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pitillogood morning00:54
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)03:09
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rxi_nipuL: you around?06:04
rxi_hmm scratch that06:25
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thrice`sepen: which xfce theme do you use ?07:31
thrice`(I think it was you I am remembering) :)07:31
sepenand linsta07:32
thrice`perhaps linsta was it07:32
sepenosx for gtk2 and lista07:32
thrice`oh, ok07:32
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schniggiehi all14:59
schniggiecan someone tell me why there is no port for autofs/automount ?14:59
schniggieis it deprecated ?14:59
jaegerprobably just not widely needed. feel free to make a port for it15:02
schniggieok will do it now15:04
schniggiewas confused ;)15:04
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treachman, those sub-sub-sub-versions on .22 really keeps coming.15:23
jaegeranyone done a mysql 4.1 to 5.0 upgrade? curious how smoothly it goes15:33
RedShiftshould be no problem15:35
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RedShiftjust export everything with something like mysqldump or phpmyadmin, upgrade to mysql 5 and re-import15:36
jaegerthat's what I'm about to test on a testing type box :) figured it wouldn't hurt to ask in case someone had run into a problem before15:37
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jaegerthat seemed to work15:45
treachgoogle probably has better odds if you're looking for tragedies. :)15:45
jaegergoogle actually gave me a lot less than I'd hoped15:45
treachoh? No great tragedies, where people got saved in the nick of time by the mighty Sir Postgresql?15:45
treachor, rather since it's a tragedy, Sir Postgresql arrived too late.15:46
treachJust moments after the heathens had disemboweled Lady Data.15:47
jaegerI shudder to think that there might actually be mysql/postgresql porn out there15:48
jaegerdamned internet15:48
jjpkTits, ass 'n mysql.15:49
treachWhips, booze and oracle. :>15:50
jjpk*sql would seem to fit in those categories just fine.15:50
jjpkAt the very minimum you'll grab a bottle of Jack Daniels when the fan splattered the shit :D15:51
treachI don't quite get the religousness of that "war". Afaik, mysql is fine as long as you don't feed it shit.15:53
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jaegernever cared much, myself. I've used both mysql and postgresql and I work on oracle daily... they all do their job15:56
jjpkMy opinion is the same as it is with most religions.15:59
jjpkIt becomes dogmatic. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.15:59
jjpkWhich is unfortunate.16:01
jjpkThey all have their high and low points.16:01
jjpkToo bad there are people who are unable to think outside their particular mental frameworks.16:03
treachthere are people..?16:05
treachsadly that would include most people.16:05
treachbecause thinking outside your comfy little box is exhausting.16:06
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treachIt soo much easier to just stay with your current ways, and dismiss everyone who is or does stuff differently.16:07
treachbasic human behaviour, as usual.16:08
jjpkRampant complacency, it will backfire sooner or later.16:12
jjpkI must have a defective mind because I accept pain and agony as part of life.16:15
jjpkAt least by today's standards.16:15
RedShiftmysql has been wonderfull for me :-)16:15
RedShiftno need for mr postgres16:15
treachI refuse equating dwm, mutt and linux/*nix with pain and agony..16:17
jjpkThe first steps are always agonizing.16:18
treachThe only agony here is that there are no sane replacements for firefox and openoffice. :)16:18
jjpkEventually one either begins to see and embrace the simplicity, or look for something else.16:19
treachno, in fact they weren't agonizing.16:19
jjpkDon't forget about viewing PDFs...16:19
treachwin 3.11 was so fucking bad, *anything* was better.16:19
treachtrue, but now we have rakt! :p16:19
jjpkHow is rakt coming along?16:20
treachworks pretty well on my laptop.16:20
treachcompletely stumped with some odd rendering problem on my desktop though.16:20
treachif you haven't tried it, I recommend it. :)16:21
jjpkDid tilman find hosting for it? Then more importantly, where do you get it from? :D16:22
treachhis git repo at codemonkey.de16:22
treachcode-monkey, even.16:23
jjpkGreat. Now to fetch it.16:23
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treachjjpk: git clone git://
jjpkMight as well update poppler on the laptop.16:29
jjpkNeed to keep better track of whether the workstation or laptop is up to date. :p16:29
treachactually, I'm not sure, but you MIGHT need the latest poppler16:29
treach(port in black mesa. :o) )16:31
jjpkAs in the cvs dev version?16:31
treachno, it's a snapshot.16:31
treachI think they call it rc2 or something.16:31
treachbut hey, as I said, I'm not sure you need it.16:32
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jjpkProbably it is needed because zooming does not work.16:39
treachhm, ok..16:39
jjpkSimply displays any pdf at a fixed size, zooming in or out does nothing.16:40
treachI guess you should ask tilman about that.16:41
treachbut it does work here, with the snapshot of poppler.16:41
jjpkThen I suppose you just validated the claim. :p16:42
treachmaybe, or something else is wrong at your end.16:43
treachjust like I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't render properly on my desktop. :/16:43
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jjpkNow the zoom does work.17:05
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treachjjpk: after upgrading poppler?17:29
treachgood to know.17:35
treachtilman: seems like I recruited another tester. :p17:36
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jjpkGive it some testing and development, it could turn into something useful and viable.17:46
treachactually I think it already is, even if it's not fully featured.17:49
jjpkIt is a rough diamond, but it has potential.17:50
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treachdefinitely, like a more modern xpfd.17:57
jjpkYep. xpdf is great but it does represent something outmoded.17:59
treachundeadware. :)18:00
jjpkAt least it is not tcl/tk based.18:01
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DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)18:22
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soundbitHi all! Do you know why my power button don't poweroff my box with crux 2.2 on it? is there anything I have to set?23:43

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