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pitillogood morning00:39
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DarkNekroshi you all01:18
DarkNekrosgood morning ;)01:19
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RedShiftsup tilman03:21
tilmannot much03:21
RedShiftagain with the patches03:21
RedShiftI swear they're going to have PKGBUILDs looking like rpm specfiles sooner or later03:22
tilmanwouldn't surprise me03:23
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SiFuhhi aon03:34
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woakhey, when i run startx i get "No devices found" any idea to what causes this error03:47
teKbroken xorg.conf?03:49
woaknah it doesnt seem like anythings wrong with it.03:51
tilmanupload full /var/llog/Xorg.log to or so03:55
namenlosgrep '(EE)\|(WW)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:55
namenloshm, too slow...03:56
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treach"quick, but wrong". :)04:06
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treachmmh, syncing ports is mega-slow right now..04:10
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SiFuhnamenlos: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |sed -e s^EE^WW^g04:23
prologicrm -rf /var/log/*04:24
SiFuhlucky he isn't a newbie. Be suprised how many fall for that.04:27
prologicshould jump on #ubuntu and go04:28
prologic"hey guess wot?! I learnt this great command!"04:28
prologic"type: rm -rf /"04:28
prologicgod help their souls if they're logged in as root :)04:29
namenlosSiFuh: problem solved *gg*04:29
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SiFuhi  remember on #suse channel about 8 years ago. I was helping a guy and the command I gave him fixed his problem but also sent his root password to me..  it was obvious as anything and yet he did it!04:29
prologichow silly :)04:30
prologicjust proves my point04:30
prologica. people are stupid04:30
prologicb. people don't think04:30
namenlosand how could i get a plaintext password?04:30
prologicwe live in a reliant society04:30
SiFuhi kind of laughed and told him what he had done.. much of #suse was in an uproar04:30
SiFuhhe had to become root to run the command..04:30
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rxisomeone needs to learn how to spell04:59
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RedShifttilman: lol, STOP hammertime05:10
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SiFuhwhat do you want to watch is a good one.05:35
SiFuhoh i see the hammertime  thats sweet05:37
SiFuhthanks tilman that's made my day..05:39
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tilmani didn't get the hammertime one06:09
rximc hammer06:11
RedShifttilman: man that's just a giant hole in your culture06:11
tilmanyeah, i just looked it up on wp ;)06:12
tilmani know the song06:12
RedShiftwikipedia has a hammertime article? lol06:12
SiFuhhmm, I have all MC Hammers albums..06:14
SiFuhoh i didn't say that... shame shame06:14
RedShiftthe german version is great too06:15
RedShiftSTOP! Hammerzeit!06:15
SiFuhRedShift: this a porn site?06:15
RedShiftit would be funny as a porn site though06:17
RedShift"young innocent teens... meet... T H E  P O U N D E R"06:17
RedShiftOh yes, mister pounder yes! pound me! pound me hard mister pounder!06:17
SiFuhhe must be an affialiate to goatse.cx06:18
RedShiftI got a great remix of the mc hammer song06:18
RedShiftIt's the only copy I got06:19
RedShiftI've looked everywhere for the original vinyl or single cd06:19
RedShiftcan't find it :'(06:19
SiFuhyou didn't look at my place did you?06:19
RedShiftSiFuh: your place?06:19
SiFuhi even got the hit single on tape casette06:19
SiFuhas well as the dancin machine and pray on the second single06:20
RedShiftthe remix by beam & cyrus?06:20
DaViruzMcHammer, is that like a new McDonalds burger?06:20
RedShiftLOL DaViruz06:20
RedShiftSiFuh: it's the remix by beam & cyrus I'm looking for06:20
SiFuhactually speaking of music. ANyone know who wrote the song "Refried Beans" ?06:20
RedShiftrunning memtest is so boring06:21
tilmanare you implying that mc hammer isn't music?06:21
SiFuhInside_Out Lets_Get_It_Started Please_Hammer_Dont_Hurt_em The_Funky_Headhunter The_Great_Hammer Too_Legit_To_Quit Hammers_Greatest_Hits Adams_Family_Reprise06:23
SiFuhFunky Head Hunter was the best06:23
SiFuhRedShift: listening now..06:23
RedShiftyou like it?06:24
SiFuhthe beat seems to be intune with Hammerzeite06:24
SiFuhSuper Freak06:26
SiFuhgoing to buy some DXM  see you all later..06:29
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NTOShi, what the kernel used crux?10:45
tilmanthe version that ships with the current release is somewhere on http://crux.nu10:47
tilmanusually, you'll update the kernel manually manually10:47
tilmanie the kernel isn't part of the package system10:48
NTOSsank's ))10:48
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rehabdoll"The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability13:12
rehabdollof PHP 5.2.4."13:12
tilmani'd be excited if they'd announce the *delayed* release of something13:13
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NTOSi want to install linux to fat partition it is possible?15:18
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NTOSwell... bye bye15:21
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jaegerpatience and google can answer many questions15:24
jaegerI'm out for the weekend, take care15:41
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nipuLsweet, py3k release17:11
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Semionois here a develop or ony users is here? )17:58
Semionothe crux developers17:59
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thrice`Services__: well, mostly users, but there are developers.  there is also #crux-devel18:31
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