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hx2kis there any program like pacman for crux?05:35
hx2kI mean pacman from arch05:36
hx2knot the gand05:36
the_runot sure how pacman works, but there is pkgmk05:37
hx2kI can install a program using pkgmk?05:38
hx2klike pkgmk gaim05:38
the_rubasically, you cd to /usr/ports and then the program you want, and run pkgmk -i -d05:38
tilmanyou can "prt-get install pidgin"05:39
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hx2kCan I optimize crux to hardware?05:39
tilmanobviously yes05:40
hx2kI have arm-processor05:40
hx2k520 Mhz05:41
rehabdollcrux only has i686 binaries05:41
rehabdolltheres a ppc port though05:41
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hx2kbut there is crux-arm, afaik05:42
hx2k!g crux-arm05:42
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hx2kgoogle knows05:42
hx2kAm I right?05:43
hx2kyep, I want it for my PDA05:46
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prologicjust bought a new box, has STAT drives09:03
prologicfirst time SATA user :)09:03
prologichow do I get the crux 2.3 cd working ?09:03
prologicroot=/dev/hdc is obviously not correct for a SATA based dvd/cd rom09:04
thrice`jaeger's CD might find it automatically :)09:04
prologicI've tried root=/dev/sd{b,c} and /dev/scd0 with no success09:04
prologicI've tried sdc, sdb09:04
RyoS/dev/cdrom or whatever maybe?09:04
prologictried that09:04
RyoSthrice` is right. try jaegers iso09:04
prologicthe latest one ?09:05
RyoSpreferably ;)09:05
prologicgot a link ?09:05
prologicI always forget the url :/09:05
prologicneed a link to it on crux.nu09:05
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prologicbtw how much effort is involved in installing crux onto a raid09:09
prologicand building a raid09:09
prologic(software raid)09:09
jjpkUsing jaeger's iso, not much.09:09
prologicany wiki pages on doing this ?09:09
prologicor just use the mdadm tool09:09
jjpkraid1 or what are you planning for?09:09
prologicand install as per normal09:09
prologicyeah raid-109:09
jjpkraid1 it is.09:09
prologicdo the hdd's need to be identical in size ?09:10
jjpkNot at all, then it just means the smallest drive is your capacity.09:10
prologick nps09:10
prologicI might just install on this sata for now09:11
prologicget my data box back up at least - then get some new sata drives (2) and re-install later with raid-1 :)09:11
jjpkI suggest you get it done, saves time and effort later on. :p09:13
prologicwell I can't atm09:13
prologicmy old box is dead (has 2 ide hdd that weren't raided)09:13
prologicbut used to backup /data on the 1st to the 2nd hdd every week09:13
prologicand since they're ide, this new box has 2 sata ports, and 1 ide channel09:14
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prologicI doubt raid-1 on 2 ide hdd's on a single ide channel wil be very good ?09:14
jjpkThe usual rule is to have the raid drives on separate channels.09:16
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prologicI'd actually like to use the IDE port for the OS09:16
prologicand use the 2 SATA ports for the data09:16
prologicand I think I can do that actually09:16
jjpkI don't see any reason why it wouldn't work off the same channel.09:17
prologicjust need a 2nd SATA drive to replace the SATA dvd/rw09:17
jjpkThe behavior when failure were to happen is unpredictable though when using the same channel.09:17
prologicbut like you said - rule of thumb :)09:17
prologicmight go grab a spare ide cable actually09:17
prologicneways back later09:17
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jjpkWhat you said is also possible since system stuff can be easily redone.09:18
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jkrAre packages allowed to use /usr/etc or should they always use /etc?09:45
jkrSame question vor (/usr)/var09:45
thrice`alot use /usr/etc.  try grep usr/etc /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint once :)09:46
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jjpkjkr: see the handbook's Package Guidelines section.09:48
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jkrOk, so /etc is only for "system software (daemons etc)"10:44
jkrHow do I know if something is a system software?10:45
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prologic/etc should probably really only be used by core/opt software10:51
prologiccontrib should use /usr/10:51
prologicirrc :)10:51
jkrYup, but here's the problem10:51
jkrThe opt/dbus port uses /usr/etc10:51
jkrAnd I made some ports for the bluez-* stuff10:52
thrice`lots of opt goes to /usr/etc10:52
jkrThey depend on dbus, and they need their etc and var dirs configured to be the same as dbus' dirs10:52
jkrSo should I put the bluez-* stuff in /{etc,var} or the dbus stuff in /usr/{var,etc} ?10:53
thrice`i would, yes10:53
jkrWhat? :) First or second?10:54
thrice`wait, bluez needs to go in the same as dbus ?10:54
thrice`then why not do bluez to /usr/etc ?  that way, you won't have to maek your own dbus port10:55
jkrI just wondered if dbus should use /etc because it's kind of a "system software" :)10:55
thrice`yes, that's true.  however, it's not necessary for a system to run10:56
jkrBut there's lot of non-essential software that uses /etc10:57
jjpksuch as?10:57
thrice`also true :)10:57
jkrAlmost all http- and mail daemons and so on10:58
RedShift /usr/etc?10:58
RedShiftthat just sounds so horribly wrong10:59
jkrI know :)10:59
thrice`RedShift: i'll bet you have stuff there10:59
RedShiftthrice`: I don't even have a /usr/etc10:59
RedShiftand not even a /usr/local/etc10:59
thrice`RedShift: do you use crux xorg ports?10:59
RedShiftthrice`: I don't use crux10:59
* RedShift ducks10:59
jkrI think I'll rather put everything in /etc11:02
RedShifteven with a huge buttload of packages installed I feel I have a pretty clean /etc11:02
RedShifteven on my servers etc is pretty clean11:04
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pedjaupdate of  core/iproute2 to 2.6.22 shouldn't brake anything, right?11:59
pedjaI guess iproute2 version number matches the kernel version it should be used with?12:00
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pedjabtw, 'die hard 4.0' kicks ass :)12:01
thrice`jaeger: ok, thanks.  about halfway through, no issues thusfar :)12:09
jaegerthere need to be gtk, gtkmm, glibmm updates, I'll put those in the tree today if I get a chance12:10
thrice`what to gtk?12:10
thrice`oh, for 2.12 ?12:11
thrice`er, where is gtkmm ?12:12
* RedShift 0xf00d12:12
thrice`oh, in contrib =|12:12
thrice`jaeger: should I cancel what's going now, or will it survive with only gtk 2.12 ?12:13
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jaegeryou can build a lot without 2.12, won't hurt to let it go for now12:18
thrice`jaeger: i have gtk 2.12, just not updated for gtkmm and glibmm12:18
thrice`actually, both in contrib seemed to be the latest12:20
jaegerthere are newer versions of both in the gnome sources12:21
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thrice`ah - i'll stick them in /usr/ports/mine and use em instead of contrib12:22
tilmanjaeger: did you see the mail on crux ml re. the gnome-foo.rsync file in the database?12:23
jaegeryeah, I see it12:28
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thrice`jaeger: docbook worked just fine too :)12:45
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* RedShift denies lynucs his "hi" back13:48
lynucsRedShift: ;)13:49
tilmanRedShift: so, you're an arch user?13:51
RedShifttilman: yes13:51
RedShiftI've used crux in the past13:52
RedShiftI like crux but I hate compiling :-)13:52
brointhemixRedShift: Arch does not favour custom kernel builds, which is bad :)13:54
RedShiftbrointhemix: I don't need a custom kernel13:54
RedShiftlike I said, I hate compiling things myself13:54
RedShiftthat's why I use a binary distro in the first place13:54
brointhemixah, ok13:54
tilmanbrointhemix: did viper fix your repo list problem in the database?13:54
brointhemixtilman: probably, it's back there with new mail and URL :)13:55
brointhemixRedShift: I hate to be given a ready-made kernel13:56
tilmanbrointhemix: okay, good13:56
brointhemixRedShift: CRUX affection, I suppose ;)13:56
brointhemixtilman: thanks for your concern :)13:57
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RedShiftthrice`: not enough information15:26
RedShiftthrice`: take a look at the very first thing the compiler bails out of15:26
RedShiftor is that the first error?15:26
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thrice`jaeger: libglade needs to go to 2.6.215:37
rehabdollanything special with your system thrice` ?15:44
thrice`you mean out of the ordinary ?15:48
rehabdolljust curious why you have problems with libglade :)15:51
thrice`well, gtk 2.12, udev 115; everything else is up-to-date.  this is in the middle of a gnome compile15:52
tilmanuh, udev15:53
thrice`not that that should matter :)15:53
jaegerno problems with libglade here16:07
jaegerthe gtk update fixed that one for me16:08
thrice`really?  2.6.0 refused to build, while 2.6.2 did (both on gtk 2.12)...odd16:08
jaegerat least, I think that was the one. regardless, didn't have to mess with libglade here16:08
jaegerI'll look into it anyway16:09
* thrice` shrugs16:09
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thrice`jaeger: got another error on evolution-data-server - an odd footprint mismatch.  usr/lib/evolution-data-server/camel-lock-helper-1.2 is -rwxr-xr-x instead of -rwsr-xr-x17:01
jaegerhrmm... no idea on that one17:02
thrice`me neither :)  i of course pkgadd'd it, just thought I'd report17:02
jaegeraye, thanks17:04
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qidhow do you pass options to make when building a package using pkgmk?  I'm trying to use distcc17:53
qidcan I just do pkgmk -d CC=distcc?17:54
jaegerdid you check the distcc port's README? there are instructions there18:01
qidoh, whoops18:05
qidI had already had it installed so I didn't look in the port directory18:05
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thrice`why doesn't gpasswd ship in shadow ?19:00
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