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jaegerargh, compiz sucks at window focus00:14
jaegerand working right00:14
jaegerI'm tired of messing with it, someone else can figure it out00:14
predatorfreakjaeger: I recommend replacing it with Openbox :P00:16
jaegermetacity is still working as expected00:16
predatorfreakBah! Openbox is more fun :)00:17
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pitillogood morning01:13
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prologicey guys04:55
prologicfor embedded devices and linux04:55
prologicis the 2.4 series kernel a much smaller footprint than the 2.6 ?04:55
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rxiim never ever ever ever ever doing an xorg update again07:25
ddr4rxi, did kill something ?07:27
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morlenxusMight be an faq question, but does someone else has the problem that the nvidia module doesn't work with the current xorg?09:14
tilmanis it a FAQ if it only gets asked 5 times a day?09:15
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tilmanif so, then yes :D09:15
morlenxusSo there is no fix for it?09:15
jaegerif you're using nvidia, NOT nvidia-legacy-*, you can use ignoreabi09:15
morlenxusAs an xorg.conf option?09:15
jaegerstartx -- -ignoreABI or add Option "IgnoreABI" to ServerFlags09:15
morlenxusThanks :)09:16
tilmandidn't i actually put that crap in /topic/09:16
morlenxusTopic doesn't fit on screen. :)09:17
tilmanbut at least we've got lots of ooooold links in there09:17
*** tilman changes topic to "new x + nvidia = bad | CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste"09:19
RyoSlol? wtf09:23
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RyoShe loled out09:33
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thrice`jaeger: get compiz working?09:40
jaegernot really09:40
jaegerthe gconf backend seems hosed, can't start plugins properly... but it's the only one that seems to allow saving of settings09:41
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anrykothere was the command to see which libs is the application using09:42
anrykoi forgot it and cant find now :)09:42
anrykocan anybody help me?09:42
anrykoyep, thenx alot09:44
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predatorfreak <-- LOL Oh god this stuff cracks me up.10:37
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the_ruwhat's the problem with new X + nvidia?11:42
jaegerin short, they don't work together11:42
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jaegerin longer form, you can work around the issue by using the "IgnoreABI" x option, IF you're using non-legacy nvidia drivers11:43
jaegeruntil they release updates11:43
the_ruI fear my card is considered "legacy" by now11:47
* the_ru is trying to get a riva128 into 1440x90011:47
tilmanthe nv driver doesn't do that?11:47
the_ruI get the proper resolution, but it's flickering11:47
RedShiftassholes with their stupid branding11:47
tilmandoes nouveau support the riva128?11:47
RedShiftI hate branding11:47
tilmani'd bet that it supports it better than nv11:48
RedShiftpackages should deliver software in it's purest form11:48
RedShiftlike the author intended11:48
RedShiftbut what the hell do I see now when I launch the freshly packaged OpenOffice?11:48
RedShiftthe fucking arch logo11:48
RedShiftwhen will they stop11:48
the_rubut; as xvidtune seems to be from xfree86, is there an equivalent xorg utility?11:48
jjpkRedShift: you need to show your support! zomg11:49
thrice`then don't use arch11:49
tilmanthe_ru: last time i used it was in 99. what does it do exactly?11:49
thrice`that sounds easy11:49
tilmanif you need to generate a ModeLine, use ctf11:49
the_ruthey usually don't work11:49
the_ruI found this one in some forum11:49
the_ruI'd like to tweak it a bit11:49
tilmanok. it worked wonders for one of my CRTs back in the day11:49
the_ruwell, this is a TFT so it's rather picky about its input it seems11:50
the_ruand the card (from 97) isn't the fastest11:50
tilmanyou could build it yourself11:50
the_rua-ha, thanks11:51
the_rucurrently running at 62 Hz, could use some improvement11:53
the_ruwith a black background it will do, but as soon as something even resembling a moire pattern appears it looks like shit11:54
the_ruthere are many unknowns though... I'm on 10 m of cable, I guess it could be affected by that as well11:56
tilmanmaybe you should try with a CRT first?11:57
the_runah, this will work11:58
the_rualready got it to 64 Hz! :-]11:58
tilmannouveau doesn't support riva 128 btw11:59
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the_ruhm hm12:24
the_ruperhaps I should try another card12:24
the_ruan ATI Radeon ought to do the trick12:25
the_ruit flickers and fluctuates slightly between red and green, heh12:29
RedShiftthe_ru: you are still using a CRT monitor?12:31
the_runo, a TFT12:31
RedShifta TFT shouldn't have any moiré12:31
RedShiftdid you adjust the phase and clock?12:32
the_rubut I wonder if it's actually the modeline that is at fault here, or interference in the cable12:32
the_ruwell, moire isn't the problem12:32
RedShiftyour TFT should be running at 60 Hz12:32
the_rubut that's when I notice all the strange stuff going an12:32
RedShiftthe_ru: have you tried using a DVI cable instead of a VGA cable?12:33
the_runo... didn't have any hardware that had DVI connectors earlier, so I bought a 10 m VGA...12:34
RedShift10 m VGA?12:34
the_ruso I'd rather use it now that I have it12:34
RedShiftno wonder you are having bad picture12:34
the_ruI was just going to use it for a CRT displaying text12:35
the_rugot a TFT cheap though, so I wanted to put it to use...12:35
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the_ruthere *are* some funny things going on even at lower resolutions12:41
Romstertilman, the daemon process i said about the other day, signal 15 nor 9 kills it, what now?12:41
the_ruin textmode, the text "waves" :-O12:41
tilmanRomster: try Hoy Water12:42
the_ruhm hm...12:44
the_ruperhaps I should just give the TFT to my GF then, and keep using my CRT for text12:44
the_ruusing my laptop as X display12:44
Romstertilman, lol12:47
Romsterwell if SIGKILL dosn't kill it what would?12:47
RedShiftthe_ru: pics12:53
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the_ruRedShift: pics of what?13:21
RedShiftthe_ru: the gf13:22
tilman<3 RedShift13:22
the_ruthat's us in the suits of famous swedish politicians13:24
RyoSoh man i want to say at least something but i cant find the words13:24
tilmanthe_ru: i almost recognized the politicians ;)13:25
mike_kanyone familar with macroses? How to change the default value of $selinux_support to no?13:26
tilmanmike_k: mmh. shouldn't it be set by the first chunk of selinux-check.diff?13:28
tilmanyou could put selinux-support=no at the top13:28
mike_kconfigure: error: Security Context requested, but no selinux support! Aborting.13:29
tilmanso the AC_CHECK_HEADER or AC_CHECK_LIB failed13:30
tilmancheck config.log for details13:30
mike_knot sure if such overriding without macros is ok13:30
tilmanit shouldn't be *necessar* afaics13:30
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the_ruthis distinction between DVI types - is it something I need to care about?14:01
the_ruif I just get a DVI-D cable, will it "just work"...14:01
RedShiftmost types are interchangeable, but one type isn't14:02
RedShiftit depends what DVI connectors are used on the monitor and the video card14:03
the_ruthe monitor is DVI-D14:03
the_ruthe card I'm not sure, haven't decided which one to use yet :-O14:04
RedShiftif you get a DVI-D cable it should work just fine14:04
the_ruand it *shouldn't* suffer from interference?14:05
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* the_ru installs emacs14:34
RyoSwth is wrong with you dude?14:34
RyoSdude! :O14:35
the_ruso haxx0r me >:-(14:35
the_ru'cuz you ain't gonna stop me otherwise14:35
RyoSghetto attitude? :D14:35
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the_ruthere was the strangest thing going on at my old uni... they had emacs on the windows machines, but one could only use it for a few minutes before the whole computer locked up, constantly beeping14:39
tilmanthe_ru: clearly the admins favored vim :)14:40
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morlenxusShort question: I'm trying to use the IgnoreABI option in the xorg.conf file but the option seems to be ignored. When i use the switch on commandline it works well, can someone acknowledge this?15:02
jaegerI ended up using both, so I'm not sure which does the job15:04
morlenxusCan you check please?15:04
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jaegernot right now, can when I get home. that machine is powered off15:05
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jaegerin about 2 hours15:05
morlenxusk thanks :)15:05
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the_ruhm hm16:14
the_ruI need to search for a file that contains a specific string16:14
the_ruseems like find can't do this16:15
the_ruany other ideas?16:15
tilmanfind .. | xargs grep magicstring16:15
* the_ru waits16:18
the_ruI have too many files...16:18
morlenxusOr fgrep -r16:24
morlenxusI have another xorg related question. I have a pc104 us layout keyboard in the config file, but capslock and numlock doesn't work - exactly they don't with the keyboard led on. Am i missing something?16:25
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drijenhi jaeger17:28
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jaegermorlenxus: ok, home now, I'll test the ABI thing17:35
* drijen cheers at jaeger 17:36
jaegerheyo, drijen17:36
jaegermorlenxus: ok, that was easy enough. it's the command line option that works; Option "IgnoreABI" in the ServerFlags section has zero effect17:38
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jaegerno idea on the keyboard layout thing17:41
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drijenjaeger: if i want to change the default console font for both xterms and normal cli to terminus, do i want tjhe console package, the xorg package or both?17:47
drijenjaeger: ty sir17:47
drijenanything i should read about it besides the readmes?17:47
jaegernot really, they're pretty painless17:48
morlenxusjaeger: Hm, thanks for checking. What do you have in your keyboard section?17:54
jaegeronly identifier and driver17:55
jaegerKeyboard0, kbd17:55
morlenxusI even can't disable the capslock key.18:10
morlenxusCan you check if you can have a .Xmodmap with this content:18:11
morlenxusremove Lock = Caps_Lock18:11
morlenxusThen run xrdb -override .Xdefaults18:11
thrice`maro: ping18:49
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predatorfreakThe rare music you can find on the Internet...23:18
predatorfreakGotta love bootleg traders for sheer odd shit.23:18
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