IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-09-07

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pitillogood morning00:42
Romsterprologic, the I and L flags point to opt?00:49
Romsterprologic_,  *00:49
Romstermorning pitillo00:50
pitillohey Romster :)00:50
Romsteri've been quiet..00:51
Romsterfrom what i read i should avoid xorg 7.3 untill nvidia catches up?00:53
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Romsterbinary goo... wish there was a open source driver.. that did 3d02:28
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pitillohello cptn03:40
tilmanmorning cptn03:46
surrounderhey peeps03:46
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rxicptn: whats the chances of getting sysup --test to sort by repo?06:04
rxior atleast print the repo its in06:05
cptnsysup sorts by dependencies06:06
cptnso sorting by repo would be somehow wrong06:06
rxisorry i meant the option06:06
rxior maybe the option to group06:08
cptnwell, the output you see when running sysup --test is generated by code shared with all install/update operations06:10
cptnso having something command specific in there would require some work06:10
cptnwhat kind of use case do you have in mind?06:11
rxiahh ok .. how about the option to print the repo its from06:11
rxiif you have repos with duplicate ports theres no way to know which is going to be used easily06:12
rxior is there an easy way?06:12
cptnprt-get info <port>06:15
cptnbut that's just for a single port06:15
rxisince the port duplication issue is only going to get worse i think06:16
cptnfor p in `prt-get quickdiff`; do prt-get listc --path $p; done06:17
cptnfor p in `prt-get quickdiff`; do prt-get list --path $p; done06:17
cptnshould do that06:17
cptnadd |sort and you get it sorted by repository06:18
rxihmm thanks06:18
cptnalso, there's always 'dup' if you want to look at duplicates06:19
cptnalthough that's kinda verbose06:19
rxiyeah not really intested in that06:20
rximore worried about where a port is coming from when i do a sysup06:21
cptnwell, it's just from the most trusted repository that has it, right?06:21
cptnwhy do you care at sysup time?06:22
rxiwell it depends on the order set in prt-get.conf right06:22
cptnbut it'll only look in repositories you added to prt-get.conf06:23
cptnwhich implies that you trust those06:23
rxinot entirely06:23
rxiand its not always about trust .. might have different ./configure options or something06:27
cptnso you'd rather keep an outdated port with the correct configure options than updating it from the "wrong" repo06:29
rxiwell that depends on the port of course06:29
rxibut generally no06:29
cptnI guess all the install options could also accept --path06:30
cptnand print out something like:06:30
cptn-- Packages updated06:30
cptnalsa-lib (/usr/ports/opt)06:30
cptnxorg-xtrans (/usr/ports/xorg)06:30
cptnopenssl (/usr/ports/opt)06:30
cptnso you could then run sysup --test --path to get that06:31
rxiyeah that would work for me06:31
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cptnhowever, that might be a fairly long line then06:32
cptnif install scripts are involved :-)06:33
rxiyeah should be able to trim it so your left with the repo from the path06:34
cptnwell, that isn't necessarily unique06:35
cptnfor this, you'd need a more elaborate prtdir configuration06:35
cptncore = /usr/ports/core06:35
rxiwell that command you gave me is doing pretty much what i want06:44
cptnthis patch too :-)06:44
cptnhast this output:
RedShiftyou guys also starting with colors?06:56
RedShiftI complained half an hour on #archlinux that pacman doesn't need colors06:56
cptnpastebin did that06:56
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patroclo7hi, does anyone else meet problems in building the synaptics driver in contrib against the new xorg-server ?07:07
tilmanpatroclo7: didn't try that yet07:07
tilmanpatroclo7: i'll check sometime today07:07
patroclo7/usr/include/xorg/miscstruct.h:54:20: error: pixman.h: No such file or directory07:08
patroclo7this could be the most relevant problem07:08
pitillopatroclo7, you need xorg-libpixman07:09
tilmansee my mail to the crux ml07:09
tilmanto prevent other problems07:09
patroclo7pitillo: I have already that installed07:09
patroclo7I read the mail07:09
*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | new x, please see"07:09
tilmanpatroclo7: that error comes from synaptic?07:10
patroclo7may be synaptics looks for it in the wrong path07:11
tilmanxorg-server.pc has the pixman path in Cflags, mmh07:12
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mike_kpatroclo7: I'll try to find some time to test contrib/synaptics against new xorg. The driver's page seems to be down, so I am unsure if it got any updates from the upstream.07:16
patroclo7this is a complete pkgmk output anyway07:16
patroclo7it is down just intermittently, but yes, I do not know if it is updated07:17
patroclo7mike_k: thank you07:18
cptnrxi: <- patched07:20
cptnrxi: sysup --test --path should do what you want07:20
rxithanks .. ill check it out07:23
mike_kbtw, what package does /bin/arch belongs to? (It is not in crux ports tree)07:24
mike_kcptn: nice to know you're still hacking on prt-get =)07:25
tilmanno idea what 'arch' is07:25
tilmansounds like uname -m ;)07:26
cptnit used to be in util-linux07:26
cptnI think it was removed some time ago07:27
cptnmike_k: just some hacks from time to time :-)07:27
mike_kjust've noticed /bin/arch in synaptics Makefile. And it is hardcoded in libmicro Makefile as well, which is a _portable_ system call benchmark suite.07:31
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mike_ksituation: I have some ports (including still private ones) which are usable at the time, but the chances I will update and test them are very low. I can't just through them away. What about having some kind of templates.git for such unmaintained ports (at least for contrib members)?07:46
tilmanor maybe a branch for contrib.git07:49
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mike_ktilman: yes, like the ports not being updated for the current release07:56
tilmanthe synaptics driver code needs to be patched for the new xinput stuff08:01
tilmani can probably steal a diff from input-acecad08:02
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mike_kSorry for being unable to look into it atm. I guess core team members are allowed to make trivial version bumps and commits to contrib tree, aren't they?08:07
tilmanmike_k: np08:08
tilmanmike_k: don't think i'd want to do that (making changes in contrib)08:08
tilmanwhat's the problem?08:09
tilmanpatroclo7: can you try a patch for the synaptics driver?08:10
patroclo7tilman: sure08:10
* tilman removes the noise in the diff08:11
tilmanmike_k: feel free to steal that diff ;)08:12
tilmani probably should submit it to upstream08:12
patroclo7it builds08:12
patroclo7and it works too08:15
mike_ktilman: thanks. I didn't wan't it to sound like I force you to do my job =)08:16
tilmanmike_k: nooo. i'm a synaptics user myself, and i know what's up with x, so. :D08:16
RyoStilman: do you want to clean up my room? :p08:23
patroclo7oh, my touchpad is back, fine :)08:24
tilmanRyoS: don't think so08:30
RyoSdont care ;) i just cleaned it up 2 days ago :p08:31
jaegeranyone solve the dbus and xorg-server compilation problem?08:46
tilmantry to pass --disable-dmx08:46
tilmanor rather, remove --enable-dmx08:46
pitillojaeger, may be with xprint you must do the same08:49
pitilloat least here08:49
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jaegerhrmm, still breaks08:59
jaegerin xprint instead of dmx08:59
tilmanguess you either need to disable xprint and dmx, or dbus and hal09:00
jaegerI'm fine with either, for now09:00
tilmanthis is craptastic \o/09:03
thrice`at least it has a higher release number :)09:03
pitillojaeger, disable it too, here built fine without them09:08
thrice`wasn't there talk of building it officially without xprint ?09:09
tilmanfor 2.4, yes09:09
jaeger--disable-config-hal is sufficient09:15
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tilmanhum hum09:32
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tilmancrap crap crap09:41
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jaegeralso, -ignoreABI has zero effect for me with the nvidia drivers10:04
jaegercan't run X at all now :P10:04
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jaegerI'm guessing some of us who have to use the legacy drivers just got screwed out of 3d10:21
jaegerI somehow doubt nvidia will update the legacy ones... but I guess we'll see10:21
thrice`does the non-legacy work as of now?10:22
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tilmanjaeger: could you try that patch?10:28
tilmanit should give *no* footprint mismatch10:28
jaegertilman: it works, I mentioned that above10:28
jaeger09:15 <@jaeger> --disable-config-hal is sufficient10:28
tilmanwith no footprint mismatch? :)10:29
jaegerthrice`: presumably with -ignoreABI10:29
jaegertilman: yes10:29
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tilman(22:26) <    aaronp> FWIW, the next driver release, which supports the new  server, should be out relatively soon.15:29
tilman(nvidia guy)15:29
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treach"relatively" is a word with a highly relative meaning.15:31
jjpktreach: it's noise with flexibility.15:32
treachweasel word. :P15:32
jjpkYou won't look like a fool for being quiet, but you still may mean nothing concrete. ;)15:32
tilmani'm sure nvidia users appreciate that info15:32
tilmanif you don't, feel free to stfu15:32
jjpkIt is better than nothing.15:33
treachtilman: why, you seem to be in a good mood today.15:33
jaegertilman: are you already aware of acecad build problems?15:40
tilmanjaeger: done15:41
jaegerok, heh15:42
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DaViruzanyone happen to have a openmotif port lying around?16:41
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DaViruzeek, i can see why not..16:57
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treachundeadware ftl16:58
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jjpktreach: a shame the principles from undeadware don't really translate to the current toolkit monoliths. :p17:01
jjpkMeh, I should have simply said simplicity.17:01
predatorfreakLooks like I've got some work to do with replacing the "hard-coded syslog" stuff.17:02
predatorfreakAh well.17:02
treachjjpk: well, qt is pretty sane afaik.17:02
treachit suffers a bit from it's early beginning which made moc a necessity, but otherwise I think it's pretty good.17:03
jjpkStill testing opensuse or did it push your buttons enough to call it a day?17:04
treachstill on suse, but that has more to do with lack of time/motivation to change back.17:05
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treachI guess I'm waiting for a 2.4 rc or something to show up. :P17:06
jjpkIn other words, motivation. ;)17:06
treachwell, I'm waiting a bit for 10.3 as well, in order to test the upgrade process.17:07
treachI won't be popular if I bork it on the other system here, when that time arrives. ;)17:07
jjpkNothing like breaking several machines due to a borked upgrade. :/17:10
jjpkEspecially when they are needed.17:10
treachI look forward to upgrading, that way I can keep a copy in kvm instead.17:11
treachcrux should be pretty ideal to run as a base for that. :)17:11
jjpkYep, as long as the userspace tool compiles and runs.17:13
treachhopefully that won't be a problem17:13
jjpkShould work if you have kvm supported hardware and a working environment.17:14
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n0yd_Alright, I just installed crux on this remote box.  Never used crux before, I can't figure out how to get ports working.  I understand _how_ to use the pkgutils and prt-get, but how do I get the ports file for prt-get to work off of?22:31
n0yd_ie, /usr/ports/foo?22:32
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Brian|lfssup nig22:35
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n0yd_hey predatorfreak22:41
n0yd_predatorfreak: I finally got crux installed on that remote box, now how do I setup the ports files for prt-get?22:41
n0yd_I'm not seeing in documentation for that part22:42
predatorfreakn0yd_: Did you run ports -u as root yet?22:42
n0yd_I will in a sec, lemme finish editing my bashrc22:42
Brian|lfshello predatorfreak22:43
predatorfreakBrian|lfs: Hi.22:44
Brian|lfsThe remote box is at my crib22:44
n0yd_predatorfreak: Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for. :)22:44
predatorfreakn0yd_: np.22:44
n0yd_I'm just doing a sysup right now, no expected problems with that I hope?22:44
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predatorfreakI wouldn't expect any.22:45
n0yd_Damn mirror isn't resolving22:45
n0yd_dhcpcd from berlios22:45
n0yd_Actually it resolved, just no reply from the server22:46
Brian|lfsI'm going tor reboot into ubuntu22:47
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n0yd_Apparently berlios is dead atm22:48
n0yd_Well, I fixed that easy enough :)22:50
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predatorfreakbrian|lfs: Ubuntu? In #crux? A HERETIC!23:00
* predatorfreak brandishes sword23:00
n0yd_predatorfreak: Is there a contrib for crux? if so, how would I enable such...23:01
zippyyyea, "cd  /etc/contrib" then "mv contrib* contrib.rsync" then in /etc/prt-get.conf uncomment prtdir /usr/ports/contrib23:05
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zippyyand update ports -u23:05
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n0yd_zippyy: thanks.  Btw, I know about pkgmk.conf, does it accept MAKEOPTS=?23:06
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n0yd_zippyy: Does, pkgmk.conf support MAKEOPTS?23:09
n0yd_And also, I don't have a /etc/contrib23:09
n0yd_Also, was I mistaken thinking prt-get supported deps? I thought it did... or is it only for pkgfiles which list them?23:14
zippyyhave a look at pkgmk.conf in /etc also sorry its cd "/etc/contrib.rsync.inactive and yes prt-get does support dependency.. prt-get depinst package_name23:18
n0yd_oh, hehe23:18
n0yd_Yes, Im looking at pkgmk.conf...23:18
n0yd_It doesn't tell me if it supports makeopts23:19
n0yd_I kinda need makeopts a smp opteron box23:19
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n0yd_zippyy: bad connection or something?23:22
n0yd_I keep asking questions and responding, then you disconnect... [Remote closed the connection]23:23
*** n0yd_ is now known as n0yd23:27
n0ydI don't have any contrib files in /etc/23:28
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n0ydahh /etc/ports23:32
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