IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-09-20

predatorfreakRomster: I'm hoping to have the funds and time to see Monster Magnet next year, or possibly Clutch or someone.00:02
predatorfreakIt depends on who's going to be in town.00:02
Romsterscreaming marshals are a big killer of ballence the lead always wan'ts to crank it and drown the rest of the stage out.00:02
predatorfreakBut, you can't go wrong picking more veteran bands, they almost always get the sound right.00:02
Romsterah cool.00:02
Romsteryeah from expeareance..00:03
predatorfreakYeah, the new bands don't set stuff up right or pay enough attention.00:03
predatorfreakor whatever their problem is.00:03
jaegersound mixing is why I don't go to concerts anymore00:03
predatorfreakjaeger: Bah! Pick the right bands :P00:04
predatorfreakor buy me tickets instead :P00:04
jaegerI'll go see Stomp or Blast any day but I'm pretty much done with other stuff00:05
* Romster sound mixes but i've not done a show that big only to a crowd of about 3000 people be the bigist.00:06
* predatorfreak forces jaeger to buy tickets for Clutch and forces him to attend.00:06
jaegerwhen I have too much money I'll let you know00:07
jaegerI've got some pretty good spaghetti you can have00:07
*** onestep has joined #crux00:07
predatorfreakjaeger: Food? :D00:08
* predatorfreak repays jaeger with um...... um..... what exactly should he repay him with?00:08
jaegerbelieve it or not, I just cooked00:08
jaegerI don't do that often, you heard it first00:08
predatorfreakjaeger: Secret chef eh?00:08
jaegernot so much, hehe00:09
jaegerI don't like to make things that have more than like 5 steps00:09
jaegerbut I guess I haven't made anything horrible yet00:09
jaegersome better than others but nothing I didn't want to eat00:09
predatorfreakjaeger: My cooking experience is so-far limited to "hash browns and eggs"00:09
Romsteri love cooking :)00:09
predatorfreakBecause I like breakfast food :P00:10
Romsterman i can make cakes..00:10
predatorfreakRomster: Want to come live with me in America and cook for me? :P00:10
predatorfreakNo wait.00:10
predatorfreakThat'd make you a wife-type-thingie-mabob.00:10
predatorfreakNot a good idea.00:10
predatorfreakU.S. people would stone me.00:10
Romsterlol maybe :)00:10
Romsternah chef not wife rofl00:11
predatorfreakRomster: In the U.S.?00:11
predatorfreakPeople would be like "Personal MALE chef eh?"00:11
predatorfreak"YOU FAGS!"00:11
predatorfreakEspecially in this area.00:11
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:11
Romsterlol that bad..00:11
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, this area is only kind to you if you're00:12
predatorfreak1. White00:12
predatorfreak2. Black00:12
predatorfreak3. Asian/other minority00:12
predatorfreak4. Straight00:12
predatorfreakGay/bi = KILL for most people.00:12
Romsteraww don't cover BI :P00:12
predatorfreakRomster: Yes, sadly enough.00:13
predatorfreakIf it did.00:13
predatorfreakI'd run around and be like "HEY GUYS LET'S GO HAVE FUN IN MY BEDROOM :3"00:13
Romsterwhat about LES... i bet there allowed..00:13
predatorfreakWell, duh.00:13
jaegerI must live in a fairly open-minded place, comparatively00:13
Romsteryeah there gay racists.00:13
predatorfreakjaeger: Can I come live in your house then? :P00:14
predatorfreakRomster: The golden rule is.00:14
predatorfreakEveryone hates bisexuality/homosexuality.00:14
predatorfreakUNLESS women do it.00:14
predatorfreakThen it's awesome.00:14
jaegerI don't do well with roommates but you're welcome to crash on the couch for a while00:14
jaegerhell of a buyers' house market here, heh00:15
predatorfreakjaeger: Yay! I'll pack up my PCs and nuclear bombs and ion cannons :D00:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, :D00:15
predatorfreakRomster: Everyone needs ion cannons.00:15
predatorfreakThey're for self defence, not world domination :300:16
Romsterseems so.00:16
Romsteryou remind me of red alert 200:16
predatorfreakRomster: Close enough :D00:16
predatorfreakStandard C&C, really.00:16
predatorfreakRed Alert = Chronotech for allies/good guys00:16
predatorfreakStandard C&C = Ion Cannons :300:17
predatorfreakAlthough, Red Alert 2 is probably the funniest of all the C&C games.00:18
Romsteryeah with it's bugs and yuri's revenge.00:19
Romsteradd on00:19
predatorfreakHey bugs are fun.00:19
Romsterheres one on RA2 froce damage the tech building get a spy and a enginer place them botn in way points and i thin the spy has to be in first so you put the spy closer than the enginer and once there both in, it'll give you extra tech.00:24
Romsterworks on barrics and engearing for tanks too.00:25
Romsterit's like stealing others tech but doing it to yoruself.00:25
Romsterother bugs but i can't remember.00:25
predatorfreakI've gotta try that sometime :D00:25
Romsterworks well.00:26
Romsterchrono leginares :P00:26
Romsterteleport and disapear stuff :P00:26
Romsteri love puting them in tansk to make a load of them take stuff and vaporsie it.00:27
predatorfreakI like chrono-ivans the best myself.00:28
predatorfreakZap into base with tiny hops.00:28
predatorfreakPlace bombs.00:28
predatorfreakzap out.00:28
predatorfreakBOOOOM :300:28
predatorfreakRomster: on a side note, what's it like in Australia this time of year?00:30
predatorfreakIn-case I feel like moving out of the U.S. :P00:30
Romsterah mild rainy some days sunny others.00:31
Romsterheaps of flowers are bloming or about too.00:31
predatorfreakSounds perfect! Except for the flowers, bees evil.00:31
predatorfreakUnlike Michigan where not more than 2 weeks ago we had hail...00:32
predatorfreakThen randomly heatdeath-type conditions.00:32
Romsterah bees are ok to me, i'm not allergic, but i get hay feaver..00:32
predatorfreakNeither am I.00:33
predatorfreakI just hate them.00:33
predatorfreakIt's my right to hate an entire species :P00:33
Romsterah i've picked bees up :P00:34
Romstertreat them with resepct and ya be right00:34
predatorfreakRomster: Bah! Evil creatures!00:35
predatorfreakHey! Dethalbum got leaked.00:35
predatorfreakand it's watermark free!00:36
predatorfreakLeak me 4 Way Diablo :D00:36
predatorfreakSo I can get the next two albums before I buy them.00:36
predatorfreakThen go to the stores and buy them.00:36
Romsteri thought my downloading habbits was bad.00:37
predatorfreakRomster: Well, if stuff I want gets leaked before release.00:38
predatorfreakI tend to download it.00:38
predatorfreakDecide if it's worth buying.00:38
predatorfreakthen buy it if it's good :)00:38
predatorfreakI still try to "support the artists"00:38
predatorfreakEspecially underground guys like High On Fire (their latest is amazing) and Monster Magnet.00:39
predatorfreakBecause they get practically jack-shit in money :P00:39
predatorfreakHa! They made this song more funny.00:40
predatorfreakBy making it longer :D00:40
predatorfreakmmm yeah this is a definite buy :D00:41
* predatorfreak looks over shoulder for FBI00:46
predatorfreakNope, none yet :D00:47
predatorfreakRomster: Yay! My hearing is returning :D00:52
predatorfreakStill can't hear crickets :(00:52
Romsterpredatorfreak, play mortfication - nocturnal :P00:55
Romstersure to hear crickets :P00:55
nipuLsince when was monster magnet "underground"?00:56
predatorfreaknipuL: Since no U.S. radiostation played them at all anymore?00:57
predatorfreakand since no one I know besides one friend of mine.00:57
predatorfreakand I got him into them.00:57
predatorfreak+knows them00:57
predatorfreaknipuL: A band is "mainstream" when pretty much every teenager or college kid within your country knows them.00:58
predatorfreakWhether they like them or not.00:58
predatorfreakA band is underground when almost no one knows them :)00:59
Romsterthis is what i like about the net00:59
predatorfreakRomster: good music exists here? :P00:59
Romsterfinding a person with metal then going i'll try that song and bingo that song rocks lets look that artist up00:59
Romsterpredatorfreak, i gotta sort my stuff otu then we do some trading :P01:00
predatorfreakRomster: :D01:00
Romsteri just haven't got to it yet.01:00
*** namenlos has joined #crux01:00
Romsterbut it's defently on the todo.01:00
predatorfreakRomster: I've actually gotten my hands on some REALLY rare stuff.01:00
predatorfreakI got a beautiful bootleg of Monster Magnet in 1992.01:00
Romsterdon't loose it.01:01
predatorfreakPfft, you'd have to misplace my brain first.01:01
Romsterbe cool to listen to that.01:01
predatorfreakMonster Magnet is more important than rational though :P01:01
predatorfreakor thinking period :P01:01
Romsterman how can i be into metal when i got david bowie in my colection lol...01:02
predatorfreakRomster: Bah!01:02
Romstermy music styles vary way too much01:02
predatorfreakMy collection goes like.01:02
predatorfreakSuddenly death metal.01:03
predatorfreakSuddenly stoner rock.01:03
predatorfreaksuddenly jazz.01:03
Romsterman i got a couple of 60's songs...01:03
predatorfreaksuddenly blues...01:03
predatorfreaksuddenly the world fucknig ends.01:03
predatorfreakRomster: oh and surf too :P01:03
predatorfreakYou name it, I should have some of it.01:03
nipuLsuddenly... i don't care about your music collection :)01:03
predatorfreaknipuL: No one was talking to you :P01:04
Romsterok NIN, ATB, DJ's of all sorts, techno, dance, metal, bowie, black sabbith, deamon hunter01:04
Romsteryou name it..01:04
nipuLpredatorfreak: this is a public irc channel01:04
nipuLjust saying is all01:04
Romsterand i put it on random play.01:04
predatorfreakRomster: I've got techno, dance, industrial and the like too.01:04
Romsterah well it's just us atm and it's not a dev channel.01:05
Romsterwe lokled at your lsits even drumb n base :P01:05
predatorfreakRomster: Heh.01:05
predatorfreakWell, Aphex Twin verges into well....01:05
predatorfreakIf it uses a synth.01:05
predatorfreakHe's done it.01:05
jaegerlike pendulum?01:06
predatorfreakI suppose?01:06
predatorfreakI don't track the billions of different styles XD01:06
nipuLhmmm... new pendulum vs old pendulum01:06
jaegerI just heard of it recently, got Hold Your Colour01:06
jaegerdunno if it's old or new01:06
nipuLyeah, that's they're new one01:06
jaegerI like it pretty well01:07
jaegerI guess it has to be fairly new, it's got sound bytes from spider man 201:07
nipuLold album is called 3 knocks01:07
nipuLit's more laid back01:07
nipuLrather than the balls to the wall stuff on the new album01:08
jaegerI'd probably like that style, too, I'll listen to about anything that's not country01:09
nipuLmy wife likes country :(01:09
jaegeranyhow, gotta get up for work in about 5.5 hours, chat with you gents later01:09
nipuLand my chemical romance01:09
jaegermy condolences :)01:09
nipuLlol, i think she only likes them to piss me off01:09
*** jaeger has quit IRC01:09
predatorfreaknipuL: I'll send the bombs.01:09
predatorfreaknipuL: Tell me if you need the ion cannons.01:09
Romstertesla tanks and prsims  towers :P01:10
nipuLi know how to connect to the internet, i can win any argument01:10
nipuLthe day she learns to use openbsd is the day i lose all my power over her01:11
Romsteroh man i agree to Jaeger i hate country well most of it.01:11
RomsternipuL, lol01:11
predatorfreakRomster: Johnny Cash is "good" country.01:11
predatorfreakAlthough, he verges between rockabilly and country.01:12
predatorfreakI love the sound of surfabilly though.01:12
nipuLand that song bon jovi did for the young guns movie...that rocked01:12
predatorfreakIt just sounds awesome.01:12
Romstereh burnig ring of fire *dies*01:12
Romsterjohn willaims was better01:13
predatorfreakThere's always better :P01:13
Romsterbon jovi alwasy rocks.01:13
nipuLpredatorfreak: do you have any man or astro-man??01:13
predatorfreaknipuL: Almost full discography.01:14
predatorfreakMissing a handful of rare EPs and the like :(01:14
predatorfreakBut every major album and a handful or so of EPs.01:14
predatorfreakHawaii Samurai are another awesome surf band, in my opinion.01:15
predatorfreakI love their "punk surf" style, heavy and fast while still distinctly surf-styled.01:15
nipuLfigured so, you've mentioned surf a few times01:15
Romsterpuretone addicted to base.01:15
predatorfreaknipuL: I need to expand my surf collection :(01:16
Romsterhmm not famielr with that one predatorfreak01:16
*** onestep has quit IRC01:16
predatorfreakI need some Los Straitjackets, The Trashmen, etc.01:16
predatorfreakRomster: I've got their three albums here.01:16
predatorfreakSadly, they've disbanded :(01:16
nipuLi used to be all about "expanding the collection"01:16
Romsterneat. darn...01:17
predatorfreaknipuL: Well, I don't expand at the rate where I find a ton of stuff and never listen to anything.01:17
predatorfreakBut I love discovering good bands.01:17
nipuLthat's getting harder and harder01:17
predatorfreakSadly by the time I find most of the guys I like.01:18
predatorfreakThey've disbanded :(01:18
predatorfreakAlthough some "music blogs" are create for discovering new bands in a style.01:19
nipuLthat's not always a bad thing01:19
predatorfreaknipuL: It depends, sometimes the bands would just be washed up.01:19
predatorfreakOther times they died prematurely.01:19
nipuLi don't have a styl which is probably why i listen to a lot of "that music people call post rock"01:19
predatorfreaknipuL: Neither do I.01:20
predatorfreakBut that's more because I listen to any style that sounds good.01:20
nipuLplus i like mentioning bands that makes people heads explode01:20
nipuLie: The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orcehstra and Tra-la-la Band01:21
RomsternipuL, argh..01:21
* Romster plays Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Coming01:22
predatorfreaknipuL: That made me think of Monster Magnet's Heads Explode.01:22
Romsterthis is a classic01:22
predatorfreakPLAY TYRANT!01:22
predatorfreakOh wait.01:22
predatorfreakThis isn't a concert.01:22
pitillogood morning01:26
predatorfreakpitillo: Morning, I will now proceed to run around your front lawn naked.01:26
* predatorfreak runs around pitillo's front lawn naked01:26
predatorfreakOH SHIT THE COPS.01:27
pitillostrange to be active this channel at this hours....01:27
* predatorfreak runs!01:27
Romsteryo pitillo01:27
* Romster plays Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two01:27
pitilloyou can run but not hide xD01:27
predatorfreakpitillo: Sleeping after a concert going from like 7PM to 12AM  is hard.01:27
pitillohey Romster :)01:27
predatorfreakand boring :P01:27
* predatorfreak hides behind pitillo.01:28
predatorfreakpitillo: You rat me out, I stick you!01:28
Romsterman ya know this channel hasn't been this active with craynes for a good while.01:28
pitilloummmm rat you out? translating :)01:29
predatorfreakpitillo: Tell the cops where I'm hiding.01:29
predatorfreak"ratting someone out" is U.S. slang for telling the cops something about someone else.01:29
predatorfreakMore or less.01:29
predatorfreakRomster: Crazy is my middle name!01:30
pitillointeresting, the translator told me, rat out like "rata afuera"... has no sense01:30
Romsterdobed in.01:30
predatorfreak(No seriously, my name is Brett Crazy Goulder)01:30
predatorfreakpitillo: Translator lied :P01:30
predatorfreakRomster: no wait I forgot my own name :(01:31
predatorfreakIt's still Brett Andrew Goulder :(01:31
Romsteractaully who does know my middle name here?01:33
predatorfreakRomster: I don't even know your first name!01:34
Romstergrep the ports :P01:34
pitillothere are some ports at contrib....01:34
Romsterreally it's Daniel but i got used to Danny01:34
pitilloa lot :P01:35
predatorfreakRomster: Too lazy to grep :P01:35
Romsteri dunno how many but eh alot.01:35
Romsteractaulyl i'd love to see a pie chart of whos got the msot ports in contrib01:35
* predatorfreak quickly adds 20000000 ports to contrib01:36
Romsterhmm predatorfreak you got some in contrib too?01:36
predatorfreakNope :P01:37
Romsterya you do...01:37
predatorfreakToo lazy/nothing to contribute.01:37
pitilloonly packaged, but not maintained...01:37
Romsterthere is 4 in there..01:37
predatorfreakgrep says otherwise.01:37
predatorfreakgrep -i 'Brett' /usr/ports/contrib/*01:37
Romster$ grep -r predatorfreak /usr/ports/contrib/*/Pkgfile01:37
predatorfreakWell yeah.01:38
predatorfreakThat helps XD01:38
Romsteryour listed as Packager01:38
Romsteron 3 ports01:38
predatorfreakPackager only.01:38
predatorfreakSomeone else adopted ports I wrote.01:38
Romstermake that 401:38
predatorfreakWay back in the day.01:38
predatorfreakIn fact...01:38
pitilloRomster, here 5 :)01:38
pitilloummm, sorry was 401:38
predatorfreakI originally packaged claws-mail.01:38
predatorfreakWay back when it was slypheed-claws.01:39
predatorfreaklibetpan too...01:39
predatorfreakI think maybe texinfo wasn't my work.01:39
Romsteroh man 158 ports lol...01:39
predatorfreakBut libetpan/gpgme/claws-mail, those were my work.01:39
predatorfreakRomster: Jesus christ!01:40
predatorfreak155 in contrib01:40
Romsteri have to admit i pinched a few from other repos and others i made myself.01:40
Romsteryeah i know....01:40
Romsterjust a few :P01:40
Romsterlucky i use ck4up01:40
predatorfreakMy WHOLE PERSONAL REPO isn't that big O.O01:41
Romsterlol my person repo is bigger..01:41
predatorfreakand I've got a LOT of shit in my personal repo.01:41
*** RedShift has joined #crux01:41
predatorfreakIn fact, I could probably merge md5deep into contrib.01:41
predatorfreakand hsetroot too.01:41
predatorfreakPlus powernowd/optipng/other shit.01:42
Romsterthat game levels takes up 100 and something packages..01:42
predatorfreakBut then I'd need to sign up to contrib :P01:42
Romsterif ya wanna maintain them..01:42
Romsterpredatorfreak, why not?01:42
predatorfreakRomster: Lazy! :P01:42
Romsteri'm not the best but i do my bit.01:42
pitilloyou have the knowledge needed predatorfreak ...01:43
Romsterlook at the git logs for contrib!01:43
predatorfreakSure, I've been maintaining packages forever.01:43
predatorfreakI'm just lazy :)01:43
Romsteryeah predatorfreak you know more than i do.01:43
pitilloyeah, that's what I mean01:43
pitilloyour work can be great for all01:43
predatorfreakRomster: I dunno about that.01:43
Romsterwell with the kernel you do..01:44
predatorfreakThat's just dogged persistence :P01:44
Romsterreally to think i didn't know much linux at one stage and now i'm doing some.01:44
pitilloonly some? xD01:45
Romsteryeah some i doubt i know as much as others here... i dont' knwo that much of programming.01:46
predatorfreakI guess I'll contribute some packages to contrib tomorrow/whenever I get around to submitting my info XD01:46
Romsterjust some basics.01:46
predatorfreakI'm not much of a programmer either :)01:46
predatorfreakI'm a scripter really.01:46
Romsterfwee i'm a good infolence :D01:46
pitillothis isn't only programming Romster. Like I said to someone, here there are lot of knowledge01:46
Romsterthought you where.. since you ahck the kernel.01:46
predatorfreakRomster: I wouldn't say that I hack the kernel.01:47
predatorfreakI maintain a patchset.01:47
predatorfreakThere's a massive difference :P01:47
Romsterpitillo, true.. well i've learned how to use most tools etc.01:47
predatorfreakI solve tiny problems between patches and make sure things run.01:47
*** anryko has joined #crux01:47
predatorfreakBesides that I don't do anything "original".01:47
Romsterthe fuzzyness factor stuff..01:48
Romsterof patch01:48
predatorfreakfuzz, basic rejects, etc.01:48
predatorfreakIf it had massive rejects between differing blah, I'd be fucked.01:48
predatorfreakand I admit it :)01:48
pitillowell, time to prepare a meeting with sap developers and admins, bbl01:49
Romsteri got the impressionyou could do some coding :P01:49
Romsterlater pitillo01:49
Romsterpredatorfreak, i'm very average myself but i try todo what i can.01:49
predatorfreakRomster: I'm a good bash scripter, I can do some basic debugging and shit.01:50
predatorfreakBut besides that.01:50
predatorfreakI'm just a Linux-knowledge-whore :P01:50
Romsterpredatorfreak, have a look over my ports in particular my safe-build script in my private repo i got crazy with bazh right there really needs work done to that.01:50
* Romster thinks i'm nearly becoming another yahfri port whore.01:51
Romsterbut the diference is i keep them upto date01:52
Romsteractaulyl thinking of maybe pruning a few..01:52
Romsternot sure yet01:52
predatorfreakRomster: Bah! get 2K ports.01:52
predatorfreakthen add another 40K :P01:52
predatorfreakI could rewrite that.01:53
predatorfreakBut I'm lazy :P01:53
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol01:54
Romsteryeah it's quite messy...01:54
Romsterand a few bugs01:54
Romsteractually works to a degree01:55
predatorfreakRomster: Most of my stuff is more related to "replace these really annoying apps/scripts by other people".01:56
predatorfreake.g. I have my own CD ripper/audio converter/video ripper, iptables "system", etc.01:56
predatorfreakBecause I got pissed with every other CD ripper, audio conversion script and DVD ripper :P01:57
predatorfreakSurprisingly enough.01:58
predatorfreakIt's pretty easy to write a good CD ripper with CDDB support in bash.01:58
predatorfreakWithout getting too outrageous or huge.01:58
predatorfreakRomster: In fact, it was possible for me to write all three scripts in under 2K lines of bash :D02:00
predatorfreakBy comparison, abcde (another bash CD ripper) is like 3-4K lines of bash.02:00
Romsternot bad02:03
predatorfreakOf course, abcde's CDDB retrieval shit is "spec compliant" or whatever.02:04
predatorfreakand checks like every single return code.02:04
predatorfreakWhere I only check what matters.02:05
predatorfreakand if it doesn't work right.02:05
predatorfreakI bail out.02:05
predatorfreakWorks right in the real world.02:05
predatorfreakEven if it's not technically proper.02:05
Romsterah i see..02:06
predatorfreakRomster: I made some other shortcuts by not having a billion encoders supported through oddball means.02:07
predatorfreakor supporting every-single-option-evar.02:07
predatorfreakI just support basic stuff like quality/bitrate, etc.02:08
predatorfreakRather than "encoder should perform exactly like this"02:08
predatorfreakBut again, in the real world, most people don't need that kind of stuff.02:08
predatorfreakNor do most care about oddball codecs either.02:09
predatorfreakSo long as MP3, AAC, Vorbis and FLAC are supported.02:09
predatorfreakMost people won't care.02:09
predatorfreakBut, there's some other stuff that it does that other rippers don't.02:10
predatorfreake.g. it does at least two rips and checks for differences (secure ripping style), it supports ReplayGain automatically with no crap, supports various audio filters through stuff like mplayer, etc.02:11
Romsteri see i'm intested, i'm using a riper that will check every frame of a cd it rips to make sure it's correct.02:11
predatorfreakRomster: Mines not that complex yet XD02:12
predatorfreakSooner or later I'll get around to "rip each sector at least twice".02:12
predatorfreakBut that'll require a lot of time.02:12
predatorfreakBecause I need to get unlazy.02:12
predatorfreakand figure out a way to do that reliably.02:12
predatorfreakWell, in shell that in.02:13
predatorfreakRipping each track twice is generally enough for most drives, but it is a tad inefficient to have to rerip whole tracks rather than individual sectors.02:13
tilmancddb is obsolete02:14
tilmanuse musicbrainz02:14
tilmanmusicbrainz ftw!02:14
predatorfreaktilman: Can it be easily parsed in shell?02:14
predatorfreakI think not.02:14
tilmanyeah well02:14
tilmanthere's only so much you can do with shell :P02:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, look at cdstatus in my repo02:15
predatorfreaktilman: When I get unlazy enough to learn C, I'll care :P02:15
tilmanso you're writing a ripper in shell?02:16
tilmanhow do you extract audio data in shell? ._o02:16
*** sepen has joined #crux02:16
predatorfreakEver heard of it? :P02:17
predatorfreakRomster: Does it have cdparanoia's integrity checks beyond frame-by-frame reading?02:17
Romsterya know of that but look at the feater of cdstatus02:17
predatorfreakcdparanoia does a heck of a lot of different oddball checks02:17
Romsternot sure but it'll keep reading untill it gets the correct data02:17
predatorfreaktilman: With the right tools, you can do a lot in shell.02:19
Romsterpredatorfreak, hmm i'll look into that too and see if cdstatus and cdparanoia share anything in common.02:19
predatorfreakRomster: It'd be nice if there was like a "command-line EAC for Linux" :(02:20
tilmancdparanoia isn't as good (secure mode) as eac anyway02:21
predatorfreaktilman: Duh.02:21
predatorfreakBut it's better than cdda2wav.02:21
predatorfreakand EAC refuses to work in wine for me.02:21
predatorfreakBesides that, it's not command-line :)02:21
tilmani wonder why you're talking about reading sectors and blablabla, when all you do is exec cdparanoia02:21
Romsterthe ide behind cdstatus is it re reads untill it gets no errors not sure of other checks..02:21
predatorfreaktilman: It's possible to read individual sectors with cdparanoia.02:22
Romstertilman, read a scrached disc see if you get a copy thats not static in the tracks02:22
predatorfreakand I run it at least twice.02:22
predatorfreakSooner or later I'll get unlazy.02:22
predatorfreakand write a proper shell backend to read individual sectors using cdparanoia.02:23
Romsterpredatorfreak, throw in cdstatus and give it a whirl02:24
Romsteryou maybe suprised..02:24
predatorfreakRomster: I don't have any bad discs :P02:24
predatorfreakI'm careful with my discs :)02:25
Romstereasy burn a copy scratch it up and test :P02:25
Romsterheh i'em too but i get a few off others to rip that are scratched.02:25
predatorfreaktilman: Also, when cdparanoia fucks up on discs here.02:26
predatorfreakEAC rarely does any better.02:26
predatorfreakI mean, maybe a tiny bit better.02:26
predatorfreakBut for the most part, it's not something I can tell apart.02:27
predatorfreakIn fact, the only time I get problems is when my DRIVE fucks up these days XD02:29
*** lasso|qt_ is now known as lasso|qt02:29
predatorfreakThat's why I always like having two drives.02:29
predatorfreakI've noticed that sometimes one drive by a certain manufacturer just won't read a disc right.02:29
predatorfreakBut another reads it crystal clear.02:29
Romsterpredatorfreak, i've noticed that too...02:30
Romstermust be something todo with the pits or width of the grove.02:31
predatorfreakYeah, it's annoying though.02:31
*** Romster has quit IRC02:36
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*** onestep has joined #crux02:40
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*** ddr4 has joined #crux08:28
thrice`jaeger: work? :)08:41
jaegerno thanks, I'm trying to cut back08:45
thrice`no, your gnome build :)08:46
jaegernot done yet, but it's going ok so far08:47
thrice`ah, awesome.  I'd be happy to give it a whirl, if interested08:48
namenloshm, anyone got an idea how i only get the matching filenames with grep? i am searching the manpage for a while, but didn't get it.08:50
namenlosor do i have to pipe it into cut -d : -f 1 ?08:50
jaegeryou'd need to run gtk 2.12 again08:51
jaegernamenlos: I'd just use that cut08:52
thrice`that's what it looked like from the release notes08:52
jaegernamenlos: or use grep -l08:52
tilmanwhich ports did gtk 2.12 break, apart from xfce?08:52
namenlosjaeger: thanks, that's better ;)08:53
jaegertilman: it didn't break anything for me in the short time I was running it but apparently viper_ and predatorfreak had lots of problems08:53
jaegerviper_ with xfce, he said it hard locks after a few minutes08:53
jaegernamenlos: np08:53
namenlosmust be blind...08:54
jaegernamenlos: if it makes you feel any better, I didn't know about that option until now08:54
tilmanjaeger: yeah, pitillo said that it was in xfce's gtk engine. or something08:54
thrice`jaeger: are you lodging gtk 2.12 in the gnome repo?08:55
pitillotilman, I notices xfce locksup with gtk update, jaeger said that and I test it, and was true08:56
namenlosjaeger: yes, but i was nearly sure, that such a option exists, because i couldn't imagine, that i am the first person looking for that feature... i just overlooked it.08:56
jaegerthrice`: haven't decided but if it causes me no trouble I'll likely do that until a newer release is made08:57
tilmanpitillo: did you check xfce's bugzilla? is the bug known?08:57
pitillotilman, nop, I have xfce in one computer only, I dont follow it, sorry.08:58
*** mxq has joined #crux08:58
pitilloonly tested because viper talk about that and want to check it. Here with e17 worked fine (now downgraded again to opt version)09:00
*** kieselsteini has joined #crux09:01
*** blueCommand has quit IRC09:10
thrice`jaeger: ok, i'm not opposed to trying it out with 2.1209:16
jaegersoon as I get the footprints fixed I'll commit them to trunk09:19
thrice`sounds great.  I'll let the poor 2100 do the compiling from work09:21
*** mxq has quit IRC09:29
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jjpkgtk = progress or sloppy releases? :p12:20
jaegeryes :)12:21
jjpkToo much of both are also possible in this case.12:21
* jjpk makes a mental note to not bother upgrading just yet.12:22
tilmani'll bet that it's just the crazy-ass gtk-engine of xfce that's exposing a gtk bug12:23
tilmani'm using 2.12 happily with firefox and the gimp12:24
tilmanand the murrina engine12:24
jjpkHopefully that is where the buck stops.12:26
*** onestep has joined #crux13:06
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jjpktexlive ++ :/16:09
treachbeats unmaintained stuff.16:10
jjpkDouble-edged sword situation.16:13
jjpktetex itself was no lightweight package.16:14
treachnope. :)16:15
jjpkSomehow the current trend is to produce one-for-every-use bundles. :p16:16
jjpkYou would imagine something could be optimized a bit more. :/16:17
*** root has joined #crux16:19
maroRyoS: not in crux16:29
maroit's a stupid useradd wrapper script on most distros, not really useful16:29
RyoSok useradd16:30
RyoSnot that i care for whatever he takes16:30
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:31
jjpkit makes it user friendlier!!1116:32
jjpk(you have to think less, that's important!)16:32
treachwell, that's a good thing, isn't it?16:33
treachthe more you have to think, the bigger chance you mess up16:33
jjpkRegardless, you can still mess up.16:34
*** root has quit IRC16:35
treachof course. but I'd much prefer a path were I risk to fall and break my neck once, than one where there's a constant risk for it.16:36
treachthen, of course there is the question of wether the safety nets are more bother than use, and wether they are reliable or not, but that are different questions.16:37
*** jmvr has left #crux16:38
jjpkThere is that saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.16:39
treachtrue, but the fact remains. every time you have to think before you do something, you lose.16:40
treachthat is, you have to spend energy on figuring out how to do something, rather than doing it.16:41
jjpkOr, read up, learn it once, then use it when needed.16:43
*** onestep has joined #crux16:43
treachthat's provided that you use it frequently enough to remember how you do it, and the gain is big enough to motivate the learning.16:44
jjpkLike you said, it depends on the situation(s).16:45
jjpkI have a slight feeling it will be drunken musical chairs again in the evening.16:46
jjpkBefore I know it, I might end up on the act.16:50
treachYou could try a game of "fire-hose vs musical chairs".16:51
jjpkExchange student round up tomorrow, never know what will happen.16:51
jjpkNot a bad idea, not at all.16:52
tilmanwhat's a drunken musical chair?16:52
tilmando you mean choir? ;)16:52
jjpkIn fact, there's a fire hose not too far down the aisle.16:52
jjpkKnock on the door. "yes?" WOOOSH16:54
jjpkA few were trying, lucky me it stopped after a short while.16:57
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:01
*** aspetos has quit IRC17:18
jaegergod, I hate docbook17:34
jaegerit pisses me off to no end that when the docbook site is messed up builds can fail17:34
jaegerthat's SO fucking stupid17:34
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:36
treachheh.. "Idiot, n. A member of a large and powerful tribe17:36
treachwhose influence in human affairs has always been17:36
treachdominant and controlling."17:36
*** onestep has quit IRC17:41
predatorfreaktreach: You mean all politicians?17:49
treachno, those are "An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared"17:53
treachor rather "eels in".17:53
thrice`jaeger: question...did you decide that gtk 2.12 will go in gnome?  if so, i'll hold off on the update that just went to opt :)17:54
*** jjpk has quit IRC17:55
jaegerit'll have to but I won't be putting 2.12 back in opt, most likely17:57
jaegernot until there's a .1 or something17:57
thrice`alrighty.  I'll build 2.12 instead, in prep. for trunk of gnome 2.2017:58
*** aspetos has joined #crux17:59
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:08
jaegerpretty close to done but gnome-applets won't build until the docbook site recovers18:08
jaegersome calls made during the builds (xsltproc stuff if I had to guess) fail when they can't reach something on the site18:09
thrice`huh...that doesn't make much sense :)18:10
thrice`perhaps it'll fix itself by the time my PC actually makes it there18:10
jaegerit never has18:10
*** treach has quit IRC18:28
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:30
marojaeger: isn't that what the local docbook-xsl-* packages are for?18:34
maroa local copy of the templates18:35
*** mxq has quit IRC18:36
jaegeryou'd think so, yes18:37
jaegerI've yet to see them actually work as such18:37
*** ddr4 has quit IRC18:38
marohmm, perhaps a packaging bug (no wonder since there's no Makefile or anything in the sources)18:45
jaegercould be, certainly18:46
maroand you'd have to keep local copies for all (used) versions :(18:46
marodepending on the docbook site being up is probably the best solution for us lazy people :)18:47
jaegerit's pretty annoying, though18:47
marobut this will make any maintainer shit himself:
jaegermost of the other distributions' setups aren't much better, too18:52
maroI know, because there's no standard way to install it :/18:53
jaeger is a start, with some install scripts, but by no means all-inclusive18:54
jaegerI suppose they could be duplicated for each version of docbook18:55
jaegerat least 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, and 4.518:55
marojaeger: that's actually what I use18:56
jaegerworks well?18:56
maroI only have a local copy of 4.1.2 (since that's the most commonly used), the others are fetched from the net18:56
jaegerthat's the way I normally do it but I'm thinking of trying local copies of them all again18:57
marothat's the proper solution18:57
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux18:57
maromy avoidance is the lazy man's :)18:58
jaegerthe only reason that's NOT currently done is because I didn't get it working correctly last time18:58
jaegerthe 4.1.2 stuff seems to work great, at least :P18:58
jaegerI guess it's time to try again18:59
marojaeger: you'll probably have to redefine pkgmk_extract_sources() (or whatever that function is called) in the pkgfile18:59
jaegerI've done that before18:59
marojaeger: did you remember to register them all in /etc/xml/catalog?19:00
maro(in post-install)19:00
jaegerI believe so but it's been a while. I think so because the post-install was enormous19:00
marohehe :)19:01
* maro wonders why he can't use "sudo sh -x" as runscriptcommand in prt-get19:02
marowould be much nicer19:02
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
marooh well, off to bed, sleep well when you get fed up with the stylesheets :)19:05
jaegerheh, thanks. take care19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC19:17
*** lasso|qt__ has joined #crux19:22
nipuLhmm, that gives me an idea. i have a new angle to attempt to solve the multiarch pickle19:36
*** lasso|qt_ has quit IRC19:41
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