IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-08-25

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jjpkWonder how long it will take before the connection times out.08:13
jjpkThe lag reminds me of dial up times.08:14
aoni got my connection issues fixed it seems08:15
treachthat's progress isn't it? Same sucky preformance/service, but now for a flat fee twice as high as before. :P08:16
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jjpkProgress indeed.08:25
jjpkYou have to grease many palms to get anything. :)08:28
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jaegeryay for working on weekends :P09:31
RyoScongratulations sir09:37
jaegerI don't expect to be up here too long, thankfully. just doing an upgrade on a server09:41
thrice`well, if you get overtime, or time off next week, it's OK :)09:46
jaegerI most likely will get time off, they never give overtime here09:46
thrice`we do, but our rate actually's strange.  say you make $100 / hr (ha!), your first hour of OT will be $75/hr, then $60, then 50, etc.09:48
thrice`it's very strange09:48
aonwtf? :O09:48
thrice`which just leads me to be believe someone abused it or something in the past09:48
* aon is bored09:50
aonthink i'll have to resort to something really pointless09:50
aonlike sports09:50
jaegerwhat does a netmask of correspond to, /29?10:14
jaegerI can't do subnet math today for some reason10:15
thrice`too much bioshock this week :P10:16
jaegerhaven't played much, actually10:16
jaegertoo much to do10:16
aon :)10:17
jaegerlooks right by that10:17
jjpkthrice`: management really drove the message home. over time sucks :D10:29
thrice`heh...yeah - it's 5:00pm - GO HOME!10:29
jjpkThe abuser should be reprimanded, not everyone else.10:30
jjpkIt happens when you turn a grey situation into yes or no. :D10:30
jjpkIt certainly does not help for productivity.10:31
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thrice`jaeger: in udev, did you generate the cdsymlinks file ?10:45
jaegerI don't think I did but it's been a long time since I messed with it10:48
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rehabdollworking weekends rock, ive had 2 saturdays off in the last year :)12:00
thrice`!seen predatorfreak12:01
-MelOne- thrice`, you must introduce me to predatorf... one day, must be a great person!12:01
jaegerpoor MelOne12:02
jaegeris there a way to disable the vim "jump to last known cursor position" per-user? I can disable it system-wide by removing that section from /usr/share/vim/vimrc but how to only do it for certain users?12:05
jaegernot sure how to contradict the entire stanza in ~/.vimrc12:05
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thrice`predatorfreak: where are you from, out of curiosity ?12:21
predatorfreakthrice`: Michigan.12:22
thrice`where at?12:22
predatorfreakMetro-Detroit area.12:22
predatorfreakAround Mount Clemens.12:22
thrice`ooh, I live in Grand Rapids12:22
predatorfreakthrice`: CRUX party at your house? :P12:22
predatorfreakOh poor Australia.12:26
predatorfreakAll that money wasted.12:26
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jjpkIneffective net filters ftw.12:43
jjpkEven bigger YAY for useless government spending.12:43
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predatorfreakjjpk: But don't you see? They were protecting the children from the evils of boobs!13:29
aonall boobs should be amputated to protect the children!13:31
jjpkThe wrath of the evil boobs.13:32
jjpkThey will boob you to death.13:32
aon(.) (.)13:32
predatorfreakaon: AAHHHH BOOBS13:33
* predatorfreak calls the FCC!13:33
aonbetter call the ficora13:33
tilmanah, the insane preis back13:34
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tilmanfucing lag13:34
predatorfreaktilman: I was ever gone?13:34
tilmanpre<tab> aka predatorfreak13:34
treachno such problem here at least. :P13:34
treachare you on dial-up tilman? :å13:35
predatorfreakLazy ass Arch packagers.13:35
tilmanyeah, andirc over ssh while downloading stuff off youtube doesn't work so well13:36
predatorfreakThere's no mp3split package :(13:36
treachtilman: haha13:36
tilmanyeah, go on ranting about arch in here predatorfreak13:36
predatorfreaktilman: ARCH IS EVILZ!!!!!13:36
predatorfreakand I'd insult the developers personally.13:36
predatorfreakBut I'm still banned from their playhouse :)13:36
treachpredatorfreak: you can solve that problem, for instance by becoming an non-lazy ass crux-maintainer.13:37
thrice`and what a better place than #crux ?13:37
predatorfreaktreach: Well, when I get bored later today, I'll probably become non-lazy and install CRUX.13:37
predatorfreakand fix the dang HPLIP problems.13:37
predatorfreakI think I narrowed it down to being "no-libgphoto2-present".13:37
jaegerget crackin'! I already updated a crux 2.1 server to 2.3 today13:37
treachI'll belive that when I see it. :D13:37
aoni wonder if raidframeized openbsd is supposed to hang for hours at "initializing re-write of parity"13:37
predatorfreakSince on Arch, sane requires libgphoto2.13:38
thrice`jaeger: very nice :)  did you have to do a 2.2 in the middle ?13:38
predatorfreakand then hplip gets built with sane support.13:38
predatorfreakand libgphoto2 support.13:38
jaeger09:00:18 up 380 days, 10:40,  2 users,  load average: 0.02, 0.04, 0.00 <-- right before I updated it13:38
predatorfreakand everything works ;)13:38
tilmantoday i finally checked out Velvet Revolver13:38
jaegerthrice`: I probably didn't HAVE to but that's the way I did it13:38
tilmanand they are frigging awesome13:38
predatorfreakOf course, first I'm going to split jdolan's giant-ass ogg files :)13:39
predatorfreakmmmm mp3split :313:40
jdolani just dusted off my decks last weekend.13:41
jdolangoing to start spinning again.13:41
predatorfreakjdolan: When you do, I want Ogg's!13:41
treachbtw, guys, if you happen to have a radeon, and mplayer suddenly refuses to work with xv, make sure you haven't set MonitorLayout to something that made sense..13:43
treachVery important. :/13:43
jaegercrazy radeons13:43
treachwell, it does everything I need, and I got it for free, so why complain?13:44
predatorfreaktreach: Who uses Radeon cards on Linux besides crazy people? :)13:44
tilmanpredatorfreak: blah blah blah13:44
treachthose who don't want to be force to upgrade by nvidia?13:44
treachyou know, that fancy nvidia card is only good as long as they support it.13:45
predatorfreaktreach: Bah! 500 dollars every 2 months is nothing! :P13:45
treachthen it's a paperweight.13:45
treachFor me it is, especially when I don't really need more.13:45
treachI hate spending money for no good reason.13:46
jaegerthe poor, starving ceo of nvidia needs your money! isn't that good enough?13:46
treach(Aaaand, "NVIDIA thinks you should give them a small heap" doesn't count)13:46
predatorfreaktreach: There's always the other option for obtaining NVIDIA cards.13:47
jjpkStarving ceos. lol13:47
predatorfreakSell your soul to the CEO of NVIDIA.13:47
predatorfreakand get free 80$ POS cards for the rest of your life :)13:48
predatorfreakOf course, you need to sell your soul and mortal body for high-end cards.13:48
jjpkThat would defeat the purpose.13:48
jjpkNo soul nor a body, you are out in the cold.13:48
treachjjpk: well..13:48
treachnot to mention..13:49
predatorfreakjjpk: Yes, but, but.13:49
predatorfreakFREE HIGH END CARDS FOR LIFE!13:49
predatorfreakAll precious 2 seconds of it.13:49
treachif you want a supported card, money is all you need for nvidia.13:49
jjpkbut nothing. Spirits have no use for high end cards.13:49
predatorfreakjjpk: PFFT.13:49
predatorfreakHell has plenty of PCs.13:49
predatorfreakand all of them run Windows.13:49
treachie, high end cards are already supported, so no need to sell yourself, money is enough.13:49
predatorfreakSadly, the only game to play in Hell is the original Doom.13:50
jjpkGah, hell is imaginary, although it exists here as we know it.13:50
jaegeranyone using a recent vlc and have dvd audio problems?13:50
treachpredatorfreak: bull, there's always diablo.. :P13:50
predatorfreaktreach: Nah, they removed that from all the PCs last month :(13:50
predatorfreakjaeger: DVD Audio as-in normal DVD13:51
predatorfreakor DVD Audio as in DVD audio format?13:51
jaegeraudio on DVD videos13:51
predatorfreakNope :\13:51
jaegerdoesn't play correctly for me with vlc 0.8.6c and had the same problem with b13:51
predatorfreakBut then again, in two minutes, the Arch devs are likely to break it.13:52
jaegerI'm trying to figure out if it's vlc or a library it uses like a5213:52
predatorfreakjaeger: As far as I know, VLC uses ffmpeg and liba52, but maybe your build is trying to force ffmpeg or something?13:52
predatorfreakSince recently I know ffmpeg removed their old liba52-based decoder.13:52
predatorfreakand switched to one they wrote.13:52
jaegerhrmm... well, that's something to look into, at least13:53
treachhah, just as good that I managed to lose my xorg.conf ; Suddenly I get 750 more fps in glxgears (which isn't a benchmark, yeah, yeah)13:53
predatorfreaktreach: glxgears isn't a benchmark, it's a flying wheel in the sky!13:54
predatorfreakNo wait...13:54
predatorfreakThat's not right.13:54
jaeger[00000308] a52 decoder: A/52 channels:2 samplerate:48000 bitrate:19200013:54
predatorfreakWell at least it's trying to decode...13:54
jaegerjust not succeeding properly :) it does make noise but it's garbled13:55
jaegersort of like piping /dev/urandom to /dev/dsp13:55
predatorfreakjaeger: Oh, I doubt that very much.13:55
predatorfreakProduces noises not even Aphex Twin could love.13:55
jaegermy point is that's what vlc is producing right now13:55
jaegerinstead of the clear audio it should13:56
predatorfreakWell either it's putting the wrong output to ALSA/OSS or it's decoding wrong.13:56
jaegerso figure out which :) that's what I'm trying to do, heh13:57
predatorfreakjdolan: BTW, Thanks for all the free music :P13:57
predatorfreakjaeger: If the ALSA output in VLC isn't default already, try setting it to that.13:58
predatorfreakIf you set default ALSA sometimes "fixes" sampling rate problems before they hit the card.13:58
predatorfreakor other things.13:58
jaegermanaged to lock up vlc, fun14:01
jaegerchanging the audio output module from "default" to alsa doesn't fix anything, I've tried that14:02
predatorfreakjaeger: Hit liba52 with a hammer.14:02
predatorfreakand tell it to work.14:03
predatorfreakThat NORMALLY works :)14:03
jaegeross is also broken... which is what led me to think it might be liba52 instead14:03
jaegerbut 0.7.4 has been around a while14:03
* jaeger pokes at other versions of liba5214:04
thrice`maybe updating to 0.8.x ?14:04
predatorfreakor maybe it's VLC :)14:04
predatorfreakVLC might just be abusing liba52.14:05
treach*brr* vlc..14:05
treachIt's never been anything but buggy when I've tried it. :(14:05
predatorfreakWell, now that I've stolen 100MB worth of music from jdolan's server, I think I should be unlazy and dust off the CRUX 2.3 CD I have here..14:06
thrice`or get an updated iso, that may save some sysup time14:06
treachI think that's "100M$" at least according to the MAAFIA.. :p14:07
predatorfreakthrice`: Well, it's about a two week old ISO from jaeger's secret stash.14:07
predatorfreaktreach: Hey, jdolan recorded it, so the RIAA can't sue me without suing him ;)14:07
predatorfreakSo, I figure, he goes down first.14:07
thrice`ah, and by secret, you mean the completely public ?14:07
predatorfreakI run for cover.14:08
predatorfreakand hide :314:08
predatorfreakthrice`: Yes.14:08
predatorfreakIt's kind of like how secretly Dick Chaney loves to shoot people.14:08
predatorfreakOnly, everyone knows that.14:08
predatorfreakEh, I'll be lazy and wait another hour or two :P14:09
pedjajaeger: I have a same problem ( garbled sound from dvd with vlc).14:11
pedjaXine also.14:11
pedjamlpayer works just fine.14:11
predatorfreakpedja: mplayer stopped using liba52, AFAIK.14:13
jaegerpedja: ok, thanks14:14
predatorfreak(Well, at least in svn, official releases tarball up libavcodec and shit at a static version)14:14
pedjapredatorfreak: It uses ffmpeg a52, not external lib,iirc.14:15
predatorfreakpedja: That'd explain why it still works.14:15
predatorfreakSVN mplayer hasn't used liba52 in forever and recently they outright removed liba52 support from ffmpeg, if I recall right.14:16
predatorfreakand then they did the same for DTS support.14:16
pedjaiirc, gentoo has a patch for vlc that forces use of ffmpeg a52, and not an external one for some time now.14:17
predatorfreakEh, wouldn't surprise me, they patch everything to hell.14:18
pedjajaeger: Have you tried compiling ffmpeg against faad-2.5/faac-1.25? Last revision of ffmpeg I tried was 10105.14:23
pedjaIt bombs out.14:23
predatorfreakI'm gonna go install CRUX so I can see what jaeger is hitting and look for fixes, so, give me 2 hours to get the thing installed and xchat built :P14:24
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jaegerif built without a52 support vlc complains about the audio14:26
jaeger[00000518] main audio output error: couldn't find a filter for the first part of the conversion14:26
jaeger[00000518] main audio output error: couldn't set an input pipeline14:26
tilmank, we got a2 hours rest14:26
jaegertilman: heh14:26
treachtilman: shall we hope for some xchat trouble as well? :p14:27
* treach pukes all over xchat14:27
jaegerhdl_dump is slow =(14:30
jaegeror maybe it's the playstation 2's fault, dunno14:31
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predatorfreakBwahahaha I was spot on.16:27
predatorfreakHPLIP needs libgphoto2 for my printer.16:27
* predatorfreak can now use CRUX and be a lazy bastard :316:27
treachyou're late.16:28
treachyou were due 3 minutes ago. ;)16:28
predatorfreaktreach: I didn't expect building a couple ports for my basic window managing crap to take so long ;)16:28
treachbah, get dwm. BAM! Done. :P16:29
predatorfreaktreach: Bah! I can't use that monster!16:29
aonuse tinywm16:29
predatorfreakand I'm WAY to lazy to learn to tame it.16:29
predatorfreaktreach: It's a control monster.16:30
treachIt may actually be Anselm's greatest work.16:30
treachI actually have a hard time to decide, wether I should go dwm full time, or keep using fvwm.16:31
predatorfreakIT PRINTS!16:31
predatorfreakI have brought it back from the dead.16:31
treach...and.. If you had bought a PS printer to begin with, you would't have had any problems at all..16:32
predatorfreaktreach: Hey, some of us live in places where your only option is either printer-from-HP or printer-from-200-years-ago ;)16:34
treachwhat kind of place is that? HP got armed guards at your door?16:35
aonwell, it's definitely better than wmii :)16:35
predatorfreaktreach: The only stores selling decent printers around here are Wal-Mart & the like.16:35
predatorfreakor thrift stores.16:35
predatorfreaktreach: No, it's just that HP printers are the only ones you can buy new that have a CHANCE of working on Linux.16:35
treachany ps printer should work.16:36
predatorfreaktreach: What company makes straight postscript printers anymore?16:36
treachI had about 0 problem with my Brother16:36
* predatorfreak starts setting up runit.16:37
treachit's been a while since I had a look at it, but when I had, most spoke some proprietary language, plus ps level 2 or something.16:37
treachsome were even able to understand level 3 iirc.16:38
aonprobably not _most_16:38
treachwell, we're talking pretty cheap laser printers.16:39
treachnot the ultra bargain ones, though.16:39
aonmine doesn't, just pcl16:39
aonand it isn't an ultra bargain one iirc16:39
treachwell, it's HP. :P16:39
aonno, it's lexmark :)16:39
treachthat was a bit of a surprise.16:40
predatorfreakLexmark working on Linux.16:40
predatorfreakaon: Jesus Christ! YOU'RE ENDING THE WORLD.16:40
treachbut pcl works pretty well as well with linux.16:40
aoneven the cardboard box has a small tux on it :)16:40
treachthat's so lame, it's almost like a warning sign..16:41
jjpkMight work, we make no promises muhahha. Your friendly Lexmark company. (your ass is ours)16:41
treach"This box includes binary drivers that will enable this peice of shi^W hardware to work with Redhat 5.0."16:41
aonass as in donkey?16:41
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aoni didn't check which driver it had16:42
aonbeen using pxlmono16:42
jjpkaon: haha. Maybe Lexmark is laughing at your expense.16:44
jjpkI meant it as they own your soul.16:44
rawIn teh beginnin Invisible Man was invisible, and he maded the skiez and da earths, but he did not eated it.16:45
treachseems you missed your appointment at detox.16:45
rawspread the word about lolcat:!16:46
predatorfreakraw: HERETIC.16:46
predatorfreakONLY RAPTOR JESUS MATTERS.16:46
treach"Unstick your caps-lock"16:47
jaegerjedi jesus would kick raptor jesus' ass16:47
jjpkNow to witness another my $deity > your $deity16:47
predatorfreaktreach: I'm deliberately yelling.16:47
rawlolcats would just eated it!16:47
predatorfreakraw: Dang you 4chan newfags! You never knew the original deities!16:48
raw4chan? what's dat?16:48
treachpredatorfreak: whether you're doing things deliberately or not doesn't matter.16:48
predatorfreakYou're like Christians invading Scandinavia.16:48
treachyou're still a disruption16:48
treach"A disturber of the peace"16:48
predatorfreakraw: How the hell do you know about lolcat if you're not a 4channer.16:48
rawbecause prophet tilman showed me the light16:49
jaegerlolcats are not in any way restricted to 4chan16:49
rawyeah, and that too.16:49
predatorfreakjaeger: Bah, all fake deities come from 4chan.16:49
predatorfreakor History.16:49
predatorfreakor in some cases Pokeman, it really depends.16:50
treachdammit, I always thought deities were on "Civilisation".16:50
rawI always thought deities are created by their believers and fate to a shale shadow if those are lacking.16:51
rawfade, even16:51
predatorfreakjjpk: It's a good thing I don't remember how to spell it.16:52
treachjjpk: "poke-a-mom" you mean?16:52
predatorfreakand it's sad that you do ;)16:52
jjpkPulling the milf card already? o_o16:52
rawit's joker card16:52
treachpokeamon is a joke in itself.16:52
predatorfreakWasn't the original spelling Pokemon?16:53
jjpkI heard that in a Mad Tv sketch.16:53
predatorfreakor was that Digimon.16:53
predatorfreakor crapsomething.16:53
predatorfreakI always forget.16:53
predatorfreakAll my childhood memories kinda blended together into one giant ball of pointlessness.16:53
treach"Poke-a-man" is out, anyway. :p16:53
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jjpktreach: the question is, poking with what? :D16:57
treach..let's not go there.16:58
predatorfreaktreach: Let's!16:58
predatorfreakNo wait.16:58
predatorfreakThen #crux would quickly degrade into /b/.16:58
predatorfreakand before long we'd all be screaming "SHOOP DA WHOOP."16:59
treachand listen to village people. :)16:59
predatorfreakHaven't you heard?16:59
predatorfreakAll 4channers listen to anymore is DragonForce.16:59
jjpk4chan is not too known around here it seems.17:01
predatorfreakncmpc can no longer display Cyrillic.17:01
predatorfreakDamn POS.17:01
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treachahm. that sounds like a serious problem.17:02
jjpkDepends on the encoding.17:03
predatorfreaktreach: It is, with my system setup to use UTF-8.17:03
predatorfreakIt should actually write freaking Cyrillic chars.17:03
predatorfreak... of course.17:03
predatorfreakIt would help if I was using the right version.17:03
* predatorfreak changes to svn version.17:03
predatorfreakThar, fancy Cyrillic characters.17:04
treachpredatorfreak: If you've got it set up to use UTF-8, would you mind making a write up for
predatorfreaktreach: Not that far yet.17:06
treachIIRC they were asking for something like that17:06
predatorfreakBut most apps will work if you do export LC_ALL="en_US.utf8"; export CHARSET="UTF-8"17:06
predatorfreakNot EVERYTHING, but everything I use.17:06
predatorfreakLike the only app that I know bitches about that is antiword.17:06
predatorfreakI mean, that's all I've ever had to do on CRUX to get it working.17:07
treachI'm using mrxvt, which doesn't understand UTF-8. Quite annoying sometimes.17:07
predatorfreaktreach: rxvt-unicode FTW! :317:07
treachI like my tabbed terminal. :P17:07
treachOtherwise I get a million windows.17:08
predatorfreakrxvt-unicode has a fancy perl script for tabbed windows.17:08
treachmmh, I think I'll wait for now.17:09
treachNo hurry going utf8 afic.17:09
treachworst that happens is that I sometimes get files with weird ass names.17:09
treach(national characters :> )17:10
predatorfreakAnother thing that needs to be done with CRUX is firefox with Pango and freetype2 with the fancy bytecode intrepreter.17:11
predatorfreakFirefox without Pango has huge fonts here.17:12
predatorfreakand freetype2 generates infinitely better looking fonts with the bytecode intrepreter.17:12
predatorfreakThe autohinter fucks up fonts more often that it helps.17:12
treachmake your own port then, if you have a problem.17:13
predatorfreaktreach: I already have ;)17:13
treachfrankly though I thougth it already used those libs, if they were present at compile-time.17:14
predatorfreakI'm already using a ton of my own ports, sadly.17:14
predatorfreakCRUX firefox disables pango explicitly.17:14
predatorfreakBecause it has build errors without a patch.17:15
predatorfreakBut it's worth one patch to get properly rendered fonts at times.17:15
jaegerpredatorfreak: got some comparison screenshots?17:15
jaegerI'd like to see it17:15
predatorfreakwith and window pango?17:16
predatorfreakSec, I've already got screenshots with pango, I just need one without.17:16
treachcould someone point me to the line where it disables pango?17:16
treachI must be going blind.17:16
predatorfreaktreach: err, it's just not enabled.17:17
predatorfreakSome stupidity of Firefox that it doesn't work out of the box, so they don't try to use it.17:17
treachah.. "00:14  <predatorfreak> CRUX firefox disables pango explicitly."17:17
predatorfreakjaeger: While scrot builds:
predatorfreaktreach: I misspoke myself :)17:18
predatorfreakjaeger: First one is freetype with the bytecode intrepreter and no autohinter.17:18
predatorfreakSecond one is freetype without the bytecode intrepreter and the autohinter on (currently how CRUX does it)17:18
predatorfreakBoth have Firefox built with Pango.17:19
treachfrom what I've read ff with pango is slow as molasses running uphill in the winter..17:19
treachany comments on that?17:19
predatorfreaktreach: Eh, it's a bit slower than xft only.17:19
predatorfreakbut it's worth it so the fonts aren't giant.17:19
predatorfreakand I don't notice the overhead.17:20
jaegerto be honest, neither one looks bad to me... different, most definitely, but not bad17:20
predatorfreakerr wait a second.17:20
predatorfreakTHAT'S OPERA.17:20
predatorfreakjaeger: Sorry, wrong browser ;)17:20
predatorfreakjaeger: bytecode intrepreter never causes what I call "bold letters without being bold".17:21
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*** aon_ has joined #crux17:21
predatorfreake.g. normal characters that wind up looking bold.17:21
*** aon_ has quit IRC17:21
predatorfreakFirefox without Pango.17:21
predatorfreakLet me build Firefox with pango ;)17:22
jaegerthere's still a fairly large difference between bold and non bold17:22
treachjaeger: lerning finnsh? :D17:22
jaegerlearning to type17:22
predatorfreakjaeger: Lemme screenshot it.17:22
treachsame difference. :P17:22
jaegerI think I'll refrain from torturing myself quite THAT much :)17:22
predatorfreakHuh, strangely it's not doing it now.17:23
predatorfreakI guess my super-powerful-godlike freetype2 build fixed it ;)17:23
predatorfreakNope there it is.17:24
predatorfreakI forgot it needs sub-pixel hinting to trigger it.17:24
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon17:24
predatorfreakSee how the i's are horribly bold?17:25
predatorfreakand the j's?17:25
predatorfreakWell, darker shapes, but they look bold thanks to autohinting fattening the letters XD17:26
treachjor fionts sucks. :)17:26
aonwhen will people learn to use fixed and nothing else :|17:26
aonwell, i guess i have all the important stuff running (irssi)17:27
aonoff to bed ->17:27
predatorfreakEverything looks infinitely better here with the bytecode intrepreter and no sub-pixel hinting.17:27
predatorfreakFor some odd reason.17:27
treachpredatorfreak: this is how it looks here, without pango. ->
treachgood enough for me.17:31
predatorfreakI see jaggies!17:31
predatorfreakand dark-i's!17:31
predatorfreaktreach: SATANISM!17:31
predatorfreaktreach: the /'s have jaggies in them.17:32
predatorfreakand are way too big.17:32
predatorfreakGiant fonts of evil!17:32
treachI can see that they are a bit jaggy, but that's all.17:33
treachAnd I can't say I'm distubed by the size.17:33
predatorfreakWhen my pango-Firefox finishes rebuilding I'll screenshot it.17:33
predatorfreakSo you don't notice how dark the i's are compared to the other characters?17:33
treachNo, I can't see that, really.17:33
treachotoh, I can barely keep my eyes open as it is.17:34
predatorfreaktreach: Your eyes are dying, get them replaced :P17:34
treachit's past bedtime.17:34
predatorfreaktreach: Pfft, who needs sleep?17:34
treachwe're not exacly in the same TZ, remember? :>17:34
predatorfreakYes, but if you can't stay away for 1 week straight without going insane you're not strong :P17:35
predatorfreak-away +awake17:35
treachI guess I'm not then.17:35
predatorfreakEvery real man tests themselves like that!17:35
treachI must be getting old.17:36
predatorfreaktreach: I don't know how old you are, so I couldn't say :P17:36
treachlet's just say, I'm no longer 20. :)17:36
predatorfreaktreach: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30?17:37
predatorfreakActually I can do that more efficiently.17:37
predatorfreak21-30 :P17:37
treachwell, I can do it shorter, and better.17:38
predatorfreaktreach: But that's not a range!17:38
predatorfreak33.37? :P17:39
treach20<x>40 goes as well I guess17:39
predatorfreakFirefox with pango versus without:
predatorfreak <-- Firefox with the patch, although it's not a straight CRUX-firefox-plus-pango.18:01
predatorfreakBut I can whip one up in a hurry.18:01
jjpkThe fonts just look smaller when pango is used.18:01
jjpkThe fonts in both shots look quite clean otherwise.18:01
predatorfreakjjpk: Yeah, XFT makes giant fonts.18:01
predatorfreakand I don't like that.18:01
predatorfreakThe fonts were WAY above the size I set.18:02
treachanyone who spends time to recompile firefox over that difference should get their mental status checked.18:04
jaegerperhaps, unless it actually causes some eye strain18:05
jjpkWaiting ages for firefox to compile is not my idea of fun.18:05
predatorfreaktreach: Compiled in ~30 minutes.18:05
predatorfreakand I had to update anyway.18:06
predatorfreakIt was to
jjpkI have been using the binary they release.18:06
predatorfreakSo fixing the fonts in the process wasn't really a problem.18:06
treachheh, ok, I guess your system has a bit more punch than mine. :>18:06
jaegerI don't "wait" for firefox to build, I start it and go do something else :)18:07
predatorfreakAlso netpbm needs a massive update :P18:07
predatorfreakVersion 10.39.0 is out.18:07
predatorfreaktreach: Plus, I still need to build k3b and kdelibs.18:07
predatorfreakand THAT will take ages ;)18:07
treachjaeger: It's not as much a question of waiting, as it's a question of the system basically being unuseable during that time. :)18:08
predatorfreaktreach: Build a kernel with CFS, jeez!18:08
treachpredatorfreak: not as long as you think really. :>18:08
predatorfreaktreach: Well, firefox takes about ~30 minutes uncached here.18:09
predatorfreakand kdelibs takes about 45-50 minutes.18:09
predatorfreakand k3b about 2-5 minutes.18:09
predatorfreakSo, a decent amount of time ;)18:09
jaegermaybe on older hardware but I haven't got that problem :)18:09
treachbut firefox doesn't run on it's own.18:09
treachjaeger: indeed..18:09
predatorfreakjaeger: KDE Libs on every system takes the longest of anything I regularly build.18:10
predatorfreakand this thing has a fancy-ass dual-core processor.18:10
predatorfreakPlus, I'm not counting the deps yet.18:10
treachpredatorfreak: you know, just counting the time for firefox and comparing it to qt+kdelibs+k3b etc, is a fallacy.18:10
jaegerI'm not disputing they take a while (though I don't build them), I'm saying that my hardware doesn't become useless while building firefox18:10
predatorfreaktreach: kdelibs ALONE is higher than firefox on every system I've built it on.18:11
predatorfreakAmazingly enough.18:11
predatorfreakSo, building kdelibs, it's various depends and k3b is probably a good hour-and-a-half of waiting.18:11
predatorfreakjaeger: Also, I've never had my system be entirely bogged down by building firefox.18:13
predatorfreakEven with mainline's scheduler, which for some odd reason, would bog down when I played video or used Firefox with flash, but not when I was compiling.18:14
treachwell, neither of you are on a poor asthmatic old athlon xp. :P18:16
treachwhich basically is fine for everything, except building firefox.18:16
predatorfreaktreach: I'd be glad it did build Firefox and didn't burn up or something ;)18:17
treachno such problem.18:18
treachcan't imagine why it would catch fire.18:18
treachAfter all, I haven't shut off overheating protection and removed the fan and heatsink..18:19
predatorfreaktreach: I've had CPUs just get really really hot on a cold boot because the heatsink fucks up or the thermal paste burns away.18:20
treachreally really hot != fire.18:23
treachAnd I've yet to hear about anyone succeding with the feat without resorting to the tactics above18:24
predatorfreaktreach: With enough dust it can turn into one ;)18:24
*** jjpk has quit IRC18:24
treachI semiregularily clean mine out, and that problem could happen to almost any cpu..18:25
treachespecially a P4. :P18:25
treachbtw, current cpu temp 43 C.18:26
predatorfreaktreach: 37C under load thanks to all this compiling :\18:27
predatorfreakThrough the magic of cool 'n' quiet I normally get it around 15C.18:27
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nipuLis anyone else getting a refcount assertion error with cairo?23:34
nipuLfound the problem, a buggy gtk theme/enging23:52

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