesn't turn out pretty output I'd still use it, I think15:20
jaegerto save time and effort15:20
thrice`I guess I never understood exactly what a "ps"15:21
thrice` output was15:21
tilmanyou never understood the output of ps(1)?15:22
tilmanthe ps manpage is pretty fscked up15:23
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RedShiftarchlinux started using pkgrel's 2.x, where the x indicates it's only an architecture specific change22:01
RedShiftif it's a new package, it's a new package, why do you have to "sub number" it or something22:01
RedShiftI hate it, I hate it, I hate it22:01
RedShiftarch is getting less and less pure22:01
thrice`use crux22:02
RedShiftI'd like to, but I'm not really someone who'll start compiling stuff :-)22:02
RedShiftI need to pacman -S' it and I'm happy22:03
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