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pitillogood morning01:17
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tilmanmorlenxus: pong02:24
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SiFuh_Hmm so many servers to choose from...04:10
SiFuh_Want to buy a new rack mount for about 10,000 AUD04:10
SiFuh_but they are all so sexy04:10
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RedShiftSiFuh_: what are you looking at?04:55
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Auge^Was passiert, wenn eine deutsche Blondine nach Ă–sterreich auswandert?05:11
Auge^In beiden Ländern steigt der durchschnittliche IQ.05:11
Auge^uh, worng channel =)05:11
RedShiftgood joke by the way ;-)05:11
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thrice`beduedet stiegen "to rise?"07:01
RyoS_you could say so, yes07:06
namenlosor increase07:09
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jaegeris it safe to put gtk 2.12 back in opt yet?08:20
thrice`looks like juergen pushed the xfce patch08:21
jaegeraye, saw that08:21
jaegerI haven't seen anyone besides predatorfreak complaining about brokenness recently08:21
thrice`maybe copy gtk-old into your repo and sync to contrib or something?  hard to say - works fine for me too :)08:22
namenlossounds hard, but why don't you let predatorfreak test it, whether xfce works for him with the patch?08:35
jaegerI honestly think he's got hardware issues08:38
jaegerbad ram or something08:38
namenlosah, ok08:38
jaegerbecause it seems to work well for everyone else, post xfce patch08:39
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nipuLsloppy focus ftl :)09:19
thrice`that's the error ?09:21
nipuLjust booted up the kernel and now for some reason / is  being set volume.is_mounted=false and volume.mount_point=''09:23
nipuLhad to set them manually to get my device manager app to run09:23
nipuLprobably just a misconfigured kernel09:25
thrice`jaeger: around ?09:25
thrice`in regards to gtk, found .  I think i've heard about the openoffice bug before elsewhere, but haven't run into it yet09:28
fernananyanybody know where I can get the old ucrux images?09:29
jaegerthrice`: haven't seen that myself but I'll keep it in mind09:31
jaegerfernan: non idea here, sorry09:31
jaegerer, no09:31
thrice`jaeger: same...maybe it's just thsoe compiling openoffice from source?09:35
jaegerthrice`: didn't sound that way from the bug but I've no idea09:38
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jaegerI like the new eog, very nice12:30
the_ruthrice`: as opposed to those who run uncompiled software? :-]13:30
thrice`the_ru: no, their binary releases :)13:30
tilmancontrib/sykpe is out of date13:45
tilmando i *need* the latest version to make it work?13:45
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RyoS_tilman: actually not15:03
RyoS_i run it but its not that much better, even more, it sucks because it reads out /etc/* and so on oO15:04
RyoS_thats what i read at least..15:04
RyoS_but if you want i can provide you with a Pkgfile..15:04
tilmanRyoS_: i downloaded the latest statically linked package, and its working like a char15:05
tilmanfrom /tmp/blah15:06
RyoS_tilman: it works indeed :p but it spays you out like nothing :p15:07
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tilmanRyoS_: see john palmieri's explanation why it reads /etc/passwd etc15:08
RyoS_can you link me up?15:08
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RyoS_well.. true.. i wonder why they want dbus support in skype anyway but oh well i dont mind :P all i want is to call people for free15:14
RyoS_so do you want a Pkgfile for the newest version?15:14
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rehabdollis the xorg-xf86-video-ati the driver to use with old ati r100 cards?16:41
teK!seen prologic16:45
-MelOne- teK, hmmm... prologic, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.16:45
tilmanRyoS_: works pretty damn well17:02
tilmansi teh surpsirings17:03
tilmanoh well, night ;)17:03
RyoS_night tilman17:03
RyoS_never said it's not working well :P its just weird somehow.. i dont like the ui, but thats nothing serious :p17:03
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Romsterok em i doing something wrong with bash?22:46
Romstersh-3.2$ GROUPS=(daemon realtime)22:46
Romstersh-3.2$ echo "${GROUPS[*]}"22:46
Romster100 17 21 1622:46
Romstershouldn't i get the names back not odd numbers...22:47
predatorfreakIsn't groups already DEFINED in bash?22:47
Romsteroh.. hmm22:48
predatorfreakand those are the GIDs,22:48
predatorfreak-, +.22:48
Romsteroh lovely.. i didn't even think of that,,,'22:48
Romsterso i'll have to use another var name.22:49
* jaeger votes for NOTBASHGROUPS22:49
predatorfreakor switch to zsh.22:49
Romsterfor a laugth i should use that var jaeger :P22:49
jaegerso are you still having gtk problems, predatorfreak?22:50
predatorfreakjaeger: Did it ever get bumped?22:50
jaegerfor a short while, yeah22:50
jaegerI thought you were one of the ones hating it22:50
jaegerit seems rock solid for me22:50
predatorfreakjaeger: Oh yeah, random app crashes were TOTALLY fun.22:50
Romsterthat's much better..22:50
jaegereven running gnome 2.20 here22:50
predatorfreakTBH, I think it might have been the fact I'm using gtk-engines :)\22:51
jaegerI'd like to put it back in opt22:51
predatorfreakStick it back in, I'll bump my gtk-engines port.22:51
predatorfreakand rebuild.22:51
Romsterjaeger, you haven't done libglade update yet?22:51
jaegerI did that hours ago22:52
nipuLpredatorfreak: heh, once i spent days rebuilding my ports due to random crashes, in the end it was a buggy gtk engine22:52
predatorfreakjaeger: Also, I propose an improvement to the GTK port.22:53
predatorfreakGenerate the loader files after installation.22:53
predatorfreakvia post-install.22:53
jaegerI'd love to22:53
jaegerpeople bitched about the post-install in opt last time22:53
Romsteroh i better do a sysup then22:54
nipuLwhy not have both22:54
predatorfreakSeems the "proper" way to do it, personally.22:54
predatorfreakI even set that up in my personal repo.22:54
jaegerI think it's the right way, myself22:54
jaegerit's a post install op22:54
predatorfreakJust because I hate regenerating those files whenever I install say, librsvg.22:54
predatorfreakand want GTK to load SVG files.22:54
jaegerwell, librsvg has a gdk-pixbuf loader update22:55
predatorfreakYeah and not-having-deluge-work-thanks-to-no-librsvg kinda pissed me off :D22:56
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predatorfreakjaeger: Updating gtk and gtk-engines now.23:05
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predatorfreakjaeger: Works fine with an updated gtk-engines :)23:57

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