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SiFuhthis windows vista  is it worth wasting my time and messing around with?02:12
prologicmost definately not02:17
prologicit's a pos02:17
prologicxp is far better02:18
blerdagreed even better off with 95 i would think02:23
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prologicwell personally I'm far better off with crux02:31
prologicbut anyways02:31
SiFuhhmm I might install the crux later on. But the kernel of linux is pretty shocking..02:33
prologicdidn't realize02:42
prologicwhat would you suggest ?02:42
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SiFuhi would suggest that crux has probably changed a fair bit since I last used it back in early 2000 :-P04:30
mxqwhat do you mean?04:31
SiFuhi don't know..04:31
SiFuhi am going to have to check the crux irc log because these conversations make no sense like i have ignored someone or something...04:32
SiFuhprologic: what scares me about the linux kernel is the code is not strictly filtered yet. You browse the source code and come across lines like "Does this really belong here?" and "I hope this will work" or "And a another quick dirty hack"04:36
SiFuhit kind of leads me to lose a little faith in what I am running :-P04:36
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prologicI disagree04:50
prologicthese are most likely archtectural issues that developers have04:50
prologicand will continue to evolve over time04:50
prologicwhat you're coming across are newer features and neewer code04:50
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jjpkLinux as a kernel appears much more developing and radical compared to openbsd.06:06
jjpkSure they might emphasize correctness, but it leads to stagnation and conservatism.06:06
jjpkWhich in turn limits how much you can squeeze out of your hardware.06:07
trielIs "stagnation and conservatism" a synonym for stability? ;)06:08
jjpkIn openbsd's case, yes. :p06:09
jjpkIt, hoewever, cuts in both directions.06:11
jjpkYou might secure what you have, but then you will lag behind.06:11
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