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pitillogood morning01:10
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predatorfreakDamn HP, I hate the fact they can't even update their BIOS to fix a minor problem without raping ACPI support in Linux <_<01:26
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tilmanrehabdoll: 3d specs for ati likely not out before 2007 :(05:24
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RedShiftanyone experienced with pandora FMS?05:42
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RedShiftoh noes06:50 is down06:50
prologicI note there is a newer version of nvidia now07:08
prologicdoes this mean it supports the latest changes in Xorg now ?07:08
prologicthat ABI crap07:08
RedShiftprologic: only one way to find out07:11
prologicbugger that :)07:12
prologicweekend job!07:12
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mwansaprologic, yep, sure does support ABI07:34
mwansaso far havent had any problems with the drivers07:35
prologicoh great07:43
prologicwonderful :)07:43
prologicbecuase I had to downgrade my Xorg after upgrading a couple of weeks ago07:43
prologicnvidie 100.14.11 didn't support ABI at the time07:43
prologic(still doesn't - still using it) :)07:43
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tilmanstupid noatime mount option breaks devtodo's timeout option09:38
tilmani just wanted to mail devotodo's author about this bug when i realized :D09:38
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SiFuh_touchpad mouse buttons are gay..11:01
SiFuh_and even worse is tap to click11:01
j^2woah SiFuh_ ?11:11
j^2that's a blash from the past11:12
SiFuh_alright.. testing my new touchpad mod...11:16
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thrice`jaeger: someone in #slackware just recommended:
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RyoSmh.. something like that for grub would be even nicer...16:02
RyoSi cant get grub or lilo boot windows because crux is on my first harddrive and windows is on a slave16:03
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RedShiftgrub can boot from other disks just fine16:11
RedShiftit just requires some tricks :D16:11
RedShiftfor windows you need to use map()16:11
RyoSmap? mh oke let me check that16:12
RyoSRedShift: you got more info on that?16:15
RedShiftthe trick is to swap disks, make the first hard drive the second, and the second harddrive the first16:15
RedShiftmap (hd0, hd1)16:16
RedShiftmap (hd1, hd0)16:16
RedShiftthen the chainloader stuff16:16
RedShiftthen windows should boot16:16
RyoSmmmh... oke16:16
RyoShehe so this should do the trick? intresting16:16
RedShiftnt loader can't handle being on the second disk (goddamn primitive operating system)16:18
RyoShehe.. right.. i am sick of changing the first boot device in my bios..16:19
RedShiftRyoS: it worked?16:23
RyoShave not tried yet16:23
RyoSone sec16:24
RedShiftyour second has passed16:24
RyoSRedShift: it does not work16:30
RyoShe does not recognize hd0 hd1 etc..16:30
RedShiftyou are using grub right?16:31
RedShiftI think you need to use map (hd0 hd1)16:31
RedShiftit's map (hd0) (hd1)16:32
RedShiftand map (hd1) (hd0)16:32
RedShiftthat makes more sense16:32
RyoSright.. thanks i try it out at once16:32
jaegerthrice`: I still get request for that doc all the time, hehe16:36
RyoSdoes not work ;) screen stays black, and thats it ;)16:36
jaegerthrice`: it's nice to know it's been so helpful, wrote it years ago16:36
RedShiftcan you show me your menu.lst?16:36
RyoSRedShift: lol..16:38
RyoSnuff' said16:38
RyoSi try it again ;)16:38
RedShiftuse rootnoverify16:38
RedShiftinstead of root16:38
RedShifton the windows xp16:38
RyoSmh.. does not yet work.. dont ask me16:43
RedShiftI was hoping to raise my level from expert to guru tonight16:44
RedShiftthat won't be happening :X16:44
RedShiftyour menu.lst looks fine though16:44
RyoSright ;)16:45
RyoSmh... weird16:46
RedShiftwindows did install a PBR right?16:47
RedShiftmake that root (hd0,0)16:47
RyoSi did, thats why i said "nuff said, i try again"16:47
RyoSpbr, yes. i unplugged my linux devices..16:48
RedShiftI mean, rootnoverify(hd0,0) ofcourse16:48
RyoSi have that16:48
RedShiftpbr, I mean partition boot record by that16:48
RyoSi guess so, yes. i boots fine when i have it as first boot device in my bios..16:49
RedShiftand windows is installed on the first partition?16:50
RedShiftdid you flag it as bootable?16:50
RyoSit is16:50
RyoScrux is on my sata drive, first boot device by default.. windows got a disk for itself, on hda16:51
RedShiftdamn peculiar16:52
RedShiftoh well16:53
RedShiftoff to bed16:53
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RyoStoo fast for me ;)16:54
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thrice`jaeger: heh...yeah.  first time I'd seen it.  saw it in the scrollback, and thought you'd appreciate it18:29
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Romsterjust what the hell is that going on with git? not the first time i've seen it.20:12
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