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jaegerthrice`: ok, committed 2.20.0 to trunk, test it if you dare00:42
jaegerthrice`: there may be stuff missing, I haven't rechecked the gtk and friends deps... will do that after I've had some sleep01:03
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nipuLhas anyone tried gtk 2.12.0 yet?02:55
tilmanworks nicely, but xfce is reported to break (see pedja's patch on the list)02:56
nipuLjust what i wanted to hear, yay gtkbuilder is here02:56
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mike_kbtw, what about gnome/kde/xfce status? Can someone add a contrib port which depends on some port(s) from those repos?04:21
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tilmanmike_k: i think jaeger has a gnome metaport in the gnome repo04:26
tilmani'd rather see kde/xfce meta ports in the respective repos , and not in contrib04:26
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mike_kI was not talking about metaports. Say, I want to add devilsie port to contrib, which has "Depends on: libwnck". libwnck is a part of gnome repo. AFAIK, there was a talk about qualifying gnome, kde repos as official ones, which will allow more ports in contrib without duplicating.04:33
tilmanmike_k: oooh, i see04:58
mike_kcan we make such rules just before 2.4 release?04:58
tilmanmike_k: please ask on the crux-devel ml about this04:59
tilmanmike_k: sounds okay to me though :)04:59
mike_ktilman: thanks, I'll do.05:00
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nipuLi dont think it's a bad thing having duplicates in contrib05:55
nipuLthe de specific repos tend to have a different dependency chain05:56
nipuLi can think of a number of ports that work fine outside of a given de, but when used in conjunction with that de the port has different dependencies05:57
tilmanbut if the deps are fixed, then you're duplicating ports for no reason05:59
mike_kbut, in most cases that is just a needless work. it a matter to discuss if it's reasonable to have same ports in contrib and opt/xfce/kde/gnome at all...05:59
nipuLi'm not saying it's a bad idea06:07
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nipuLsorry can't resist..06:38
* nipuL np: black moth super rainbow & the octopus project - marshmallow window06:38
* RedShift Deep Dance 2003 Vol.2 CD206:43
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the_rureplaced the Riva 128 with a Radeon 7000... the flickering is slightly better07:39
the_ruI might get a DVI cable later and get rid of it completely07:39
RedShiftriva 128?07:41
RedShiftholy crap those are ten years old07:41
the_rubut they work :-O07:41
RedShiftthe_ru: why not use a hercules CGA adaptor?07:41
tilmani'm very happily using matrox hardware from 98 or 9907:42
the_ruwas getting some flickering and color fluctuations though07:42
RedShiftnow that was the future07:42
the_ruRedShift: they can't do 1440x900 AFAIK07:42
RedShiftbut they do have 16 colors!07:42
nipuLheh, i still have a banshee in use07:43
the_ruthis card is from 200007:43
the_ruand even then, it's way more than I need07:44
RedShiftmy "oldest" is an ATI Rage IIC+07:45
RedShiftsitting in a server07:45
RedShiftit has a whopping 8 megabytes of video ram and can play DVD's07:46
the_ru32 here - and I need ~2.507:46
the_runow I just need a mouse that will work over 10 m of cable07:47
RedShiftthe_ru: what are you trying to do?07:48
the_ruI have the box in another room to isolate noise07:50
RedShiftI can build very silent computers07:50
RedShiftno need to put them in another room07:50
RedShifthell I can even build computers that don't make any noise, now with SSD and all07:51
the_rubut I have a large closet dedicated to my servers and network equipment07:53
the_ruthen cables for monitor, keyboard and audio in here07:53
RedShiftthat's the problem with those cheap low-end video cards07:53
RedShiftthey don't provide a very good signal07:53
the_ruwell, this one provides good enough07:54
RedShiftI bet if you'd take an nvidia 6600 or 6800 picture will be *much* better07:54
the_ruI don't think the Riva was really comfortable in 1440x90007:54
the_runow things are much better07:54
tilmanRedShift: did you see a matrox dac's output before?07:54
tilmanthe difference between the dac on this g550 compared to my radeon x800's dac is HUGE07:54
tilmanand that x800 isn't that old even07:55
RedShiftyes matrox has very good picture quality, but any modern nvidia card can easily match that07:55
RedShiftbut every card produces a different signal, you may need to adjust clock/phase and contrast/brightness to match07:55
tilmanwhat's modern? i have a geforce 2 ti somewhere :D07:56
RedShiftwell from experience I can tell the geforce 3 has equal picture quality as a matrox card07:57
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thrice`is the crux logo stored anywhere?10:23
the_ru ?10:26
thrice`I was looking specifically for the penguin, but that may work10:27
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thrice`thanks the_ru10:32
LSuserI want to use CRUX on me PDA10:33
LSuserIs there any program manager utility? Like pacman or slapt?10:34
thrice`it's a source based distribution10:34
RyoSLSuser: join #handhelds and ask bd2 if he's there10:35
LSuserRyoS => thanks10:35
LSuserbut it is only source based?10:36
RyoSnuff' said10:36
tilmanLSuser: there's no central binary package repository10:37
thrice`oh no, zsnes is going unmaintained :(10:37
LSuserbut if I want to install a pidgin e.g., I must download all dependinces by myself?10:38
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LSuserthe_ru => R u from Russia?10:40
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the_ruspeaking of zsnes, I wonder if I can get the joystick port working on this machine10:45
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the_ruanyone into roguelikes?12:41
tilmanthe_ru: i like nethack, but don't play often. too much frustration and hair pulling :D12:42
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the_ruI don't like nethack much myself12:42
the_ruI'm writing my own, just released a new version12:42
qubitsome one have already listening that music of dj bax ?12:42
qubithappy robot12:42
qubitit is so hackable12:42
tilmanthe_ru: oh? url?12:42
the_ruI need to write a quick start guide though12:44
the_rubut it should be possible to figure things out12:44
the_ruthis is all I have now12:44
the_ruand it doesn't even list the default keys :-O12:45
tilmanslimy lichmummy eh? :D12:45
the_ruit's named after something someone said12:45
the_ruI'll see if I can find it12:45
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tilmanthe_ru: uh-oh. you promise ninjas, but there aren't any. ziomg ;)12:48
the_ru<smatthews> Make a giant slimy skeletal rat bat ghoul lichmummy with a severe d hand and floating skull.12:49
the_ruwell, they were cut in this version actually :-O12:49
the_ruin favor of the rogue12:49
the_ruI feel that real ninjas make the setting to unfocused12:49
tilmani agree :)12:54
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tilmanthe_ru: i applied a cursed pair of gloves, and when i tried to remove them, it said: "You can't. They is cursed." i think that patch should fix it12:56
the_ruI thought I had fixed that...12:58
tilmanthe_ru: how do i identify the bcu status?13:00
tilmanfuck, yet another pair of cursed gloves13:01
tilmanthe_ru: n/m, just found an altar/pentagram13:10
aonseems interesting13:49
the_ruhaven't quite decided about those13:52
the_ruwhich to use13:52
the_ruprobably both, but they will be used for different things13:53
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the_rutilman: actually, I'm starting to wonder if that isn't actually the way it should be... there's a difference between "there is a pair of gloves here" and "a pair of gloves are here"16:15
the_ruor something16:16
the_ruthat second sentence doesn't sound right16:16
tilmanthe_ru: but what i talked about is "They is" vs "They are"16:17
tilmaneither use "It is" or "They are" :P16:18
the_ruyes, but I think "is" is actually correct, *if* used in the right context16:19
the_ruperhaps I need another is/are array, depending on where the word ends up in the final sentence16:19
tilmanthe_ru: both sounds okay to me, i don't know which is more correct16:20
the_ruit would be correct if it was "it [the pair] is cursed"16:21
the_ruwell, I'll have to look more closely at it later16:22
the_ruthanks for pointing it out though16:22
the_ruhadn't copied my .emacs, that's why things felt strange16:26
the_ruthe indentation was all wrong16:26
the_rucopied to the new machine, I mean16:26
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