IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-08-30

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RyoSgood that i only use windows for bioshock :p00:18
jaegermy desktop isn't up to the task of running bioshock00:20
jaegerat least not with any decent graphical settings00:20
RyoSmy dads desktop is00:23
RyoSi wonder why but he got an dell xps 600 from his working place - new and for free00:24
RyoSsomething like a "thank you" for the year.. this is weird00:24
RyoSi want that beast too :P00:24
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pitillogood morning00:44
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SiFuhwhat's up ?03:20
tilmandicks and helicopters03:23
RedShiftlol tilman03:28
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DarkNekrosgood morning you all ;)03:36
RedShiftsup DarkNekros03:36
RedShiftman I'm glad you got rid of that @03:36
RedShiftI hated it03:36
RedShiftespecially in the mornings03:36
SiFuhdicks in helicopters?03:36
tilmannono, nevermind03:37
DarkNekrosRedShift, I didn't notice that my @ could be so painful xDD03:37
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SiFuhin irssi the @ looks like a goober stuck to the front of your name.. ike when someone blows a grey chinese oyster out their nose and it flies off and sticks to something in public view..03:58
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XATRIXmike_k> please...release my nick from the ban list...#skyinet :))06:31
mike_kXATRIX: I wish I knew how to talk to that bot. contact me on that server.06:38
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RomsterI remind for your information that FreeBSD and Crux distribution contain FunionFS in a native way.07:08
Romsterwoot and i don't see it in the ports db07:08
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roma1Hi, i am new to crux.07:35
roma1Installation run without problems,07:35
roma1but now i am trying to install additional software through the ports-system.07:35
treachread handbook, faq?07:35
thrice`roma1: awesome :)07:36
roma1I experience problems with downloading of packages.07:36
roma1we are using a proxy here07:36
roma1how can i tell eg.: prt-get to use a proxy ?07:36
roma1i think it uses wget for downloading07:37
treachprt-get doesn't have anything to do with downloading your ports.07:39
treachyou're looking for httpup.07:39
RedShiftdamn summer07:41
RedShiftmaking me sneeze all the time07:41
RedShiftI wish I was at a datacenter now07:41
RedShiftnothing that can make you sneeze :X07:41
treachoh, you mean like an ac induced bad cold?07:42
RedShiftI've never catched a cold because of an aircooler before07:43
treachLucky you then.07:45
RedShifteven the airconditioner in my car is constantly on07:46
XATRIXmike_k> i can't do that.....i'm banned there. try to find entry in the ban list....07:47
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RedShiftXATRIX: that's a private address range07:48
RedShiftwhy not just change your computer's ip address then07:48
treachone would wonder why you'd bother with banning private ranges..07:49
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mike_kthat is a local server07:49
roma1@mike_k: thx, now it works :)07:52
mike_kroma1: np. httpup is very slow though07:52
roma1i needed these settings for: "prt-get sysup"07:55
mike_kroma1: there are a few so-called 'drivers' available. the 'httpup' can be used over http proxy, others - can't07:57
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mike_kroma1: I am afraid current (core,opt) ports tree is not available through httpup. You can use gitweb to download a tarball:
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Allintell me plz how install crux on pda?08:09
tilmanwtf o_O08:10
tilmani meant xatrix ;)08:11
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roma1@mike_k: i think i need some time to get into cruxs package-management, quite a lot of options08:12
roma1prt-get, httpup, gitweb, ....08:12
mike_kroma1: gitweb is not in the list. it will just allow you to get fresh ports tree within your proxy08:13
mike_kin fact it is very simple 'package management' system08:14
thrice`you could probably write drivers that will replace rsync and use git...I think someone might have done that in the past08:14
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_Allin_õå ;)09:57
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ubituxhi :)12:29
thrice`hi ubitux12:42
ubituxI come from Archlinux but I didn't know Crux12:44
ubituxwhy use Crux instead of Archlinux ?12:44
ubituxI'm interesting in testing Crux12:44
ubituxArchlinux is a fork of Crux12:45
tilmanif you think that archlinux is too polished, crux might be for you ;)12:46
thrice`the main difference is that crux is source-based, while arch is binary12:47
ubituxwhat ? I have read that it's a i686 distro :s12:48
tilmanthrice`: really? i thought they have something like ports o_O12:48
mx1im going to switch to crux from arch soon also12:48
thrice`tilman: I think think they have similar building system, but i was almost certain it's mainly binary12:49
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tilmanthrice`: mmh. it's been a long while since i looked at arch ;o12:50
thrice`tilman: that's for the better, probably :P13:00
predatorfreakubitux: As both a CRUX & Arch user, I find myself preferring CRUX.13:10
predatorfreakand really, Arch can no longer be considered an "Arch fork."13:10
predatorfreakThey've diverged too far from the original CRUX setup to be a proper fork.13:11
ubituxcan you explains why Crux ?13:11
predatorfreakSource-based rather than binary, allows me to do stupid shit to packages, simplicity of base system, lack of "OHHH SHINY" changes (that happens a lot in Arch, sadly) and one of the best communities.13:12
ubituxI'll test it so13:13
predatorfreakThe biggest problem I always have with Arch is their usage of rather complex programs in their "base" system for a "simple" distro.13:13
predatorfreakStuff like PAM.13:13
predatorfreakWhich tends to breed more problems than it's worth.13:13
tilman"one of the best communities" <313:14
predatorfreaktilman: Yes, I do love the CRUX community :P13:14
predatorfreakYou know, speaking of the community, that reminds me, where the hell is Han? o.O13:15
thrice`long story :)13:15
predatorfreakthrice`: Did he decide to take on the Bush administration single-handed for "lying" about 911?13:16
tilman#openbsd probably13:16
tilmanpredatorfreak: hhehe, i remember him rambling about loose change :D13:16
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I'm sure there's a couple of "freedom nuts" in #openbsd who will share his thoughts on 911 ;)13:17
* tilman only knew of freedom fries so far13:18
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sepenhi all13:35
sepenRomster, ping13:35
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NTOSwhat the problem,?17:08
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Romstersepen, pong17:50
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