IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-09-29

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TRIBBuhm ... anybody around ??01:52
TRIBBcause i think i need some help on figuring out some problems ...01:53
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prologicTRIBB, that's good03:27
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tilmangpg: signing failed: Unusable secret key04:56
tilmanit just expired :)04:57
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flintetilman are u there?05:51
flinteich glaub den direkt query quatsch geht net05:53
flinteder blockt mich05:53
flinteweil ich net reg bin05:53
tilmanflinte: can you connect to quakenet instead? for example05:54
tilmanflinte: the #crux guys probably wouldn't approve our private german chat in here :D05:54
flintelets go to another channel05:54
tilmank, #biermanftw :p05:55
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aon lol06:05
teKis there no option to prt-get for building a package without installing it?06:16
aonwell, you can always cd /usr/ports/blah/foo; pkgmk -d06:18
tilmandoes anybody know what happened to treach?06:18
aon@seen treach06:19
clbaon: treach was last seen in #crux 4 days, 10 hours, 38 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <treach> probably :)06:19
teKyeah, for i in `prt-get depinst --test`;do pkgmk "$i";done .. but there's a problem with different directories /usr/ports/{foo,bar}/packages06:19
tilmanaon: oh, he left thatothersecretchannel a week ago06:20
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aonyeah, i see06:22
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tilmanso, does beryl work with stock xorg?06:57
tilmani'm totally ignorant about xgl, aiglx and compiz/beryl/whatever06:57
* aon too, surprisingly06:58
teKis there no better solution for prt-get?06:58
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RedShiftteK: what?07:00
RedShiftwhat's wrong with prt-get?07:00
das_N0Pim cant use kernel with CRUX?07:07
tilmanno, you need a 2.6 kernel07:07
tilmanfor this NPTL threading crap iirc07:07
RedShiftwhy would you want to use a 2.4 kernel?07:08
RedShift2.6 is much better07:08
aonalthough there's nptl for 2.4, too07:08
aoniirc acrux and some others had crux with 2.4 for some clustering solution07:08
aonwith backported nptl, i think07:08
RedShiftaon: sounds more like a "workaround" than a solution07:08
das_N0P2.4 - may started from FreeDOS on fat32 - it is cool...07:09
RedShiftwhy would you want to use freedos and fat32?07:09
das_N0Pjust for  programmers fun07:10
RedShiftsounds more like masturbating with a cheese grater than fun07:10
teK< teK> is there no option to prt-get for building a package without installing it?07:10
the_runot sure about prt-get though07:11
aoni said that already..07:12
teKthat's bad if you got different subdir of /usr/ports for your packages..07:13
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teKa prt-get depinst --buildonly would be cool :)07:13
RedShiftI didn't notice prt-get didn't have that option07:14
RedShiftthat would be nice such an option07:14
das_N0Pkernel 2.4.x may be compiled for x86_64? or no problem about this?07:14
aonwhy won't you find out?07:16
das_N0Plinux64 on fat32... it is wooooow07:16
das_N0Pwell.. good luck!07:17
* the_ru shrugs07:17
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jjpklinux64 on a fat32 partition? get stuffed...07:25
jjpkhow nice, already left.07:26
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jshi. someone still got the Pkgfile for xorg-server-1.3.0? 1.4 is horribly broken for me (keyboard doesn't always react to shift, input in games lags about ~ 5 seconds)08:05
tilmandowngrading isn't trivial08:07
jsoh, it is. it's just rebulinding xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse,evdev]08:07
* RyoS gets some popcorn08:07
jsI already used xorg-server 1.3.0 in the past08:07
jsbut lost the Pkgfile :(08:08
jsI used xorg-server 1.3.0 with the rest from xorg 7.308:08
jsonly thing was I had to rebuilt t he 3 mentioned packages due to ABI changes08:08
jsmike_k: thanks :)08:08
tilmanyou might need to downgrade the inputproto, too08:08
jsbtw, would be cool if you link gitweb on the hp08:08
jsI coulnd't find it08:08
jstilman: hm, maybe I rebuilt it as well, don't know anymore08:09
jjpkIt's there.08:09
tilmanit's linked from there08:09
jsif it doesn't work, I'll just do prt-get update -fr `prt-get depends xorg` :)08:09
jstilman: oh, my fault then. didn't find it :/08:09
tilmanjs: make sure your bug is in bugs.freedesktop.org08:09
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jsI'll submit it later there08:10
jsthe keyboard bug is very strange08:10
tilmanyou're not referring to the keyboard LED bug, are you?08:10
tilmanit's a known issue that the LEDs don't work atm08:10
jsif I press z/x/c/v, press shift before I release it and then press any key, the second letter is lower-case08:11
jsif it's any key besides z/x/c/v, it works08:11
tilmanbut hitting shift *will* enable shift mode ;)08:11
jsthis is really annoying since I'm used to press shift before I release the key when I want the next key uppercase :/08:11
jsyes, that sounds like it08:12
jsthis is it exactly08:12
jsthe same keys are mentioned there08:12
jsz/x/c/v don't work, but b does :)08:12
jstilman: oh, and I also have the LED bug :)08:13
tilmanjs: everyone does08:13
tilmanfor the record, beryl doesn't work w/ mga08:14
tilmannot sure why, but somehow the dri driver only supports 512x512 textures08:14
jswell, beryl didn't work until nvidia updated their drivers08:16
jsI switched back to 1.3.0 when I couldn't even play games :(08:16
jsif I could play games, I'd use it and live with the keyboard bug until it's fixed08:16
jstilman: you know by chance anything about the lag of input devices in games?08:17
jsfor example, if I start sauerbraten and move the mouse, nothing happens. but a few seconds later, it mvoes08:17
tilmanhaven't heard anything about that08:17
jsI'm using evdev08:17
tilmandid you try the "mouse" driver rather than evdev?08:17
jswell, then I can't use all buttons I guess08:18
jsanyway, the keyboard lags as well08:18
jsanyway, i tested the gnome 2.20.0 ports and they work flawlessly :)08:21
tilmanare you trying to make me feel guilty? ;))08:26
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jstilman: nope :)08:59
jstilman: you're no xorg dev, are you? if you are, then it'd be ok to blame you. if you're not, then you're just a packager and not the one to blame :)09:00
jsand I guess you're no xorg dev :)09:00
tilmani don't work on input stuff at least ;D09:01
treachgah, I really hate the way windows just don't give a shit when you try to close an application that doesn't respond..09:03
treachgreat. now it killed explorer.exe...09:05
thrice`it's a feature09:06
treachit's a fucking mess. I could kill for "xkill"09:07
rxitreach: maybe you shouldnt badmouth it so much then :P09:07
treachwhy? Are you getting the feeling it wasn't deserved?09:07
teKin pre Windows 2000 times this was worse..09:07
jjpkI bet explorer.exe is more stable than this excuse they call an internet connection here.09:08
treachwell. 3.11 would crash, rather than just hang processes indefinitely..09:08
treachmmh, this seems to be headed for a reboot. graphical atefacts and crap when  windows are moved around etc..09:09
thrice`why are you on windows, anyways ?09:09
treachsetting up a system for someone else09:09
treachbrb -- hopefully09:10
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jjpk"Testing"? :D09:10
jjpkAt least it was the answer to why use opensuse. ;)09:11
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majykjaeger: did you have any problems with avahi not finding pygtk 2.12.0 ? I'm trying to build your Gnome 2.20.0 ports but am stuck at the moment.09:34
jaegerhrmm, not so far09:35
thrice`worked OK here too09:35
majykconfigure: error: Could not find Python module gtk09:35
majykthat's what I get09:35
majykyet pygtk 2.12.0 is installed from the gnome-current ports09:36
jaegercan you "import gtk" from a python shell?09:36
majykoops, maybe it's broken and I need to rebuild... I get this: ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ undefined symbol: pyg_gerror_exception_check09:37
jaegerlooks like you need to rebuild it, yeah09:37
majykproblem is I just built it about an hour ago09:37
majykwith no errors09:37
majykanyway, I'm rebuilding09:38
majykwe'll see what happens09:38
majykjaeger: also just like to inform you that I am a consumer of your updated Crux ISO's! Good stuff!!! Thank you!09:39
jaegerthanks for the feedback :)09:40
thrice`jaeger: what is the purpose of, if they are installed in the Pkgfile anyways ?09:41
jaegerthrice`: to make it simpler to update them any time later09:41
thrice`ah, like a post-install ?09:42
jaegerpretty much09:42
majykjaeger: are you using pygtk 2.12.0 ? I noticed that when I added your gnome ports and used prt-get to build them it wanted to build the outdated pygtk which is in opt09:45
majykI still get the same error with 2.12.009:45
jaegerI have gnome before everything else in prt-get.conf09:46
jaegerso no09:46
majykmaybe that's my downfall, it built cruft in /opt that was supposed to be built from the gnome ports09:46
jaegercould be :/09:46
jaegerI haven't seen that message on any of my machines yet09:46
majykonly one report of it on google09:47
majykit's weird because the new gtk and pygtk built fine, no errors, no footprint mismatches09:49
jaegermaybe revdep would help09:50
majykah looks like the issue is an old build of pygobject from opt09:50
majykdamn, I spose I gotta put gnome at the top of prt-get.conf09:51
thrice`or just before opt09:51
majykmaybe that should be included in a README for those stupid like me09:52
thrice`i think it was at one point09:53
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majykyeah the pygobject version was the problem, had to build the latest then rebuild pygtk and now avahi is working09:59
jaegergood :)10:00
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teKhey boe, how you' doin? :)10:15
boenice ;)10:16
teKglad to hear.10:17
boei just have aching muscles because yesterday evening....10:18
teKthat's how it's supposed to be; same here, btw10:19
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jjpkThat Gnome seems like a lot of fun to upgrade and build every time...10:51
jaegerit's generally pretty painless, in my experience10:53
jaegeronce the work is done on the ports10:53
jjpkYou are the resident gnome expert. :p10:54
jjpkUsually once you do a complex porting, it tends to get easier over time.10:55
jaegerit definitely has10:56
jaegermy first gnome ports were pretty messy... I was still learning a lot back then.10:57
jaegerrrm3's were a lot cleaner and smarter10:57
jaegerwhen he disappeared I continued on with a hybrid of them both, basically10:57
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jjpkHeh, yeah crux does have that minor annoyance of devs leaving for whatever reason.11:01
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jjpkboe^away: ahem, there is no need to use away nicks:
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RyoSjjpk: ffs away{messages,nicks} are cool!11:21
aonno they're not11:21
RyoSman irony11:21
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* jaeger still doesn't care about them11:29
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treachs /irony/sarcasm/11:37
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aons/ //11:39
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treach..yep. that's our aon. :>11:42
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jaegerRomster: new nvidia legacy driver, have you tried it yet?11:49
scionare they compatible with xorg 1.4 ?11:51
jaegernot sure yet, that's why I asked11:52
jaegerthey SHOULD be11:52
jaegersep 18 release, xorg on the list of highlights11:52
scionjust read that too. nice11:53
scionbtw is crux src only? no binary?11:53
jaegerbit of both11:53
Romsterjaeger, no and i have a newer graphics card in this system now but i'll update them ports for others to use.11:54
Romeo-it's works now lighttpd+fastcgi ?11:54
Romsteri have a 7600GS now.11:54
treachscion,  it's a binary "base" distribution that is updated via source11:54
scionim using arch atm. from what i read crux is much like a slackware with the ability to install like arch from a core system and up11:54
scionslack lacks that sadly11:55
sciontreach: kinda like i imagined11:55
scionis there a way to select which parts of ports u wish to install during installation (ala fbsd) or its a yes or no situation12:01
jaegerRomster: I'll test it with my laptop and see how it goes... 96xx, at least12:02
thrice`scion: you can select packages individually, but the base is very trimmed12:02
treachyou get to pick and chose at your own discretion12:02
treach...even to the point were it won't work. :P12:03
jaegerRomster: also, pkg0 is probably better than pkg1 for crux... pkg1 and up come with precompiled junk for other distros/kernels12:03
Romsterjaeger, k12:04
jaegerthey changed the stupid soname again12:05
treachoh, great, I just love windows.. put a slighly defect cd in, and the entire UI goes the way of the dodo..12:05
Romsterjaeger, if i really had too i can test with my nv2 and nv4 cards but that is a pain swaping.12:07
jaegernah, it's fine. I'll test it on the laptop in a few12:07
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jaegerRomster: your versioning is what makes this hard, heh13:17
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jaegerok, fixed that13:27
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* TRIBB has some nasty problems getting GD/PHP/APACHE to working together ... damn!14:21
RedShiftTRIBB: spill it14:23
RedShiftIch bin karl, ich bin expert14:23
TRIBBi cant seem to compile php with external gd support ... and i cant seem to get jpeg libs to work with the php bundled gd ...14:23
TRIBBits just fubar :(14:23
RedShift(people who've seen the big lebowski should recognize that ;-))14:23
jaegerfix one at a time :)14:23
RedShiftTRIBB: pastebin the configure error messages you get14:24
TRIBBwell i radded out most errors14:25
TRIBBbut i simply cant get i to work ...14:25
TRIBBis there a howto on this ??14:25
RedShiftwe can't help you if you don't give us the details...14:26
TRIBBthe gives you the gd details from phpinfo14:26
RedShiftdid you get any errors upon ./configure?14:26
RedShiftwell obviously not otherwise php wouldn't compile14:26
RedShiftdid you install libjpeg?14:27
TRIBBRedShift: a few but that was complains bout libs not found ... so i added the paths to the libs and it ran14:27
TRIBByes i got libjpeg14:27
RedShiftdid you define the path to libjpeg with --with-jpeg=/usr/include?14:27
TRIBBno ... --with-jpeg=/usr/lib14:28
jaegershould work with /usr only14:28
RedShifttry with: --with-jpeg-dir=/usr14:28
RedShiftdo the ./configure yourself, not with prt-get so you can examine ./configure's output14:29
TRIBBi know :)14:29
TRIBBprt-get is good when it works ... manual ./configure is good when it goes fubar ...14:30
thrice`or just edit the Pkgfile to your needs and use prt-et :)14:30
TRIBBthrice`: but you still need ./configure --help to see the options :)14:31
TRIBBRedShift: well /usr did the thing with ./configure with out any errors ...14:32
TRIBBnow lets see what happens when it compiles14:32
RedShiftdid it mention it found libjpeg?14:32
TRIBBit exits on error 114:33
RedShiftdid you do a make clean make distclean?14:33
RedShiftbefore you configured and maked?14:33
TRIBBhmm ...14:34
TRIBBno i forgot those :-|14:34
TRIBBit detects libjpeg14:36
TRIBBand it defines a hell of a lot of GD functions ...14:36
RedShiftshould be fine now14:42
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majykjaeger: does prt-get run the pre and post installs for the gnome packages? I just found an instance where the docbook post-installs did not run17:46
majykI'm thinking it doesn't because gdm's pre-install script was not ran causing it to not compile because the user gdm did not exist17:47
thrice`only if you have it set in prt-get.conf, or pass it manually.  You should use prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome17:47
majykdamn that sucks, now I have Gnome almost totally compiled with no pre-post scripts ran17:47
thrice`you'll have to ask jaeger bout their relevance :)  might be able to run them manually...?17:48
tilmanthere's just *one* pre-install script17:48
tilmanso it's not that bad :P17:48
majykyeah I can run them manually, I did for 2.18.217:49
majykit's just not clean17:49
thrice`tilman: any idea if sip is away?17:49
majykI have a freshly installed system and I've had to babysit the gnome compile all day and fix the problems as it goes. It's frustrating, I love Crux though.17:49
thrice`majyk: with gnome 2.20, I was able to run the install command, and it was finished in the morning (with no issues)17:50
tilmanthrice`: don't think he is17:50
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majykthrice`: no such luck here17:50
majykI've had to fix various packages along the way17:51
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qubitgood evening all :)19:31
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qubittilman who is responsible for the site ! I'd like to translate it to portuguese19:32
qubitor jaeger ?!19:33
qubitjdolan ?19:34
qubitaon ?19:34
qubitnipuL do you know something ?19:34
qubitprologic ?19:35
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qubitsomeone ?19:39
qubitis there somebody alive ?19:40
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chrgas you can see, crux has a very active and lively community19:51
qubitmaybe chrg19:55
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majykthanks jaeger for the Gnome 2.20.0 ports, I finally got them compiled and got the post-install stuff done, looks like they are working nicely so far!20:15
majykmuch appreciated20:15
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nipuLpfft, i'm active and lively. i just happened to be sleeping at the time23:01
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cheikhwhen installing crux is it a mandatory thing to compile the kernel or that is something i can skip23:28
jaegertechnically, you can use the one on the boot CD or your own if you have one built somewhere else already23:30
jaegerbut you definitely need a kernel23:30
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morlenxusI have a question about xkbcomp. I think my keyboard is not working corrently, because i miss a .xkm file. Am i correct with this and how to create one?23:48
morlenxusNot working correctly == keyboard leds aren't working23:49
cheikhyes i just wanna use the kernel that comes with the cd23:52
cheikhcompiling a kernel during installation time take too much time23:53

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