IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-08-28

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pitillogood morning00:43
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SiFuhfvwm man page is useless02:00
namenloshm, i would say, that it is difficult to find something in there..02:01
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)02:08
DarkNekrosgood morning02:08
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bdfyRoomster: Hi! I can't get google-earch from your port, becouse Md5sum mismatch.03:14
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Roomsterah i gotta finish updating that thts a old version i did, i'll do that soon in runescape atm03:17
_mavrick61Hi.. When I run kernel makemenu I get strange characters, can't read. Any suggestion?03:17
_mavrick61Found it.. export LC_ALL="POSIX"03:21
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tilman_mavrick61: did you see my mail re.'s mail server?03:42
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SiFuhfvwm is still a pain in the ass.. whoever wrote the manpages is a geek on amphetamines..06:32
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thrice`heh...I've never managed to get something working well with fvwm06:56
treachsmall steps. :)07:04
treachand, never forget; If you can't take the heat.. :p07:05
thrice`tilman: around ?07:05
thrice`install another window manager? :P07:05
treachyeah. It's not like you *have* to use it. :)07:06
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thrice`treach: how well is your german ?07:13
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treachI read it pretty well, and I do understand spoken german unless they talk really fast.07:14
treachI suck at writing and speaking it though.07:14
namenlosthrice`: what do you want to translate?07:14
thrice`I can't find the word I'm looking for.  our german professor used to address us as "Meine Domerenhern" or similar, but I can't find the correct phrase in the dictionary07:15
mrksthrice`: i think it is: "Meine Damen und Herren", like ladies and gentlemen07:18
namenlosmrks: yes, that would fit. i was looking what he could meant with domeren ;)07:19
treachunless it's "meine Domherren" :p07:19
thrice`ah - makes sense.  I thought I was missing a slang phrase or something07:19
thrice`thanks mrks07:20
treachLadies and Gentlemen are both Nouns, right? :p07:21
treachI really wish they'd drop that stupidity, it doesn't add anything of value, and is just another thing to keep track of.07:22
mrksthrice`: np07:22
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namenlosis anyone of you using the tetex package? i got problems while compilign it: . somehow i am confused about the "\u@\h:\w\n" in line 2297...07:30
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SiFuhthrice`: i got a few things to work.. it just takes forever to find something. There also seems to be different ways for doing the same thing under different subsections. There tends to be more useless information than anything...07:48
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jaegerRomster: looks like libtheora is building with -O3 even with your CFLAGS tweak08:36
jaegerRomster: got a link to a bug report or something about the optimization problems?08:39
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tilmanthrice`: i'm here10:15
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thrice`tilman: I had a german translation question...disregard :)10:48
tilmanthrice`: glad i could help ;D10:49
thrice`much appreciated10:50
thrice`I understood a quick-speaker as "Domerenhern" (or similar), and thought it was a slang greeting or something.  Turns out it was probably Damen und herren10:53
jjpkIf it was the first thing you heard, then it probably was the greeting.10:54
tilmanthrice`: yeah, that's it probably10:54
thrice`yeah, I think so :)10:57
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DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)16:46
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nipuLholy moly SiFuh is still alive?19:47
SiFuhi didn't know I had come close to death nipuL20:02
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SiFuhhmm got a question...23:58
SiFuh .profile is being read on one machine, but not the other.. what would be the cause most likely cause ?23:59

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