IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-09-01

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bdfyHi!! Is there somebody using gtksee?06:14
tilmanbdfy: not me, but maybe just describing the problem will turn up somebody who can help :)06:15
bdfyI was build thiss application from sepen`s port. But program seys "Segmentation fault" :(06:17
nipuLcan you get a backtrace?06:18
tilmanyeah, get a debug build first06:18
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bdfyI need type: "strace gtksee"?06:20
nipuLthat's one way, a better way is to build it again with debugging symbols06:21
tilmani'd rather suggest using gdb on the debug build06:21
nipuLadd -g to your CFLAGS06:22
bdfynipuL: Thanks.06:22
tilmanand use 'pkgmk -ns -kw'06:22
nipuLand give me your credit card details06:23
bdfynipuL: :))06:23
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tilmancan anyone recommend a program that monitors my laptop battery's status, and plays a sound when it's about to be drained?12:25
tilmannon gnome or kde, please ;)12:25
aondunno, but it seems almost impossible to script something like that12:26
tilmanyeah, but i'm lazy12:26
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