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pitillogood morning00:57
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aJaxsafternoon ;)02:04
RyoShello and good bye :P02:16
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trieloops, sorry :)04:46
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rxi_whats the best way to create a port that uses its own python installer?07:28
rxi_by that i mean the app im trying to port already has an installer that you need to run07:28
tilmanrun it with --help and go from there07:28
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rxi_hehe good thinking07:30
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rxi_didnt even realise they had a --help07:32
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thrice`rxi_: generally something like python install --root=$PKG works07:44
rxi_thrice`: yeah this a bit different than that07:45
rxi_by installer i meant interactive one07:46
thrice`aah, ok.  sorry, haven't had coffee yet :)07:46
rxi_hehe i need some too07:47
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rxi_can pkgmk not handle pipes in Pkgfile? :(08:26
tilmandon't see why it wouldn't08:29
rxi_hmm disregard tht .. wasnt paitent enough08:29
rxi_and it carried the part after the pipe to a new line08:30
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rxi_oh the joys of building non open source apps08:31
treachhaha, you mean as opposed to the joys of getting proprietary crap running..?08:32
Romsteryes | someapp08:33
rxi_no no that comes later once the port is finished :)08:33
rxi_its not too bad .. atleast they have tech support i guess08:34
treachrxi_: oh, sorry, I'm not fully awake, I missed the "non". :p *oops*08:34
Romsterhmm for a daemon that hasn't got a shutdown option sending sigterm is the safest approch?08:36
Romsteror sigquit?08:36
Romsteror some other one..08:36
tilmanstart with SIGTERM08:37
tilmanif that doesn't help, SIGKILL08:37
tilmanmaybe you should add a short delay (1s or so) before using SIGKILL08:37
tilmanin case the clean shutdown stuff in the daemon takes some time08:38
thrice`ooh new gtk release too08:42
tilmanok, 2.1208:43
thrice`a bit off tilman08:43
tilman\\o o// \o/08:43
tilmanbeen waiting for this08:43
thrice`that's a few years away yet08:43
tilmanvery cool08:43
jaegerI hope it's not too broken :)08:43
thrice`jaeger: new pidgin compiled OK with just version bump (2.2.0) on my box08:44
tilmanthrice`: does it fix the problems with avatars not being visible to icq users?08:44
tilmani've got the cutest buddy icon in pidgin, and none of my buddies can see it :'(08:44
thrice`tilman: dunno - i'm still at work08:44 tht a problem? :P08:44
tilmana little one, yes08:45
* treach hates that avatar crap. :p08:45
rxi_tilman: your not a 13yr old girl by any chance? :P08:46
tilmanlet me check08:46
tilmannope, not a girl08:46
Romsteris there even a female in this channel?08:47
Romsteror is it all nerd males in here.08:48
tilmanclare is in irc sometimes08:48
rxi_Romster: we could dress you up in drag and pass you off as female :P08:49
jaegerI like how gtk 2.12 needs a patch right from the start08:49
jaegerthat's encouraging08:49
tilmanpatch for what?08:49
jaegerread the "note that due to a mistake on my part" part of the release message08:49
jaegericon cache validation08:50
thrice`that's a good sign08:50
Romsterthey could of released 2.12.1?08:50
treachsounds like gnome QA. ;D08:50
tilmanrelease managers are strange folk08:50
jaegerwait... there's gnome QA?08:50
jaegerwhen did this happen?08:50
tilmankinda like aussies, but more insane08:50
treachjaeger: kind of the point. :P08:50
* Romster gleares at tilman 08:51
treachwhat's that? :D08:51
treachtilman: better take care, seems like daniella is using some unknown weapon on you.. :08:51
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Romstertreach, you better not be refering to me... :D08:52
rxi_Romster: looks like your secret is out08:52
Romsterwell my first name is Daniel but it's typed in as Danny everywhere as that's what i got used to.08:53
tilmandaniella, haha08:53
Romstereh if i shaved and put a dress on  could pass :P08:53
Romsteri coul*08:54
Romsterif i can type..08:54
jaegeranyone tried the latest updated iso with an external usb cdrom?08:57
jaegeralso, any nvidia user in here who can actually get -ignoreABI to work? :)09:01
treachsupposedly the ml is a better target for those questions. :)09:02
tilmanor #nvidia ;)09:02
jaegerwell, aaronp says on nzone/nvnews that it should work09:03
jaegerit doesn't for me09:03
nipuLgod i hate java, being forced to use tomcat for a unit this semester09:03
Romsterjaeger, i haven't updated to xorg 7.3 yet..09:05
jaegerif you want 3d+nvidia, don't :P09:06
jaegeruntil they release a new driver09:06
Romsterprecisely why i haven't..09:06
Romsteri'm holding off.09:06
jaegerI don't mind it being broken for a short while, I'll use windows if I have to09:07
jaegerbut it'd be nice if the workarounds actually worked09:07
thrice`or if there didn't have to exist workarounds09:08
rxi_does the intel driver work ok?09:08
tilmanwhy wouldn't it? ._o09:08
tilmanfwiw it's working as usual on my 945 something09:09
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rxi_whats the variable for the location of the port dir your working in?09:40
rxi_that pkgmk uses09:41
thrice`check out /etc/pkgmk.conf09:42
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treachoops ww09:50
jaegerah ha! -ignoreABI does work, but ONLY with non-legacy drivers09:51
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prologicjaeger, the mplayer update that's in ports fails for me10:21
jaegerfails to download? fails to build? fails to run?10:22
prologicfails to build10:22
prologicsorry was getting to that :)10:22
jaegerhave any separate ivtv stuff built or is that universal?10:26
prologicno I don't have ivtv installed at all10:27
prologicreally strange error10:28
prologicunless ivtv is in my kernel ?10:28
jaegerperhaps. building mplayer to see10:32
jaegerbuilds fine here10:35
jaegerno ivtv in kernel or packages10:35
prologicI'll sort it out tomorrow10:38
prologictrying to get compiz installed actually10:38
jaegerif there's a patch that needs to be applied and doesn't break the non-ivtv build, feel free to email it to me10:38
prologicdesktop was very out of date with packages :)10:38
jaegerI know the feeling10:39
prologicwill do10:39
jaegerspent most of the morning so far updating my work desktop10:39
prologicI started a sysup yesterday monring10:39
prologicwent to work10:39
prologicand most of it was done successfully :)10:39
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tilmanis anyone using elfutils as a binutils replacement?11:58
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tilmanaJaxs: you should ask your questions in here14:12
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aJaxsi added -ignoreABI to /usr/bin/starts's defaultserverargs. nvidia works fine, but now kdm doesnt start on boot. i have to invoke startx on user. any ideas ?14:13
tilmantry that
tilmanmessing with xinit scripts seems popular, i have no idea why14:14
rehabdollIgnoreABI should go in serverflags, right? if so it still didnt work for me14:15
jaegerI never got it to work in serverflags14:15
tilmanserverflags should be correct14:15
tilmansepen: can you update contrib/ati? :D14:16
sepenbut after xorg update I can't build it fine14:16
sepenI need more test14:17
jaegeraJaxs: you should be able to edit ServerCmd in kdmrc14:17
tilmansepen: damnit. okay.14:17
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j^2hey all14:39
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treachfinally. :D
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treach"a leading provider of UNIX® software technology and mobile services,"15:56
tilmanwhat a week16:00
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* treach congratulates RyoS to one of the slowest recorded reboots in history.16:05
treachwhat are you using, a downclocked 386sx?16:06
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sepenohhh grecia16:11
sepentreach, and older motorola m68x imo16:12
treachhehe, seems to lag badly, as well. :P16:12
treachmmh.. fully loaded debian/kde on a 68k...16:13
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treachok, if anyone is awake, and bored. ->
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thrice`jaeger: have you checked out the new udev by chance?20:00
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jaegernope... I haven't looked at udev in a LONG time20:01
jaegerI sleep better20:01
thrice`115 ships a bunch of rules (gentoo, slackware, etc.) in their tarball, as a sort of "centralized" rule set20:01
thrice`and I was curious if you had sorted anything :)  perhaps I'll sleep better too if I don't try20:02
jaegerbeen a long time, heh20:02
nipuLhald make life much easier than udev20:08
nipuLbut then hald couldn't work without udev i guess20:09
nipuLshut up, i'm sick20:09
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thrice`ok, think I got udev working21:36
aJaxsjaeger, you suggested adding -ignoreABI to kdmrc, cant find kdmrc. Also adding -ignoreABI to /usr/bin/startx does the job but just cant initialise the kdm daemon. would adding -ignoreABI to kdmrc make a difference ?22:00
jaegerkdm starts with its own X command line, so theoretically22:01
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aJaxsthx jaeger ;) SeverCmd seemed to do the job.22:24
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prologicX won't start :/22:25
prologicsomething about ABI not supported, and to use -ignoreABI22:25
prologicI put: Option "IgnoreABI" "1" in the ServerFlags section but it still complains22:25
aJaxsprologic, that only works for some people22:26
aJaxstry adding it to /usr/bin/startx22:26
predatorfreakaJaxs: or.22:26
predatorfreakDo startx -- -ignoreABI22:27
predatorfreakWhich is the proper bloody way to do that.22:27
predatorfreakHacking /usr/bin/startx is wrong.22:27
prologicit's slim I need to add the option to in this case22:27
prologicapparently I need to rebuild my nvidia driver though22:27
predatorfreakprologic: Huh?22:28
prologicand re-set the glx drivers22:28
predatorfreakYeah, you do.22:28
predatorfreakAlso, apparently, gl-select needs to be extended to now.22:28
predatorfreakOtherwise you've got conflicts there.22:28
predatorfreakTBH, I just reverted xorg-server to 1.3.BLAH and decided to stick with it for now.22:29
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prologicI'm getting all sorts of errors22:30
prologicmouse driver not found22:30
prologic"null" is not a valid keyboard driver22:30
prologicand with startx -- -ignoreABI, it still complains about my video driver not being ABI spported22:31
predatorfreakmouse driver needs to be rebuilt.22:32
predatorfreakkeyboard driver needs to be updated, blah blah.22:32
prologicI'm just gonna rebuild all of xorg down22:32
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