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pitillogood morning00:50
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thrice`does anyone know if there is working docs on how to setup a repo?08:34
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rxi_its burried in the docs08:36
namenlosthrice`: you mean: ?08:36
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* onestep tries -O3 -ffast-math for cairo and librsvg08:58
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delinquentHi all18:07
delinquentCan anyone help?18:08
treachnot unless you state your problem.18:08
delinquentWell, I tried to search for rpm port, but when I type "prt-get search rpm" the following error messages was issued:18:09
delinquent[Config error: can't access /usr/ports/core]18:09
delinquent[Config error: can't access /usr/ports/opt]18:09
delinquentNo matching packages found18:09
jaegertry 'ports -u' first18:10
delinquentOk. So it seems that the system tries to update ports lists. Thanks.18:11
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