IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-09-30

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Romsterjaeger, pushed updates of both legacy nvidia ports but not sure if gl-select is compatable.00:34
jaegerI'll have to push the gl-select update I did earlier00:43
jaegerwell, if you updated the same way I did00:53
jaegerwhich was just to change the version to something like 96.xx.yy-$(uname -r)00:54
jaegerah, you took the uname part off?00:54
jaegerthat makes it easier00:54
jaegerno change necessary00:54
Romsterjaeger, yeah imade it easer for you :)00:56
jaegerthanks :)00:56
Romsteri made*00:56
jaegeron that note, I'm gonna get some sleep. take care00:56
Romsternight jaeger00:57
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morlenxusSomeone can help me with xorg and my keyboard? I still have the problem that my keyboard leds do not work.06:25
tilmanno, it's a bug06:26
morlenxusEven with 7.2?06:26
tilmanmmh, no06:26
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morlenxusI mean current xorg in ports is 7.2 .06:27
morlenxusAnd i readed about it with xorg 7.306:27
tilmanports has 7.306:27
morlenxusmorlenxus@adanos#~: grep "version" /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/Pkgfile06:28
tilmanah crap06:29
tilmani hate this meta port crap06:29
morlenxustilman: So when this is a bug, i have another question.06:30
morlenxusI want to use a ~/.xsession file, how is that possible?06:30
morlenxusBecause there is no /etc/X11/Xsession script anymore.06:30
morlenxus(i'm using entrance)06:31
tilmanln -s .xinitrc .xsession06:32
morlenxusBut for example xdm want's to run the xsession script.06:32
tilmanrun: ln -s .xinitrc .xsession06:32
morlenxusI still have that.06:32
morlenxusAnd then?06:32
tilmanyou never used xinitrc/06:33
morlenxusI have a .xinitrc and a .xsession06:33
morlenxusFirst is for startx, second for a login manager.06:33
tilmanyou don't make sense06:34
tilmanespecially not your questions06:34
morlenxusonce again06:34
tilmanlogin managers do run ~/.xsession06:34
tilmanso if you something like "exec mywm" in there, it will just work06:34
morlenxusAre you sure?06:34
tilmanof course it's possible that entrance is totally broken06:34
morlenxusDon't they normaly run /etc/X11/Xsession which loads the users .xsession file then?06:35
tilmani recently used slim on this sysetm06:36
tilmanlogin_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login ~/.xinitrc %session06:37
tilmanso it doesn't use a Xsession script06:37
morlenxusSo is the script really not needed or just missing in the ports?06:37
tilmanmorlenxus: i'll go look which xorg package contains this Xsession script06:37
tilmanmorlenxus: i don't know tbh06:38
morlenxusThanks :)06:38
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tilmanmorlenxus: the Xsession script ships with xdm, which i just added a port for07:26
rxianyone else had problems with a newer kernel seeing sata drives as hdaX?07:29
morlenxustilman: Perfect, thanks.07:30
tilmanmorlenxus: make sure you configure entrance with --with-xsession=... though, otherwise it won't find it07:30
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tilmanthrice`: giev udev patch please10:15
tilmanours is 14 months old, wtff10:15
jjpkLucky us then that udev has worked relatively well.10:20
jjpkAlthough the amount of change that it has received from its dev(s), it's not hard to empathize why jaeger has been reluctant to update it. :p10:21
thrice`tilman: I know :)10:21
thrice` ?10:22
thrice`or another10:22
tilmanthat will work10:22
thrice`ok, snet10:23
thrice`sure - let me know how (read if :) it works10:29
tilmanyou didn't try it? :>10:31
thrice`heh...only kidding.  a few of us have tested, and it works well10:32
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tilmancross some fingers, i'll try it out now ;P10:42
* tilman is back10:49
tilmanjaeger: i'll bump core/udev with thrice`'s changes and mark it as being maintained by the system cabal10:50
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thrice`i emailed sip about a week ago, but thought he must be out, since I haven't seen any updates from him either in about that amount of time10:51
jaegertilman: great :)10:53
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tilmancan everybody please update core/udev?11:25
tilmanif it's b0rked, i'd like to know asap :D11:25
thrice`looks like gcc release got delayed, so that may buy some time before a test iso gets constructed :)11:26
teKif you don't here from me within 10 minutes or so it IS b0rked11:26
teKdid you do anything except bumping to 115?11:28
tilmanthe dvb stuff is gone11:28
tilmanjaeger's crux rules have been replaced by lfs' rules11:28
teKI never got to understand these *g*11:29
teKwell. reboot ;)11:30
teKthx ;)11:32
teKthere were errors concering group 'dialout'11:33
tilmanduring build or boot or what?11:33
teKit does not exist on my system11:34
tilmanteK: it should! maybe 'rejmerge' shows it?11:34
tilmangrep dialout /usr/ports/core/filesystem/group :)11:34
teKwoops? ;-)11:34
teKI must have rejected it once11:35
thrice`that uucp was the only thing that wasn't in group, which should have got commented out with sed11:35
teKI'll have another look regarding 'video' .. don't have it neither..11:35
tilmanteK: prt-get update filesystem && rejmerge :)11:36
teKrejmerge suggests updating /etc/shadow, I guess there are so things (in rejmerge.conf), I did not update :D11:38
tilmanmy rejmerge.conf is empty11:39
tilmanrejecting /etc/shadow twice a year hasn't bothered me enough so far11:39
teKmine too. I have to sort out things. I got used to sudo mplayer as fb0 is root:root etc. .. I spare you the details11:40
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teKseems to work fine, tilman. thx12:09
tilmanthank thrice` instead12:11
thrice`and predatorfreak12:12
teKthanks! :)12:15
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Deton8Rany live ones here?13:25
Deton8RI figured I'd pop in and see if anybody knows what's up.  I've been updating things one little app at a time and had a thought to ask....does anybody know how close the crux team is to version 2.4?13:27
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thrice`iirc, they are waiting for a gcc 4.2.2 to be released before making a test iso for 2.413:32
Deton8Rso, gcc is the holdup.13:32
Deton8Rmight even be prudent to wait a while after the gcc release just in case 4.2.2 has some issues13:33
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teK_test iso_13:41
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majyk2prt-get sysup doesn't always work, for instance I just installed a clean updated Crux 2.3 ISO provided by jaeger and performed a prt-get sysup and when it encounters build errors, dependencies that aren't met it just errors out and rolls to the next package to build. I've had at least 2 packages in the xorg tree that have had problems and prt-get sysup just rolls right along, subtracting it from the list of packages to be built. For instan13:56
majyk2I only caught 2 packages, I'm sure there might have been more13:57
majyk2it's a fresh system, doing prt-get sysup13:58
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majyk2ok lib pixman is in xorg but prt-get sysup failed to notice14:00
majyk2causing xorg-server to never get built properly14:01
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tilmanmajyk2: yesyes, known, not fixable easily14:19
majyk2sweet, at least I'm not crazy =)14:23
majyk2not a big deal, I just babysitted the xorg updates and so far so good14:24
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telitiHi there!14:24
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telitihi tilman14:25
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telitiis it possible to override the "source"-taget in Pkgfile(s) at commandline? (not in pkgmk.conf)14:31
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pedjadoes anybody have problems with latest nvidia drivers?14:44
pedjarandom lockups?14:44
cheikhthis crux 2.3 iso has some serious shortcoming it is not going to let me compile a kernel14:44
cheikhit is trowing at me some time change in Makefile.cpu14:46
cheikhby the way i have not touch the Makefile14:46
tilmanteK: nope14:49
tilmanteliti: nope14:49
teKI never touched a Makefile for compiling a Linux Kernel14:49
prologiccheikh, fix your system clock14:59
prologicit's likely way out14:59
cheikhit is an hour ahead of normal time15:04
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rehabdollyay, new udev15:25
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telititilman: thx!15:46
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rehabdollhas anybody managed to build xorg with dbus support?17:50
telitiHi, does anyone also has this problem? /usr/lib/firefox/ line 131: 22689 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}18:29
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RyoSdoes this deserve a "lol"?18:53
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