IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-09-05

predatorfreakJesus Christ what is wrong with Japan....00:13
predatorfreakTheir metal bands dress up like freaking women and LOOK like them.00:14
predatorfreakBut play faster than most metal bands in the U.S. o.O00:14
pitillogood morning00:50
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* blerd smiles back at pitillo01:05
predatorfreakJapan officially scares me.01:05
* predatorfreak boards off house with Japan repelent.01:05
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rxiprologic: you around mate?04:00
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nipuLwee, got compiz-fusion running on crux now05:24
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thrice`nipuL: awesome :)06:57
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nipuLgit:// if anyone wants to have a play07:19
nipuLjust need to add the metadata07:20
thrice`and add gnome or kde07:24
nipuLlet the gnome or kde maintainers do that if they want to add compiz07:25
nipuLi use rox07:25
thrice`suppose it would work in xfce07:25
nipuLif anything i should reduce the deps07:25
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schniggiedoes compiz-fusion plays nice with rox ?08:34
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nipuLexcept for pager10:27
thrice`nipuL: that's really cool.  I've never tried rox, unfortunately10:28
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raw \o/13:18
jjpkThe tone in that article suggests it will be a long time before anything conrete happens.13:23
jjpkTalking is one thing, doing is completely different.13:24
rawbut at least they are talking13:24
tilmanjjpk: pessimist!13:25
tilmanreliable source says: 1-2 weeks til the 2d docs are released13:25
tilmanand longer for 3d docs13:26
tilmansource is dave airlie, who talked to the amd guy at kernel summit :P13:26
thrice`the same guy who said xorg was to be released today? ;)13:26
jjpkraw: talk is cheap, remember? :D13:26
jjpkAMD is on the right path IF they follow through.13:27
thrice`that would be pretty neat, though.13:28
jjpkYeah it would.13:28
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tilmanofficial announcement is to be out "after midnight tonro time"13:29
thrice`so, if ATI was open, would that then go right into xorg?13:31
jjpkNotice the statement: "open source drivers for all of its (ATI) graphics processors from the R500 going forward. "13:31
jjpkCould mean R300/400 is left out.13:32
jaegernoticed that =/ my xpress 200 would be left out13:32
tilmanthrice`: fglrx will *not* be opened if that's what you mean13:33
jjpk"buy t3h l4t3st and gr34t3st!"13:33
tilmanapparently it's so horrible that you will immediately die of eye cancer if you see it13:33
jaegerI'd be very happy to see fglrx disappear entirely13:33
tilmani think they said that there would be a word on r300/r400 in the official announcement13:34
tilmanbut yeah, that would be a real bummer if they  didn't release r300 docs13:34
tilmanjjpk: i doubt tyhat's the reason13:34
jjpkjaeger: yeah, it could be a catharsis for many considering how many complaints you can hear about it.13:35
jjpktilman: since we have no detailed info on it, anything is possible imo.13:35
raweither r[3,4]00 is really really scary or it's full of nvidias IP.13:36
jjpkFor the reason(s) why r300-r400 are out of the loop.13:36
tilmanr300/r400 is very close to the rage, 2d-wise13:37
tilman(2d == mode setting, mostly)13:37
tilmanotoh, they said that r300/r400 are very close to r500, 3d wise13:37
jjpkraw: hehe, nvidia's code would be very embarrasing for ati.13:37
tilmanjjpk: see's preview on the next ati drivers13:37
tilmanHUGE performance gains13:38
tilmandriver guys say they rewrote large parts of the driver13:38
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jjpkHopefully the rewrite was a quality one. ;)13:39
rawanyway, it's time to celebrate, and what's better than good ol' german rock for that:
tilmanjaeger: btw, poppler 0.6 is out13:41
jaegersafe to upgrade? :)13:42
tilmanthe website seems to say it's now mandatory to install poppler-data, but it looks like it's still only needed for crazy ass asian languages13:43
tilmanie english crap still works without poppler-data13:43
jaegerI'll leave it as an optional addon for now13:44
jjpktilman: will the 0.6 poppler release mean more refinement to raktpdf? :p13:47
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jaegeryay, scrollkeeper is going away with gnome 2.2014:00
treachAbout DAMNED time..14:00
jjpkThis begs the following question: what's the replacement? :D14:01
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treachsure it doesn't raise it?14:01
jaegerjjpk: rarian14:02
tilmaneven dr. house got it wrong one time :(14:02
tilmantreach: when you have a chance, can you test whether poppler 0.6 fixes your issues with raktpdf?14:05
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treachsure, I'll just have to put crux back on the system. :)14:05
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treachhowever, if it fixes the problem, kind of raises the question wether it was really a poppler problem. :P14:06
thrice`sorry if i'm off, but is rakt the console pdf viewer ?14:06
treachis that even possible?14:07
treachI think you'd need pdf2text for that..14:07
jaegersort of like mplayer -vo fbdev14:07
thrice`ok, I guess I am off ;)14:07
tilmantreach: true14:07
treachjaeger: that would be cool :)14:07
treachthen I could basically toss X to hell, at least if I could get my grubby hands on a *decent* browser that uses the same tech..14:09
thrice`yeah, I don't know how many more times my old 2100 can handle a firefox compile :(14:09
treachyou could use the binary14:09
treachbut ff sucks, and that's a sad fact.14:10
jaegerwith poppler 0.6 evince now says "Unhandled MIME type: application/pdf" when opening a pdf14:10
jaegerthat's useful :P14:10
jjpkNot exactly safe to upgrade. :p14:11
jjpkThat, or evince requires a recompile.14:11
jaegeralready recompiled, it needed a rebuild for soname changes14:11
jjpkOuch. :/14:12
jaegerguess I'll hold off on that update temporarily14:13
tilmanhehe, i'm excited about the amd announcement14:17
thrice`you said a couple weeks out ?14:17
* treach belives when he sees.14:18
tilmantreach: reliable sources, this IS gonna happen14:18
treachI bet the employees of the company formerly known as ATI isn't happy. :P14:19
tilmanthrice`: yeah. official announcement "after midnight toronto time"14:19
thrice`oh, I thought that was in reference to the xorg release.14:19
tilmani guess amd's hq is in toronto14:20
tilmanxorg hq is in portland, kind of14:20
thrice`treach: heh14:20
treachtilman: no,14:20
treachati's is14:20
treachor rather, what was ati's hq14:20
treachAnd from what I've gathered the ati people have done about everything they could to sabotage the merger..14:21
predatorfreakI see discussion of ATI releasing specs here.14:21
predatorfreakMaybe I'll finally buy an ATI card...14:21
tilmando eeet14:21
treachI guess there are some soure grapes to be eaten in toronto tonight. :D14:21
tilman(21:20) <    jdhore> Is X7.3 still planned for tonight?14:22
tilman(21:21) <    anholt> yes14:22
predatorfreakAfter like 8 years of NOT buying them.14:22
tilmanthrice`: 21:20 is now14:22
thrice`tilman: wow, quite the day for xorg :P14:22
treachpredatorfreak: r250 is good enough for me.14:22
predatorfreaktreach: I need a card that can actually play recent games ;)14:22
tilmanpredatorfreak: also see "preview of blah"14:22
thrice`yeah, my 9700 pro struggles these days14:23
tilmannext release of fglrx is awesomely more faster than the current stuff14:23
predatorfreaktilman: Yeah, I say that earlier today.14:23
predatorfreakThe thing is, their Windows drivers are still kinda flaky.14:23
tilmanit's so much faster you wonder how many goats and infants they offered to satan14:23
treachI *need* food, water, shelter etc.14:23
treachI guess we are fundamentally different creatures then.14:23
predatorfreaktreach: I'm a gamer dang it!14:23
predatorfreakI need fancy graphics  cards :P14:23
jaegermy geforce 8800gts 320M gets delivered tomorrow, heh14:24
predatorfreakIt's not optional!14:24
tilmanpredatorfreak: i heard the new fglrx shares more code with the windows driver14:24
treachIf you're a gamer, fedora is all you need :D14:24
predatorfreakjaeger: Oh you bastard.14:24
predatorfreaktilman: That'd be a bad thing.14:24
predatorfreakI've noticed that a lot of the performance issues of newer ATI cards in Windows are definitely driver things.14:24
predatorfreakand their dang drivers need serious optimisation on Windows to keep up with NVIDIA.14:24
treachthey should just kill their driver departement.14:25
treachIt's just a moneysink anyway.14:25
treachand they are doing such a bloody bad job too..14:25
predatorfreakjaeger: Want to donate your two 8600GTS's to me? :P14:25
predatorfreakand an SLI motherboard? :P14:25
tilman(18:08) <   daniels> i thought all the driver writers worked for nvidia anyway14:25
treachthe nvidia moles at ati, that would explain a lot. :P14:26
jaegerpredatorfreak: actually, the reason I bought the 8800gts is because my motherboard won't do SLI in linux14:26
jaegerworks fine in windows14:26
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, donate me one 8600GTS then? :P14:26
jaegerbut the way the pci-express stuff is arranged the linux driver says piss off14:26
jaegerdonate is such a strong word :)14:27
predatorfreakjaeger: Give?14:27
predatorfreakjaeger: no wait that's even stronger.14:27
predatorfreakjaeger: How about I send you five cents and you send me the 8600GTS? :P14:27
treach"Lend and lease" in the war on internet terror. :P14:27
predatorfreakOf course, it'd probably cost me five bucks in shipping to ship to one nickle.14:28
tilmanwhy does irssi hilight that crap for me?14:28
predatorfreak-to +you14:28
predatorfreakBlarg, my brain is dying.14:28
tilmanwhat did you do?14:28
predatorfreaktilman: I hit it repeatedly with 4chan.14:28
treachshipping == tilman ? :p14:29
tilmani mean the hilighting14:29
predatorfreaktilman: I couldn't tell you.14:29
jaegerpredatorfreak: where do you live, anyway?14:29
predatorfreaktilman: It's your irssi, not mine!14:29
treachor maybe tilman==terror.. :D14:29
predatorfreakjaeger: Michigan.14:29
jaegershipping should be fairly cheap, then14:30
jaegerdefinitely more than a nickel, though14:30
tilmanare you pulling my leg?14:30
predatorfreakjaeger: Hopefully I can generate 10 cents to send you 5 cents then :P14:31
jaegertilman: heh14:31
tilmanstop talking about nickels14:31
jaegernick nick nick14:31
predatorfreaknickel nickel nickel14:31
tilmancan someone hilight me using my name?14:31
jaegermake your hilighting more useful :P14:31
jaegertilman tilman tilman14:31
jaegertilman loves nickels14:31
tilman/hilight nick considered idiotic14:32
jaegerhrmm... you know, the updated iso probably just needs sr_mod to work with usb cdrom drives14:32
predatorfreakjaeger: People use USB cdrom drives? o.O14:33
tilmana guy from bork bork land tried to14:33
treachpredatorfreak: what do you think?14:33
jaegeryeah, I get questions about it all the time14:33
predatorfreakI always took those as kind-of a joke, I mean, why degrade performance by using it over a dang USB connection...14:33
jaegerbut until now I never had the hardware to test it14:33
treachpoeple with ultra thins..14:33
predatorfreaktreach: I think they're dang near useless, personally.14:33
jaegertiny laptops with no internal drive, etc.14:33
predatorfreakjaeger: Bah! That's where you should just get bigger muscles and a bigger laptop :P14:34
treachan usb cdrom is much easier to use than pxe booting. :P14:34
treachmaybe we could add that to the 2.4 installer? ;D14:35
tilmani'd like to measure my adrenalin levels right now14:35
jaegersr is builtin so it's something else, bleh14:35
jaegeroh well, at least I can troubleshoot it now14:35
tilmani think i'm high on sugar and amd awesomeness14:35
predatorfreakjaeger: No usb-storage built-in?14:35
predatorfreaktilman: Okay tilman, calm down, AMD aren't THAT awesome.14:35
tilmandocs are awesome :D :D:D14:36
treachwell, if they follow through, they are.14:36
* predatorfreak primes tranquiliser.14:36
tilmanand they are MUCH MORE AWESOME if you have people in the company who write them working with you14:36
tilmanasnwering tyour questions etc14:36
tilmanmaybe matrox will follow14:36
tilmanthat would be kewl14:36
treachIt would probably be one of the bigger breakthroughs in quite some time.14:36
predatorfreaktilman: Don't expect too much now.14:36
tilmantreach: definitely14:37
* predatorfreak slips tranquiliser into tilman's arm.14:37
tilmanyour stupid tranqiliser cannot harm me tonight!14:37
jaegerpredatorfreak: I'm not sure usb_storage is needed for the cdrom but haven't tested that yet14:37
jaegerit's built as a module14:37
tilmanpredatorfreak: congrats on your self-healing klogd btw14:37
predatorfreaktilman: Jesus Christ!14:37
tilmanpredatorfreak: on a bicycle?14:37
* predatorfreak gets more tranquiliser.14:37
tilmanalso, isn't it tranquilizer in michigan-country?14:38
treachtilman: that one stuck it seems..14:38
predatorfreaktilman: No, apparently he turned you into an Elephant.14:38
predatorfreaktilman: I haven't used full American English since...... forever.14:38
treachAmerican English14:38
tilmanpredatorfreak: why not? that's strange ._o14:38
treachERROR 114:38
tilmantreach: what stuck?14:38
treachjesus on a bicycle14:38
predatorfreaktilman: I've been exposed to too much British English.14:38
tilmantreach: did you make that up?14:39
predatorfreakor well.14:39
predatorfreakCommonwealth English.14:39
tilmani thought i saw it been used a couple of times14:39
treachtilman: I don't know, I just seem to remember you have quite fun with it when you dug in the logs a while back.14:39
predatorfreaktilman: Also, no idea HOW klogd magically fixed itself.14:39
predatorfreakBut it did.14:39
treachI think I was pissed of at windows popup spamming at that time.14:40
tilmantreach: it's possible i guess, i don't remember14:40
predatorfreak,13882,1457028,00.html <-- The fuck?14:40
tilmanbut yeah, imagining jesus riding a bike is funny as hell14:40
tilmanespecially when you imagine his beard gets stuck in the wheel14:40
treachpredatorfreak: haha14:41
treachI remember bouncing the first time I heard that expression as well.14:41
predatorfreakI swear, next thing you know.14:41
predatorfreakThey're going to "urge" teachers not to say "Holy Spirit"14:41
treachnot because I was spooked, but because it was so unexpected.14:41
predatorfreakand instead come up with something else.14:41
treachhehe, the euphemismus galore..14:42
predatorfreakI mean, I'm not even Religious, but dang, you've gotta be kidding me?14:42
tilmanThe guidelines also say that the first 39 books of the Bible should not be called 'the Old Testament' because it makes them sound old-fashioned or out of date.14:42
tilmanfucking idiots14:42
predatorfreak"Care is also being urged in the use of photographs of Hindu holy men who may be emaciated and caked in mud in case it gives the impression that Hinduism is for "weirdos or masochists"."14:43
predatorfreakMaybe I should rethink Hinduism.14:43
treachidiocy is rampant these days, usually disguised as political correctness.14:43
tilmancaked in mud? neato14:43
predatorfreakHindu Mud Wrestling :314:43
treachtilman: I read today about a headmaster at a school here, who had forbidden students to wear our national fotball team t-shirts on official fotos14:44
treach"because it could be taken as a xenophobic signal".14:44
predatorfreaktreach: Ohh, tell them not to wear any band t-shirts of bands from whereever-the-heck-you-live as well, that might be xenophobic as well!14:45
predatorfreakand heck, while they're at it.14:45
predatorfreakNo talking about anyone from your country.14:45
tilmanhehe, predatorfreak is on speed again, too14:46
predatorfreaktilman: Hey! I don't do drugs.14:46
predatorfreakI'm just naturally insane.14:46
treachheh really??14:46
predatorfreakOf course! Drugs are for humans who can't be insane without assistance.14:46
predatorfreakPfft, I was born insane!14:47
treachpredatorfreak: btw, being swedish and waving a swedish flag is borderline forbidden as well, unless it's a big international game on or something.14:47
tilmansome crazy ass lunatic got raktpdf14:47
predatorfreaktreach: .... wow.14:47
tilmanah, crazy ass host names. must be jjpk ;p14:48
predatorfreakNext thing you know they'll ban saying "Sweden" in public.14:48
thrice`jaeger: in reference to the updated iso, do you think it's possible to merge 2.4 packs in that dir when it's released?14:48
jaegernot sure what you mean14:48
thrice`oops...sorry.  I was thinking of the net-inst iso, so it can be used to install a 2.4 system too :)14:50
tilmanchrist, i should really look at jaeger's iso work :/14:50
jaegerdepends on the repos and helper script, I guess14:50
*** mxq has joined #crux14:50
jaegerbut if we don't switch to something like the updated setup I'll still be maintaining one14:50
jjpktilman: big brother has everything under control with a watchful eye.14:51
jaegertilman: don't feel bad, I doubt anyone else has, either :)14:51
thrice`it's a bit over my head.  I do like having the framebuffer and auto-root search, though14:52
tilmanjjpk: hehe, i was just curious14:52
tilmanjaeger: great, i'm as lame as them ;)14:53
jaegerpredatorfreak: I was able to manually mount the external cdrom and continue the init script, I wonder if it's a timing issue and devices aren't settled yet14:54
jaegertilman: heh14:54
*** mrks has joined #crux14:54
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm not sure, I don't really have a USB cd-rom to test that with :)14:54
jjpktreach: national pride for anyone white ist verbotten!!14:54
jaegernor did I until now14:55
jjpkBut it is perfectly fine to get racial slurs from minorities.14:55
predatorfreakThe closest I could come is maybe trying to automount an SD card.14:55
predatorfreakjjpk: I guess white people like being the bitches now?14:55
jaegerpredatorfreak: I bought one of these specifically for this:
jaegerplugged in a 5.25" cdrom14:55
treachjjpk: I don't know, it's just that our country is infected with cowards14:56
jjpkpredatorfreak: no, some incompetent politicians wanted a new brand of social control.14:56
jjpkForced politeness.14:56
predatorfreakjjpk: Yeah, but if only white people are obeying it.14:56
predatorfreakWe're in-effect the bitches here.14:56
predatorfreakBecause we're submitting and they're not.14:56
treachit's just crazy.14:57
treacha bunch of people take refugee here, and suddenly we should reshape *our* society to fit the sensitive ones among them, in order not to *offend*14:57
jaegerfrom here it'd be fairly uncomplicated to allow booting and installation from a hard drive partition or a usb stick14:57
treachseriously, WTF.14:57
jjpktreach: rubbish legislation is what it is.14:58
jjpkNot to mention a cowardly act to bend over backwards to accomodate.14:58
treachwell, it does come from some place.14:58
jjpk"When in Rome, do as the Romans" must be fucking offensive and too authoritarian for today's softies.14:59
predatorfreakjjpk: My solution to the problem is "ignore them".15:00
jjpkConsequently I probably get called a militant racist over nothing.15:00
predatorfreakBecause at least in the U.S. I have some level of legal protection.15:00
predatorfreakSo I can say whatever the fuck I please.15:00
jjpkUnless News Corp. disagrees, otherwise yeah.15:01
treachso do we, probably even more than you do, however, if it gets to fighting it's almost impossible to win.15:01
jjpktreach: you have the obligation to be offended and complain to a court.15:02
treachdifficult in some cases.15:02
predatorfreakjjpk: If anyone complained to a court in the U.S.15:03
treachie, overcautious school officials are almost untouchable.15:03
predatorfreakAll I'd need to do is say "Constitution."15:03
jjpkFreedom also means hearing viewpoints you disagree with, anything else is lessening and an insult to the concept.15:03
treachpredatorfreak: not true.15:03
predatorfreaktreach: Freedom Of Speech in the U.S.15:03
predatorfreakAny Judge not following that should be shot.15:04
treachpredatorfreak: yeah sure. but that has limits you know.15:04
treachit only applies to governement.15:04
predatorfreaktreach: If I speak something, it's covered.15:04
treach"congress shall make no law"15:04
predatorfreakand any judge not understanding that should be shot as well.15:04
tilmanyeah, the US is so awesome that you have the right to condemn eg jews (as in agitation), right?15:04
tilmanhooray, US15:04
jjpkTake the situation in germany. It is a disagrace that they have morality legislated by criminalizing nazism and racial hatred.15:04
treachdoesn't say crap about private entieites15:04
predatorfreakteK: Eh, U.S. is fucked up.15:04
predatorfreaksorry tek :)15:05
treachtilman: you mean they don't deseve getting condemned?  :>15:05
jjpkMaking such legislation will not remove the tensions nor the prejudices.15:05
*** deus_ex has joined #crux15:05
tilmanare you saying that criminalizing nazism is a disgrace, jjpk?15:05
predatorfreakAny court not willing to follow constitution has serious porblems.15:05
treachpredatorfreak: but the problem is that the constition doesn't say what you think it does.15:06
*** mrks_ has quit IRC15:06
jjpktilman: when it is purely applied in speech or writing, so what?15:06
jjpkI'b be worried IF and WHEN violence under that banner breaks.15:06
predatorfreaktilman: Antisemitism is going to exist no matter what, why try to outlaw it?15:06
predatorfreakIt's like outlawing alcohol or drugs or don't-do-stupid-shit.15:07
tilmanjesus fucking christ on a motorbike15:07
tilmani better log out now15:07
predatorfreakWe just need to accept that people are fucking morons and hypocrits.15:07
jjpkpredatorfreak: exactly. Even worse, because it is unlawful, it becomes more desirable.15:07
predatorfreakand the like.15:07
predatorfreakjjpk: Yep.15:07
treachtilman: you can't make undesireable things go away by makeing them illegal, especially not political or social pheonmenes.15:08
predatorfreakCondemning human behaviour just makes humans want to do it even more.15:08
predatorfreaktreach: If it worked that way.15:08
predatorfreakI'd try to pass a bill saying "You can't be an idiot and President"15:08
predatorfreakOf course, that'd never pass :(15:08
treachyou can make things invisible that way, but you won't eradicate them.15:09
jjpkThen the question becomes, what is the definition of idiot?15:09
predatorfreakjjpk: George W. Bush :P15:09
jjpktreach: indeed, you just sweep it off the streets and public life into the underground.15:09
jjpkIt's still there.15:09
treachtilman: see our stupid laws on prostitution; It's illegal to buy sex here. It's however not illegal to be a prostitute.15:09
treachWe have had this stupid law for years, and guess what?15:10
jjpkSince Finland loves to hate Sweden so much, we also have that same legislation in place.15:10
treachIt has had viritually NO effect what soever.15:10
tilmanboring example15:10
tilmanpeople need to fuck. *shrug*15:10
treachbut true15:10
jjpkLike I said, rubbish legislation that cannot be enforced.15:10
predatorfreaktilman: are you kidding? Naked people are ALWAYS awesome.15:10
treachand people with problems like to focus their hate on something.15:11
treachbe it jews, negros or gypsies or whatever.15:11
jjpktreach: scapegoats ftw.15:11
treachmaking it illegal won't change *anything*15:11
jjpkIf something can be done, it certainly can be bypassed with time.15:11
predatorfreaktreach: You forgot flying Spaghetti Monster!15:12
treachthat too, boil the bastard.15:12
treachI bet it breaks at least 2 dozen FAA regulations15:12
jjpkHence a terrorist threat.15:13
treach"Flying Spaghetti Monster Caught, brought to Gitmo" How's that for a headline? ;D15:13
predatorfreaktreach: Of course, Raptor Jesus is in on it.15:14
predatorfreakand LOLCAT is secretly funding the evil Spaghetti Monster terrorist ring :P15:15
treachpredatorfreak: btw Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.15:15
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, right.15:16
treachdoesn't really say you have any right to speak your mind at all, just that the *congress* isn't allowed to stop you.15:16
predatorfreakWell, the last bit is especially untrue.15:16
predatorfreakI mean, fucking 1960s.15:16
jjpktreach: with that logic, all congress has to do is hire another citizen to shut someone up they disagree with.15:17
jjpkCovertly, of course.15:17
treachjjpk: executive branch.. guess why bush loves that way of doing things..?15:17
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jjpkCould be.15:18
jjpkWhy else would "extraordinary rendition" exist? Outsourcing torture because you can't officially do it.15:18
treachjjpk: "With that logic", well as you see; the current administration is all about finding ways around the rules.15:18
jjpkThey are succeeding on that front.15:19
treachDamn, I never knew such bad writers were allowed near legislation..15:20
treach"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."15:20
treachthat's not even a proper sentence.15:20
jjpkIn standard English, you are right about that. In legalese English, perfectly acceptable.15:21
treachNo it isn't. It's just mumbo-jumbo.15:22
jjpkThat's what legalese English is. Mumbo-jumbo designed to obscure and confuse. ;)15:22
treachwhy put things on paper if you can't say what you mean in a clear and concise way?15:23
jjpkWish I could answer that question...15:25
treachInteresting that the fifth amendment makes it rather clear that the second really isn't applicable anymore. :P15:25
treach"In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, "15:27
treachI guess they hadn't invented "inflation" at the time that was written. :D15:27
jjpkJury trials are guaranteed. \o/15:35
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treachunless you steal a lollipop15:36
treachok, that doesn't apply since that would be a criminal matter I guess.15:40
treachbut I suppose the point is clear :)15:40
* predatorfreak wonders what would happen if he stole a billion lollipops15:44
predatorfreakThat's gotta be worth more than 20 dollars, right? :P15:44
treachyou'd get really bad teeth?15:44
predatorfreaktreach: Beyond that.15:45
treach"I hereby sentence you to a lifetime with toothace"15:45
*** deus_ex has joined #crux15:45
predatorfreaktreach: Pfft, I'd just rip out my teeth.15:45
jjpkLarge scale theft? A good fine, maybe prison, several years of probation at least.15:45
predatorfreakand replace them with metal teeth.15:45
predatorfreakjjpk: Probation from candy stores?15:45
treachbesides. I wonder where you'd store a billion lollipops..15:46
treach10^12 lollipops will need some serious storage ;D15:47
predatorfreaktreach: I have secret bunkers hidden all across the U.S. :315:47
treachdo the numbers.. I'm not sure, but I think it would cover the entire US up to the neck or so with lolliopops. :D15:48
*** mxq has left #crux15:49
predatorfreaktreach: that's the idea :315:49
predatorfreakDrown them in lollipops.15:49
predatorfreakand then run for Europe.15:49
treachwatch darwin weed out the stupidity from the US. .p15:50
jjpkPutting a dead man on the job? A miracle!15:54
treachhe can't possibly be worse than the current people at it.15:54
jjpkNeither are doing their job. ;)15:55
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treachREAD ME, third paragraph. :D17:01
jaegerI read it twice and it still doesn't make sense :P17:03
treachThat's probably the worst gibberish I've ever seen outside an EULA.17:03
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