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pitillogood morning00:54
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pedjaDoes xfce hardlock instantly with gtk-2.12, or after a while?Because here xfce runs just fine.I did rebuild gtk dependent parts of xfce, though.08:50
pedjaGtk is built with disable-icon-cache-validation.diff applied.08:50
pedjatilman: I had to force xorg-server update, it complained about already installed.Did I fsck something up, or...?08:50
tilmanafter a while, from what i understood08:50
tilmanopt/nvidia installs libwfb.so08:51
tilmani had hoped that they would remove it, now that it is in xserver08:51
tilmanpedja: was that with nvidia 100.14.19 (the one in opt), or the newer release?08:51
tilmanactually, the one in opt installs ""08:52
pedjaThe one in opt.08:52
pedjaprt-get fsearch finds only in xorg-server, hence my confusion :)08:53
tilmanpedja: i'm fairly sure that it can only be nvidia08:53
tilmannot sure why prt-get doesn't find it08:53
pedjaMaybe previous version of nvidia had it, because I updated nvidia after xorg-server.08:58
pedjaNo, 100.14.11  installs ''.Hm.09:04
jaegertilman: the newer nvidia driver doesn't symlink like the last one09:04
jaegerbut they BOTH install the lib09:04
jaegerfor pedja, too09:05
tilmanoh, so i guess 100.14.19 already is the new one09:05
pedjajaeger: Thanks for solving the mystery :)09:07
tilmanso the problem is that pedja had the old version of nvidia?09:08
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jaegerit seems so09:09
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pedjaSo, yes, xfce does hardlock with gtk-2.12 ;)09:32
tilmanpedja: if you're a frequent xfce user, i'd appreciate if you could find out whether the bug is known09:34
tilmanpedja: you could start by digging into xfce's bugzilla, and gnome's bugzilla (component: gtk+)09:34
pedjaI've looked at, couldn't find anything relevant.I'll check there and at gnome again as soon as I build firefox.09:37
pedjaWith dual core it should build soon :)09:38
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pedjatilman: I asked at #xfce, it's a known bug, fixed in 4.4 branch and trunk in svn.09:52
pedjaAnd it's 2.12 specific.09:52
pedjaI'll dig up some patches for it.09:53
tilmanmaybe we should ask jue to patch the xfce-gtk-engine port09:53
pedjaI'll wait until I see which fixes Gentto guy applies to 4.4.1, and then steal^Wborrow them ;)09:56
jaegerfor the record, docbook-xml sucks ass09:57
jaegerI think I have it sorted out, though. the xsltproc calls are much faster now09:58
tilmanwebsvn sucks ass, too10:00 is totally weird10:00
tilmani can't find the gtk engine fix anyway10:00
pedjaThis should be it :
tilmanaha! i didn't think they fixed it so long ago10:12
tilmani can't get websvn to generate the diff /o\10:13
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tilmanr25831 doesn't show up in gtk-xfce-engine-2/trunk's log10:19
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pedja xfwm4/trunk/src log has it.10:30
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pedjar25830, that
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pedjaPart`: Hi.10:34
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tilmanpedja: aha, 25830 is the one we need anyway10:39
tilmanaccording to 'svn log' :)10:39
tilmanpedja: can you test this:
tilmanhopefully it applies to the xfwm release10:41
pedjatilman: I'll try it and get back to you, ok?10:42
tilmansure, thanks10:42
pedja'1 out of 3 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/hints.c.rej'10:44
thrice`wow, that was quick tilman10:45
tilmanpedja: do you know enough c to rebase that patch onto the stable xfwm release?10:45
tilmanotherwise i'll try it later10:47
pedjaI'll try it, and let you know.How hard can it be, right? ;)10:48
pedjatilman: Done.11:08
pedjaPatch applies fine, xfwm builds without problem.11:09
pedjaNow, to test if it actuall works :)11:09
treachactually, actually. ;)11:10
pedjaI need coffee, actually :) /dev/mug is empty...11:12
treachcat /dev/random > /dev/mug11:13
treachI guess it tastes the same. ;)11:14
tilmanpedja: cool, i'll cross my fingers11:14
pedjatreach: Heh.11:15
pedjatilman: I sure hope so.11:15
pedjaNow, to reinstall gtk-2.12, and rebuild xfwm4/gtk-xfce-engine.11:16
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pedjaThat should be fun...11:17
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thrice`you can just grab the git change and use the 2.12 port jaeger made11:21
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pedjatilman: I think you nailed it :) xfce works several hours now, no lockup yet.14:26
pedjaThis statement will surely invoke Murphy, though ;)14:27
pedjaI'll see what happens over night.14:27
jaegergood luck14:28
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tilman*i* nailed it?16:09
tilmanpedja: i didn't do anything16:09
tilmanpedja: i suggest that you post the patch to the crux mailing list, and ask juergen to apply it. then jaeger could update gtk again :)16:10
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pedjatilman: You dug it up from the depths of xfce websvn, and that's was most of the work :)16:36
tilman*you* gave *me* the link to the correct revision16:36
tilmanpedja: i won't take any credit here!16:37
pedjaOk, ok :)16:37
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pedjaI've posted patch to the list, hopefully someone else will also test it, so jue can apply it if all goes well.17:06
pedjaI already sent him patch that updates opt/cups (seems that 1.3.1 release is b0rken).17:08
pedjaBed time.Good night.17:16
tilmannight pedja17:20
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nipuLurge to kill rising...19:08
nipuLso i'm building this pc for a customer, he wants office 2007 basic on it19:09
nipuLorder in a copy, it's a "Media License Kit"19:09
nipuLapparently now we have to pay billyboy another $300 for the privilege to sell office and get the master kit19:10
nipuLwe'd have to sell 6 copys of office to break even, and unfortunately not that many people want office 2007, we've sold 5 copies in the last year19:11
jaegermaybe you could have the customer buy it separately and bring it to you to install19:11
nipuLthe customer is a legal firm19:12
nipuLif it was some jerk off the street, that would be fine19:13
nipuLbut that's besides the point19:13
nipuLwhy should I pay more money just so people can use office19:14
jaegerthat's the price for being an OEM or whatever, I guess19:14
nipuLit looks like practise of shipping new computers with oo.o has come back to bite me in the arse19:15
nipuLs/like/& my/19:15
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Romsterpedja, symlink of gl-select i think?19:31
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RomsterRyoS_, you really have a bad net connection... seen you on and off yesterday too.22:51
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qubitpreparing crux to quantum generation ?! uauaua23:07
qubitHi everybody !23:07
qubithi :D23:07
qubitgnome 2.20 is in beta stage :P23:08
prologicdon't care23:08
qubitI saw this today23:08
qubitlook there23:08
qubitrealeased gnome 2.2023:08
jaegeractually, it's in release stage, been beta  a long time23:08
prologic*meh* :)23:09
prologicI wanna get compiz working on here with xfce :)23:09
qubitxfce is great23:09
prologicindeed it is :)23:09
qubitlook there23:09
jaegerI'm well aware of it23:10
jaegeralready updated most of the ports23:10
qubitto you :P23:10
qubitkiss t you baby lol23:10
jaegergot some retarded docbook-xsl problem right now but they'll be in ports soon23:10
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qubitoh yeah really ?23:11
prologicRomster, you have a shocking connection yourself23:11
qubitreally jaeger ?23:11
qubitbut in the package ?23:11
Romsterthat's tor...23:11
prologicthen stop using it :)23:11
jaegerbut in what package?23:11
qubitor only ports ?23:11
prologicthat stupid storm botnet is using tor now23:11
Romsterman if freenode can't havd tor working well then maybe i should stop using it...23:11
Romsterstrom botnet...23:12
Romsterfigures someone would abuse tor..23:12
prologicnot strom23:12
Romsterya i realise i typed it out of order.23:12
qubitman gnome 2.20 is so difer23:12
Romsterstorm worm.23:13
Romsterah storm worm on wikipedia23:14
RomsterThe botnet reportedly is powerful enough as of September 2007 to force entire countries off of the Internet23:15
Romsterya know if there was no MS there would be no wide spread botnets.23:16
jaegerI don't believe that23:17
Romsterwell windows is so insecure.23:17
jaegerbecause there would still be asshats who'd put all the energy they're putting into exploiting windows into exploiting linux, bsd, etc.23:17
jaegermost of those are likely stupidity issues, not insecurity... people clicking crap in emails23:17
jaegernot all, certainly, but I think the problem would exist in whatever the most popular os were if it weren't windows23:18
jaegerbecause of the users23:18
prologicI agree23:19
Romsterhmm so problem users even on the most secure system it only taks someone running a bit of malware and there infected23:19
prologicgranted the very nature of *nix OSes are designed to be more secure23:20
prologicbut jaeger is right23:20
Romsterbuffer overflows would be the bigist problem? other than users.23:20
Romsteri know if windows forced users to use a user account and not admin, there would be reduced viruses about.23:22
Romsterall boiles down to stupidity i supose.23:23
jaegerI think there'd still be plenty, they'd just be a bit less damaging23:23
jaegerusers can still create all kinds of sockets, bot storms need no root privs, etc.23:23
Romsterthat's true..23:24
qubithey see yahhh .... I must do things here ... see yah !23:26
qubitbye !23:26
qubitsee yah too Romster jaeger prologic and the others ....23:27
*** qubit has quit IRC23:27
Romsterok odd fellow.23:27
jaegerbit of a spaz23:28
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