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predatorfreakSiFuh: Shit fucking blows up, bash version differences?00:00
SiFuhi dont use bash.. its just sh00:01
SiFuhactually investigating it a bit more, seems that .profile is not being read under X but is through console.00:02
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pitillogood morning00:46
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DarkNekrosgood morning you all ;)00:50
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SiFuhwish the thinkpad had a bigger screen03:07
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RedShiftSiFuh: there are thinkpads with a 1400x1050 resolution too03:17
SiFuhyeah? but not mine :-(03:18
RedShiftwhich model?03:18
RedShiftah an older series03:18
RedShiftI know the r52 has models with SXGA, but I don't know about the R5003:18
RedShiftwhat are its specs?03:19
SiFuh Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz03:20
SiFuh 512 MB RAM03:20
SiFuh (14.1-in) TFT, 1024 x 76803:20
RedShifta pure IBM03:20
RedShiftbefore lenovo took over :-)03:20
SiFuhand best part is it only runs OpenBSD03:21
RedShiftwhat do you mean it only runs OpenBSD?03:22
SiFuhI am it's god, and I command it to run only OpenBSD03:22
RedShiftwell that's kind of sad03:22
RedShifteven freebsd is better for desktop03:22
RedShiftbut not openbsd :X03:22
SiFuhwill the only thing i am lacking is 3d acceleration03:23
SiFuhoh and firewire..03:23
SiFuhbut everything else works :-)03:23
RedShiftthat's what you get from theo living in the past :X03:23
RedShifthell openbsd doesn't even have decent SMP support03:24
RedShiftand built-in limits that are clearly from the past03:24
RedShiftnetworking is great though03:25
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RedShiftbut that's about it03:25
SiFuhactually the only thing i really miss when i changed from freebsd to openbsd is a working xcin2503:27
namenlosanyone here familliar with the tetex port?03:50
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namenlosanyone got an idea, what someone wants to achieve with "\u@\h:\w\n" as cflag in a Makefile?06:18
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mike_knamenlos: looks like something for getty or /etc/issue. What exactly does it looks like?06:26
mike_kor just for $PS106:27
namenlosmike_k: hm, this is a x program, so i doubt, that it got something to do with getty. more precisely its in the cflags for the xdiv program...06:34
namenlosthis tetex thing starts to annoy me...06:35
pitillonamenlos, have you tried to contact viper and ask him that Q?06:36
namenlospitillo: afaik sip is the maintainer of tetex atm. i tried to contact him already...06:37
pitillonamenlos, yes sorry, was sip. I think he must know what he did in that port.06:38
namenlospitillo: he didn't write back until now.06:38
namenlosmaybe viper knows that, too.06:38
mike_knamenlos: got an url for the tarball?06:39
namenlosmike_k: i got 3 ;) :$name-src-$version.tar.gz,$name-texmf-$version.tar.gz,$name-texmfsrc-$version.tar.gz06:39
pitillonamenlos, can be, but not sure if he followed the port. sip wasn't here since 2 weeks, may be holidays06:39
namenlosmike_k: but i think the texmfsrc package is not needed.06:40
namenlosmike_k: atm i try to compile the first tarball.06:40
namenlossorry, $version should be 3.006:41
namenlosand $name should be tetex06:41
mike_knamenlos: I mean the app with strange cflags in a Makefile06:47
mike_kis it a part of tetex?06:47
namenlosthe app is in the first tarball.06:47
namenlosmike_k: yes.06:47
mike_knamenlos: can you please `echo $ps_def`? Looks like it should be set to "-DPS_GS" in a makefile... but is replaced with a shell prompt template somehow07:00
mike_kI didn't try to build it though07:01
namenlos$ps_def on my normal console? it is empty.07:03
mike_kbut "\u@\h:\w\n" looks like the $PS107:04
namenlosmike_k: true, this is my shell prompt...07:05
mike_ktry to examine Makefile after configure step. might give a hint07:05
namenlosi also put it into the variable $PS_DEF.07:05
mike_kbut ps_def!=PS_DEF o_007:06
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namenlosi'll try to rebuild it with $PS_DEF unset.07:11
SiFuhrxi been around lately?07:20
rxinot really07:21
SiFuhhaha pm07:21
namenlosmike_k: thanks, now it works. i still wonder how you came to the fact, that $PS_DEF is the problem.07:29
mike_knamenlos: np. "\u@\h:\w\n" looked like PS1 and the Makefile contained "ps_def" (found by searching "cflags")07:33
mike_kgnu make manual: Variable names are case-sensitive07:34
mike_kso how does it happen anyway?07:35
namenlosmike_k: i got no idea. maybe it checks somewhere caseinsensitive...07:35
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jaegerpredatorfreak: finally got some time to check out cups/gtk - any problems at all since applying that patch or is it fine?08:32
predatorfreakjaeger: Appears to be fine.08:32
predatorfreakI haven't had any problems since applying it, no side-effects or anything.08:33
jaegerok. I'll get it updated in a few minutes08:33
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koilazkahi, does binutils work on crux?09:03
thrice`i hope so, it ships in core :)09:04
koilazkait comes with crux?09:05
rehabdolluh, yes09:08
jaegerpredatorfreak: updated, thanks for the patch09:08
predatorfreakjaeger: No problem.09:08
koilazkathanks :)09:08
predatorfreakkoilazka: .... what distro are you transferring from where you don't get binutils out of the box? o.O09:08
koilazkapredatorfreak: i havent downloaded it yet, but ive had loads of probrlems getting binutils to work on other linux os's09:10
rehabdolluh, seriously?09:10
rehabdollbinutils is quite essential09:11
predatorfreakO.O What do you run?09:11
koilazkai was trying loads of live cd's out ( probaly my problem )09:11
predatorfreakDang Fedora test builds?09:11
koilazkagnewsense, slax, few others09:11
predatorfreakFor slax to have a fucked up binutils I've got serious questions what they're doing to slackware...09:12
koilazkaproblem could just be me09:12
thrice`koilazka: yes, binutils is very essential to running :)09:13
koilazkacrux looks a little complicated to install09:21
thrice`have you checked the documentation?  it's pretty good09:22
koilazkayea, im reading, do you do this in crux's console?09:23
koilazkathis stuff, $ mkreiserfs /dev/hd??, $ mount /dev/hd?? /mnt09:25
koilazkanever mind, i see09:26
rehabdollbut dont use reiserfs :)09:33
koilazkathanks rehabdoll09:35
thrice`I like reiserfs09:36
koilazkastill looks complication, not sure if i should try09:36
predatorfreakthrice`: Are you a member of the "Cult Of Resier-didn't-kill-his-wife-and-bury-her-in-his-flower-garden" too? :D09:37
jaegernot sure how reiser being crazy makes reiserfs a bad thing to use09:39
thrice`I think reiser3 was out way before that ever happend09:39
predatorfreakthrice`: Sure it was.09:39
predatorfreakHeck my root is reiserfs.09:40
koilazkathanks for ya help , cya all09:48
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bjohanwhat is the a cdrom/dvd usb device called when using the install cd?12:01
tilmandepends on the type of your system12:02
tilmanif you have ide hard disks, the cdrom is usually /dev/hdc12:03
tilmanon sata systems, it's probably /dev/hda12:03
bjohantilman, ok, thanks i'll try12:03
thrice`tilman: so a xorg release tomorrow?  or is that optimistic for them :)12:04
bjohantilman, none of those :(12:05
tilmanbjohan: examine 'dmesg' output12:05
tilmanthrice`: won't happen12:05
bjohantilman, well the kernel cant find the root file system so it panics and thats it :(12:06
thrice`tilman: I figured :)  aren't they usually a few weeks behind what they propose ?12:06
bjohanmaybe i can read the output if i try to read real fast :)12:06
tilmanbjohan: ah! in that case  you might have to change the root partition at the lilo prompt12:06
thrice`do you have 2 optical drives ?12:06
tilmanie boot with "crux root=/dev/hda"12:07
thrice`if your booting from CD-rom, you'll need crux root=/dev/hdc12:07
tilmanor maybe /dev/hdd12:07
tilmanthrice`: this time it's a new release manager team12:07
bjohantilman, the laptop has no optical drive so i have one plugged in on usb12:07
tilman /dev/sda maybe?12:08
bjohantried that :(12:08
thrice`or sda112:08
tilmanbjohan: but i don't know off-hand whether the kernel supports booting from usb at all :O12:08
bjohantilman, it usually does after i figure out what the device is called :)12:08
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thrice`if it's the only usb device, sda1 might work12:09
bjohanor i'll just plug it in to another computer and see what it says12:09
tilmanthrice`: even though that's a partition on a device, rather than the device itself?12:10
thrice`tilman: wouldn't you think?  isn't a USB key, for example, the same way ?12:10
tilmanthrice`: an usb key is like a hard disk, it can have several partitions12:11
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bjohanthe device is called sr0 on another machine12:15
tilmanmakes sense12:16
tilmansince it's not a hard drive :)12:16
bjohanyeah :) but not on the laptop :(12:17
bjohanCRUX root=/dev/sr012:17
tilmanbjohan: you could try jaeger's "updated crux cd"12:17
tilmanit has better support for at least *some* hardware12:17
tilmanit's somewhere near jaeger.morpheus.net12:17
bjohanok, thanks!12:17
thrice`or, if you have another liveCD that auto-detects ?12:17
bjohanbut i have installed the same version of crux from another usb cdrom a few times before12:18
bjohanslow host :(12:22
tilmanbbl or so12:22
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thrice`bjohan: really?  I usually get about 400 k/s from his server12:34
treachsome difference in distance. :>12:40
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treachfrankly I think there's something strange along the way. When I fetched it recently, I got traffic in "waves", spanning from 0 to 1.2 MB/s.13:09
treachwell, it was more like a sawtooth than a wave actually.13:11
bjohanthrice`, i get about 40 :(13:13
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treachtoo bad I just threw away the isofile :p13:16
treachjaeger: does morpheus have problems today? It "takes too long time to respond" when I try to connect via the "downloads" page.13:21
treachbtw, it could be a good idea if our friends on this side of the pond hosted the updated iso as well.13:23
* treach looks at surrounder, rugek among others. :)13:23
jaegertreach: it's not the server specifically, our network's been hit hard lately for some reason13:26
jaegermight be bot storm, might just be students (school started again recently)13:26
bjohanjaeger, does the updated crux cd support USB cdroms?13:55
jaegertheoretically, but I don't have any to test14:03
bjohanjaeger have any idea what the device would be called? sr0?14:06
jaegersr0, scd0 perhaps14:06
bjohani've tried both, non work :(14:06
bjohanis there any way i could slow down the output of the kernel so it is readable?14:07
treachmm, pressing "pause"?14:08
jaegertry that, or scroll lock14:08
jaegerat the worst, rebuild the iso with some pauses in the script or something14:08
bjohanit is the kernel output that i want to read, to see if it finds the cdrom14:09
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jaegerwish I had a usb cdrom to test that sort of thing14:18
bjohanjaeger, i dont know if it is just this one14:22
bjohani had another one wich i have installed from before14:22
bjohanor i still have it but its to much work..14:23
jaegeryou know, I could probably test it by opening up my usb/firewire HD enclosure and plugging a CDROM into it instead14:24
bjohanjaeger, that is what i did before14:25
bjohanbut i think that the device name was something quite strange14:25
bjohanjust cant remember14:25
jaegerwhen you plug the usb cdrom into a system that's already booted or boot with a livecd that supports it, is there anything useful in /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info for it?14:26
bjohani can check, just conna boot my other computer14:27
bjohanjaeger, what kind of info were you thinking of?14:27
jaegerthe drive name: line14:27
jaegerthat's what the script searches to find cdroms14:27
jaeger(though of course the kernel would need to support it)14:28
jaegerI'm just curious14:28
bjohanok, just a minute14:28
bjohandrive name is sr014:29
bjohanthis is odd14:31
bjohani used the boot cd in a ide drive, and had the usb one plugged in14:32
bjohanit is called /dev/sr014:32
bjohanso why does it not work when i use that with root= ?14:32
jaegerwell, with the updated CD you shouldn't even need to specify root= since the script searches for cdroms anyway14:34
jaegerbut with that said, the usb controller drivers are built as modules instead of builtin14:34
bjohanand they are on the root file system?14:35
jaegerthe intent is to load those modules from the initial ram filesystem, find the CD, then switch to a real root14:36
jaegernot sure how that's affected by specifying root=, may not be14:36
jaegerit would be neat if virtualbox or qemu or vmware could emulate a usb cdrom14:37
jaegerwould make testing easier14:37
bjohanjaeger, cant it?14:37
bjohanI've used qemu with a usb memory14:38
jaegerI don't think so but maybe I'm wrong14:38
bjohani think you can forward usb devices to qemu14:38
jaegerI imagine you can hook one up via usb and the virtual machine use it but since I still don't have one...14:38
jaegerI'm talking about it emulating one entirely, not using a physical one14:38
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roliveiragood evening14:51
roliveirawhen building a port what is the best way to write the dependencies on the Pkgfile? should we use a space or a comma to separate the dependencies?14:53
jaegerboth are valid. I prefer commas, myself14:58
treachfrom what I've seen you use both, at the same time :p14:58
roliveirawill use only commas from know on :D15:00
jaegerdep1, dep2, dep3 <-- etc.15:00
jaegerpersonal preference15:00
roliveiraok, thank you15:01
roliveirato both15:01
treachmmh, I wonder what dash/mksh etc makes of that..15:01
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thrice`treach: who cares? :P15:25
treachpeople who tries to avoid bashisms?15:26
thrice`same with all of our Pkgfiles...wasn't there an issue with source=(blah) as opposed to source="blah" ?15:27
treachsure, but that could be solved simply.15:27
jaegerthe depends line isn't parsed by bash anyway15:27
treachk, then the problem is moot.15:27
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DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)17:32
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SemionoI'm  blacklisted some pakages...19:33
Semionofor ascii devil etc...19:34
Semionoand kill it in my distro19:34
SemionoNow I get bug from setup script 8)19:34
treach...mad as a hatter.19:34
Semionoa hard bug has within binutilites... the bash dont work :(19:37
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SemionoI regret that19:37
SemionoI will try to inject other version of binutils ;)19:45
Semionoif develop has indifferent.19:48
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Roomstergotta laugth at this ^^20:48
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nipuLis there anything that doesn't suck about vista23:40
jaegeractually, yes. its sound subsystem fixes some issues xp had23:42
jaegerother than that...23:43
nipuLas soon as i heard that they were rewriting the network stack i knew there would be trouble23:45
nipuLi bet it was all balmers idea "god damn bsd, what do they know about networking"23:47
predatorfreakjaeger: In the process of fixing those problems, they introduced problems for high-performance situations by removing hardware acceleration.23:52
predatorfreakSo... double-edged sword :P23:52
jaegerno surprise there, really :)23:53

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