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pitillogood morning01:16
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prologichey tilman my keyboard/mouse inputs aren't working in Xorg05:33
prologicCTRL+ALT+F1 works to switch back to a console05:33
prologicbut keyboard/mouse are dead05:33
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pitilloprologic_, did you rebuild xorg-xf86-input-{mouse,keyboard} after the X upgrade? not sure if that can be the problem, I hope that can be usefull, if not, sorry.05:41
prologic_I rebuilt everything05:41
prologic_I just reconfigured Xorg with -configure05:41
prologic_that seems to get it working again05:41
prologic_not sure why the old config was incompatible05:41
prologic_but *meh*05:41
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prologic_I have an issue now though05:43
prologic_rendering seems slower now :/05:44
prologic_with the xorg/nvidia updates05:44
prologic_something not configured anymore ?05:44
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prologic_it's slow switching to consoles or work spaces in xfce405:44
prologic_wasn't before05:44
pitillobut you got render on? did you take a look to the log yo see if there is some interesting info about nvidia?05:44
prologic_not yet05:45
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prologic_(WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (No such file or directory)05:46
prologic_(II) No APM support in BIOS or kernel05:46
prologic_(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "640x480"05:46
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pitilloglxinfo and log info can be the point05:46
prologic_no errors05:46
prologic_just 2 wranings05:46
prologic_direct rendering: Yes05:46
prologic_glxgears still gives me >4000fps05:47
prologic_but switching consoles/workspaces is really slow05:47
mwansacuriosity, but what card have you got :P05:48
prologic_# lspci | grep VGA05:48
prologic_02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7600 GS] (rev a1)05:48
mwansai got a 7600GT glxgears frames is 10,000+ mmh05:49
pitillocan be an option to rebuild your wm? not sure about this. Or trying another wm to check performance on it05:50
prologic_I'll try the rebuild option05:51
prologic_however ... I shouldn't have to rebuild it05:51
prologic_it should not depend that heavily on the Xorg libraries05:51
pitilloI dont know if it has sense because it isn't really dependent on the Xlibs05:52
tilmanpitillo: right, rebuilding the clients is a waste of time :p05:52
pitilloyes, but I can't think another way to check it. Or wait to another nvidia driver update05:52
prologic_tilman, what you don't agree ?05:53
pitillotilman, thank you for that point, taking note about. :)05:53
prologic_why should I have to rebuild xfce4 just because there's a new Xorg ?05:53
pitilloprologic_, you shouldn't If I understood it well05:53
tilmanread again prologic_ ]05:54
prologic_thought you were being sarcastic ;005:54
prologic_ya never know with you :P05:54
prologic_"rebuilding the client is a waste of time" <-- my point exactly05:54
pitilloyeah, you were in true prologic_, sorry about that. But was usefull for me to be sure :)05:54
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prologic_reckon I can build compiz/fusion now that I have everything up-to-date :)05:56
tilmannvidia discussions are boring05:58
pitilloummm but you got less performance without c/f, are you sure about that?05:58
prologic_decorator.h:44:29: error: dbus/connection.h: No such file or directory05:58
tilmani should ignore all of your nvidia crap05:59
* prologic_ slaps the maintainer05:59
prologic_where do I get that file from ?05:59
tilmandbus, MAAAAAYBE?05:59
prologic_I have it installed!05:59
prologic_geez ;005:59
tilmanswitching workplaces in xfce has NOTHING to do with glx whatsoever05:59
prologic_$ prt-get listinst dbus -v05:59
prologic_dbus 1.0.2-305:59
tilmanit has a lot to do with xrender06:00
prologic_no but switching consoles is quite slow too06:00
prologic_ah k06:00
tilmanyou mean switching to/from x from the console?06:00
prologic_that's in dbus-qt306:00
prologic_why the fuck does compiz need qt3 ?06:00
tilmandunno, use jaeger's beryl ports06:01
tilmanthey don't06:01
prologic_I'm curious - if you don't like nvidia  much06:01
prologic_what video cards do you use/recommend ?06:02
prologic_aren't they slower ?06:02
prologic_I used t ohave one06:02
prologic_great linux support though06:02
tilmani'll take slow open drivers over faster proprietary shit any day06:03
tilmanjust look at all the fucking problems you have with ABI incompatibility06:03
prologic_you do have a point06:03
tilmanalso, amd will release 3d specs in 2008 apparently06:03
tilmanthen the free drivers should be faster, too06:03
prologic_and tbh I only need it fast enough to support my lack of eyesight06:04
prologic_and zooming06:04
mwansaand 3d cube ;)06:04
prologic_so anyone know how to start compiz ?06:04
tilmanprologic_: get a cheap r200-class radeon06:05
mwansacompiz --replace06:05
tilmanthey have render accel, and decent dri support06:05
tilmanfastest 2d radeon atm06:05
tilmani guess they are fast enough for compiz, too06:05
prologic_how do you use this thing :)06:05
prologic_alt+tab don't work anymore :/06:06
rehabdollI bought a radeon HD when they released the specs :)06:06
rehabdollits not really usable atm. though06:06
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RedShiftman that would be so awesome06:42
RedShiftopen 3d specs06:42
RedShiftI'd buy ATI cards then06:42
RedShift(I've always bought nvidia cards for their "great" drivers)06:42
tilmanRedShift: s/would/will/ :p06:43
RedShiftdepends on my financial situation by then :p06:44
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mike_kin context of using tightvnc: what could be missing, if some X apps can not find colors, with messages like `"black" is not a valid color name'?09:57
tilmanxorg-rgb  usr/share/X11/rgb.txt09:57
tilmanmike_k: grep -i rgb /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:57
tilmanmaybe you have a wrong path there ;)09:58
mike_ktilman: I have no xorg.conf. I (dumbly) assumed it was useless in the case I use Xvnc. I haven't run xorg on that machine at all.09:59
tilmanmike_k: grep -i rgb /var/log/Xorg*10:00
tilmanthe default value RGBPath should work10:00
tilmanmike_k: do you have xorg-rgb installed at all? :))10:00
mike_kyes, but I didn't try to run xorg there any single time10:01
mike_kjust Xvnc10:01
mike_kso, no logs and configs so far10:01
tilmanmike_k: you can run "strace -eopen" on it, and see whether it tries to open rgb.txt10:02
mike_kah, can't see any. Creating .Xdefaults with some Xterm* stuff setup helped to run aterm and mc =)10:06
tilmansurrounder: i like unia now!10:09
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tilmanmike_k: i don't have other ideas atm :/10:09
fernanhi all10:10
mike_ktilman: thanks. this is probably tightvnc-related thing10:11
tilmannp: Sonata Arctica - Paid in Full10:13
fernanI am trying to find a way to search for duplicate files based on there md5s10:13
fernaninstead of there filenames10:14
tilmanfernan: find | xargs md5sum > blabla | sort10:14
tilmanor something10:14
mike_ktilman: solved. Setting $colorPath in vncserver startup script made it.10:14
tilman| uniq > unique10:14
tilmandiff -u sorted unique10:14
tilmanmike_k: cool :)10:14
fernanthanks tillman!10:16
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surroundertilman: told ya ;)10:23
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mike_ktilman: what entries under /usr/lib/X11/fonts/ are considered canonical? i.e. we could hardcode them in some wrapper (/usr/bin/tightvnc, which is a wrapper for Xvnc)10:25
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mike_kViper_: can you update your tightvnc port's patch to something like this ?10:28
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tilmanmike_k: misc, 100dpi, 75dpi maybe ;D10:37
treachtilman, if you were looking for some dirt cheap radon pcie card, which one would you go for?10:39
thrice`I think my next video card will also be another ati10:39
thrice`i was so set on getting rid of it on linux, but hopefully things will be well by then10:39
treachmmh, yay for not being at the mercy of <corporate entiety>10:40
treachmeh *entity*10:41
tilmantreach: depends :)10:45
tilmanif you need good x performance, radeon10:45
tilmanotherwise matrox :)10:45
tilmanfanless cards ftw10:45
treachi wasn't even aware that matrox had pcie cards...10:46
tilmanthey've got a g550 with 2 real dvi connectors (pcie)10:46
tilmanthe agp variant needs that craptastic adapter cable10:46
tilmanthey might even have a fucking TMDS chip in that cable10:46
treachheh, my normal dealer has exactly two brands of pcie cards. :P10:47
treachX1650 seems to be passive, but I have no clue how well supported it is in X10:48
thrice`by fglrx or radeon ?10:49
treach"not proprietary drivers"10:49
thrice`ah...sorry :)10:49
treachbeen there done that, have the t-shirt..10:50
thrice`i'd burn it10:50
treachyeah, that's why I don't touch nvidia anymore. :)10:50
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tilmantreach: try to get a r200ish pcie, if those exist10:55
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treachdoesn't look like that's possible. :/11:05
treachseems like it's down to "use r200 based pci card found in drawer until suitable drivers shows up" :>11:06
tilmantreach: did you build a new system that doesn't have an agp slot?11:08
tilmandamn hardware mafia11:09
treachindeed. :(11:09
tilmanare there no boards with agp *and* pcie anymore at all?11:09
treachnot that I've seen11:09
treachyup, and I've only seen 939 boards whith agp support still around..11:11
treachand an opteron would be a bit of an overkill. :P11:11
thrice`pretty affordable though, aren't they ?11:11
treachwell, depends on what you're comparing to.11:12
treachcosts like 3 times as much for 2/3 the clockspeed and twice the cache compared to a 64x2.11:13
treacheh, 2 times as much roughly, I think11:13
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sepenjurjur! pffff! US Patents11:53
treach"Patenting Innovation in our time".11:57
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sepenby lotus-ibm11:59
treachin this case *shrug*11:59
treachI bet you can't take a dump without violating at least a dozen "bussiness method" patents.12:00
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treachtrying it out...?12:06
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bjohandammit, every time im trying to install crux from a usb-cdrom i forget what the (root)device is called, does any one know?12:32
bjohanit usually takes me 2 hours or something to figure out :/12:32
treachtrying out jaeger's updated iso?12:34
pitillobjohan, if you find it again, take a look to this for the next time and for all people,
treach(now with supposedly added usb cdrom support)12:34
bjohani think i tried jaegers and there was no difference12:34
bjohanbut i'll give it a shot12:34
treachthe newest?12:34
bjohanwell, last time :) about 3 or 4 months ago12:35
treachthat's *not* the newest. :)12:35
tilmanbjohan: wasn't it sr0 or sg0 or so?12:35
bjohantilman, might have been, ill try12:35
jaegerit's most likely sr012:36
bjohanwhere do i get the latest iso?12:38
bjohanbtw, thanks for your help every one12:38
jaegersee the link treach just posted12:38
bjohanill check again12:38
bjohanany faster mirrors?12:39
thrice`beggers can't be choosey ;)12:40
jaegerI don't know if there are any mirrors at all12:40
bjohanthen i'll wait12:40
j^2hey all12:44
j^2how's life?12:49
thrice`hi j^212:51
j^2hey thrice`12:52
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schniggieRomster: there ?15:58
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Romsterschniggie, yes i'm here16:30
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schniggieRomster: there ?17:27
schniggieops sry :)17:27
schniggiei have a question to your avifile package ;) i get bad errors17:27
tilmanlast time i heard of avifile was in 2000 when mplayer wasn't good enough to watch divx movies yet :>17:28
Romsterschniggie, what errors are we talking about here, need details.17:30
Romsterpastebin if you got a compile problem or some log.17:30
schniggieyes wait ;)17:35
schniggietilman: transcode needs it ;)17:35
schniggiehere it is ;)17:37
schniggieok same error when trueing to build on another system ;)17:40
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schniggieok good n8 :) if sb. has a solutions write it i will read it tomorrow good n8 ;)17:48
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