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pitillogood morning00:41
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nipuLis there a script that will scan through finding what packages depend on a library using ldd, my systems become infected with libiconv depencies05:41
nipuLi forgot what i had installed that needed it, but i don't have it installed anymore05:41
tilmansounds like a 5 minute job :P05:41
nipuLyeah, but allow me to quote yourself05:41
nipuL"i'm lazy"05:41
tilmanhehe, good excuse :D05:41
rxi_lol zing05:42
nipuLplus i have the flu05:42
tilmanditto, i think05:42
tilmansome idiot infected me05:42
nipuLi think a horse gave it to me (local humour)05:43
tilmannot a sheep?05:45
nipuLno, that's new zealanders05:46
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nipuL19 packages :\06:06
nipuL0 packages :)06:27
rxi_80 :(06:34
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tilmanjaeger: xorg should build nicely again now08:10
jaegertilman: cool :)08:12
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tilmanjaeger: wrt falk's libwfb mail. libwfb is an nvidia invention and was moved to xorg-server because they felt it might be useful to other drivers, too08:21
tilmanjust fyi08:21
tilmanand why i think that they'll stop shipping it08:21
jaegertilman: aye, I agree. I guess we'll see when the next release comes up :)08:21
jaegerwhich I hope to be soon08:21
jaegerI just replied to that mail08:21
tilmanah, right08:22
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bdfyHi All!! Is there somebody using slim display manager?09:29
bdfyManteiner is "Simone Rota, sip at crux dot nu"09:30
bdfyI can't start session with slim :(09:30
bdfyBut I am already using slim in Archlinux09:31
bdfymike_k: Are you using ru_UTF-8?09:32
mike_kbdfy: not at all09:36
mike_kbdfy: do you have a shell in /etc/passwd09:37
mike_kI had some troubles using slim without that one09:38
bdfymike_k: /join #ru_crux09:38
mike_kbdfy: /join rusnet:#crux =)09:38
bdfymike_k: That channel is'nt exixts :(09:39
bdfymike_k: /join #ru_crux09:39
mike_kI mean on rusnet irc network. nevermind...09:40
bdfyI am in #ru_crux  !!09:42
bdfymike_k:  wellcome09:42
RyoSmike_k: he means freenode :P09:42
mike_kI know09:43
RyoSjust joking09:43
tilmanshould use #crux-ru to follow the scheme ;))09:56
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RomsternipuL, revdep, and i had the libiconv hell too...20:39
RomsternipuL, be sure to grep libiconv *.la and rebuild packages that depended on it to link to glibc.20:40
Romsterjaeger, is it a simple matter to change i686 to i586 and compile oyur iso to make a i586 cd for a amd k6?20:42
Romsterthat's reasuring :) so jsut CFLAGS i'd need to adjust? or would there be other hidden things too? hmm kernel would need to be recompiled as well.20:43
jaegerI wouldn't expect anything too complicated, just recompile everything20:50
thrice`i'm confused...why not use jue's i586 iso ?21:23
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Romsterbecause then updating its packages would take forever. best to rebuild jaeger's that has updated packages.. but i could sysup after using jue's..22:18
Romstergotta do some work on my setup and put that pc into service.22:18
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