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predatorfreakthrice`: FYI, the new udev rules don't make /dev/sr* or related (CD rom devices) read-write for group, making it impossible to run cdparanoia as user.01:28
pitillogood morning01:30
ddr4morning :)01:31
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anrykomorning :)02:43
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sepenwhy udev update tries to replace some devices like dev-console from inode 5,1 to 0,1???04:21
sepenls -al04:22
sepenany idea?04:23
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j^2what's up?08:45
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rehabdollhas anyone come across any cd/dvd-burning issues with the new udev?12:36
rehabdoll/usr/bin/wodim: Operation not permitted. Warning: Cannot raise RLIMIT_MEMLOCK limits.12:36
RedShiftrehabdoll: cdburning is planned for linux kernel 3.912:38
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rehabdoll_oops, managed to reboot the wrong box D;13:09
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tilmanneed a programmer13:47
tilmanwho makes gtk use ARGB visuals instead of this bloody BGRA crap13:47
tilmanyou'll gain my everlasting love & gratitude13:47
treachmaybe you should try qt instead. ;)13:49
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tilmantreach: considered that for maybe 3 seconds13:50
tilmanmy desktop will only go fast if i change those gtk internals :'(13:50
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tilmani must be fucking retarded to spend so much time working on the mga driver considering these limitations13:50
treachheh. well, everyone using it seems to think qt is the best thing since sliced bread.13:50
tilmani like gtk better ;>13:50
treachI don't really see why. Maybe it's because I'm even less of a programmer. :o)13:51
treachC/C++ aside.13:51
tilmanwhat don't you see?13:51
tilmanwhy so many people prefer qt?13:52
treachwhy pretty much everyone who isn't part of kde is using gtk13:52
tilmanah :D13:52
treachI can think of opera and qcomicbook which are stand alone, but then that's pretty much it, afaik.13:53
tilmanmaybe i'm not understanding13:53
treachturns out there were a few more. :D
RedShiftthanks for that treach14:10
RedShiftgtk1 is obsolete, I haven't found a good XMMS alternative yet14:10
treachlooks like you found one there. :)14:12
RedShiftexactly :o14:13
tilmanRedShift: tried audacious?14:14
RedShifttried it14:14
RedShiftdidn't like it14:14
treachthat's g t k. :P14:14
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RedShiftIn file included from recycler.cpp:7:14:15
RedShiftrecycler.h:10:18: error: QMutex: No such file or directory14:15
RedShiftit requires qt414:15
treachcptn has a port for it.14:15
RedShiftI don't like multiple versions of the same library on my computer14:15
treachmaybe someone else has as well.14:15
treachiirc qt4 has some backward compatibility built in.. or you could make the big move and go kde4. ;D14:16
RedShiftyeah I'm waiting for kde4 to become stable14:16
treachbesides, qt4 and qt3 *isn't* "the same library"14:17
RedShiftand I think the really good stuff is going to have to wait till atleast 4.114:17
jjpk...and for the arch folk to compile it for you ;)14:17
treachIf I just get around to upgrade, I can do it for him. ;)14:17
RedShiftwell let's try it out then :D14:17
RedShift24,2 megs, qt4 binary package...14:18
RedShiftholy crap :D14:18
RedShiftqt4 better be good and have some speed improvements14:18
treachmmh, that's probably a lot of unnecessary stuff.14:18
treachfrom what I've seen kde4 is pretty fast. (and unstable. :p )14:19
RedShiftlol, I've already uncovered the first bug :D14:19
RedShiftwell it seems to work ok14:20
RedShiftbut it needs alot of work14:20
jjpktreach: I bet they call that fast and exciting :D14:21
jjpkfast because it apparently is faster, and two, it keeps you guessing as to when it will crash.14:21
tilmanrehabdoll: can you investigate the wodim-and-new-udev probleM?14:22
jjpkNice, only Russian compatible encodings supported. :D14:22
RedShiftI don't think it supports winamp skins14:22
RedShiftby the way, about arch14:23
RedShiftjudd stepped down14:23
RedShifthe left the leadership to aaron griffin (phrakture)14:23
RedShiftwell QMMP looks very good but it's still no replacement for XMMS14:24
RedShiftwhich I love, adore and has emotional value to me14:24
RedShiftit's like that childhood teddy bear you just can't get rid off14:24
RedShifteven though it has tears, lost an eye, etc...14:24
treachbah, just get over it and get on with the program. amarok is where it is at nowadays.14:24
jjpkThen why not use it? It still works.14:25
treachunless you go for cmus, like I do. :o)14:25
RedShiftjjpk: yeah but sooner or later gtk1 is gonna get dropped14:25
RedShifttried amarok... xmms is still better...14:25
jjpkThen start maintaining a local copy, shouldn't be that difficult.14:25
jjpktreach: yeh, two extremes are at it.14:25
jjpkOne prefers the amarok type, the others are using mpd with the console front-end, or cmus, or mocp.14:26
RedShiftjjpk: true that, but that's counter-productive for me: I'm all for the way forward ;-)14:26
jjpkIn other words, every "solution" sucks!14:26
treachI don't get that client server thing.. it seems like a total over-engineering solution, unless you're playing your stuff remotely.14:27
treachand even then, cmus+ssh works just as well. :p14:27
RedShiftjjpk: no, the solution is to replace it with a modern alternative but keep the same UI14:27
jjpktreach: moc(p) does that sort of internally, but not as obviously as mpd.14:29
jjpkIt forks into the background unless you tell it to kill itself. :p14:29
jjpkmoc was not my cup of tea, can't quite pinpoint why but no.14:31
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RedShiftman if there's one thing I love about being an ISP, is all those nice graphs the servers generate :D14:32
treachinteresting. ->
RedShiftMySQL Control Center 0.9.8 Released   2006-10-0814:33
RedShiftI think it's a bit undermaintained14:33
treachyeah. but it's still interesting.14:33
RedShiftwhat's wrong with the CLI mysql?14:34
treach"hard to get an overview"?14:34
RedShiftphpmyadmin can solve that14:34
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RedShiftIt's getting cold outside14:49
treach10.8 C. Almost summerlike.14:51
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rehabdolltilman: seems there are permission issues14:56
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rehabdollhmm, is changing /dev/cd permissions to 660 the proper way to do things?15:35
treachsee udev rules.15:36
rehabdollyeah, but allowing a group to write cds would be nifty15:38
treachsame procedure, afaik. :)15:38
tilmantreach: he's probabyl talking about the rules to do that15:39
treachwell, that's not particulary clear. :p15:39
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rehabdollsheesh, ofcourse i wont say exactly what i mean, that would make your life too easy15:40
treachIt could also lead to you getting some kind of answer that is somehow relevant.15:40
treachSupposedly you can't have everything. :o)15:41
RedShiftI like your style rehabdoll15:42
RedShiftI got kicked in archlinux for that...15:43
treacharch seems to be all about peace, love and understanding.15:43
RedShifta little bit too much understanding15:44
RedShiftI still hate them for having patches in the main kernel distribution to fix broken code or broken hardware15:44
treachI suppose you hate the kernel in general too, then.15:45
RedShiftno I don't hate the kernel in general15:46
RedShiftbut I don't think a packager should apply patches15:46
treachcontains broken code (X)15:46
treachcontains workarounds for broken hw (X)15:46
RedShiftpackagers should deliver software as vanilla as possible, as the author of the software intended15:46
RedShifthowever, since I am also for free speech etc..., somebody said that this qualifies as free speech15:47
RedShiftthat's where I got stuck... he was right :-(15:47
treachand if the author don't give a damned about your hw, you should replace it.15:47
treacheven if someone else does.15:47
RedShifthell someday I'll probably fork archlinux15:48
RedShiftbut time is currently not on my side15:48
RedShiftI'll do it when I'm 60 or something, when I'm filthly rich15:48
treachIe, you should toss out your ide cd burner, get a scsi one and switch to solaris. ;>15:48
rehabdolljust like the "church of schilling"? :D15:53
tilmanugh, i had almost forgotten about him15:53
RedShiftso, I'm going to bed with my imaginairy girlfriend15:53
tilmanhave fun15:53
RedShiftI will *g*15:54
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treach"software as the author meant it to be" (TM)15:54
tilman"TMI TMI"15:54
tilmancrazy ass belgians15:54
treach"underbara uppblåsbara Barbara" ;)15:54
treach"Wonderfull inflateable Barabara"15:55
tilman"da hol ich lieber meine aufblasbare ausm keller, die wehrt sich wenigstens ned, wenn man se haut da kannste ma richtig zutreten"15:56
tilmancould you understand that? ,_o15:58
treachmost of it, I guess.15:58
treach"ned" didn't make much sense.15:58
tilmanit's not exactly proper german ;)15:59
tilmanned = nid = nich = nicht ;)15:59
treachI noticed, but ausm has to be "aus dem" and so on.15:59
teKit's about a (plastic) doll16:00
treachyeah. got that16:00
treachse = sehen?16:00
teKsex doll.16:00
tilmantreach: it's from a hilarious star trek spoof called "sinnlos im weltraum"16:00
teKse = her16:00
treachyeah, got that to16:00
tilmanteK: he started the gummipuppen topic, i just answered16:00
tilmanteK: richtig saufen junge! ;)16:01
treachteK: Ok, I was wondering about wether it was "sehen" or "sie"16:01
teK"it will be better if i'll get my plastic sex doll from the basement. She won't struggle and and if you want to hit her, you can hit her *reall* (hard)"16:02
treachyeah, I got that. :)16:02
teKand you would have missed anything16:03
teKoh well. forget it :)16:03
teKoh dear, tomorrow (hopefully?) our new ERP system will start the hot testing-phase16:06
treachtilman: btw, I was refering to a song by a swedish artist called Robert Broberg who does a lot of stuff based on wordplays, like "Robert Brobergs galleri utan galler i", which means "<name> gallery with no bars in". (bar as in metall bars, found in jails.)16:07
teKgood knight16:07
treachgn8. :p16:07
tilmannight tek16:07
treachpoor kitty. it will without doubt be traumatized for years by this.16:14
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treachNow I lay me down to sleep22:30
treachTry to count electric sheep22:30
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