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jaegernipuL: what's the story with crux64 these days?00:55
nipuLstill trying to solve the multiarck pickle01:02
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RyoSsorry :s03:05
RyoSwasnt me :D03:05
* Romeo- moin moin03:07
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tilman_mavrick61: ping06:01
prologicyer _mavrick61 ping06:06
prologicplease fix email server06:06
prologicwe at *.au can't send to the list :/06:06
prologicdriving me nuts06:06
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Romsteri've given up on the ML untill it's fixed..08:19
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jjpkTHe ML saga continues.08:26
jjpkHave you tried getting a gmail account to use their smtp for sending mail to the list?08:26
jjpkCertainly not a very decent solution, but it should work.08:27
tilmanit pisses me off that my mail and irc pinging is ignored08:27
Romsteri've never seen _mavrick61 actually talk or been here at the time if he ever does.08:29
aonmmh, good luck on that08:29
aon(using gmail's smtp)08:29
treachgood luck?08:31
treachIt works for me..08:31
aonwell, i don't have non-relayed access to port 25 here08:35
treachyou don't need that08:36
treachtheir smtp server is on 58708:36
jjpkShould be enough to identify yourself and be able to connect to port 587.08:37
jjpkGiven you have an account from them.08:37
RedShiftisn't 587 message submission?08:37
RedShiftis that the same as SMTP?08:37
jjpkgmail probably just chose a nonstandard port.08:38
treachI presume that they chose to run the server on that port because of all isps that block 25.08:38
treachok, so at least it's not a randomly chose port.08:40
RedShiftthey don't have IMAP?08:43
RedShiftwell that's sad08:43
jjpkpop3 is perfectly fine to download your mail.08:44
aonah, okay08:45
aonespecially as the mail stays there even when you download it with pop08:45
aonor i think you can choose whether it does or not08:45
jjpkSome people keep everything in imap.08:45
jjpkoutgoing mail, incoming, sort mailing lists etc.08:46
RedShiftjjpk: jup, I do08:46
RedShiftI've got my whole e-mail archive on my imap account08:46
jjpkMy messages are deleted after a few days, but I have them downloaded and saved to my machines.08:47
jjpkI prefer having multipe active copies rather than centralizing.08:48
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aoni was wrong, seems like my lexmark supports ps too15:49
aonor at least the job count has a "ps emulation" field15:49
predatorfreakmm, there, I now have an up-to-date toolchain.15:52
predatorfreakNow I just need two billion hours to rebuild my system.15:52
treachprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst) ; goto sleep15:56
treachor something. :)15:57
thrice`screwing around with the 2.4 toolchain ?16:00
thrice`I would think you need to build packages in certain that not true?16:00
thrice`(in reference to going down the line of listinst)16:00
predatorfreaktreach: Actually I wrote my own script.16:00
predatorfreakIt supports rebuilding depends first.16:00
predatorfreakThat way you don't end up with one busted app and another fine :)16:01
predatorfreakthrice`: oh and no, custom thrown-together.16:01
thrice`predatorfreak: is your script available somewhere?  that's what I was thinking too ;)16:01
predatorfreakChange /bin/zsh if you don't have it.16:02
predatorfreakBut if you set it for bash be sure to put set -e at the top.16:02
thrice`I have /usr/bin/zsh indeed :)16:03
treachthrice`: it's true, but the process has worked pretty well for me in the past, with some care..16:03
treachobviously, I'm not a heavy kde/gnome user with millons of packages though. :P16:04
thrice`treach: right :)  I've actually never updated a crux install, always re-installed16:04
predatorfreaktreach: I'm too lazy to put care into it :P16:04
predatorfreakBlarg that's annoying.16:08
predatorfreakZSH 4.3.4 without multibyte doesn't display cyrillic properly.16:09
aoni just transliterated my cyrillic files :)16:09
predatorfreakaon: SATANISM!16:10
aonhmm, not all of them apparently, though16:10
predatorfreakAlso it's only with input :\16:10
predatorfreakIt's like.16:10
predatorfreakType ะด in cyrillic.16:10
aonand i transliterated them in the finnish way :)16:10
predatorfreakand get the unicode representation of it.16:11
aonnot that i understand it very well anyway16:11
predatorfreakHuh, now strangely zsh no longer deletes my prompt using multibyte in
predatorfreakMust be a magical GCC 4.2.1 fix :P16:13
predatorfreakand... YAY CYRILLIC WORKS AGAIN!16:13
thrice`predatorfreak: you do know that jue has compiled glibc 2.6.1 and gcc 4.2.1 for 2.4, right? :)16:14
thrice`and packaged16:14
predatorfreakthrice`: I already bumped everything here.16:14
predatorfreakand I prefer my glibc port :P16:15
predatorfreak <-- Mine steals the Arch way of generating locales.16:17
predatorfreakSaves time building the dang thing and it lets you pick which locales to generate without going overboard.16:18
thrice`your headers, though, are a bit outdated ;)16:18
predatorfreakOf course, the default is generate-every-damn-locale-evar.16:19
aoniirc certain finnish cruxers had that kind of functionality in like 2005 :)16:20
predatorfreakthrice`: I'm thinking of spending the time to setup something using the fancy make headers_install bit of the kernel.16:20
predatorfreakaon: Dang finnish!16:20
treach"Uncomment the ones you need."16:20
treachshouldn't that be, comment out the ones you *don't* need..?16:21
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah I got lazy and didn't update the bit at the top :P16:21
treachk, made more sense that way.16:22
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treachViper_: btw, pinentry doesn't list xorg as a dep, but it will currently not build without it.16:29
predatorfreakViper_: Oh and libpth refuses to install here unless make -j1 install BLAH is used.16:33
predatorfreakI don't know why.16:33
predatorfreakand I'm way too lazy to fix their b0rken makefiles ;)16:33
acrux|ppcthis new toolchain works fine on this cruxppc too16:40
acrux|ppcbut you need snapshots binutils16:40
acrux|ppcaka .18.5016:40
predatorfreakI haven't actually been able to FIND binutils
* predatorfreak gets buildaring16:50
acrux|ppcyou are able to FIND that link on binutils homepage too16:50
predatorfreakacrux|ppc: With digging.16:50
thrice`google binutils-2.18.50 :)16:51
predatorfreakWell not really.16:51
predatorfreakBut digging for me.16:51
predatorfreakSince I'm lazy :P16:51
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