IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-09-19

Romsterhmm should i upgrade xorg or stick to it as it is... 1 good and 1 bad for the new nvidia driver... anyone else with nvidia binary driver?00:09
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pitillogood morning01:15
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telitiMoin kieselsteini03:59
telitiHi tilman04:04
telitiIf I open a xterm $HOME/.profile is not read. How to make the $SHELL read it automatically?04:18
tilmanteliti: i'm lame and just do: ln -s .bashrc .bash_profile04:20
tilmanit probably works with .profile, too ;D04:20
triel"xterm -ls" should do the job, too.04:21
tilmanoh, of course04:21
telitiahh thank you .-)04:21
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thrice`anyone else having trouble building firefox ?07:22
tilmani think that's why jaeger downgraded gtk again07:28
thrice`this is trying to build on gtk 2.10.x07:29
tilmanare you usre that's all of the error messages?07:38
tilmani only see warnings07:38
tilmanthrice`: it might be the same pango issue that i saw yesterday07:38
thrice`hrm...I thought that's what the patches fixed07:40
thrice`yours built ok ?07:40
RedShiftis it possible to edit quotas on the NFS client?07:40
tilmanthrice`: what patches?07:41
tilmani can't try right now07:41
thrice`tilman: the new firefox port should have 2 pango patches in there07:42
tilmanthrice`: ooh, i didn't see them yet07:42
Romsteri'm compiling it atm07:43
thrice`ah, ok.  but did build ok ?07:43
Romsteri'll find otu soon must of for jager07:43
tilmangot it07:43
tilmanRomster: what?07:44
Romsternevermind i'm compiling firefox. will inform if it builds or not.07:44
thrice`tilman: so, you're saying you have no access to crux atm?07:45
tilmanthrice`: i'm sitting in a lecture with limited intarwebb access07:45
tilmanno rsync07:45
rxioh your a uni bum ... that explains alot :P07:45
thrice`tilman: ok, i'll save my other question then :)07:50
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* onestep is using X-Sys v2.1.0 (
onestepos[Linux 2.6.22-ARCH i686] distro[ArchLinux] cpu[2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 3.01GHz] mem[Physical : 1010MB, 51.4% free] disk[Total : 83.83GB, 4.30% Free] video[ATI Technologies Inc RV370 [Sapphire X550 Silent]] sound[Audigy - Audigy 1 ES [SB0160]]07:56
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rxi-operawell ill be stuffed .. opera has an irc client07:56
Romsteryep won't compile..07:56
onestepoops, sorry :)07:56
RyoSHostname: thor - OS: NetBSD 4.0_RC1/i386 - CPU: Intel Pentium III (686-class), 451.04 MHz, id 0x672 - Processes: 45 - Uptime: 4d 16h 51m - Load Average: 0.32 - Memory Usage: 0.00MB/511.56MB (0.00%) - Disk Usage: 3.47GB/9.96GB (34.81%)07:57
Romsterdidn't know that..07:57
thrice`Romster: ok, glad it's not just me :)07:57
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kieselsteinirxi: the oper irc client isn't that bad07:57
rxiyeah ive seen worse07:58
thrice`maro: ping07:59
Romsterit's defently a pango problem..08:00
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thrice`hi jaeger08:23
thrice`a few of us can't build firefox, even with the patches08:24
jaegerwhat's the problem now?08:24
thrice` is Romster's pastebin, which is more accurate than mine08:25
thrice`pango still, it seems08:25
jaegerwell, about to rebuild it here, will see what happens08:26
thrice`good luck :)08:27
jaegerhave you tried with ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo?08:28
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thrice`I can try that sec08:30
thrice`and by one sec, I mean 50 minutes ;)08:31
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treachthrice`: fortuneately, or unfortunately mabye, depending on how you look at it, I doubt you will need to wait 50 minutes. :P08:38
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treachI've tried the "with system cario" stuff a few times, and it won't build.08:39
thrice`ah...still chugging along here, though I don't think it's hit pango stuff yet08:39
treachthe cairo cockup is pretty far in to the build.08:40
Romsterhmm i should try i got ccache to speed up..08:40
treachthrice`: please tell me if it builds successfully, because I've never had any luck with it with any ff > 1.5.x08:41
thrice`treach: sure thing.  will know soon enough :)08:41
treachaye, guess so.08:41
rxigood chance for you guys to convert to a real browser like opera :P *hides*08:42
treachrxi: ff sucks, but opera is qt, and about the only app that uses it that doesn't require kde..08:42
Romstersure it's --enable-system-cairo and not --with-system-cairo ?08:43
jaegerI looked it up because I wasn't08:43
rxitreach: yeah opera 9.5 might sway you tho :)08:44
treachrxi: not really, it's nothing wrong with it, but building qt + gtk + friends is worse than building gtk+friends.08:44
rxiyeah could always use the static build tho i guess08:45
treachbasically, I use opera for sitest that konqueror doesn't handle well enough08:45
treach<- currently opensuse user. :>08:46
rxii use ie for anything that opera cant handle08:46
jaegerthere's also the binary firefox to fall back on08:46
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treachjaeger: that doesn't make ff a better browser. ;>08:47
rxijust couldnt resist the temptation to kick it while its down :P08:47
jaegerI didn't claim it did, but it's there to use08:47
jaegermy personal opinion is that every browser out there has something wrong with it :)08:47
treachjaeger: of course, just pointing at the obvious. :)08:47
jaegerpick your poison08:47
treachff would be nice if it didn't ship its own damned toolkit and what not.08:48
jaegerif opera used gtk I'd be all over it08:49
treachpresumeably it wouldn't be so light then.08:49
rxiid prefer to have qt3 installed than run ff08:49
jaegernothing about qt3 feels light to me08:50
treachqt apps usually are lighter than gtk counterparts IME.08:50
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jaegerthey may be, technically, it's just that the entire thing feels clunky to me08:51
jaegernot necessarily slow, but clunky08:51
jaegerit's why I can't use kde08:51
treachthe toolkit isn't much fun to build, that's for sure, but it's not really that big.08:51
treachwe'll see when kde4 is baked.08:51
treachI don't like wimp interfaces myself, so I long back to dwm. :P08:52
jaegerI notice qt3 still depends on x1108:52
treachYeah, I sent a memo about that to sip ages ago.08:52
jaegerI'm runnin' a mean evilwm right now :)08:52
treachsame goes for OO.o btw.08:52
treachdwm > evilwm. :)08:53
rxitreach: i assume your not referring to the windows vista desktop manager? :P08:54
jaegerthat's kinda the point.. don't want > :)08:54
jaegerexactly what makes evilwm so nice08:54
treachI'm refering to the kidbrother of wmii, coded by the crack-pot anselm.08:55
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treachjaeger: ok, I don't like to have to "manage" my windows manually.08:55
rxitreach: hehe i know what you mean just the vista wm is called dwn.exe08:55
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treachie, change window size, move them around, etc.08:55
jaegergood thing we have the choice :)08:56
treachrxi: yeah, I know. I'll never toudh vista unless I'm forced.08:56
treachjaeger: indeed.08:56
treachI'd go nuts if I had to use kde/gnome/windows for any longer periods. :)08:57
rxitreach: the eu won the antitrust case against ms for $690m USD if that makes your day better :P08:57
treachI know. And it doesn't matter08:57
treachthey will never get what they deserve anyway.08:57
treachI mean, wtf, $690M? That's chumpchange for them08:58
Romsterjaeger, i think that option may work it's compiled past that part.08:58
treachThey have earned more than that on their antics.08:58
jaegerI don't think $690m is chump change for anyone08:58
jaegerthey can handle it but it's not small08:58
treachTo microsoft it is08:58
jaegerRomster: good08:58
thrice`jaeger: mine too08:58
jaegerwhen they finish, run it for a while and see if it crashes a bunch :)08:59
treachI say they are a criminal organization. they deliberately break the laws and eventually pay the fines when the entire thing is moot anyway.08:59
* Romster thinks compiling firefox is like russen rolette08:59
thrice`i won't be able to do that until later, unfortunately, but I will08:59
jaegerkinda moot anyway since the legal system has never worked as well as it was intended to09:00
Romsterjaeger, ya i'll try it out as soon as it's done.09:00
treachtrue, but if you're exploiting the fact that the system is flawed, and can't get to you, does that make you less of a criminal?09:01
jaegerdoesn't matter, does it? if the system doesn't punish, the degree of your transgression is irrelevant09:01
treachI don't think so.09:02
treachMaybe it's me who is still thinking in such old fashioned terms as "moral" rather than "profit"09:02
jaegermy point was that no matter how moral or immoral, the system has to work for it to be anything more than the idea in your mind that someone is doing something wrong09:03
Romsterjaeger, maybe adding -fno-strict-aliasing might be good too..09:03
Romsteri'm seeing alot..09:03
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treachjaeger: I think we're headed into the woods with this one, about falling trees. :)09:04
jaegerperhaps. I'm no lawyer or politican and I never want to be09:04
treachsure, I'm just saying that imo, they are criminals, and should be treated as such. I'm not saying it will ever happen though.09:05
treachJust that I'll never do any business with them.09:06
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tilmantreach: so, do i rock or what? ;) regarding xinit :P09:28
treachI don't know, haven't checked out yet. :o)09:29
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RyoSdoes here someone got a list with all possible keys for xmodmap? i am still missing some stuff and maybe there is even more i'd like to add i havent thought about09:43
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tilmancan anyone confirm that new nvidia drivers work with 7.3?09:56
tilmanresp xorg-server 1.409:56
RyoSi can, but i havent tested the port yet09:56
jaegeryes, I'm using them now09:56
jaegerand they worked great at home last night09:57
*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.3 | Homepage | Ports | Paste"09:57
jaegerpredatorfreak was having problems but I've yet to duplicate his09:57
jaegerI honestly think he's got some hardware failing or something but he says no way09:58
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treachthrice`: status on that firefox/cairo build? :P10:13
jaegermien built and seems solid on both machines here10:17
jaegermine, even10:17
treachwith system cairo etc?10:17
thrice`treach: worked10:29
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rehabdollI still cant build firefox btw11:37
thrice`you have the latest mozconfig ?11:37
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rehabdollwell its included in the port, no?11:38
rehabdollso yes11:38
thrice`if you've updated within the last 20 minutes or so11:39
rehabdollthanks :)11:39
rehabdolljust got home.. tried to build it earlier during my lunch-break11:39
rehabdollguess i assumed too much11:40
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jjpkgtk & friends causing grief, it seems.11:41
Romsterjaeger, tilman nvidia binary and xorg is fine here. updated xorg.11:41
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crazyhorsi have a kyocea aircard for my laptop12:11
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crazyhorswhat sort of support does crux have for that does anyone know?12:12
crazyhorskyocera ...12:14
treachsame as any other linux dist, presumeably12:15
crazyhorsi c12:19
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morlenxusHm is there a port for getting the port files of a few users.12:40
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* treach tries to make sense of that12:41
* treach fails12:41
thrice`multiple repos at once, i'm guessing ?12:43
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morlenxusthrice`: yepp12:46
morlenxusI remember there was a port which installs port access files from other users.12:47
morlenxusGot it.12:47
morlenxusVery old.12:48
morlenxusIsn't there a newer one?12:48
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mike_kis it ok to let ./configure be ran twice? It happens like this: But actually builds ok.13:09
bjohanany one know of a page with information about iphone+linux, about what is known so far?13:40
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rehabdollthis patch atleast fixes it for evdev:15:40
treachif that's not a candidate for tinyurl, I don't know what is.. :P15:41
tilmanrehabdoll: how badly does this bug affect you?15:42
rehabdollwell quite15:42
rehabdollthough i did find a workaround with a xorg.conf hack15:42
rehabdollbut i bet its annoying as hell for people with dualhead screens15:42
tilmani'm using -input-mouse here15:44
tilmanlet me try evdev tomorrow15:44
tilmanrehabdoll: i prodded some people about the bug fwiw15:44
rehabdollyeah, the mouse driver is still broken15:44
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tilmanrehabdoll: so you're saying that -input-mouse suffers from the same bug?15:50
tilmancould you try to port the fix for -evdev to -mouse, as the vignatti guy said in the bug?15:50
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rehabdoll seems to do it16:02
tilmanrehabdoll: i'll push that to upstream16:03
tilmanrehabdoll: actually, we might need to do the same for the second valuator (y axis)16:04
tilman, too16:04
rehabdollyeah, probably.. guess not all screens are like mine :)16:05
tilmandoes it break if you apply that change to the second valuator, too?16:06
rehabdollnew patch16:15
rehabdollseems to work16:15
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rehabdolleven for y-axis screens16:17
tilmanrehabdoll: can i use your mail for crediting you?16:18
rehabdollsure, fredrik@ though16:19
jjpkHas release quality severely decreased lately, or wtf is going on? :o16:20
treachinspiration from the vista team probably. ;)16:20
rehabdollyeah, everything is broken :)16:21
jjpkHeh. This should have been released yesterday, do it now.16:21
jjpk"but it's borked. I don't care, release it"16:21
treachmmmh, I guess it's a bit of the same attitude as the kernel people are using.16:21
treach"it's mostly working, let the distros sort it out"16:21
jjpktreach: tag, release, wait for the shit storm? :D16:21
treachtilman: mostly kidding. ;)16:22
rehabdollOpened: 2007-08-2416:22
treachjjpk: If you think about it, more users, more developers, less stagnation.. seems only reasonable the number of bugs would go up.16:26
treachthis carouselle is starting to spin a bit too fast at times I think, though.16:27
tilmanproblem is that RCs don't get nearly enough testing i guess16:29
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treachjjpk: your alias joined the persecuted masses? ;)17:10
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*** jessek_ is now known as jjpk17:13
jjpkNot as much as an oppressive and unstable connection. ;)17:14
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morlenxusIs the contrib repository still up to date or just an unmaintained place?18:45
treachit's *supposed* to be reasonably up to date18:46
thrice`you should notice updates18:46
treachheh, I guess someone got a good laugh at the dumb fucks above. ;D18:47
treachwell, it doesn't matter I guess. ot anyplace. *shrug*18:48
jjpkreferring to this :p18:48
treachjjpk: reminds me of a friend of my mother, an elderly lady who unfortuneately lived next door to someone involved in drug trafficking etc.18:53
treachhis "friends" decided to make a visit.. and took the wrong door. :s18:54
jjpk*shocking* surprise.18:55
treachyeah, funny thing is that apparently they apologized and leaved once they discoverd the mistake. ;D18:55
jjpkCrooks with manners. hah18:56
treachI think they were about as shocked as the old lady.18:57
jjpkTo say the least.18:57
jjpk"this is the ringleader? wtf" :D18:58
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treachsomeone call darwin awards.
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jaegerrawr, fresh install + gnome build time19:40
thrice`that was quick :)19:41
jaegerwould have been quicker but I went out to dinner19:41
jaegerusually updating the Pkgfiles takes very little time, it's the full build and troubleshooting that's slow19:41
thrice`jaeger: btw, I found a good sed hack to fix the uucp udev deal19:42
thrice`jaeger: are you building with gtk 2.12 or 2.10 ?20:18
jaegerprobably gonna have to be 2.12, haven't started it yet20:18
jaegerjust finished doing a clean install, gonna back it up and then start20:21
thrice`do you have the scripts anywhere?  I thought I remembered you having a test repo20:21
jaegerI was gonna wait until I fixed the footprints to commit it to trunk but I can do it before if you want to mess with them20:22
thrice`ah.  no, don't want to be an inconvenience.  after reading the release notes, it looks promising :)20:23
morlenxusjaeger: Btw. why does your vlc port depends on samba? oO20:50
jaegerso it can play things from smb shares?20:50
morlenxusYou mean directly by using \\server\share ?20:51
jaegerit might have to be given in the smb://server/share/file format20:54
morlenxusYes, you need that?20:54
jaegerneed? probably not20:54
morlenxusWhy not removing it from the deps? (:20:55
jaegerif you don't want it, make another port :) I'd actually use it sometimes20:55
morlenxusHm, wanted to ship around that. ;)20:55
jaegerwell, that's why it's not in an official repo20:56
morlenxusIs it only me or is the crux user base decreasing?21:01
morlenxusLooks to me like that.21:01
jaegerI don't really know what the user base looks like21:02
morlenxuse.g. not many people using crux as for a few years.21:02
thrice`i think there were more 2.3 downloads than 2.2 downloads21:04
morlenxusOh really?21:04
jaegerit seemed that way to me21:04
thrice`is that page still active on the server?21:05
morlenxusWell for example the irc channel users are lower than a year or two ago.21:05
morlenxusJust wondering.21:05
jaegerI'd guess that's because irc has become less friendly in general, heh21:05
jaegernot sure, though21:05
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nipuLwas irc ever friendly?22:30
jaegerI was thinking about #crux in this case, and yes, to some extent22:34
*** RyoS has joined #crux23:02
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*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
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predatorfreakmmm I love concerts :323:17
Romstermorlenxus, i keep my stuff reasonably upto date, few days rarely a week between checks. been ever day or few days recently. the rest i'm not sure on. but most seem to keep upto date.. by the looks of the frequency of updates.23:18
predatorfreakEven if I only have half my hearing at the moment.23:19
predatorfreakAh, the glory of live metal bands.23:19
predatorfreakYou enter hearing a cricket chirp.23:19
predatorfreakYou leave hearing only metal for 5 hours because you're brain refuses to stop playing it back.23:19
Romsterpredatorfreak, :P knows that feeling23:29
predatorfreakRomster: Come to Michigan next year and we can go to a concert together! :)23:30
Romsteri wish..23:32
predatorfreakAww no CRUX concert get-together :(23:32
Romsterif i could affored too..23:32
* predatorfreak sends Romster 200 dollars23:34
predatorfreakRomster: Is that enough money? :P23:34
Romsterto get from Australia..23:35
Romsterthen back later.23:36
predatorfreakRomster: Okay, maybe I should send 1K? :P23:36
Romsterheh not sure exactly and now it's school holidays and the jets are cramed.23:37
predatorfreakAww :(23:40
* predatorfreak sends 200K23:40
predatorfreakRomster: If THAT doesn't cover it.23:40
predatorfreakNothing will.23:40
Romsteroh lord..23:40
Romsterthat would cover alot of trips and heaps of booze :D23:40
Romstereven a back stage pass maybe :P23:40
predatorfreakRomster: Hehehe23:41
predatorfreakRomster: Also, I think the guy replacing Allan West in Obituary might actually be BETTER than him.23:43
predatorfreakStrangely enough.23:43
predatorfreakKinda hard to compare a "founding member" to some guy filling in for him after getting incarcerated.23:44
predatorfreakBut damn it, I'll be damned if Ralph Santolla can't play.23:44
Romsteryeah useally a fill in can't compare to the origional, it's the dosn't sound the same thing.23:47
Romsteror the band even takes a whole new direction in style of music with diferent band member.23:48
predatorfreakRomster: Maybe it's just them live, but fucking hell, my ears have never "nearly died" to such a beautiful display of brutal death metal.23:50
predatorfreakAlthough, I was even more impressed with Alabama Thunderpussy.23:51
predatorfreakThey even covered Judas Priest :D23:51
predatorfreakRomster: Maybe that's just 'cuz I'm more of a stoner rock/metal person than death metal.23:51
predatorfreakBut, whatever.23:52
predatorfreakRomster: Kyle Thomas got a "tad" buried in some of the guitar work though, not that I mind :)23:52
Romsterthey so beter have a nice eq mix of it, i hate screaching guitares hiting 8Khz or higher and being over the top that it cuts though and kills your ears.23:52
Romsteri'm not a big fan of death mental..23:53
Romsterrocken blues but thats not my fave style.23:53
Romsteri'm more goth, christan, speed thrash metal23:53
predatorfreakRomster: Of all the bands I wound up seeing tonight.23:53
predatorfreakObituary had the best eq mixing.23:53
Romsterwith the clasical scales.23:54
predatorfreakBut ATP were a close second.23:54
predatorfreakEveryone else seemed to have "forgotten" about EQ mixing.23:54
Romsterhaving everyhitng in ballence and sounding good takes alot of effort.23:54
predatorfreakIt was like "metal but you can barely hear a guitar riff over a dang bass riff"23:54
Romsteryeah not ballenced properly there.23:54
predatorfreakRomster: I'm sure Full Blown Chaos, Chaos Theory and Hemlock are "better" on their albums.23:55
predatorfreakBut they're not good at balancing their sound right live.23:55
predatorfreakRomster: That's the thing that bites a lot of bands in the ass live, most of them can't balance the sound worth crap.23:57
predatorfreakLike their bass will overpower the guitar or their drums will drown out the vocals or something, which is a no-no.23:57
Romsteryeah stage level is the bigist thing...23:58
Romsterto get a good mix the stage must sound good before the front of house is even turned on.23:58

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