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pitillogood morning00:43
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marohmm, isn't it a bit dangerous to have /var/lock world-writable?02:31
maroI mean, anybody could empty your /var partition for space02:32
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zippyywhen can we expect to play around with CRUX2.4 ?07:25
mike_kdepends on if you are waiting for the final release07:28
zippyybeta :P, bug hunting is fun..07:28
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thrice`I think they are waiting for gcc 4.2.2 to ship before an iso is made.  I know jue made bootstrapped gcc (4.2.1) and glibc, though07:29
mike_kzippyy: you can search mailing list for that bootstrapped stuff07:30
zippyyyea probb should07:31
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tilman4.2.2 rc1 has been released yesterday btw07:36
tilmanpretty nice timing07:36
thrice`will core build on it? :)07:39
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tilmanthrice`: nfc :D08:13
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tilmanjaeger: i fixed all but one of the bad input drivers12:19
tilmanvmmouse is unfortunately maintained, so i cannot just roll a tarball for that12:20
thrice`oops, caps12:33
marotilman: I still got 3 input drivers that won't compile12:41
maroxf86-input-elo2300, xf86-input-microtouch, and xf86-input-penmount12:41
tilmanthey are among the ones i just updated12:42
marooh, I guess the announcements just haven't made it to xorg-announce yet :)12:42
tilmanguess the moderator is getting drunk right now12:43
maroso you've just fixed 6 drivers? too much coffee? :)12:43
tilmanno one else does it12:44
tilmanresp i don't want to wait a week12:44
thrice`that's so awesome tilman12:44
tilmanjaeger: <vmmouse guy> Thanks for the heads up, I"ll do this tonight.12:44
thrice`seems like that stuff would push off a xorg-server release12:45
tilmanthrice`: dunno. i guess noone uses those crazy-ass drivers anyway12:45
tilmani've never ever heard of those devices anyway12:45
thrice`true, but to not even compile?12:45
tilmanthrice`: 'push off' as in 'delay'?12:45
thrice`tilman: don't you think?12:46
tilmanthese drivers are officially unmaintained12:46
tilmanthey were fixed to compile in git12:46
tilmanbut they didn't roll new releases12:46
thrice`ooh, ok.  I thought they were maintained, but didn't compile12:46
tilmanand i know why, it's very annoying and very boring :P12:46
tilmanah, no12:46
marotilman: what about the input drivers?12:47
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tilmanwhat about them?12:47
maroerr, video drivers12:47
tilmannon-issue since the video driver api wasn't broken12:47
* maro has been doing the same as the moderator since early morning12:47
maroyet xf86-video-glide and xf86-video-impact won't compile, for me at least12:48
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tilmani think they both suck :P12:50
tilmanguess: impact only builds on mips12:51
jaegertilman: cool, thanks12:58
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* drijen slaps nipuL, han, jaeger, tilman, cptn, and thrice` with a large trout15:42
tilmanhan? cptn?15:45
tilmanyou've got impressive slapping skills ;)15:45
drijenyou know it :)15:46
drijenlong time no see, its good to hear from you tilman15:46
tilmanweren't you in the usa last time?15:47
drijeni'm ssh'ed15:47
* drijen waits while tile tries to remeber who drijen is, and how he knows that noob15:47
tilmani remember you :P15:50
drijenyay :)15:51
thrice`that doesn't mean it's a good thing... :P15:51
tilmanyou're not the crazy guy who ran from a mental institution, are you? ;)15:52
drijenno, thats h an15:52
drijeni'm the guy that bawled out han for including sudo in one of his builds and borking my install15:52
tilmanmmh, i don't remember that15:52
drijenthats a good thing :)15:52
drijeni was mad for 3 days15:52
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thrice`tilman: I see ati skipped the 6.7 driver and now going right for 6.8? :)15:54
drijenthrice`: if amd really goes open source, i'll drop nvidia like a bad habit15:55
tilmanwhat? were?15:55
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tilmanah, right15:56
marohas anybody tried building a static busybox against uclibc on a glibc system?16:09
marothrice`: ati has nothing to do with that driver :P16:20
drijenmaro: >?16:23
marowith the ati driver from xorg16:24
drijencommunity effort?16:24
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thrice`maro: I *obviously* noticed, since it actually compiles at the moment ;>18:31
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drijenhi Romster20:44
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Romsterhi drijen23:15
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