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pitillogood morning01:09
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pitillowhy are dependencies of tighvnc wrote on the README file instead of using the Dependencies on the Pkgfile?01:42
pitillobecause are they only deps in build time?01:42
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Romsterschniggie, i'm looking at the avifile try adding --disable-samples for now to the configure part.03:17
Romsteri'm seeing other shit that needs to be fixed in it too..03:17
Romstersome checks fail at configure time..03:17
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* Romster goes to cook dinner.03:28
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Romsteroh hay all aussies bionic woman is on at 8:30pm prime tonight :P03:29
rxiRomster: dude thats something to be ashamed of03:32
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Romsterrxi, woot..04:24
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Romsterpitillo, building and running deps should be in the Pkgfile04:26
Romstercould be optional packages, but i haven't looked yet04:26
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pitilloRomster, if you can read the README file, I hope you can cheack what I said.04:38
pitilloRomster, thank you for your answer and your time expended04:38
pitillos/cheack/check :) 2 words, 3 errors :P04:39
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Romsterpitillo, yeah those 2 should be on the Depends On: line, also xorg isn't the best choice either, should use the spefic packages of xorg it depends on, having said that i've used xorg on some of my packages and later i'll fix them to the spefic xorg packages it requires.04:46
pitilloRomster, yes, adding directly xorg can be a way but better to keep only wich are really needed. In tightvnc case, I thought the same, but I didn't understand it quite well and I prefer to ask to get a doog explanation04:48
pitilloRomster, thank you :)04:48
Romsterwell that's how i see it.04:49
Romsterusing xorg is a quick fix.04:49
Romsteruntill ya got time to nail down what packages out of xorg it needs.04:49
Romsterhence why i was using my safe-build script that i should work on more...04:50
Romsteri haven't touched it in ages.04:50
Romsterpitillo, you still using that script? or anyone else?04:50
pitillosure, it's harder to track only deps wich really needs, and it's easier to do it in a "general" way. But this is another discussion :)04:51
mike_k"to nail down" does not look like an easy way04:51
pitilloRomster, I did not touched since I made my last port (all related to E wasn't tested really with it)04:51
Romsterwell i used a chroot install core then try to compile the program when it compalins of a missing file prt-get fsearch file add missing dependnecy to Depends On: then prt-get depinst that dependency then continure.04:52
pitillomike_k, "nail down" dou you mean to keep only the deps really needed?04:52
pitilloRomster, some ports related to e1704:52
Romster'nail down' = find the required deps, in this case04:53
pitilloRomster, these were the last I added to my repo04:53
pitilloRomster, ok, then I understood it in the right way, thank you :)04:53
mike_kpitillo: I mean, there is no reliable (fast, easy, automatic) way to know the particular dep instead of generic xorg04:53
pitillothat is the harder way, but really it's the CRUX way04:53
pitillomike_k, yeah, but ports on opt I think must be reviewed to work in that way04:54
mike_kyeah, at least in opt04:54
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Romstermike_k, my method worked to find the ports needed.04:56
Romsteri did have the origional thought of using ldd but that don't work for all.04:57
mike_kholy crap, doing sysup or depinst kdebase will be a thrilling thing on PIII-733/256 =(04:58
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rxishould make it loop indefinatly05:08
RedShiftmike_k: oooh pain05:12
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Romstermike_k, remove make final if oyu want it t compile faster.05:14
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Romsteryou want it to*05:15
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schniggieRomster: you msg msg me when you fixed the port ;) ?06:44
Romsterk if your on irc alot.06:58
Romsterschniggie, guess oyur not one to hack at it yourself too?06:58
schniggiesure i can do it :)07:02
schniggiethen i paste you the fixes ok ?07:02
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namenloshi, what do you guys think about:
namenlosany comments/improvements?08:04
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RedShiftnamenlos: why the patches?08:08
namenlosRedShift: if i want to apply one. (some day i want to play with gre security (or how it is called))08:10
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tilmannamenlos: personally i like how the kernel is *not* part of the package management system in crux08:11
mwansasame :P08:12
namenlostilman: i know, i just wanted to find a way to archive the kernels without spoinling much directories.08:12
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prologicXorg has a few bugs lately08:58
prologickeyboard inputs frreze up consitently08:58
prologicmouse pointer still works and ctrl+alt+bksp - but you can't do anything08:58
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wbeeneprologic: i am having the same issue09:00
prologicany workaround ?09:00
prologicor we wait for bug fixes :/09:00
wbeeneno, i just noticed it yesterday09:00
prologicglad I'm not the only one then09:01
prologichappens every few mins09:01
wbeeneit only happened to me twice09:01
wbeenein a day of work09:01
wbeeneit was annoying though09:01
jaegernot haven't those problems on any of my installs09:01
jaegerer... not having09:01
* jaeger sighs09:01
wbeenei thought it was because i still need to upgrade xorg09:01
wbeeneto latest version09:01
wbeenethat's my guess :P09:01
prologicyeah I'm having the problem constantly09:02
prologicI've had to kill/restart X several times tonight already09:02
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wbeenei wonder if the x log file would have any useful information?09:03
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tilmanwbeene: are you using the proprietary nvidia crap?09:04
wbeeneno, although on my laptop i've had issues with that too :P09:05
wbeenethis is my work machine09:05
wbeenei have an old ati card09:05
wbeenei use the opensource ati driver09:05
onestepI have two layouts09:05
onestepand grp:caps_toggle,grp_led:scroll09:05
onestepwhen I switch 'em, scroll lock does not indicate this09:06 is your friend09:06
onestepanyone here experience the same?09:06
tilmanof all of you09:06
wbeenebtw, i get to use crux at work :)09:13
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wbeeneprologic: which window manager do you use? i'm just curious09:24
Romsternamenlos, han had/has a simaler package09:43
Romsteronly xorg issue i've hit is no led lights on keyboard, i haven't hit any other problems yet.. and i'm on nvidia binary driver.09:45
namenlosRomster: you mean:
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Romsternamenlos, yeah alrhough it's more of a packaged version.10:03
Romsterand i use a patch on a kernel myself.10:04
Romsterthe worst part is, i can't get a newer driver for my cam, to use the newer kernels, and switching kernels is a bitch with having to recompile nvidia driver.10:05
jaegernot like rebuilding the driver takes any work :)10:05
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namenlosyes, but you got to keep in mind, that you run depmod..10:06
Romsterjaeger, true but it's a pain when ya just wanna do lilo -R ...10:07
jaegernot sure how those fit together... you'd have to rebuild the driver any time you rebuild your kernel/modules, lilo doesn't matter there10:08
namenlosanyone knows a neat approach, how to set the release number of a package to the content of a file while build time?10:08
Romsterrelease=$(cat file)10:11
Romstersomething like that.10:11
Romsteradd in a grep for a line etc..10:12
namenlosyes, but i am not sure, whether this file exist, this means, that this would bekome a if .. fi construct...10:12
Romsterwhat file are you gonna read from?10:13
Romsteryou could do it with bash i think there is a var that will be one or another value if it is empty.10:13
namenlos/usr/src/linux.release, if it exists...10:13
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namenloswriting some bourne shell code above release=, name=, version=... is not a good approach, right?10:21
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Romsternamenlos,  file="$(cat /usr/src/linux.release &> /dev/null)"10:28
Romsterrevision="$(echo ${file:-1})"10:28
Romsterwould do it i'd assume.10:28
Romstercould replace the 1 with a $(date ...)10:28
Romsterthen again that's nto a god idea -1 should be ok if the file don't exist.10:29
namenlosRomster: thanks. i think with this i don't "spoil" too much ;)10:31
Romsteryeah think that would be the least intrusive approch10:32
Romsteralthough i'd replace $file with say $PORT_FILE or something so it has less chance to conflict with anything else...10:33
Romsternot sure what is actually used in pkgmk.10:33
namenlosRomster: now it looks like:
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bjohanjaeger, is the last  updated crux cd supposed to work with usb-cdroms?10:59
jaegertheoretically, yes11:00
bjohantheoretically indeed :) it cant find the root fs it seems :(11:01
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jaegerthe problem originally was that the bus wasn't settling before the script checked for cdrom drives and the device hadn't been created in time11:06
jaegerI added a timeout to let devices settle but it's fixed at 10s right now, if I remember right. the next version will have a configurable timeout11:06
jaegerI'll add the option to spawn a shell there or something11:07
bjohanjaeger, i used to do it with the old versions of crux without problem11:08
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bjohanjaeger, any idea for something i can do to boot it?11:10
jaegeruse a custom boot floppy or remaster the CD to debug it, I guess11:13
bjohanjaeger, where is the timeout supposed to be?11:13
jaegeror use a gentoo/slax/something else CD and try to install from that11:13
bjohani dont se it stopping for 10 seconds anywhere, and i doubt that it is 3 seconds from that the init script starts to the crasch11:15
jaegersee line 9311:15
bjohanhmm, it does not get that far i think11:17
bjohanhmm, the ISO on the page i got yesterday, is it really the latest?11:17
jaegerwhat are the last few lines it prints?11:17
bjohanit stops at Switching root, but i guess i got the wrong iso. i downloaded the one in the link to the right in the blog-page11:18
jaegerI'll download it and check it11:18
bjohanthat one11:19
jaegerthat's the only one11:19
bjohanis it supposed to have the timeout?11:19
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bjohanthere appears to be none in the one i downloaded11:20
jaegerit'll take me a bit to download it11:22
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bjohanjaeger, how is going?12:04
jaegerI'm gonna have to boot it up and copy out the init, don't have squashfs support on this machine12:05
jaegerdo have virtualbox, though12:06
jaegerwell, shit. it is the wrong one12:13
jaegerI have no idea what I did with the right one, I'll have to build another12:14
bjohanok :)12:18
bjohanthat explains why it did not work then :)12:18
wbeenei remember there was a guide on upgradeing from xorg-server 1.3 to 1.4 earlier?12:18
wbeeneis that still around?12:18
jaegerno idea here12:21
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tilmanwbeene: i posted it to the crux mailing list, see the archives12:22
wbeenethanks, i'll look12:24
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SiFuh_anyone from bolivia?14:14
SiFuh_I will go there in 6 months,14:15
RyoS_i know some guys there from exchange program in our school..14:16
RyoS_and one school mate went there for 6 months..14:16
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prologicwbeene, XFCE414:34
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wbeeneprologic: that bug is in the mailling list and there is a patch, i just switched to window maker for now14:38
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bjohanjaeger, do you think the new iso will be up today?14:39
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jaegerpretty late but maybe... it takes a long time to bootstrap14:40
jaegerbut it's been going for a while, since I said I'd have to build another one14:40
prologicwbeene, in the mailing list for what ?14:42
prologicXorg or XFCE ?14:42
prologicbecuase I've never had this problem with XFCE in the previous version of Xorg14:42
bjohanjaeger, ok14:42
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wbeeneprologic: mailling list for crux14:47
wbeeneit has to do with gtk 12.2 and crux14:47
wbeenegtk 12.2 and xfce14:48
wbeenei'll find the item14:48
tilmanthe xfce ports have been patched for that bug14:48
prologicsince when ?14:48
prologicno updates as of last night (update ports nightly)14:48
wbeeneok gtk 2.12 :P14:49
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prologicthe gtk port in that email is broken :)14:56
prologicthe src url has v2.1214:56
prologicshould be 2.12 :)14:57
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tilmanwho cares, opt.git and xfce.git has all the good stuff14:58
prologicand it's currently broken14:59
tilmanin what way?14:59
tilmanwhere's pedja14:59
tilmanpitillo: are you running xfce with gtk 2.12?15:00
thrice`yeah, that got fixed awhile back I thought15:01
thrice`just around the time gtk 2.12.x got re-pushed15:01
prologicwell I have gtk 2.12.0 here15:01
prologicno newer in ports15:01
pitillotilman, I can check it... I think so, but not worked with it. I can test a bit.15:02
tilmanthrice`: yeah, the re-push wasn't a coincidence :D15:02
prologicso what are you saying ?15:02
tilmanwhat exactly is the probleM?15:03
prologicrebuild gtk and xfce and it should fix this ?15:03
prologicX locks up15:03
tilmanpitillo: no, don't bother15:03
pitillodidn't update gtk yet, updating now15:03
pitillotilman, ok15:03
tilmanprologic: yes15:03
prologichope you're righ15:03
tilmanpedja found that patch15:03
tilmanhe wouldn't have submitted it if it didn't work for him, right? :D15:04
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thrice`tilman: I know...I was trying not to sarcastically point out the obvious ;)15:11
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prologicI rebuilt gtk, xfwm4, gtk-xfce-engine15:18
prologicshould I have rebuilt any others /15:18
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thrice`dunno, I use fluxbox.  using clearlooks, though, and haven't experienced similar lockups15:21
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brointhemixis there any chance that linux-PAM will become an integral part of CRUX in the next release?16:02
brointhemixyou know, PAM instead of standard shadow user management16:02
rehabdollplease for the love of god, no16:13
tilmanbrointhemix: next release? definitely not16:14
tilmanat some cloudy point in the cloudy future: maybe, but unlikely :>16:14
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brointhemixtilman, why not now?16:19
brointhemixi mean, what's the reason?16:19
tilmandon't think PAM is very popular among cruxers16:20
brointhemixhmm, that's a reason16:20
brointhemixbut it would be very nice to have PAM-enabled CRUX to be able to create vistual users in vsftpd :)16:21
brointhemixI know, I'm such an egoist. you can smack me for that :)16:21
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