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pitillogood morning01:07
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the_ruwell, perhaps that's a good thing01:49
the_ruthen they have a real reason to go cry in a corner01:49
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RedShift!wiki sourceforge05:51
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RedShiftlooks like I pushed some buttons over at archlinux06:15
RedShifta moderator banned me06:15
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surrounderlol RedShift06:25
surrounderbanned by who ?06:25
RedShiftthat doesn't matter06:25
RedShiftI've been in there for what06:26
RedShiftthree years or something?06:26
RedShiftthe community is changing :-(06:26
surrounderyeah, childish idiots06:26
surrounderglad I'm gone there06:26
RedShiftIt's probably mostly my fault06:28
RedShiftthe person in question banned me for trolling06:29
RedShifti've been know to get heated on certain discussions06:29
surrounderso ?06:30
surrounderbeing passionate about something != trolling06:30
surrounderespecially if the know you and you've been around for a few years06:30
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RedShiftwhatever, I just hope they flush the banlist once in a while ^_^07:15
thrice`you could always do the unthinkable and switch to crux07:17
RedShiftthrice`: but I hate compiling stuff myself07:26
RedShiftI need stuff ready to go07:26
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rehabdoll#arch sounds like a good entertainment source07:37
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jaegerIs sylpheed based on gtk2 these days?07:53
tilmanthey switched 2 or 3 years ago i think07:54
thrice`Sylpheed uses GTK+ GUI toolkit. The newest version of Sylpheed works with GTK+ 2.4 or later (2.6 or later is recommended).07:54
thrice`from their homepage07:54
tilmanunfortunately, sylpheed sucks nuts07:54
thrice`haven't tried myself, though :)07:54
jaegerI used to use it way back in the day, was just curious how much it's changed07:54
pitillotilman, boxes format? or wich reason?07:58
tilmanpitillo: iirc its imap support is *weird*07:58
pitillotilman, ok, never used it with imap :)07:59
tilmanpitillo: maildir is superior to mh, too :D07:59
RedShiftlol tilman08:00
tilmanlol what, arch boy?08:00
thrice`i think I tried it once with gmail, and couln't get it working properly (although I remember giving up quickly :)08:01
RedShifttilman: a whole explanation and then suddenly "unfortunatly, sylpheed sucks nuts"08:01
tilmanRedShift: well, i'd like to have a good (as in mutt) gtk2 mua08:01
tilmanmutt pwns every other client out there08:01
RedShiftI use thunderbird08:01
* RedShift ducks08:01
jaegerI like mutt a lot but couldn't come up with a multi-imap-server config that suited me08:02
RedShiftI've been looking to migrate to kmail but I don't feel comfortable with it08:02
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rehabdollsylpheed seems nice :)08:10
rehabdollatleast in comparison to thunderbird08:11
tilmanno xul-crap is always a win08:11
rehabdolli'd like to try apline, but they are so hush hush with the sourcecode08:13
tilmani'm *almost* interested in alpine, too08:14
rehabdoll(the pine replacement)08:14
tilmanbut i doubt it's better than mutt08:14
rehabdollyeah.. still, new is always fun :)08:15
* jaeger starts another full gnome 2.20 build08:20
jaegerso, how many people are using gtk 2.12 without problems?08:21
pedjajaeger: me :)08:21
RedShiftholy crap08:21
jaegerand the xfce problem has been solved? (at least figured out, if not in ports)08:21
tilmanjaeger: apparently the xfce patch hasn't been commited yet08:21
RedShifttilman: that's a huge error08:21
thrice`jaeger: I got a big mis-match during gnome-media, I think, but was all language help files08:24
jaegeryeah, I saw that one, too. I think the .footprint was just missed on that one08:24
pedjaIf Juergen is subscribed to crux ml, he must have seen patch for xfce.08:24
jaegerI'll see it again today08:24
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thrice`ok...figured you'd catch that one08:25
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thrice`otherwise, gtk 2.12 is working fine for me too08:26
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jaegerno problems here, either08:26
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jaegertilman: when you say sylpheed's imap support is "weird" what do you mean?08:42
jaegerit seems to support imap4rev108:42
jaeger(haven't tried it yet, just curious)08:42
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tilmanjaeger: don't remember details08:56
jaegerfair enough08:56
jaegerI'll try it out if I get bored enough... probably won't have time soon08:56
RedShiftI'll try out sylpheed09:00
RedShiftuses gtk though :(09:00
RedShiftit does look cool though09:04
tilmansurrounder: mmh, didn't you say that sonata arctica's "new" album rocked? i'm totally underwhelmed :'(09:55
thrice`I think sip denied my udev port :(09:58
surroundertilman: it takes a few times of listening to appreciate it really10:02
surrounderfirst time I heard it I thought it sucked10:02
tilmansurrounder: mmh, maybe there's still hope for me to like it ;)10:02
surrounderhehe sure10:02
surrounderPaid in Full for example really rocks10:02
tilmanthat's the only one i like so far10:03
tilmanand maybe for the sake of revenge10:03
surrounderin black & white, caleb and the vice rock too10:05
Part`hi, anyone with KDE on CRUX? :)10:18
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Tux{at}x23hello all10:40
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tilmanneed perl person13:55
tilmangiev plz?13:55
tilmann/m, problem solved :p13:59
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SiFuhneed sexy girl15:06
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teKno you need good luck15:08
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Roomstermorning all15:52
RedShiftsup Roomster16:04
Roomsternot alot16:06
Roomsterchecking for updates watching cartoons.16:06
RedShiftI'm writing some manpages16:08
RedShiftI was shocked at the current state of documentation of certain commands16:08
RedShiftsince I always tell people to go RTFM, this is unacceptable16:08
Roomsteryeah i ported a program that had no man page what so ever so i made a man page for it.16:12
Roomstergotta have man pages for commands.16:13
RedShiftand config files16:13
Roomsterelse i gotta go looking in the source or off a web site16:14
Roomsterand services daemons that don't have rc files really bug me.16:16
RedShifthaven't run into those yet16:21
RedShiftI was going to implement SMTP greylisting tonight but it'll be for tomorrow16:21
Roomsterwoops i forgot to add a dependency lol fixed it now, help2man, preload never had a man page because of a missing man page generation tool.16:29
Roomsteri took over preload it had no rc nor man page. both of which is fixed now.16:30
Roomsterseems to make a improved speedup of my desktop.16:30
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* RedShift zzz16:48
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morlenxustilman: ping18:38
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roliveiragood evening19:06
roliveiraanyone has experience implementing ldap + samba with CRUX19:06
roliveirai need to do some reading on the subject19:06
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morlenxusIs it somehow possible to get the old vi -> vim call back working?19:14
jaegermv /bin/vi{,.orig}; ln -s /usr/bin/vim /bin/vi ?19:19
chrgYou could probably also just set an alias in your shell19:20
chrgBah, oops19:21
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morlenxuschrg: No, this is a crap workaround.19:35
morlenxusjaeger: Yours too. :)19:35
morlenxusWas there any sense in changing this?19:36
jaegerdon't ask me, I didn't do it19:37
jaegerI only use vim19:37
jaegerbesides, you didn't ask for a GOOD solution19:38
morlenxusYes, but each distri does use since a few years vi -> vim, even crux, now crux want to go back to the '70 or what?19:38
thrice`jaeger: where do you define variables on your netinst CD?19:51
jaegersuch as?19:51
thrice`kernel version19:52
jaegeranything that's set would be set in the Makefile and to a lesser extent in the setup script19:55
thrice`hrm...ok, thanks :)19:59
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