IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-09-18

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pitillogood morning01:11
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marothrice`: pong02:39
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ddr4tilman, is there a way around getting composite working with the new x & nvidia ?04:39
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thrice`maro: do you have an updated udev port I might be able to observe?  I'm getting weird alsa errors06:01
tilmanddr4: dunno, maybe #nvidia knows06:02
marothrice`: what errors?06:03
maroI can give you my port but I have no idea if it works on crux core06:03
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maroor you could show me the errors and I could try to help :)06:04
thrice`maro: did you incorporate anything else for rules, other than $SRC/etc/udev/rules.d/*.rules ?06:05
thrice`I don't think the extra dvb stuff is necessary anymore06:05
thrice`maro: thanks.  I'll have to check it out when I get home.  is that link going to remain active for a bit ?06:06
marosure, but it'd be nice if you noticed me when you got i back home so I can throw it away again :)06:07
prologictilman, the -ignoreABI option doesn't work here06:07
prologicand may not work for others too06:07
thrice`heh - trade secrets? ;)06:07
prologicI had to revert back to older xorg06:07
tilmani don't really care06:07
marothrice`: shh, forgot your NDA?06:07
tilmani never said it would work06:07
prologicyou may not care06:07
prologicbut could you let jaeger know please06:08
prologictelling people to use --ignoreABI _may_ not necessarily work06:08
prologiclike you said in topic, new X + nvidia = bad06:08
tilmannobody ever promised anything06:08
tilmanjaeger said that it worked for *him* using legacy drivers06:08
maronew X + any closed driver = bad06:08
tilmanor !legacy06:08
maroalways has been06:08
thrice`maro: are you in the States?06:08
marothrice`: nope, .dk06:09
thrice`maro: ok, i'll try once again tonight, and perhaps get a bit further, and be able to post any errors that may exist.  looks like the only alsa hack you did was for alsactl restore + audio group06:10
pitillotilman, this afternoon or tomorrow I will test it with romster's nvidia-legacy-71xx. (finishing updating my system bit by bit)06:12
ddr4pitillo, just curious but does the dirty hack of adding -ignoreABI to /usr/bin/startx not work for you ?06:17
tilmanspare yourselves lots of work and just don't upgrade x yet06:18
tilman(and buy a radeon)06:18
pitilloddr4, I can not test it, and I haven't xorg updatet yet. I will ask this Q when I update my system and see if there are problems06:18
pitilloI think the best solution is waiting nvidia to move piece on the driver development. I think tilman's solution is the best by now.06:20
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marolibarchive 2.3.1 fucks up my system again :/06:41
maroldconfig complains about truncated libraries, no idea what's causing it yet06:42
maro(libs of packages that are added/updated using the new libarchive)06:44
marough, and pkginfo fails to list files in packages06:47
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rehabdollhas anyone with a radeonhd tried the new open driver yet?13:42
rehabdollgit:// fyi13:43
tilmanrehabdoll: did you? does it use randr12?13:43
rehabdollnah, got a nvidia-card13:43
rehabdolljust ordered a radeon though :D13:43
thrice`will it work with my 9700 pro ?13:47
thrice`I think it's too old13:47
tilman9700 is r20013:47
tilmanuse -ati and be happy :P13:47
thrice`fine fine :)13:48
tilmanfwiw, don't expect 3d performance improvements for r200/r300/r400 to happen soon13:48
thrice`I expect a new video card purchase to happen first.  -ati works well, though, for me13:48
rehabdollseems firefox wont build with the new pango package14:14
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qubitgood day14:29
tilmanrehabdoll: seems they are missing a cairo include14:30
tilman/usr/include/pango-1.0/pango/pangocairo.h: At global scope:14:30
tilman/usr/include/pango-1.0/pango/pangocairo.h:71: error: 'cairo_font_type_t' was not declared in this scope14:30
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thrice`struggling xorg mirrors today14:43
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qubithi all :)15:20
qubitwhat is he news in crux world thrice15:21
thrice`not too much, and yourself ?15:22
qubitmore or less ..15:23
qubitman ... I can't come back to be the same man ...15:23
qubitwhich day that past I want go more lower level ...15:24
qubitand I've tried come back to slack15:24
qubitbut I can't15:24
qubitI'm loving crux linux15:24
thrice`good :)15:24
qubitI guess that if the system creak15:24
qubitwere me15:24
qubitnot the system that model to me15:25
qubitbut I'm happy for this desicion15:25
qubitthank you thrice`15:25
thrice`it's a little easier to manage than slack, I've found15:26
qubitme too15:26
qubitit is more apreciate install(compile) a program than take a build15:26
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qubitI guess that thrice` that crux is the way that I want to me ... I'm feeling more special and hacker in crux than in others systems15:29
rehabdollyeah, crux is for l33t hax0rs only15:29
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RyoSthank god tilman15:34
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telitiHello. I installed ssmtp (on Crux 2.3.5 x86 by Hannes) and get a strange error message (perhaps strange because Im new to linux): ssmtp[1788] trap invalide opcode rip:blabla rsp:blabla error:0  what does this means? How can I fix this?16:02
telitix86_64 ...16:02
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qubitIf I Could See Into your Soul ( But I can see your source :P )16:26
qubitbye everyone16:26
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rehabdolluh, ok16:27
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rehabdollnew nvidia-driver17:38
jaegerand new firefox, it seems17:40
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mxqim trying to install gnome-light why it pulls firefox as dependency?17:41
rehabdollyeah.. firefox fails to build with the new pango though :)17:41
thrice`new firefox fails to build, or old ?17:42
rehabdolltilman mentioned a missing include in firefox before17:42
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jaegerat least the nvidia drivers work now17:52
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thrice`I think cups needs to go to 1.3.2 also - 1.3.1 seems to have been removed from the mirrors17:58
predatorfreakrehabdoll: Firefox with pango period should fail.17:58
thrice`maybe bumping pango to 1.18.2 will fix it?17:59
predatorfreak and fix the problem here.18:00
predatorfreakthrice`: It's a Firefox bug.18:00
predatorfreakthat they don't seem keen on fixing <_<18:00
thrice`oh, ok18:00
thrice`maro: around ?18:00
rehabdollah, cheers18:01
predatorfreakrehabdoll: Unless the new pango introduced something new, I haven't rebuilt firefox yet, so, not sure :)18:03
* predatorfreak fires up prt-get update -fr firefox18:03
jaegerwell, the firefox Pkgfile/mozconfig didn't change18:04
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predatorfreakjaeger: Then firefox shouldn't fail from pango ANYWAY :)18:05
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jaegerso it'd indicate pango's the problem18:06
predatorfreakjaeger: No, I mean, Firefox shouldn't even be TRYING to use Pango.18:06
jaegerperhaps, but it does something, I guess. even the current one which compiled with the previous pango port18:07
* predatorfreak rebuilds18:08
rehabdollwell firefox fails without pango18:08
predatorfreakWell, waiting for a rebuild.18:08
predatorfreakTrolled the Arch package database?18:08
predatorfreakThey like breaking stuff.18:08
predatorfreakthen putting a patch over it :)18:08
thrice`releasing it broken, and then patching it18:09
predatorfreakthrice`: The Arch philosophy, it would seem.18:09
thrice`sure enough - they've got the nopangooxft and add-ldflags patches18:10
predatorfreakThat's where I stole them from :)18:11
predatorfreakThey're great for stealing stuff from.18:11
predatorfreakOh noes! new cups can't be found!18:13
jaegergaah, I hate git sometimes18:13
predatorfreakPoor thing got a 404 :(18:13
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predatorfreakRAWR ME EAT PEOPLE.18:14
predatorfreakHello, welcome to #crux.18:14
jaegerhow does the ldflags patch fit in?18:14
predatorfreakjaeger: Fixes a linking error with pango enabled.18:15
telitithx .-)18:15
* predatorfreak eats teliti 18:15
predatorfreakmmm Human tasty.18:15
* teliti strange people who uses crux .-) hehe18:16
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predatorfreakteliti: I'm the local madman.18:17
predatorfreakWe used to have another local madman, but we think he jumped ship to OpenBSD :(18:18
telitipredatorfreak: haha ... :-)18:18
jaegernutters :P18:18
telitiI'm sure he'll me many madmen over there18:19
rehabdollarrrr, talk like a pirate day!18:19
predatorfreakOh, man, OpenBSD is the safe haven for madmen.18:19
predatorfreakI'm just adventurous!18:19
predatorfreakBesides, folks in #crux don't seem to mind.18:19
thrice`ah, i'm so close to getting udev working.  i still get a strange error, though18:19
predatorfreakrehabdoll: GAR, YER STEALIN ME BOOTY.18:20
predatorfreakrehabdoll: THAT GOLD BE MINE AND YOU KNOW IT!18:20
* predatorfreak pulls out his sword and pistol.18:20
thrice`jaeger: i tried updating udev to 115 (I think I have it almost done :) ) and get the following: udevd[370]: lookup_group: specified group 'uucp' unknown18:23
jaegersounds like there's no uucp group but some rules that want it18:23
thrice`ah, ok18:25
thrice`seems to be.  odd that that happens, as they ship stock rules now18:25
jaegerthe devs probably use a system with a uucp group18:25
jaegernot uncommon, I'd guess18:26
predatorfreakMy poor CPU :(18:26
predatorfreakConverting 2GB worth of Hawkwind to Vorbis, compiling Firefox and optimising a ton of PNGs.18:26
predatorfreakI'm surprised the thing isn't dying of exhaustion yet.18:26
* predatorfreak needs to go octo-core with 5GHz clock rate18:27
thrice`hrm, my dvd / cdrom symlinks aren't being made either :(18:33
predatorfreakLOL, I love how 1.4GB of music suddenly turns into 400MB with Vorbis.18:35
telitiis it possible to only fetch distfiles with prt-get ?18:35
predatorfreakprt-get BLAH --margs="-do" BLAH18:36
predatorfreakShould do it.18:36
jaegerredundant BLAHs?18:36
predatorfreakjaeger: Insert whatever there :P18:36
thrice`or you can use pkgmk -do18:37
jaegerjust being a pest, ignore me :)18:37
telitithank you :-)18:37
predatorfreakthrice`: He asked for a way to do it with prt-get :)18:37
predatorfreakjaeger: My personal firefox port works fine with the new pango.18:38
jaegerglad to hear it18:38
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telitiHmm, I think after a very long way with many distros and also BSD I see something that is REALY nice on my screen .-)))18:40
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predatorfreakNote to self.18:40
predatorfreakkillall can maim.18:40
predatorfreakSuddenly killing your window manager by typing the wrong thing is no fun :(18:41
telitiit is, predatorfreak, it is hehe ...18:42
predatorfreakjue needs to update cups to 1.3.2 :(18:43
thrice`ok jaeger, I think I got it working :)18:44
thrice`interested in breaking your system?18:45
predatorfreakthrice`: SURE!18:45
jaegernot really :)18:46
thrice`fine fine18:47
predatorfreakthrice`: Gimme gimme! :D18:47
thrice`want to test it?18:47
predatorfreakI haven't seen breakage in so long it's making me miss Arch :)18:48
thrice`ok, email ?18:49
thrice`the uucp error is still there, but only because CRUX has no uucp group - should be harmless, I think18:50
predatorfreakthrice`: predatorfreak@dcaf-security.org18:50
thrice`ok, best of luck :)18:51
thrice`works OK here18:51
predatorfreakmmm tasy breakage.18:52
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thrice`it broke?18:52
predatorfreakthrice`: Not yet.18:52
predatorfreakBut I'm praying for it too :)18:52
predatorfreakHowever, claws-mail seems to have broken :(18:53
thrice`mail go through?18:53
predatorfreakYeah, but now it crashes when I try to save the file.18:53
predatorfreakMaybe it's warning me? :P18:54
* predatorfreak updates to 3.0.118:54
predatorfreakapparently, there was a new version.18:54
predatorfreakand I didn't notice :(18:54
predatorfreak*** glibc detected *** claws-mail: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x08eace10 ***18:57
predatorfreakzsh: abort      claws-mail18:57
predatorfreakThat's never happened before....18:57
predatorfreakjaeger: I think gtk bork claws-mail!18:57
thrice`crux isn't doing too well tonight18:59
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jaegerso it seems19:00
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* predatorfreak primes valgrind and gdb.19:00
predatorfreakBlarg GUI in valgrind SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW19:01
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predatorfreakI think I found my problem.19:02
predatorfreakJue's patch didn't QUITE nail everything, it would seem.19:02
predatorfreakERROR SUMMARY: 4898601 errors from 634 contexts (suppressed: 188 from 1) JESUS CHRIST!19:03
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predatorfreakjaeger: Congrads! The new GTK is making life fun again :D19:10
predatorfreakI haven't had any breakage like this since sysklogd hated my kernel! :D19:10
jaegerwhich was like 3 days ago or something, right? :)19:11
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predatorfreakjaeger: Hey, time flies for me.19:12
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thrice`all of this to test udev? :(19:13
predatorfreakthrice`: Yes! more fun!19:13
predatorfreakNow I just need pygtk to work.19:13
predatorfreakImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ undefined symbol: pyg_gerror_exception_check19:13
predatorfreakOh wait, I probably need a new pygobject thingie19:14
thrice`yikes...ok, let me know if you get to udev19:15
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predatorfreakjaeger: It's gtk.19:29
predatorfreakI managed to get firefox to trigger it now.19:29
predatorfreakglib 2.14.119:31
jaegerdon't even want to think of what THAT will break19:32
jaegerit's going around19:32
predatorfreakjaeger: It's only a minor bump on glib :)19:32
predatorfreakglib 2.14.0 is in the tree as-is.19:32
thrice`it never ends19:36
predatorfreakjaeger: May I recommend reverting to 2.10.14 while there's still time? :)19:37
jaegerthat's probably a good idea19:38
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predatorfreakjaeger: VERY strongly recommend going back :)19:45
predatorfreakUpdate after the Arch folks break their system :P19:45
predatorfreakYay! SHIT NOT DIE19:57
predatorfreakjaeger: Now stuff works without death :)19:58
jaegerwith old gtk?19:59
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thrice`predatorfreak: including udev? :)20:16
predatorfreakthrice`: We'll see about that :P20:16
predatorfreakApparently, I can no longer use PNG icons in pygtk apps...20:19
predatorfreakGod-damn pygtk20:20
predatorfreakNope, pygobject just needed librsvg because apparently this app lurves svg.20:23
predatorfreakNow, for udev :)20:23
predatorfreakthrice`: Wish me luck :)20:23
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Romsterhmm read log.20:38
predatorfreakthrice`: Well, udev semi-works :)20:38
Romsterjaeger, safe to update xorg and nvidia now :)20:38
Romsterand gah not gtk change again lol20:38
predatorfreakthrice`: I have no sound apparently.20:39
Romsterpredatorfreak, are you using ccache and/or distcc?20:39
predatorfreakRomster: ccache does not fuck up sound.20:39
predatorfreakudev placed the nodes wrong.20:39
predatorfreakand I lost my normal nodes.20:39
Romsterno i ment about your CPU usage compiling, i wasn't relating to sound!20:39
thrice`really?  hrm...20:39
RomsterI arn't that daft20:40
predatorfreakRomster: It helps, but not on full recompilations.20:40
predatorfreakthrice`: No sound kind-of sucks :P20:40
thrice`agreed :P  wonder why that is20:40
Romstertrue, unless it's been done or a older version has been done and still cached.20:40
predatorfreakthrice`: I lost /dev/dsp too.20:41
predatorfreakand all the other OSS nodes.20:41
Romstersound symlinks in /dev ?20:41
Romsterah udev rules?20:41
predatorfreakDespite having the modules loaded.20:41
predatorfreakYeah, thrice's new udev 115 :P20:41
Romsterhmm don't see new nvidia released yet20:41
thrice`ah, mine is dead too it seems20:41
jaegerno new legacy drivers yet20:42
jaegerjust the main20:42
predatorfreakthrice`: Haha enjoy your no sound! oh wait fuck I have none too :(20:42
Romstersound is a big thing to me so i'll hold off..20:42
Romsterjaeger, i'm on a 7600GS now20:42
predatorfreakRomster: We're just insane testing people.20:42
predatorfreakthrice`: Get the blowtorch!20:42
thrice`predatorfreak: it installed 40-alsa.rules stuff20:42
thrice`figured that would have taken care of the symlinks20:43
predatorfreakthrice`: Well.20:43
predatorfreakHere's one problem.20:43
predatorfreakAll the notes it DOES make are root root.20:43
predatorfreakNot root audio.20:43
Romsterjaeger, so no use for legacy now unless i put them cards to service in another box, but i'm sure others are using them.20:43
predatorfreakIs the 7600GS REALLY a legacy card ALREADY?20:44
Romsterit's the last of the AGP cards20:44
jaegeroops, -1 on gtk... but you know what? I don't care20:44
jaegerit'll work20:44
thrice`good...fix udev :)20:44
predatorfreakthrice`: Hey, it's your port!20:44
Romsterman it's one of them days in here.20:45
thrice`hehe...I know.  I was trying to help out for crux 2.4.  however, as you can see, I am failing miserable20:45
predatorfreakthrice`: udev just doesn't love you :P20:45
Romsterok firefox safe to rebuilld version bump?20:45
Romsterthrice`, patence, you'll figure it out or someone else here.20:46
Romsterah see nvidia update..20:46
predatorfreakthrice`: First and foremost20:46
predatorfreakYou need to modify all the rules :P20:46
thrice`i think audio ownership is the key20:46
Romsterone thing about udev can't it be seperated into rule files a bit saner? and whats with the prefix numbers20:47
predatorfreakIt doesn't use the video group either.20:47
thrice`I was hoping that using the "standard" rules that ship in the tarball would work out20:47
Romsterof the file names20:47
predatorfreakor scanner or lp groups.20:47
predatorfreakby the look of it :\20:47
Romsterthrice`, crux seems to use LFS udev rules and a few of it's own.20:47
predatorfreakoh no wait lp is being used.20:47
thrice`Romster: in 115, they ship standard stuff in $SRC/etc/udev/rules.d, which I think is meant to be universal20:48
thrice`but even if the audio group didn't take ownership, I still dont' understand why the symlink wasn't created20:49
predatorfreakthrice`: Their rules don't have a concept of the /dev/snd directory.20:49
predatorfreakBy the looks of it.20:49
predatorfreakI say, fuck their rules! :P20:50
predatorfreakthrice`: Be lazy and use the CRUX rules tarball :)20:50
thrice`it's probably obselete, being a year old or so20:50
predatorfreakNah, I bet they'll carry over fine.20:51
thrice`this is what Mark recommended, who originally did the current udev stuff (i think)20:51
Romsterthrice`, compare the two and update the crux udev rules if needed i'd say.20:51
thrice`thanks for trying it predatorfreak.  sorry if it caused an inconvenience :(20:52
predatorfreakthrice`: I'll port it with the current udev rules :P20:52
Romsterpkgadd -u oldudev :)20:52
Romsteror that20:52
thrice`i tried with the current rules, and they gave errors when booting20:53
thrice`perhaps grabbing latest LFS rules20:53
predatorfreakDing-dong the things done!20:53
Romsteri'd say compare all the udev rules and edit the crux ones.20:53
predatorfreakWait errors.20:53
predatorfreakOH NOES.20:53
Romsterwhat died?20:54
Romsteruseally it is stuff, i was being more spefic of what stuff :P20:55
predatorfreakRomster: Bad stuff :P20:56
thrice`predatorfreak: looks like /dev/dvd* is also getting root root instead of disk20:57
predatorfreakIn case you're curious.20:57
thrice`maybe 113 should be attempted with that rule set20:59
Romstermaybe they changed something in the new udev.21:03
Romsterto parse the rules21:03
predatorfreakor 115 with those rules :)21:03
predatorfreakafter xorg-server finishes building here.21:04
predatorfreakI'll reboot and try the port I just made.21:04
predatorfreakImplementing their "new" rules.21:04
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:10
Romsteror bbs if it breaks :P21:12
thrice`well, sound works, but no /dev/(cd*/dvd*)21:16
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux21:22
predatorfreakjaeger: new nvidia driver is nowhere NEAR stable.21:23
predatorfreakstarting glxgears is enough to make it crash.21:23
jaegerno problems for me21:23
predatorfreakthrice`: Good news though, this works golden!21:23
jaegerdid you remember to remove the old module? and do the gl-select dance?21:23
predatorfreakjaeger: I rebooted and yes.21:24
jaegerfunky, it seems rock solid for me so far21:24
jaegereven played some wow with it21:24
thrice`predatorfreak: do your cd symlinks work ?21:25
predatorfreakjaeger: It also happens regardless of weather or not I use the nvidia-provided libwfb or the normal one shipped with xorg-server.21:25
jaegerI begin to wonder if you don't have some external system issue21:25
predatorfreakthrice`: Yes.21:25
jaegerthe firefox/gtk stuff was no surprise but eh...21:25
thrice`the udev maintainer is playing wow while we update udev :P21:25
predatorfreakjaeger: The old driver and xorg server 1.3 are fine.21:26
jaegerI haven't been the udev maintainer in ages21:26
thrice`(or struggle trying)21:26
thrice`ooh, I thought you still were21:26
predatorfreakSo it's DEFINITELY something oddball with the new driver and server.21:26
thrice`predatorfreak: mind if I try? :)21:26
predatorfreakjaeger: Do you happen to use Composite?21:26
jaegerpredatorfreak: yes21:27
jaegerthrice`: I got sick of udev a long time ago and said screw it, heh21:27
jaegerthat's why it hasn't seen an update in so long21:27
thrice`jaeger: my apologies21:27
predatorfreakthrice`: httpup sync :)21:27
jaegerthe current one is very stable and everyone hates working with it21:27
jaegerno worries, just clearing it up21:27
thrice`predatorfreak: 404 error21:28
thrice` in FF.  I'll grab them manually21:28
predatorfreakthrice`: It'd help if I formatted it right.21:31
predatorfreakthrice`: httpup sync udev :P21:31
predatorfreakSec, going to restart X and see if this fixes it.21:31
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:31
thrice`alright, works well here21:34
*** Rofr has joined #crux21:39
*** Rofr is now known as qubit21:39
qubithi thrice`21:39
qubitgood evening all21:39
qubitsomeone how many packages when I use ports gnome will be installed ?21:43
qubitif a lot I guess that I will compile the basic21:44
qubitops a girl here hehehe ....21:46
*** qubit has quit IRC21:46
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux21:47
predatorfreakjaeger: Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you're using 1.4 and NVIDIA's latest driver?21:48
thrice`predatorfreak: udev works well :)  I still get the uucp errors, since we don't have that group21:48
predatorfreakthrice`: Everything else is fine though.21:49
thrice`predatorfreak: yes :)21:49
predatorfreakjaeger: I have no bloody idea why.21:49
jaegernvidia 100.14.19-121:49
jaegerxorg-server 1.4-221:49
predatorfreakBut shits going bonkers.21:49
predatorfreakWhat DE/WM?21:49
predatorfreakWell, let's give this glx-you-better-work shit one more shot before I downgrade again.21:50
jaegerwhy can't things just go smoothly? :P21:51
thrice`at least we solved udev21:51
jaegergood deal21:51
*** predatorhawk has joined #crux21:52
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:52
predatorhawkjaeger: Yeah.21:52
predatorhawkjaeger: It still deadlocks the system.21:52
predatorhawkjaeger: Tell me, do you have an agpgart supported by the kernel or are you using nvagp?21:53
jaegerI'd start looking into hardware instability, honestly21:53
jaegerer, wait, this box is agp21:53
jaegerusing agpgart from kernel21:53
predatorhawkIt's not hardware instability though.21:54
predatorhawk1.3 and the old nvidia driver is PERFECTLY stable.21:54
predatorhawkAbsolutely no deadlocks at all no matter what.21:54
predatorhawkand I've been gaming on this system just about everyday.21:54
predatorhawkSo, yeah, that's about as likely as the world ending in 1 minute.21:55
predatorhawkTo be honest, I'm beginning to think you got lucky and didn't hit this problem.21:56
predatorhawkjaeger: You haven't completely rebuilt X, have you?21:58
predatorhawkThat's the only other thing which I can imagine would be causing this.21:58
*** predatorhawk has quit IRC22:00
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predatorfreakjaeger: Blarg, looks like Xorg 7.3 + exec-shield = bad.22:55
predatorfreakAlso, X Compositing performance went down significantly.22:55
predatorfreakIt takes FOREVER for a real-transparency terminal.22:55
predatorfreakto actually render.22:56
jaegerto answer your earlier question, I didn't rebuild xorg22:58
jaegerI never do that much work unless I have to22:58
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, it's working fine now.22:58
predatorfreakNo crashing or anything.22:58
predatorfreakJust absolutely terrible performance with urxvt + real transparency22:58
predatorfreakWhich I suspect is probably "NVIDIA rushed the drivers" thing.22:58
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