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prologicthis is crazy01:06
prologicit doesn't seem to be doing anything with the -ignoreABI option01:06
prologicit still complains about ABI ;/01:06
ddr4echo "exec startx -- -ignoreABI" > ~/.xinitrc fails ?01:10
prologiceh ?01:10
prologicstartx -- -ignoreABI <-- fails yes01:11
prologicI just rebuilt all of xorg01:11
ddr4wtf, you could try with xorg.conf although i havent heard much success with this. Option "ignoreABI"01:14
ddr4aslo you should have composite disabled.01:16
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rxitilman: what happened the xorg-xf86-video-intel?02:39
tilmanin 2.3, the port has always been called -video-i81002:52
rxididnt you rename it to intel?02:53
tilmanin 2.4, yes02:53
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jkrI have a stupid question05:18
jkrWhat's the difference between packaer and maintainer in Pkgfiles?05:19
brointhemixpackager made the port and the maintainer keeps it up to date?05:19
jkrAh, thanks05:20
jkrDo I need to name both if it's the same person?05:20
tilmanquoth the handbook: ... Packager can be omitted if the maintainer and packager are the same person.05:20
jkrThanks again :)05:20
tilmani guess i should explain the diff between the two in the handbook05:21
tilmanso lazy though05:21
tilmani think i'll grab a coffee instead ;)05:21
brointhemixbtw, who should I worship to install my repo in the port database?05:21
brointhemixi know i should give the contrib admin some time but I'm so impatient... :)05:22
jkrThere's a mail address on the ports page05:22
jkrIt took only a day or so for me05:22
brointhemixyes, the contrib-admin@crux.nu05:22
brointhemixbut I get no response05:22
brointhemixjust as if my mail address is blackilsted or something05:23
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jkrMaybe it is :)05:31
brointhemixI guess i really need to worship the contrib admin :)05:31
brointhemixo// Contrib Admin05:31
brointhemixContrib Admin, hear me05:32
brointhemixgrant me thy grace ad install my repo in the port database!05:32
jkrprtverify says it found some junk files05:35
jkrI just don't understand where? :D05:35
tilmanit lists them, doesn't it?05:37
tilmanbrointhemix: ports db != contrib05:37
tilmanjaeger takes care of the ports db i think05:37
jkrAh, I got it05:38
brointhemixtilman: I know, but the e-mail address says "contrib-admin at crux dot nu" therefore I used the name Contrib Admin :)05:39
tilmanmmh, maybe i'm misinformed05:39
brointhemixthat's a possibility :)05:39
jkrHehe, if you think it's hard to get your repo registered, try to get a namespace on cpan ;)05:42
jkrtilman: Why is usr/share/local not allowed for ports and where should I put those files instead?05:45
tilmanusr/share/local? o_O05:46
jkrEh, localE :)05:47
jkrSorry, typo05:47
tilmancrux is nls-less05:47
tilmantry whether you configure scripts knows about --disable-nls05:48
jkrAnd why is usr/share/man not allowed?05:53
jkrusr/man instead?05:53
tilmanbecause /usr/man is used instead05:53
tilmancheck the handbook05:53
jkrI will05:53
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jkrWhat was the name of the script that generated those REPO files?06:19
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jkrRight, thanks :) I forget it every time06:21
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whirledhi there.  Can anyone tell me if I would be able to use the 2.3 ports on a 2.1 Crux install without too many problems?11:20
teKiirc I did that, you have to adjust your repos (introduction of core..), though. NO GUARANTEE on this information ;)11:23
RyoSwhy dont you update your machine?11:23
whirledIt is a production server.  Our only production server, and it can't be down too long11:24
teKWhat's too long? Is it in use 24/7?11:26
thrice`seems like it'll have to be down at some point when ports no longer work :)11:27
teKbut cool to here that CRUX is in business' use, too. Any more stories about that?11:28
jaegerI have a crux server running among my red hat enterprise stuff at work11:29
thrice`i think jaeger does too11:29
thrice`ah :)11:29
teKI hope we can roll out CRUX on 26 machines (production terminals) next year11:29
whirledit's not so much the time that it is down for upgrades, it is how long it takes me to get it back to working order.  I have a big website going live on Oct 1, and can not afford any last minute surprises.  I do want to make sure that all software is up to date though.11:30
whirledCrux is by far my favorite distro.  I trust it 100% as our public web/ftp server.11:31
teKa) you DO have backups, don't you b) schedule it to the wheekends?11:31
teKI'm very sad that we cannot demand for our ERP system except for SLES/RHEL installations :|11:32
whirledOf course I have backups.  The point is I want to update critical ports now, then when I have more time, since I am still developing parts of the site going live, I will do a full upgrade.11:32
whirledWe also have an Apple Xserve, which is sort of cool, but a regular linux server is a lot more flexible11:34
teKif this is your only productive server it seems to be mission critical.. don't you have a testbed?11:34
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Romsteri do a sysup every day or few days..13:08
mike_knot in a cron job, I hope13:21
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tilmanjaeger: new evince that works with the new poppler is out16:23
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jaegertilman: cool, thanks. I'll try to update it tonight16:33
jaeger@seen prologic16:34
clbjaeger: prologic was last seen in #crux 15 hours, 22 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <prologic> I just rebuilt all of xorg16:34
jaegeranyone know of a linux tv/capture app that works well with ivtv? I'd like to do some capture from my xbox 36016:34
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