IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-09-16

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prologictilman: ping02:59
tilmanprologic: pong03:47
prologicneed some help fixing my X03:47
prologic-ignoreABI doesn't seem to work for me03:48
prologicusing nvidia driver (and there's no newer version yet)03:48
* tilman glares03:48
prologicalso with the latest xorg ports that I've upgraded to03:48
prologicusing vesa or the nv drivers freezes my machine's keyboard/mouse03:48
prologichave to hard reset03:49
prologicno useable X atm :/03:49
tilmani don't use nvidia hardware03:52
tilmanso nfc03:52
tilman#xorg, ask for help on the freeze with nv03:53
tilmandid you recompile the nv driver?04:00
prologicI never installed it before04:06
prologicnot getting anywhere with #xorg and #nvidia yet04:08
prologicand the vesa driver also frrezes my computer04:08
prologicafter doing a sysup and X not working and still not working with -ignoreABI04:08
prologicand sitll not working with re-instaling nvidia and re-doing gl-select04:09
prologicI recompiled all of xorg and it's deps04:09
prologicbut still no luck04:09
tilmanthe nvidia driver is known to be fucked up04:09
prologicI am seriously tempted to pkgadd all the xorg packages on the 2.3 cd04:24
prologicI'm getting nowhere with this :/04:24
prologicdo you know how hard it is for a vip guy to get X working again with only console tolls :)04:24
rxiprologic: im with you on that04:28
prologicyour X broken too ?04:28
tilmanwrite letters of complaint to nvidia04:29
prologicI shall :)04:29
prologicwhen I get to work tomorrow04:29
tilmanit's really strange that the vesa drivers locks up btw04:30
prologic*nods* tell me about it04:30
prologiclocks my system hard here04:30
prologicand no I have no way of testing whether ssh still works as this is my only monitor/keyboard (servers downstairs) :)04:31
prologicrxi you have an nvidia card right ?04:33
tilmanyou did recompile  te mouse and keyboard driver against the new server?04:34
prologicand you (attempting) to run xorg 1.4 as well ?04:34
prologicyes of course04:34
rxiprologic: nope intel04:34
prologicI recompiled everything (all of xorg and it's deps)04:34
prologicand your X is broken too ?04:34
rxitilman: xorg-inputproto right?04:34
tilmanrxi: if it's broken with intel, you did something wrong04:35
tilmanthere's no reasons  why it wouldbe broken04:35
rxiyeah i figured that04:36
prologicI don't seem to have xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} installed at all04:36
prologicwould that be a problem ?04:36
prologicare there new deps that have crept in that I don't know about ?04:36
prologicoh no wait I do have them installed04:37
prologicis it ok to pkgadd -u all the xorg packages on the cd btw ?04:42
prologicif I already have xorg ports instlaled04:42
prologicnot going to screw up the pkg db ?04:42
tilmanshould be enough to only downgrade the server04:43
prologicahh really ?04:44
prologicfrom 1.4 -> 1.3 ?04:44
tilmanand inputproto, and the input drivers04:44
prologicwhat was the previous version of inputproto ?04:45
prologichmm I should look in the git logs :)04:45
prologicand the input-{keyboard,mouse} ?04:52
prologicthey're both 1.2.2 atm04:53
tilman1.1.1 resp  1.1.204:54
prologichmm 404 on xorg-server04:56
prologicversion=1.3 not correct ?04:56
prologicwas there a different Mesa version for ?05:01
tilmanyou do realize that getting the git tree and just checking out the old state would be much easier? ;)05:05
prologicof course05:06
prologicas soon as the clonse finishes!05:06
prologicfor some reason indexing 3k objects is slow05:06
prologicgot a paritcular tree-sih I should checkout ?05:07
prologichow am I going to paste that inot my other console ;P05:09
tilmanyou can abbreviate it05:09
tilmanas long as it's unique05:09
tilmanso 23cff will robably suffice05:10
prologichmm ok05:10
prologicthought so05:10
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mxqi asked probably everywhere, do anyone know how to change colour of higlihted buttons in metacity?08:13
onestepuse another theme? :)08:34
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ct_hi everyone12:40
ct_i was interested in installing crux but i'm running off of a core2duo and the crux install CD can't recognize my cdrom device12:41
ct_on account of my motherboard being unsupported in the crux install kernel12:41
ct_i'm using an intel DG965RY motherboard12:42
ct_and the IDE device controller isn't working for the kernel that's on crux12:42
ct_so i was wondering what it would take for me to install via a USB drive12:42
ct_any tips?12:42
ct_keep in mind i'm on a window xp/win32 system currently12:45
rehabdollyou can use a current cdrom12:50
ct_i've tried and i keep getting interrupt errors from the kernel when i turn on all-generic-ide12:51
rehabdolleven jaeger's cd?12:51
ct_the kernel just sits around trying to get interupt 11 (or 13, i forget)12:51
ct_haven't tried that one12:51
rehabdollwill probably work since it contains a newer kernel12:51
ct_ah cool!12:52
rehabdollwhat kind of ide-controller do you have on your board? jmicron?12:52
ct_not really  sure12:52
ct_one sec12:52
rehabdollnevermind, just curious :)12:53
ct_ah ok12:54
ct_i was looking around with zero results12:54
ct_i was about to use the systemrescuecd distro to get a booting version of linux going12:54
ct_but i've had issues with both crux and gentoo in getting this thing cookin'12:54
ct_i'll try out that iso12:54
ct_i take it i want the one under "updated crux 2.3 iso with usb cdrom support" posting?12:55
ct_ah ok12:55
ct_i got it12:55
ct_well thanks!12:55
ct_i'll give this a spin and i'll hit you back when it works :-P12:55
rehabdollthe regular one will probably work with your ide-cd12:57
ct_what type of flags should i use?12:58
rehabdollnone, new kernels should detect your ide-controller just fine13:00
ct_well the problem is that it refuses to mount the cdrom on boot up13:03
ct_for some reason, the kernel doesn't make a /dev/cdroms link in the dev directory13:03
ct_anywho thanks again download is complete bbiab13:06
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jaegerprologic: are you using a legacy driver or the default?14:14
prologicthe "nvidia" port14:20
prologicI reverted all my xorg ports back14:20
jaegerI'm using -ignoreABI on my work desktop with that one, it seems to ONLY work on the non-legacy ports14:20
ddr4jaeger, your right...i thought that aswell..14:21
jaegerpresumably nvidia is releasing updates to all 3 but all I know so far is "very soon"14:21
prologicthen I shall wait tll upgrading again14:22
prologicI just wanted to try compiz/fusion14:22
jaegerprologic: know of a decent app that can capture and play video from an ivtv card at the same time? I'd like to capture some game footage from my xbox 36014:22
thrice`and we'd like to see some game footage :)14:22
prologiccat | mplayer14:23
prologicwill do the trick14:23
jaegerI'd like to be writing it out to an editable file at the same time, though14:23
jaegereasy to do one or the other :)14:24
prologicthen cat /dev/video0 > foo.mpg && mplayer foo.mpg14:24
prologicit's an mpeg stream14:24
prologicwhich you can play immediately while writing it14:24
jaegerI suppose I could live with the delay14:24
prologicthere _are_ apps around14:24
prologicbut it's just as easy to pipe it14:24
prologicand use mplayer14:24
prologicmythtv is one such app of course :)14:25
jaegertime shifting makes it unusable for this purpose14:25
jaegertoo much delay14:25
prologichow so ?14:25
prologicyou just want to capture from your camcorder don't you ?14:25
jaegernot quite, but close. I want to plug my xbox 360 straight into the pvr350 and capture14:26
jaegervia s-video, since it doesn't do composite or hdmi14:26
prologicoh ic14:26
jaegerI could probably do it in vegas... or maybe cinelerra14:26
prologicwell lemme know how you go with that14:27
prologicone could write a simple cli app that'd read from the device and write to a file14:28
prologicand at the same time play it14:28
jaegerif one were so inclined :)14:29
prologicone could be convinced to :)14:29
jaegerif one were  not me14:30
prologicsilly man :) was referring ot me!14:30
prologicneways, gotta get ready for work!14:30
jaegerI'll be happy to test it if you do14:30
prologicsee what I can do tonight14:30
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brointhemixjaeger, are you here?15:27
brointhemixare you the user?15:27
jaegertechnically there's no user but I did set up the lists15:28
brointhemixare you still the one to worship and pray to to get one's repository listed in the portdb? :)15:29
jaegernot anymore :) that's viper_ though I haven't seen him in a while15:30
jaegerI believe the register link sends him an email15:30
brointhemixok, thank you :)15:31
jaegerprologic: hrmm, it just occured to me the 360 didn't come with an s-video cable... I'll have to test with the ps2 or something15:34
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tilmanhands up: who's using xorg-xinit 1.0.6?15:58
tilmanand who of those are using startx?15:58
tilmanand who of those are using startx successfully?15:59
mxqcan anyone tell me whats wrong with that?
mxqi cant ping DNS, it says host unreachable16:03
jaegerperhaps because it didn't replace the default route?16:03
mxqcurrently im arch user so after compiling kernel i did everything like i would do in arch or other distro16:05
tilmann/m about startx16:06
mxqcrux is much less user friendly than arch :p16:07
treachit isn't it's just pickyer about it's friends16:07
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tilmanprologic: xorg-xinit 1.0.6 doesn't work with dash-for-/bin/sh. either use bash for now, or downgrade to 1.0.516:20
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mxqjaeger: i love you16:33
mxqi hope that you are a woman16:33
jaegerI am not but thanks anyhow :)16:35
tilmanwomen are men on irc anyways16:36
treachand the girls are policemen, right? :)16:36
tilmani meant16:37
tilmanpeople who claim to be women, are really men16:37
treachyeah, I got that.16:37
tilmani think it was kids who are really FBI agents16:37
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treachyeah, that's what I meant with "girls216:37
treachs /2/"/16:37
treachbah, you're all kids anyway. ;)16:39
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surrounder[23:26:54] < mxq> jaeger: i love you17:06
surrounder[23:27:09] < mxq> i hope that you are a woman17:06
surrounder[23:29:05] <@jaeger> I am not but thanks anyhow :)17:06
surrounder[23:29:32] <@tilman> women are men on irc anyways17:06
surrounder[23:29:36] <@tilman> !17:06
surrounder[23:30:11] < treach> and the girls are policemen, right? :)17:06
surrounder[23:30:22] <@tilman> no17:07
surrounder[23:30:23] <@tilman> i meant17:07
surrounder[23:30:29] <@tilman> people who claim to be women, are really men17:07
surrounder[23:30:36] < treach> yeah, I got that.17:07
surrounder[23:30:42] <@tilman> i think it was kids who are really FBI agents17:07
treachsurrounder: are you drunk?17:07
surrounderwish I was17:07
surrounderhad some issues with my laptop touchpad and screen17:07
surrounderdunno what happenend17:07
tilmansurrounder: you suck! ;)17:07
treachexcuses, excuses. :>17:08
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surrounderdonkey bawls!17:08
treachturn of that farking touchpad, it's sprung directly from Satans Designs, INC. anyway17:08
surrounderto be honest I kinda like it17:09
treachmaybe, but the rest of us is a bit ... underwhelmed.17:09
surrounderdon't have to remove your hand from the keyboard17:09
surrounderyeahyeah, been a while since I booted this thing ;)17:09
treachI don't have to move my hands either..17:10
treachred button between ghb :)17:10
treachnot that I'm in X currently though17:10
surrounderaaah check17:10
surrounderhaven't tried those things really17:11
treachtakes a bit to get used to, but it's a lot better than those damned touchpads anyway17:11
surrounderI can believe that17:11
surrounderanyhow, not going to whine about a eur 50 laptop that serves great as a remote control :D17:12
treachhaha, the battery meter on this one is seriously off.17:13
treachit's been telling me the battey is dying for almost an hour now. :P17:14
surrounderthis one doesnt have one or something17:14
surroundergives acpi errors on boot too17:14
surrounderI love this thing :D17:14
treachwhat kind of crap is it?17:14
surrounderit gives me about 6 min. of battery life17:14
surroundercel 366 /w 64 MB RAM17:15
treacha real craptop.17:15
surrounderoh yeah!17:15
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jjpkA quality craptop from Satans Designs, INC.17:32
jjpkWhatever the case, it still beats this laggy connection :D17:34
treach(Internet Over Barbed Wire)17:34
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treachI thought that was aon's way of connecting. ;)17:35
jjpkYeh. Too little bandwidth for too many users.17:35
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treachyay for overbooking. :/17:36
jjpk:D they just seem cheap, oh well.17:37
jjpkYou have to manage with what is available.17:37
treachthe true motto of any monopoly. :>17:39
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RedShiftthe archlinux folks in #archlinux are just dumb or something17:43
RedShiftthey don't see how pointing to a manpage is better than to spoonfeed the right command17:43
jjpkThey want a quick fix, not a lecture.17:44
RedShiftthere used to be a time where rtfm was common in #archlinux17:44
RedShiftand the users abide by it17:44
treach"abode it"?17:45
RedShiftnow archlinux got into the spotlight, and all sorts people joined in17:45
RedShiftit's almost like ubuntu17:45
jjpkPrice of fame brings out the oddballs.17:45
treachstrange, I don't think I've met a happy arch user yet..17:45
RedShifttreach: to abide means to sustain, to submit to (I like that ^_^), to tolerate17:46
treachthey all seem frustrated and angry, especially with the "management" and the other users in #archlinux".. :>17:46
RedShiftnow when someone ask how to mount an ISO image, and I say, man mount, I get shouted at17:46
RedShift3 years ago when I joined arch, arch was pretty pure17:47
treachfine, just tell who ever shouts, "ok, you help him, and everyone else who asks this question"17:47
treachs /who ever/whoever/17:47
treachI fear we are a dying breed, the last people who at least have a rundimentary idea about what we are doing.17:49
RedShiftexactl :-17:49
thrice`wait, didn't you switch to Suse? ;)17:49
treachthose who started out with windows 95 and pointy clicky stuff doesn't know shit.17:49
RedShifttreach: exactly17:49
RedShiftpeople have no idea on how complex a computer really is17:49
treachthrice`: not on my laptop, and on my desktop it was because A) I had problems I didn't have time to fix, and B) I needed to do some testing.17:50
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treachI aim for a 100% return to crux when ever I get around to do some serious upgrading.17:51
treachit's a bit underpowered as is, sometimes.17:51
treachand I'd like to try out KVM. :)17:52
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prologic_jaeger: ping19:27
jaegerprologic_: back now, what's up?19:58
prologic_got time (feel like) isntalling compiz/fusion on my desktop :)20:07
prologic_reason for me doing a sysup in the first place was that compiz wasn't compiling (failed for some reason)20:07
prologic_was using ecarux's ports20:07
prologic_maybe yours are better :)20:07
jaegerdo I have compiz ports? :) I use beryl when I want to mess with that stuff20:09
prologic_apparently you do20:09
jaegerI just looked, so it seems20:10
jaegerdunno if it works, hehe20:10
thrice`I think jaeger's are pre-beryl compiz20:11
jaegerthe 0.5.0 is post-beryl but I don't remember whether it was any good or not20:11
prologic_compiz and beryl has merged back again haven't they ?20:14
prologic_afaik it's now called compiz/fusion20:15
jaegerI think so20:15
prologic_I'd like to install working ports of it on my desktop at home20:15
prologic_to try the full-desktop zooming that it has20:15
jaegergtk-window-decorator doesn't work for me20:20
jaegergrr... can't get it to do anything at all20:31
jaegerno luck finding solutions, either21:08
jaegernot I, just trying to get compiz to run21:12
jaegerer, well, the window decorator, not compiz21:13
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jaegerI believe at this point that compiz 0.5.2 doesn't actually work in its current form22:43
predatorfreakjaeger: It worked in any form? :)22:49
predatorfreakAlso, fancy new patch for handling syslog starting sent off, I think it's much cleaner than my first attempt and fixes the rc.single case in a clean fashion.22:50
predatorfreak(By "clean" fashion, I mean no filesystem symlinks)22:51
jaegersure, I've used it before22:51
jaegerand it was a bitch to set up but it did work22:51
predatorfreakjaeger: So now it's a bitch to setup and doesn't work? :)22:52
jaegerwell, it *seems* easy to set up now... it just doesn't work :)22:53
predatorfreakWoohoo! Give it a prise for biggest annoyance.22:53
predatorfreakAww :(22:53
* predatorfreak reserves prise22:53
predatorfreakI think I'm going to start work on obsoleting sysvinit on CRUX after I shower :)22:54
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jaegerhrmm... compiz-settings thinks the decorator is running23:06
jaegerbut I see no decorations23:06
* predatorfreak grabs his death-to-sysvinit-toolkit23:06
predatorfreakjaeger: Obviously, it didn't hire the right decorator :P23:06
jaegerso it seems23:08
predatorfreakWell, the first step to replacing sysvinit in it's entirety is to make runit support a "single user mode"23:09
predatorfreakThat's fucking awesome!23:11
predatorfreakI can do vim blah.tar23:11
predatorfreakand edit text files IN THE TARBALL.23:12
predatorfreaksave the changes.23:12
predatorfreakand bam! it's done :D23:12
predatorfreakOkay, now the brutally long task of converting every applicable init script in core/opt into a runit service...23:17
jaegerwoot! got it working23:18
jaegerseems the gconf interface is just flat broken23:18
jaegerinvoking plugins from the command line worked23:18
predatorfreakjaeger: Looks to me like I'm going to have the time of my life reading a billion man pages to figure out how to make programs not-fork :)23:18
predatorfreakjaeger: Eh, I'm too lazy right to finish this, so, lazy time! (Besides, I'd have to rewrite the structure of the rc scripts and I don't have enough brain power left for THAT)23:28

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