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pitillogood morning01:18
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ab_Just a question: I read and feel currious because of "git pull git:// 2.3" returns "fatal: Not a git repository" to me. Is there something wrong (its the first time im using git) ...05:53
ab_Hello tilman05:53
tilmanuh, that sounds totally wrong05:54
tilmanstep 1: git clone git://
tilmanstep 2: git branch 2.3 origin/2.305:54
ab_that works ...05:54
tilmanstep 3: git checkout 2.305:54
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tilmanab_: can you change the wiki accordingly? :)05:54
ab_thank you tilman05:54
tilmanthough i don't even know whether it allows anonymous access05:55
ab_change the wiki?05:55
tilmanthe wiki page05:55
ab_sorry, Ive never been there, Im absolutely new to crux ...05:55
tilmanokay, np ;D05:55
ab_Does anybody knows if theres also a MakeFile (or even *.git) for the Crux64 from Hannes Mayer?06:12
tilmannot me. i don't think he ever announced crux64 on the crux mailing lists06:13
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ab_but theres a Link @
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telitiHello! I've just compiled a new kernel ( and argh, accidentely I deleted my .config. My problem is sound: alsamixer works fine but /dev/audio a.s.o. are not created --> no sound :-(11:39
thrice`teliti: as a side note, if you compiled in /proc support for config, you can get a new one with zcat /proc/config.gz > .config11:42
telitithrice`: thank you - cool! But I do need /dev/audio ... :-)11:42
thrice`I know, mine was the easy part :)11:43
thrice`which kernel did you update from?11:43
teliti2.6.22.6 ...11:44
thrice`and sound works in that kernel?11:44
telitiI feel a bit currious ... yes!11:44
thrice`and did you by chance use the same .config file?11:44
telitialmost yes ... theres no /dev/audio, so I forgot something, but not the alsa drivers ... they work, except /dev/audio isnt created ... ?11:45
telitioh dear - I'm so stupid! ... I forgot to modprobe snd-pcm-oss ... nevermind11:47
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telitiHi again. Is it possible to override the source-patch globally for all ports?12:42
tilmansee the handbook and /etc/pkgmk.conf12:44
telitiahh, thx12:44
rehabdollanyone running 2 gfx-cards? think i need some hints to get it all working12:48
RyoSi wish i would :p12:49
jaegerI did until recently, but I was running 2 geforce cards in SLI, not 2 separate cards12:49
jaegerback to a single, higher-powered one now12:50
rehabdolljust bought a radeon hd to play with the free driver :)12:50
rehabdollbut i need a hdmi port in zaphod for my media needs12:51
rehabdolli thought i could use my nvidia-card for that, but noo12:51
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schniggiehi all13:03
schniggiesimple question how can i update a port and install all deps of that port ?13:03
schniggielike xorg-server has new deps and with a simple prt-get update i get the error ;)13:04
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jaegersomeone probably has a way to trick prt-get into doing that but I just install the dep and then update13:04
schniggieisn't there a way to combine prt-get quickdep with prt-get install ;) ?13:05
jaegertry it :)13:05
teKhow about sysup?13:06
schniggiei have in mind someone told me the combination of that when i had a dep prob last time, but i forgot it ;)13:06
schniggieteK: sysup: doesn't work13:06
jaegerI think it was something that was unintentional, like 'prt-get depinst update' but I don't remember for sure13:06
schniggiesysup want to update xorg-server, but xorg-server depends since this version of xorg-libpixman13:07
schniggieand then sysup fails13:08
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thrice`yeah, missing deps can be a pain13:59
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pedjaschniggie: prt-get update `prt-get quickdep xorg` ?14:00
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teKpedja: s/depinst/quickdep/?14:18
pedjaSorry, prt-get update `prt-get depinst xorg' wouldn't work.So...anybody with a *proper* answer :) ?14:31
teKwhy not  prt-get update `prt-get quickdep`?14:32
pedjaiirc, that will update existing ports, not install missing deps.14:32
pedjaOr I'm wrong?Again.14:33
pedjaI use yapo for that kind of thing.14:33
teK[tek@irwin][~]% pkginfo -i | grep libdrm14:34
teK[tek@irwin][~]% prt-get update `prt-get quickdep xorg` --test | grep libdrm14:34
Romsterthrice`, i've already built libglade 2.6.2 and shown jaeger the Pkgfile
pedjateK: So, I *was* right :) First time, obviously...14:40
pedjaI am watching BB , so I'm a bit distracted :)14:44
thrice`Romster: awesome...thanks :)  i just had to bump the version #14:57
thrice`and source, actually14:57
rehabdollawesome, amd/ati's dvi ports does not support regular dvi->hdmi adaptors14:59
tilmani don't even know what hdmi is15:00
RyoShigh definition something15:00
rehabdollwow.. :D15:01
tilmani like my rock15:01
Romsterhigh definition multi interface? i think without even googling15:10
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tilmanwow, you can think without googling?15:11
tilmanawesome :D15:11
Romster <-  electronics tech15:14
tilman<- trained drooling idiot15:16
RedShift<- webhost15:18
tilmanguess i win15:19
tilmanidiot beats electronics technician beats interwebb people15:19
RedShiftinterweb people have 100mbit or more access to pr0n15:20
RedShiftwho beats who?15:20
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telitiHi. Does anyone knows where gtk-config is? glib2 and gtk2 are installed but theres no gtk-config script ...16:14
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Romsterteliti, prt-get fsearch gtk-config16:22
Romsterteliti, and it says gtk116:22
telitiahh, thank you Romster16:23
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qid <-- I'm experiencing this problem with lynx and mod_php18:02
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rehabdollthen add a comment18:28
qidit said you had to register an account and wait for it to get approved before you could add a comment18:31
treachwhere? afaik you don't need any approval, except for participating in contrib..18:33
qid"Also, we now require reporters to log in to submit bugs. Note that we'll have to enable your account, so it might take a little while for you to be allowed to submit new reports."18:35
qidthere's no form to submit comments, but there is a login box18:35
treachok. I didn't remember, I registered quite a while ago. :)18:36
qidI generally avoid registering for a site unless I need it more than once, otherwise there's just too many accounts floating around18:36
treachyeah, indeed..18:37
rehabdolli'll add mod_php to that list18:37
treachI've been a crux user for so long though, that I doubt I'll ever go away, so I figured "Ok, here we go." :)18:37
rehabdolllynx is in contrib so i suggest you contact the maintainer directly18:37
qidI wasn't sure if it was an issue with the port itself or the package utils18:38
thrice`treach: lies18:39
rehabdollyeah, you suse-whore :)18:40
treachsure, that's why I still have crux on my laptop, and currently is more or less in the process of getting crux back on the desktop as well.18:41
thrice`rpm bite you? :)18:41
treachAs I've already said. suse was just a temporary thing, for testing a few things.18:41
qiddebian's package management system was what drove me to crux, heh18:42
treachmmh >:/18:42
rehabdolli was pretty happy with slack18:42
rehabdollbut got bored :)18:42
treachdebian is quite a bit over advertised.18:42
treachI switched from slack because the package management.. or the lack of it.18:43
qidhmm... does the ports system even track symlinks?18:43
thrice`slackbuilds take too long to write18:43
qidpackage system, rather18:43
treachqid: of course18:43
qidstrange... python includes /usr/include/python -> /usr/include/python2.5 in its .footprint but it doesn't seem to be in the package db18:44
qidmaybe it's my script's problem, it might be thinking a symlink to a directory is a directory18:47
treachquite possible, since it doesn't have any problem with pkgmk and friends.18:48
qidyeah, it's ruby's FileTest module that's wrong18:49
qidfalse alarm18:49
qidstrange... trac installed a /usr/share/man/ directory and there's an empty whatis file in there18:52
treachit's wrong18:53
treachusr/share/man is NOT used.18:53
treachonly misconfigured packages put stuff there.18:53
treachthey should use /usr/man18:54
qidhe moved the manpages but forgot to remove the empty directories18:55
qidwhat's the recommended way to edit which files belong to a package?18:58
thrice`while packaging?18:59
qidafter installation18:59
qidthe clearsilver package doesn't install correctly, so I had to move files after installation, and now the db doesn't match19:00
thrice`alter the Pkgfile to do that and repackage it19:00
qidironically enough, /var/lib/pkg/db is not in the package database19:04
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qidis there a reason man.conf includes /usr/share/man and /usr/local/man and by default maps files in /bin and /usr/bin to look in /usr/share/man?19:28
treachprobably :)19:40
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predatorfreakjaeger: libxvid 1.1.3 :)22:29
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predatorfreakLOL Apparently goth kids are now attacking and violently beating emo kids.22:57
predatorfreakMan, what's next?22:57
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