IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-08-22

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pitillogood morning00:46
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DarkNekroshi you all and good morning :)02:22
tilmansup DarkNekros02:22
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fernanhi all07:18
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pitillohey fernan07:23
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sepenfernan DO??07:53
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rxi_prologic: you done anything with network load balancing or specifically bonding?08:17
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prologicrxi_, I have tried bonding08:25
prologiccould never get it to work08:25
rxi_ahh i was going to give it a go on my new server08:25
prologicon adsl ?08:26
rxi_for 2 gbit nics08:26
prologicoh that you can do08:26
prologicyou can bond ethernet links easily enough08:26
rxi_yeah it looks straight forward08:27
rxi_do you need a layer 2 switch?08:28
prologicno I don't believe so08:32
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cryxkdebase wont compile because of a "derefrenced pointer" in cups, is there a sensible resolution to this23:45
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