IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-09-27

jaegergood to know00:06
predatorfreakDid they have to make the icons MORE CHILDISH?00:08
predatorfreakCan't they just make decent icons that look nice and simple?00:09
jaegerI like the tango theme a lot but it hasn't been updated, some are missing now00:14
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drijen2morning all00:16
predatorfreakjaeger: I want something along the lines of "This means this, it's not childish or bubbly."00:17
predatorfreakOf course.00:18
jaegerheyo, drijen200:18
predatorfreakWhen no one seems to care about icons that don't look bubbly :(00:18
drijen2jaeger: hi :)00:18
drijen2jaeger: may i have a moment of your time?00:18
jaegersure, though I'm semi-afk00:18
drijen2i'll be quick00:19
drijen2question is this: what, if anything, do i need in order to make plugdev group do its magic00:19
drijen2hal, avahi, etc - or can i just leave it alone?00:20
drijen2googling is *not* being helpful :(00:22
predatorfreakThe dowhatnow group?00:22
drijen2joining it, means things get automounted00:22
drijen2without craphackery00:23
predatorfreakUhh no such thing exists on CRUX?00:23
predatorfreakWe dun not do no automounting.00:23
* drijen2 pats predatorfreak00:23
predatorfreakLike honestly, I haven't had automounting on CRUX ever.00:24
drijen2poor soul.00:24
drijen2what do you use for a de/wm00:24
drijen2ah, wouldn't help you anyway00:24
predatorfreakand there's a thing called a terminal.00:24
drijen2tsk tsk, don't get snippy.00:24
drijen2i use terminal as much as you.00:25
predatorfreakBut I hate automounting.00:25
predatorfreakIt always fucks up something somewhere.00:25
predatorfreakor fails to deliver something I'd expect.00:25
drijen2it will order pizza too00:26
predatorfreak"mount my USB device when I'm using it and unmount when I'm not."00:26
predatorfreak"unmount my god-damn CD rom drive when I hit the eject button."00:26
drijen2hehe plugdev does that00:26
drijen2that too00:26
predatorfreakdrijen2: Last I checked nothing did that properly without resorting to KDE or GNOME.00:26
drijen2predatorfreak: i'm sure it needs a library of sorts, but no a de is not needed00:27
drijen2less you want that stupid popup window00:27
drijen2thats what i'm trying to find out00:27
drijen2is how plugdev works00:27
predatorfreakFrom what I see just googling plugdev.00:28
predatorfreakIt looks like HAL/DBUS + DE trickery.00:28
drijen2yeah got my answe00:28
drijen2its hal running as a daemon00:29
predatorfreakPlugdev looks like a distro-specific thing.00:30
predatorfreakor maybe dbus specific...00:30
drijen2predatorfreak: vim /usr/ports/opt/hal/README00:32
predatorfreakBlerg, yeah, requires DE trickery.00:33
predatorfreakScrew that.00:33
drijen2oh thats right, wm guy00:33
drijen2ivman and pmount will do that for you, but thats ugly00:33
predatorfreakYeah and still none of the detect when I want them to do shit like mount the USB device and then umount it.00:35
predatorfreakWhich should be easy enough, monitor if I try to write to /BLAH and if /BLAH = the dir for the USB device, mount it.00:35
predatorfreakThen when I'm done, unmount it.00:35
drijen2predatorfreak: i plan on using xfce, which is why i want it - but i understand where you are coming from; i love me some fluxbox00:36
jaegerif I continue to have no problems with gtk 2.12 tomorrow morning I'll push it again00:44
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* drijen hugs zsh01:12
drijener, wrong window sorry01:12
pitillogood morning01:14
drijenmorning sir01:19
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anrykoi need some advice07:39
anrykoim making crux based live cd07:39
thrice`neat :)07:40
anrykothere was no problem making it using iso read-anly file system07:40
anrykobut i need it to work using rw filesystem07:41
anrykoi decided to rsync all root to /tmp/newroot07:41
anrykoand make chroot to /tmp/newroot07:41
anrykothat works fine07:42
anrykoi get login shell, i can login to the system... and so on07:42
anrykobut if i do Ctrl-C on login shell, i emidiently get root shell07:43
anrykoi understand why it happens... because i do: chroot /tmp/newroot /bin/bash.. and after that i start script which start login shell... so when i Ctrl-c (abort), login shell im getting my /bin/bash back...07:45
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anrykoso i can think nothin off to make it "secure"...07:46
anrykoany idies? :)07:46
thrice`i've had no experience making a liveCD...sounds like odd behavior, though.  are you using the crux Makefile for the iso ?07:49
prologicyou may want to use a different run level07:51
prologicand get the login shell running off the init process07:51
prologicset it all up in the rc scripts07:52
prologicthen switch to a new run level that starts tthe login shell07:52
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anrykoim making chroot in rc script... i use initab onlu for starting rc07:54
prologicuse it also to start the login shell07:54
prologicrahter then through the rc script07:54
prologicit should be not possible to ^C the login shell then07:55
anrykoyep.. but after chrooting to /tmp/newroot and finishing there rc.newroot i cant go back to inittab07:56
anrykoand cant get login shell from there07:56
prologicc1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux07:57
prologicinit 307:57
prologicin your rc script :)07:57
prologicmake c1:3:...07:57
anrykoi cat do that in rc script?... hmm, ill try :) thenx07:57
prologicwhy not ?07:58
prologichow do you think rc works ?07:58
anrykogimme 5 min :) i need to try this out07:59
prologicexec /sbin/init -t1 308:00
prologicdefine an agetty line to run on run level 308:01
prologicc1:3:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux08:01
anrykook, so how can i add it to rc script?08:02
prologicafter you've done chroot, etc08:02
prologicjust do exec /sbin/init -t1 308:02
anrykohmm so i should have c1:2:... or c1:3:... in my inittab to make it work?08:14
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anrykoprologic: ok going to read inittab man pages :).. thenk you for your help08:16
anrykoprologic: after exec /sbin/init -t1 3 im loosing chroot08:39
anrykoprologic: uhum... ehen rc comes to init is kills and terminates all processes, so as i understand it kills and /usr/bin/chroot...08:51
anrykotrying to use telinit08:53
anrykosame.. it terminates processes... eh09:02
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SiFuh_anyone know if that lcd screen on the Zalman HD160XT HTPC Case is able to show the Operating System as well?13:41
SiFuh_Cause it would not be a bad idea for a server, having the console shown through the LCD on the front panel..13:42
Romsterno idea, but would be nice to see load and stuff and what kernel is booted.13:47
Romsteri guess it could be an extra screen.13:48
SiFuh_it seems to be only a secondary screen that displays media funuctions and useless information that is only a beefed up stereo system13:49
jaegertagged gnome 2.20.0 if anyone cares13:54
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jaegergah, why is everything I want to build tonight unavailable?20:22
jaegerxerces-c, acpica-unix tarball20:23
nipuLmurphy is out to get you20:49
nipuLatleast you don't have to deal with the m$ office 2007 oem nightmare20:50
nipuLconsider youreself lucky20:50
* jaeger shrugs20:52
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