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jkrSince I updated xorg-* yesterday, X is broken on all my machines. Is there something I should do additional to the sysup`08:54
thrice`how did you update ?08:54
jkrprt-get sysup08:55
jjpkhint, /topic08:56
jkrAnd I found that xorg-server now needs xorg-libpixman which I installed manually08:56
thrice`you will also need to recompile your input (keyboard & mouse) and video driver08:56
jkrI already did a prt-get -fr update xorg-*08:56
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jkrOk, rebuilding xorg-server with inputproto now08:58
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jkrOk, I update xorg-inputproto, xorg-videoproto, xorg-server and all input- and video-drivers, but it still doesn't start.09:32
jkrmodule ABI major version doesn't match the server's version09:33
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jkrAt least the other errors disappeared09:33
jkrI guess it's something with the fglrx module09:33
thrice`the fglrx driver is probably not compatable with the new ABI09:35
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tilmanjaeger: which driver was it that didn't build for you?09:51
tilmanit might be 90% of them :/09:51
jjpkGood thing I have not upgraded xorg, yet. ;)09:54
tilmanthe popular drivers do build of course09:54
tilmanit's the ones that noone uses that aren't fixed yet ;D09:54
jkrLike fglrx? :)09:54
treachmore like ancient s3 cards etc.09:54
treach(I guess)09:55
tilman_input_ drivers09:55
tilmanthe video driver api didn't change09:55
treachok, well I had to rebuild the mouse driver, but otherwise there were no such problems09:55
jaegertilman: if you want to see the whole thing, see build.log in the same location09:55
tilmanjaeger: what about just not including them on the iso?09:56
jaegerseems pretty hackish to me, don't we want them to build after install?09:56
treachwhat? -> xorg-xf86-input-citron09:56
tilmanevdev should work btw09:57
tilmanthat one's popular and important ;)09:57
jaegerI haven't updated since sometime yesterday09:57
tilmanproblem is i need to make new upstream releases of eg calcomp09:57
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tilmantreach: what about citron btw?10:37
treachI found it a bit funny. xorg comes with an integrated "citron" package. (as in "lemon")10:38
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treachtilman: btw, did you see my message about wanting to write something more formal on the db topic?10:39
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jaegerI think it's high time the db got sorted out10:51
tilmanthat one ?10:51
jaegersorry to jump into your conversation =) yes, I meant the ports db, may not be in any way relevant to the current conversation10:53
jaegergotta go for lunch, back later10:53
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jkrAhoy again12:23
RedShiftsup jkr12:23
jkrDoes anyone here use fuse/gmailfs?12:23
jkrHi RedShift :)12:23
jkrI'd like to let users mount fuse filesystems, but mount -t ... says "only root can do that".12:25
jkrAnd I don't want to put the fs info into the fstab12:25
RedShiftthere are different ways on how you can achieve that12:26
RedShiftone insecure option is to make mount suid12:26
jkrIt already is12:26
jkrI think mount checks the fstab to see what the caller may mount and what not12:27
jkrFor other fuse filesystems, there are "special" tools to mount the fs, such as "obexfs" for obex fuse, "sshfs" for ssh etc.12:28
jkrBut gmailfs doesn't seem to have such a thing12:28
RedShiftnever worked with fuse before12:29
jkrYou should, it's fun :)12:29
jkrEspecially sshfs and obexfs :)12:29
RedShiftI have kioslaves doing that for me :P12:30
jkrPff, how lame ;)12:30
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RedShiftehlo sepen16:47
sepenthe new xorg seems to be ok for me16:47
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thrice`sepen: with fglrx ?17:30
sepennot yer17:36
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predatorfreak <-- LOL Ingo Molnar is staring at David Howells like he's going to kill him.18:39
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jason579i'm running jaeger's latest iso and when i do a sysup xorg breaks... mentions modules mismatches with nv and mouse etc20:16
jason579any thoughts?20:17
thrice`yes, read the ML or /topoic20:17
jason579heh sorry20:17
thrice`there were a couple of additions to xorg, and you will need to recompile input and video drivers against new xorg-server, basically20:17
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jason579k sounds easy enough, just didn't want to waste compile time on a non fix :)20:19
thrice`of course20:19
jason579thanks for the help20:19
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