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pitillogood morning00:53
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fernanhi all08:37
fernanwhy do have both tcsh and bash in the core?08:37
RyoSbecause we can ;D08:38
RyoSthats not a serious answer btw :s08:38
tilmanfernan: apparently someone thought that tcsh is muy important08:38
fernanno i was just wondering. if any of the packages needs both. or can I choose to install just one.08:40
tilmanfernan: bash is needed!08:40
tilmanbut tcsh isn't08:40
tilmani don't have tcsh installed, fwiw08:40
fernanthanks tilman08:43
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fernanwhy is the xterm bell sound different when I am in the console?09:29
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ramoneurim currently using arh linux, but i heard crux is very similiar, whats the main differences?15:14
ramoneurarch linux*15:15
RedShiftramoneur: why don't you grab the CRUX ISO and find out?15:15
RedShiftand reading the crux handbook may give some clues also15:15
ramoneuris it a live cd?15:15
RedShiftnot really15:16
ramoneuri just might if it is15:16
ramoneuroh ok15:16
RedShiftit's an installer, although it doesn't start the installer itself15:16
RedShiftlike I said, read the handbook15:16
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ramoneuroh have a swedish guy made crux? :D15:21
ramoneurswedish myself so that is nice :P15:21
RedShiftsup tilman15:23
tilmannot much15:23
tilmanlazy evening15:23
RedShiftsame here15:23
RedShiftjust chilling to some music15:23
RedShiftit's fridayevening so, time to enjoy the fruits of my labor15:24
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jahcoffhey guys... is there an iso of crux linux that supports sam440ep atm?18:48
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jahcI know its in the works and not quite ready yet.. but I was wondering if SOMETHING worked.. something I could download just for shits 'n giggles until the team finishes it off18:49
jaegernone that I'm aware of, sorry19:01
jahcok. I'll be a bit more patient then.19:02
jaegeryou might bring it up to the ppc guys if you haven't already19:04
jahcyou mean, I should ask the guys responsible for the ppc ports?19:07
jahcmy Italian friends who made the board are keeping me updated, but they're currently asleep and I cant ask them any questions..19:07
jahcI'm 10 hours ahead of them here19:07
jaegeryes, that's who I mean19:07
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DarkRoninhiya people19:58
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