IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-09-04

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pitillogood morning00:51
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juffto autoload modules, do you just add them to /etc/rc.modules ?01:25
tilmanjuff: or rather, you add "modprobe this"01:26
pitilloor add support to autoload modules on your kernel01:26
juffah ohk01:27
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xbabypuncherxcrux or arch02:44
pitilloread about both and make your choice02:45
xbabypuncherxi wish the crux forum was not closed02:46
* blerd wishes the same02:47
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blerdxbabypuncherx, ur processor 64bit ?02:50
xbabypuncherxA64 3700+ sandiego02:54
blerdah nice..well arch is borin..really.02:54
RedShiftblerd: let's make things frugal then!02:55
blerdumm okay then..lets not lol02:56
xbabypuncherxwhat makes it more boring than crux02:56
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xbabypuncherx<== (not a troll)02:56
blerdwell crux requires you to think really, arch pretty much does everything for you..might aswell rollback to ubuntu.02:57
blerdwell maybe not that far..02:57
* blerd thats the one..02:58
xbabypuncherxthe package system in arch kind of annoyed me02:58
xbabypuncherxalthough i used arch for quite a while02:58
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rugekhi there. I'm looking for core/opt httpup repofiles06:32
rxithey use rsync now06:33
rugekcan't find anything in wiki :/06:33
rugekI know06:33
rugekbut httpup is blocked by the fw06:33
rugekso, no httpup repos :(06:36
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mike_krugek: you can get something similar from gitweb on Just some perl magic or day to day dirty job by hand.06:57
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tilmanit's pretty damn scary when suddenly a random binary gives errors like this09:26
thrice`tilman: what is your PS1 line?  I like that09:26
tilmanthe text comes from /usr/sbin/alsactl itself, btw09:27
tilmani guess ldd just triggers it, too, because it tries to load the elf binary09:27
tilmanthrice`: '\u@\h [\w] > '09:27
thrice`thanks :)09:27
tilman"verneed record" sounds just strange09:28
tilmani didn't even touch anything related to alsa lately09:30
tilmanreadelf: Error: bad dynamic symbol (twice)09:31
tilmanaha ._o09:31
treachmmh, I recently got some error about some iptables module; "blabla is not an elf binary" or some such09:31
treachfeels somehow related09:31
tilmani think i should make some backups09:36
treachheh. getting sweaty? :p09:36
tilmanbut really, what else can it be?09:36
treachno idea.09:37
tilmansysklogd 1.5 is working nicely on my desktop too, btw09:37
treachas expected. Finding prpblems nobody else does is my talent, remember? :p09:55
tilmandoes it still hang for you?09:56
treachahem, no.. since crux is out for the moment, still :D09:56
treachbut I haven't had any problems on the laptop, that I've noticed at least.09:57
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j^2hey sepen16:47
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pedjaCan qt3 and qt4 be installed at the same time?17:01
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sepenpedja, yeah17:08
sepenpedja, cptn wrote a Pkgfile that works with both of them17:08
sepenbut unfortunately isn't yet available17:09
pedja sepen Thanks for reminding me, I found it.It is for qt-4.1.5, but it shouldn't be too hard to modify/update.17:15
pedjaGood night.17:15
_mavrick61Urgent info: servern will be down for replacement of UPS. Estimated time for this work is less then 30 minute. But you never know.17:29
jaegerthanks for the notification :)17:37
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_mavrick61I hope the server works as it should. And now we have more secure power supply.19:50
jaegernice :)19:54
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SiFuh30 miuntes to change a ups ??21:32
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jaegersome people are never happy :P22:43
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